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Verizon’s DROID DNA Pictured In Red and Black, Release Set For Early December?

Moments ago, a press render of HTC’s 5″ super device, the DROID DNA, was posted onto Twitter. Along with the image was also a very important piece of info, a suspected release time of “early December.” From earlier reports, we were expecting this device to be made available around mid-November, but that wasn’t confirmed from HTC or Verizon. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the device with Verizon branding, but it is the first we’ve seen of a completely new DROID eye and red binding around the edges.


Via: @Evleaks

  • Noel


    • Abgar Musayelyan


  • lemonhead127

    Would possibly consider this if it didn’t have Sense.

  • iwanthtcjbutterfly

    is this gonna be available in singapore? i hate it that even the htc one x+ that was recently launched here isn’t the LTE variant.. 🙁 i was supposed to get one..now im so desperate in getting this model instead before christmas… please HTC… you need to compete with SG3 and SGNote2 LTE models.. tsk

  • I don’t care if Verizon gave me a gold brick in the box with the phone I’m done in January. After 19 replacements of 4 different models by 3 manufacturers and not a one of them ever worked right and paying more than I would with any other carrier even after a 19% discount I’m done. Not to mention the naming of the devices is just silly. I don’t hear of people on other carriers having the issues I’ve had but I have heard of other Verizon customers having the same issues. No thanks,

    • Ibrick

      As much as I enjoy your avatar, which will get a ‘like’ btw, 19 replacements of 4 devices by 3 manufacturers sounds like an issue with you being WAY to picky, or something else is going on. None of that could be attributed to VZW specifically.

  • al

    The difference between this and the note 2 among other things is that this will probally be a Verizon exclusive and thus not getting as much of an aftermarket of accessories that the note 2 will get seeing as it is worldwide and on all 5 carriers and going to sell 20 + million device’s.

  • azndan4

    Htc, are you dumb? Why wait until Dec. To release this phone and let all the holiday buyers get the note 2 instead? Its obvious why your profits are so low, youve only released one phone on verizon (the largest carrier in the largest smartphone region in the world) and that phone sucked. At this rate, you can just give up. Idiots.

    • eris, incrdible, incredible 2, thunderbolt …i know there’s more, who made those?

      • azndan4

        I meant to say “only released one phone on verizon in the past year.”

        • gotcha 😉

        • turfgrass64

          Two Android; Rezound & Inc4G. One Windows phone Trophy…

  • Will

    Have to wait another month… grrrr.

  • Stevedub40

    Hopefully this phone blows us all away. It has been a while since we’ve had a real flagship “DROID” branded phone. We need a DROID Nexus!

  • bananatroll

    this phone horrible looking…

  • roberthenderson

    1. Persistent onscreen buttons are always there and always taking up screen space in an ugly way.

  • I’m not sure which is more pathetic. All of the constant whining about logos or all of the constant whining about locked bootloaders. Jesus Christ guys, it’s a frigging phone…

    • Butters619

      I get the thinking that whining about logos is silly, but really bootloaders? Whining about bootloaders seems like a perfectly legitimate reason to whine.

      • al

        First world problems……

    • trob6969

      AGREE 100%

  • roberthenderson

    No capacitive key option, no SD card, no removable battery, no thanks

    • It has an SD card. Yeesh. And who cares if you can remove the battery? Why is this so important to you?!

      • roberthenderson

        I quite often purchase extended batteries for my phone. And with my next purchase having to be full priced so I don’t lose my unlimited data, I will probably hold on to any phone I get longer and don’t want top be stuck with a non replaceable battery.

  • Interstellarmind

    Are people really getting this phone ones the Note II?

    Only thing DNA has going for it is the S4 Pro Chipset. Everything else is subpar.

    • interstellarmind

      * this phone OVER the Note II*

    • Begin more pocketable and easier to use in one hand (though it is still too big).
      Higher pixel density
      White that actually white on the screen.
      Those are just a few reasons I want it over a Note 2. You should keep in mind this is more of a competitor to the S3. It is almost the same size as it is.

      • interstellarmind

        i guess compared to S3, yes, this phone is win.

        but vs the note II :

        it has a smaller screen (i understand, of course, that this one is VERY subjective)

        no stylus

        less RAM

        smaller battery

        and how much more powerful IS the S4 pro vs the exynos in the note II? I mean if it’s by a couple of 100 points on Quadrant, then, well, I’d call that a tie in “real world” usage.

