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Video: You Knew It Was Coming – iPad Mini Vs. Nexus 7 Vs. iPad 3 Drop Test

If there is one thing we can always be certain of, it’s that as soon as a new fancy tech product comes out, someone is scrambling to create a drop test video. We don’t care about the device insurance they might be pushing or any of that stuff, because all we care about is watching these expensive pieces of hardware get smashed for no real reason. Maybe it’s just because we’re American and we can’t get enough explosions and monster trucks. 

Anyways, this newest video is of the iPad Mini, Nexus 7, and iPad 3. Start taking bets as to which device you think takes the most damage!


  • chris

    A Droid-Life post involving Apple that doesn’t say anything bad about the company?! What shock!

  • Andrew Hanke

    It is kind of odd the results he announces at the end contradict the visual results throughout the actual drop-tests. Also, despite these being dropped from the same heights at the same rates, the devices all weigh different. So, it is impossible for the results to be accurate using their method. Further, the device they used to drop the devices seemed to actually slam them into the ground, rather them smoothly let them go. One of the worst drop-tests I have ever seen. Poor control methods, guys.

  • dny

    A best of at least 10 tries for each test would make these results meaningful in any way. Also, most users would dry off (or at least wipe off) a wet tablet before using it too (not to mention the different results you would get depending on how long it’s been submerged).

  • nightscout13

    Do you geniuses actually believe the N7 restarted itself as self preservation? As far as I know, it does not have that functionality.

  • thescreensavers

    The Rig they built is cool but do they not realize now each tablet has a higher acceleration?

    Mass * Gravity now you added a bunch of mass to the equation. Sure all of them are being tossed at the same speed and hight makes things more even. Releasing them so low to the ground also does not let them fall how they were designed to fall. Yea the weight is placed in a way to limit damage. The rig does not allow this.

    Looks like an expensive paper weight imo

    • panicswhenubered

      You’re only partially right. mass * gravity (which I assume you mean the constant gravitational acceleration here?) equals weight (or force). The acceleration is constant, not higher because of the rig they used. Also, if you watch closely, the rig sliding down the rail actually hits the tripod at the bottom and releases the tablets just before they get to the ground.

      Lastly, I don’t think any of these tablets “were designed to fall”, are you actually suggesting there is a certain technique I should use when I get out of my car holding my nexus7 and accidentally drop it on the concrete that would limit the damage? or are you suggesting tablets are designed like cats and when falling on their own, without interference from the severely flawed rig, will land on their paws everytime?

  • nightscout13

    Well they finally started doing controlled tests, versus the flinging-out-of-pocket test.

  • Buckoman

    It’s too bad that the iPads lose all of their sound when dropped in water.

    The Nexus 7 played a youtube video after being dropped in a tub. With sound.

  • Haskell Gray

    Yes but will it blend?

  • n00b

    if that’s a fair test im abraham lincoln

  • spaddy

    you should all dislike the video on youtube, and mark it as spam.

  • me

    Show us those 3 tablet 24 hours after dropping in water. Who the hell is so stupid to think that using them before the water gets a chance to soak into all of the internals means a damn thing?

    Also, the Nexus survived the drop tests the best. It barely cracked compared to the iPads.

  • spunker88

    What? How did the iPad Mini hold up best. The Nexus had the least amount of damage from the drop test and we never got to see if it worked after the water test because it was rebooting. It may have worked just fine.

    • And there at the end, the N7 was up and running – they just didn’t go back to it. Good tests, poor analysis.

  • Hunter

    I love that they call the “bot” fair when each tablet goes to the ground not only under its own free-fall weight but the weight of the other tablets and the “bot” arms and then they have to pull out of the grips they are attached to, slowing them down. Horribly designed test case. No engineering consideration whatsoever went into the making of this video.

    Not to mention, a device that reboots for safety purposes when wet is labeled as a failure compared to devices that stay on under water risking complete destruction.

    Still fun to watch and rant about 🙂

    • slops

      do.. do they teach physics at I state?

      • Patrick Hollenbeck

        I agree with Hunter – the test would have been better had the release been at the top of the “bot” rather than having the weight of everything propel them downwards. It’s the difference between throwing a device on the ground and simply dropping it. Do they teach physics at slops?

        • hoef

          Quick physics lesson, mass of an item has no effect on its acceleration due to gravity, if anything the increased drag of the three tablets slowed their combined acceleration.