        • zepfloyd

          smaller screen (if 5in is now small…) at TWICE the ppi. Come on man, you’re going to tell me a 1080p SLCD3 screen which uses less power too… is better than the Almost-but-still-not RGB 720 screen in the Note II????

          The stylus is what’s subjective, but technically you can use one on any screen, but ok, the DNA/JButterfly doesn’t come with one out of the box.

          RAM has yet to be confirmed, but supposedly 2GB in both, so that would be even?

          Smaller, less power intensive screen + S4Pro probably make a little smaller battery acceptable.

    • Ohiwastedmylife

      1080p screen with almost twice the ppi? You missed that part. Only thing I see sub-par with this device is the battery size. What else do you find sub-par?

    • zepfloyd

      Really?? The Note II has 440ppi 1080 screen?

      5.5in is also overkill for me for sure. This will at least be slightly more usable.

      • Mco

        The Note’s screen is beautiful…head and shoulders above Samsung’s last big hitter, the S3. I compared the two side by side the other day, and the difference was stunning. I’d wager money that most people would be nearly as impressed by the GN2’s screen as they would be by the DNA’s.

        The reality is that 440ppi is overkill in a major way. It sounds incredible on paper, but the human eye would struggle to truly pick up the pixel increase over other high-end screens. Now, issues regarding color temperature, saturation, etc. might be grounds for a better debate.

        Point is that the DNA really only has one thing going for it over the Note, and that’s the screen..and it’s an advantage that’s questionable. On the other hand, the Note has a ton of unique and impressive features to recommend it. Take the higher (though probably largely undetectable) pixel density away from the DNA, and it really isn’t anything special. The Note has a lot more depth to it.

        • LionStone

          I’ll take the better screen, better camera, smaller form factor, and SENSE, over touchwiz and their “ton” of fancy features.

    • bigillz

      The screen. The screen, the screen, the screen. You look at it 100+ times a day. Given a device that can do everything else within a reasonable level of performance similarity, the screen is the most important component. That said, the Note 2 has the S-Pen, which opens up a ton of new interaction that just can’t be attained without it – so for me, I’ll lament not having the HTC screen, but likely pick up a Note 2. I’m tall with big hands so the bigger size doesn’t bother me.

  • Damian

    Well if nothing better comes out by February, I might have to get this. But it’s not all bad, the specs are top notch minus the battery and a custom launcher could always be used to cover most of sense. I would go with the RAZR HD, but the specs just aren’t all the way there.

    • Robert Jimenez

      I read somewhere that USA version might have a 2500mah battery, that’s pretty good.

  • turb0wned

    How do you messed up a perfect device like the Butterfly J? Give it to Verizon.

    • turb0wned


    • Please tell us EXACTLY how they “messed it up.” Some of you guys do nothing but complain 24/7 on here. It gets so old…

      • bigillz

        The Verizon whining is out of hand. They provide the best network (at least where I live and travel), and their prices are fine. $100-150 a month for a device you use every day, can’t live without, provides music, movies, navigation, communication, photo sharing, etc etc .. That’s not expensive.

  • Roshan John

    I need a LTE alternative since the Nexus 4 is tragically flawed.
    This thing may be flawed at the battery level though…
    albeit the great screen, probably great camera, LTE, and reasonable updates…

    dammit… and we were so close to that one perfect Android device

    • hkklife

      A 1080P S4 Pro-based Moto phablet is our best hope for an awesome non-Nexus-but-not Sense/Touchwiz device on VZW for the forseeable future.

      • bigillz

        Or just get this and flash away sense. HTCdev unlocks are nice. Motorola is dead to me until they start producing/using top notch cameras and displays.

  • jgrizz13

    Hardware buttons FTL!!

  • Jose Lopez

    I think I want this phone but 2 things. HTC sense (mainly the keyboard) I would not be a fan of and if I Rommed it, Google wallet might not work. But F’it, Id be down if batter is Equal to my Gnex or better.

  • RoadsterHD1

    What are the spec’s?

  • DJyoSNOW

    What’s the out right price. I think the n2 has to much going on….though my droid charge still not done with the contract. Which ever comes out first is my choice.

  • NAM37

    I’m so sick of “Verizon” logos on the fronts of phones.

    • JoshGroff

      I’m sick of Verizon in general, let alone their logos.

      • ChrisI

        Do you still keep sending them your money? If so, they don’t care how sick of them you are.

        • JoshGroff

          Obviously, but I am leaving. Not like it will make a difference unless thousands of people leave.

    • WHO CARES ABOUT A LOGO?! Can you buy a car without a logo? How about a TV? How about a stereo? How about sneakers? For crying out loud, EVERYTHING COMES WITH A LOGO. Get over it, already…

      • bigillz

        Thank you. I’ve been wanting to say the same for awhile – the moaning over this, the VZ logo on the Note II. Guess what? Most shoes have logos too. Walk into a Pac Sun – nearly every piece of clothing there has a design that is nothing BUT a logo / variation.

        • Cornbread

          Thank you guys!!! Thank you!!!!

        • Howard

          Yes, but they don’t have a Nike logo on one side and a Pac Sun logo on the other side. They just have the Nike logo.

          • bigillz

            Foot Locker doesn’t subsidize the price of the shoe or provide the pavement I walk on with it. Verizon is just as responsible for that phone in your hand as HTC, so why shouldn’t they brand it? The HTC logo is a billboard for HTC, the Verizon logo is a billboard for Verizon. The two don’t work independently in your use.

          • TheMan876

            My phone was not subsidized…

          • Doan

            They should work independently of one another, but that’s another argument..

        • Larizard

          The VZW logo on the home button of the Note II. That one boils down to TASTE. If you think that was done tastefully, then I’m sorry. One word: TACKY. Whoever thought that was okay sure has no sense of aesthetics whatsoever, and as a designer, that irks the sh*t outta me.

        • michael arazan

          The shoes logo is on the shoe because they are the makers, but that doesn’t have the footlocker logo on the shoe from who I bought the shoe from does it? No.

          • DrB

            It’s apples to oranges, that analogy doesn’t work. Verizon isn’t the only place to buy the phone just like Footlocker isn’t the only place you can buy the shoes. But, Verizon provides you with the only way to be able to use that phone while Footlocker provides you nothing more than the shoes itself. If the shoes contained some special material that only allows their use on “Footlocker basketball courts,” I can assure you that you would see Footlocker’s logo on that shoe.

      • Guest

        Everybody understands that all things have logos. That is why no one complains when a phone is branded with an htc, samsung, or even an apple logo. These logos are well placed and can sometimes complement the phone, or at least not take away from it’s appearance. They are just there, claim the device as their own. Carrier brandings, on the other hand, are obnoxious extra logos that are simply put on the phone to act as a miniature billboard, advertising for the carrier. Its placement is often very in your face, and is not made to fit in with the device, but to stand out.

        Carrier logos take away from the phone, while manufacturer logos are a part of the phone.

        • NAM37

          I don’t have a Brighthouse Networks logo on my TV or landline phone at home.

          • bigillz

            Brighthouse doesn’t subsidize the TV or phone cost nor are you tied to using those devices only with Brighthouse.

          • michael arazan

            Nor do they take off the vzw logo if I pay for it at full price.

          • DrB

            you still have to use Verizon as your service provider in order for the phone to work, while your TV can work on any service provider. I don’t like the logos and wish they weren’t on the phone, but the comparison/analogy of Verizon’s logo on phones to TV’s not having the logo of the cable provider on it just doesn’t work. A much more fitting analogy would be cable boxes/dvr’s/etc to TVs. I have DirecTV and in my room I have a cable box with dvr made by TIVO but it has the DirecTV logo on it as well (it also has the Dolby Digital logo).

      • evltwn

        It’s just like when u buy a car….there’s the car name on it. But then the dealer has to go and put one of their license plate frames on it too. Except you can remove the license plate frame.

      • Butters619

        Condoms don’t.

        (But really I don’t mind the logo, except the gaudy G note 2 home button one)

      • Shane McKeever

        There isn’t an HTC logo glaring at you. Its Verizon. Its like having the car dealer put the god-awful plastic dealer-tag on your pretty new rig. With the adhesive that takes the paint with it.

      • Doan

        Cars have logos of the manufacturer on them; TVs have logos of the manufacturer on them; Stereos have logos of the manufacturer on them; Sneakers have logos of the manufacturer on them.

        Verizon is not a manufacturer, therefore its name does not belong on phones. Aside from the radio, phones (with some exceptions) are not designed specifically for carriers

        The Droid line is one of the exceptions, because it consists of devices designed specifically for Verizon.

        A device that is not carrier-exclusive should not be branded by any carrier.
        Ie: Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X/S, etc.

      • Salutary Neglect

        Here’s an idea, wait for an international variant, buy it, and just don’t get any service. Then you can live a happy, logo free life.