          • engineer

            While the mass will not have a significant effect on the acceleration (though it does have an effect, just an insignificant one thanks to the significantly larger mass of the earth), it does have a direct relationship to the kinetic energy of the falling object (1/2mv^2). Upon impact, the kinetic energy is either transferred to the earth, or dissipated by the breaking material, or redirected by bouncing. So the larger iPad will have more kinetic energy to deal with, and the larger screen size also means that an uneven landing would apply more torque across the length of the body.

            So, the 7 inch tablet form factor is not only more portable, but a lesser risk for damage!

        • slops

          the rig actually keeps the tablets in the orientation they desire for the impact. adding 50 lbs of weight to the ends of the rig won’t make it drop any faster as @c29aef7b7fd69c070986280e38a202f8:disqus said below. lern2fzx

  • Butters619

    You have to like them on facebook to win. I’ll pass

  • sillyrabbittricks4kids

    siri got wet. I think she like it….

  • Michael33704

    If you drop any of these devices…expect the worst…because that’s what you’re most likely going to get….”The only winning move is not to play….”

  • I can win any of those 3 tablets!? Just what I’ve always wanted: a tablet that was dropped twice and submerged in water for 10 seconds! 😛

  • “Of all three drops, it seems like the ipad mini held out best”. Right, holding out best means left with more cracks than the nexus 7?

    • I think the guy just meant that it held out best at the water test because no one is that dumb to not see that the nexus 7 survived the second test better..

      • Tony Allen

        Then why didn’t he go back to the Nexus 7 after it rebooted and was working just fine?

  • Droidzilla

    This video hurts my heart . . . because of the broken Nexus 7. Those other two things; not so much.

  • New_Guy

    How did the mini hold up the best??? It was destroyed on the face down drop and the Nexus 7 intuitively restarted itself….


    • slider112

      It’s becoming self aware…

      • First Prime

        skynet lives!

        • New_Guy

          Today is judgement day!

    • Jon Gee

      Seriously?? iPad mini held up best? Face down drop destroys the screen so the device is unusable. Same for the New iPad but the Nex 7 is still largely intact. I’ll give you the water test because the Nex 7 REBOOTED. It was not unresponsive for long.

      • New_Guy

        I think this guy made this video already prepared to declare the mini the winner. The only explanation that makes since.

      • Beezey

        they didnt test the sound after the water test, or let us know if the n7 still worked after. kinda bs

  • Kevin Bojarski

    How did he come to the conclusion that the iPad mini held up best?

    • New_Guy

      I have no idea. The mini was destroyed after the second drop and the Nexus 7 was still whole: aside from the crack in the corner…

      • maximus8907

        i agree … nexus 7 took a bit more damage in the first test but held up best in the face down test and he never actually made sure it was ok for the water test after it rebooted (probably a protection feature)

  • Hunter

    Thanks, I’ve been looking for a tablet I can use while snorkeling!

  • Jake

    That was dumb the nexus 7 was on when the video ended but he never went back to it.

    • Honestly is was a smarter idea to turn itself off so that way it was less damaged by the water so if anything it won.

      • Jake

        Agreed, this video didn’t prove anything. Not that they normally do anyway.

        • Although I will give them that is was far more fair than the average one

    • michael arazan

      Yeah, it seems the continuity of destruction is off. Also who is going to drop tablets from over five feet in the air when tablets are used at about 3-4 feet standing or walking. Plus the sled he uses with all the tablets at once adds weight to the device mimicking them being thrown to the ground instead of falling. Should of used the sled with each device individually.

      • No, acceleration due to gravity is the same for objects of all masses. regardless of the rig or number of tablets, the acceleration is still 9.8 m/s/s.

  • sc0rch3d

    in terms of ruggedness….you probably get what you pay for in the smaller tablets 199 vs. 329. the full size ipad is just bigger / heavier, carrying more force into the drop than the other two.

    would’ve been interested to see similar drop tests using a recommended OEM case

  • fodawim

    “The nexus 7 reset itself [you know, possibly the difference between a destroyed tablet and just slightly damaged], so its not responsive…” wtf….

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Totally agree and before it reset, when he set it down, it was up and running. Fail

  • I roll my eyes every time these are made, yet…I still watch them every time :-/

  • John

    Makes me cringe

  • Do She