    • Guest

      Stfu. #IgnorantBastard

  • Brent Stewart

    Nice form factor but can’t stand the non-software navigation keys. On another note since Disney now owns Lucasfilm and everything Star Wars. Anyone ever wonder if Verizon will loose the right to the Droid branding (which is owned by Lucasfilm and licensed to Verizon)? I mean Apple and Disney have been in bed together ever since Disney bought Pixar.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Instead of the famed “Droid” sound the phone makes when it powers up, it will say, “Wall-E” and play the Macintosh powerup chime. lol

  • brando56894

    I’ve had 2 HTC phone in the past and I think I’m going to stay away from them for my next one. The Incredible was awesome, but the Rezound has many quality control problems, not to mention HTC’s profits are in the sh!tter. I may just get a cheap G-Nex or a GS3 to hold me over until my contract is done with VZW then I may switch to T-Mobile…

    • Roshan John

      lookin for that Nex4?


    • JoshGroff

      HTC’s profits affect your view of them how? I loved my touchpad to death (yes I know HP and HTC aren’t the same company, but I’m making a point), and that was one of the biggest flops released on the market.

    • brad

      Quality control on the Rezound…like what?

      My wife’s Rezound is great. Battery life sucks, but that is why she has a spare.

    • LionStone

      I have 3 HTC phones…started my Android life with the Inc, then TB, currently on the Inc4, which will go to the girl once this beast is unleashed, and that will make 4. I’ve not had any major issues with any of them so most likely the DNA will be the fourth.

    • Ibrick

      Not sure why everyone is so quick to jump to TMo.. There’s a reason people are willing to pay more for VZW and ATT. I am talking from experience as well.
      Once you switch, and lose your unlimited?, you’ll see why TMo will continue to be in 4th place.

      • brando56894

        I figured I’d give it a try, I don’t have LTE in my area anyway so HSPA+ 42 would be great. Also Verizon sucks at my house and according to T-Mobile’s coverage map they have “very good” coverage here. Not to mention being cheaper and having unlocked phones.

  • rodney11ride

    i dont see any phone from the GNEX on out has these keys on the face… the tech is there to eliminate those and go onscreen nav keys. it looks so much cleaner. and with the “verizon” on the front. no thanks

    • Detonation

      The new Razr line has onscreen keys only.
      But you’re right about the Verizon branding, that will always be there on front, no matter where they have to fit it in (like on a home button….)

      • rodney11ride

        for sure.. i think i worded it wrong.. “idont see why any phone from the GNEX on out should have seperate keys” is what i meant..

        doesnt it just seem easier for the manufacturer too?

      • Unless it’s like, not on the front.Show me the Verizon logo on an S3 or Galaxy Nexus that is on the front. Samsung has the market power to dictate things to Verizon. HTC and Motorola do not.

  • ozo012

    I’d be willing to bet that Verizon has the the bootloader locked down tight on this just like the Incredible 4G and doesn’t let HTC put it on HTCDev.com

    • ozo012

      I partially retract this statement, apparently it got S-Off two weeks ago. I’ll stay with my Rezound though.

      • roberthenderson

        S-off was available months ago thanks to expert developers

        • ozo012

          I meant for the Inc 4g, I know my Rezound has had it for a while.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    I don’t always use Android, but when I do, its stock Android with onscreen navigation keys.

    • Doan

      I wish I could say the same, but unfortunately the phones with the best hardware are always riddled with hardware buttons, capacitive buttons.. or worse: a combination of both.

  • Alvin

    Can wait to get it. No Nexus 4 for us so this is it!!! Same processor as Nexus 4, bigger battery, better screen, and if I can get AOSP flashed on this thing I’ll have an unofficial Nexus 5. And even if I’m stuck with Sense I still have my Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus for my stock love. Either way it goes THIS IS MINE!!!!

    • Castortroy

      its verizon…bootloader will be locked…im happy with my razr hd dev edition

      • Ethan

        Not everyone’s got $600 to shell out for it. However, I do have to ask how you like it so far 🙂

        • castortroy

          Its amazing…battery life is just as good as my old maxx.

      • Detonation

        And I’m happy with a locked bootloader.

      • bigillz

        Rezound isn’t locked. Has there been a flagship HTC phone on Verizon that can’t be unlocked on htcdev, since the Rezound? I’m not aware of any.

  • Booyah

    aka Droid Incredible 1080

  • Rob

    If battery life’s solid, I’m taking it

  • Mike

    Give me virtual buttons and unlock the bootloader and Id consider it… if I wouldn’t be hooked on Nexus devices.

    • Tim242

      Virtual buttons take up screen space and do not make the size of the phone smaller. I hate the virtual buttons on my GNex. My main reason for rooting/unlocking was to shrink the buttons.

      • roberthenderson

        Posers like virtual buttons even though they offer no functional advantage and take up screen space

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Or make them transparent so you can’t see em and adjust the usable screen size. 😉

      • bigillz

        Yep. I also like always having a search button to press/hold to jump to search or google now or whatever I configure.

      • Charlie Rodiger

        Virtual buttons remove the need for physical buttons therefore using more of the phone as screen real-estate when necessary. On screen buttons make so much more sense

        • Tim242

          How do on screen buttons make more sense? They take up screen space. They only disappear on SOME videos. What about apps and browsing? They shrink a 4.7″ screen down to 4.3. Having on screen buttons would only make sense if they made the device smaller. Have you seen the bezels on the Gnex?

  • Mrhug3

    Sense prevents me from buying anything from HTC. Regardless of how the specs look on paper. #maxxhdsaysnothanks

    • Detonation

      Is that sense as in the skin or sense as in common sense? I suppose it applies to both

      • Mrhug3

        And boom goes the dynamite. Well played.

    • roberthenderson

      I hatred sense before the newest one, it’s pretty nice. you should check it out.

  • Brittany n

    I was interested in getting this phone but i don’tthink I am anymore no SD slot and the size of the battery is kinda pushing me away….

    • Ohiwastedmylife

      It has an SD slot. Where did you hear that it does not have one? HTC Butterfly J has one.

      • Symbiotx

        Yeah I was wondering if I had missed where they said there was no slot. I would be sad if that were true.

      • Brittany n

        I’ve read in the forums that there were no SD slot that came from a reliable source who knows it could be wrong info

  • Charlie

    This phone will be solid, but it will still have Sense. And that is a deal breaker for me, personally.

    • ben7337

      I’m hoping it gets some love from developers, and ends up with a nice stock based rom, with just the right amount of useful customizations.

      • eleazar

        Exactly my hope too. Especially since we know we’re not getting the nexus 4 now.

      • Based on the amount of love for Verizon HTC phones in the past, I would not count on it.

        • bigillz

          Rezound was the last HTC Verizon flagship phone and it’s still being actively developed for by numerous devs. I’m not sure what phones you’re referencing..? I never expect developer support for middle-tier phones and this is clearly not in that category.

          • I know but compared to the support Samsung devices get these days, it’s a little disappointing.

        • Joe Palozzi

          I have JB on my Droid Inc (running well by the way)! Verizon HTC phone get plenty o love seeing as how they usually share specs with similar phones on Sprint.

    • Butters619

      Have you used the new Sense? I hated the GB Sense, but since Sense 4.0 it’s actually pretty solid. And you will be able to snag ROMs that de-sense the phone further including native apps, lockscreen, and launcher.

      • Charlie

        Why yes, yes I have on a One X, and I still personally just don’t like it. It just seems off to me, not what Android should be. That’s just my opinion though. As for ROM’s, I usually don’t root my daily phone, so whatever it’s loaded with is what I roll with.

        • Robert Jimenez

          Holo launcher is very nice, feels like stock android.

    • LionStone

      Can you specifically describe the “Sense” that is such a deal breaker because nobody ever does, they just complain but never say what it is?

  • Mack

    I’m pretty much stuck in the whole “nexus or nothing” mentality especially since getting a Nexus 7 so I think I’ll pass. Never been a big fan of HTC either.

  • droideraid

    Das boot

  • randompsychology

    Hardware buttons? Really? No wonder HTC can’t turn a profit…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Because of hardware buttons?…. Think HTC has deeper problems than that.

      • randompsychology

        Agreed. But I think that’s an outward manifestation of those deeper problems.

      • Droid Burgundy

        exactly, look at Samsung.. they still use buttons as well…

    • Elliot

      Yes, because that’s really been a deal-killer for Samsung…

    • HTC’s problems have nothing to do with hardware buttons and some people prefer them. Their problem is that they aren’t big enough to source parts and push their partners to do things for them that they will do for Apple or Samsung.

    • Ohiwastedmylife

      $133 million profit for third quarter is still profit, no? They are crashing because they have bad product cycles, and limited marketing efforts. They need to get people informed and interested in their products again. This phone is going to be powerful enough to last through next year but come mid next year all the major players are going to pump out similar specced devices that will be leaked for 2-3 months prior and htc will crash till the fall when they release another phone.

  • Droid Burgundy