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Verizon Helping Out After Hurricane Sandy, Sends Mobile Charging and Work Stations to Affected Areas

AT&T and T-Mobile already got together to help customers in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but Verizon, whose networks fared a little better than the others through the storm, is offering up some of their own help as well. Big Red has deployed Wireless Emergency Communication Centers to certain sites to help out. These centers will let people charge their devices and have computers on-site to help communicate if need be.

There are also whole Verizon Communication Stores on-wheels that are being deployed as well that will allow people to make free calls to friends and family if needed. Verizon says 96% of their network is up and running, even in some of the hardest hit areas of the Northeast, but these are still welcome sights to anyone that was affected by the franken-storm. 

Verizon Wireless Update

November 1, 2012

Verizon Wireless continues to assist recovery efforts in the Northeastern United States in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The company today deployed Wireless Emergency Communication Centers (WECCs) on Staten Island, at Monmouth (NJ) University, and at two locations in Toms River NJ. WECCs offer public access to device-charging and computer work stations, as well as wireless phones and other devices that visitors can use to contact family and friends. We also have mobile stores-on-wheels that serve as fully functioning Verizon Wireless Communications Stores in place at locations on Staten Island and in Sea Girt NJ and Howell NJ.

We’re offering device charging and free domestic phone calls to local residents at all of our open store locations. We continue to re-open stores throughout the area and are increasing device and accessory inventories at stores to meet the needs of our customers.

In terms of our network, we have seen continued improvement overnight with now more than 96 percent of our cell sites in service and serving our customers in the impacted area, including some of the hardest hit areas of the Northeast.

Verizon Wireless continues to deploy its mobile disaster recovery and emergency network assets, including cell sites on wheels and mobile generators, to fortify our network throughout the Northeast where telecommunications infrastructure, utility/power and/or flood damage are issues.

  • Piotr G.

    I really wish they would bring the tower around my neighborhood back up. I have 0 service =(

  • Let me say this, Verizon’s business policy sucks, but its coverage is unbeatable in NY. Man, I’ve relied entirely on its 4G LTE to run my business for the last couple days. I lost power completely and had to work in my bro-in-law’s home. He has power but Optimum’s cable service is down. My Galaxy Nexus has been providing a hotspot for everyone inside his house!

  • Cory Taylor

    Bastards have me reeled in for life. Live in Old Bridge, NJ (Central) have no power in my house. My wife has an iphone and AT&T. She had spotty service for texts couldnt make a phone call or access the web. My Bionic has had consistent phone service and 4G going to stream HBO GO while we have no power. Cant ever leave Verizon

  • verbal_judo

    Is anyone else having the search issue with google now not redering any web search results. Im trying on my nexus 7 and getting nothing, unless it has a premade card.

  • bitpimpin

    So basically they only deployed 3 of these? And the rest are “Verizon Stores on Wheels”? In case any of the hurricane victims decide to go in for an early upgrade? I don’t get it. This seems more like a PR stunt than actual goodwill… I really liked what T-Mobile and at&t did; I feel like that actually benefits more people

    • thefacts

      If you read the news charging is free.They also are allowing anyone to use Web and laptops to contact family. Not to mention matching red cross
      donations by text.

  • Roshan John

    we have Verizon… but there must be some towers down in Central Jersey area (Monmouth Junction). Haven’t had cell service/internet (or power, cable or running water) since the storm.
    Now, I find myself excited to come to work so I can charge my phone (and shower).
    Till tonight… when my car runs out of gas.

    • Chris Pinola

      sounds a lot like my family’s current situation on Long Island right now, except VZW has been up for them. best of luck sir!

  • MikeCiggy

    When the AT&T tower hit the ground by us the Verizon network was still pushing out 4g to my area and keeping us all in contact. I think this is awesome that Verizon is providing something like this. A life-save utility in my area is just as simple as a place for everyone to charge their phones. The storm his our county real hard, people lost there homes and any bit of help is appreciated.

  • Glad to see them spending our money on a good cause.

  • Guest

    my $30 upgrade fee has paid off

  • zepfloyd
    • MotoRulz

      It is more than apparent that Verizon is simply self serving. Nothing that they do, including helping out after the hurricane, is for the benefit of anything except their bottom line.

  • Diablo81588

    Where’s my tip recognition?? 😛

    • JustAThought

      Lame asking for one. And usually none are given on these as they are press releases.

      • Diablo81588

        Who’s to say that they would’ve seen it if I hadn’t sent a tip in? Verizon doesn’t send out emails to everyone every time they issue a press release. Doesn’t matter anyway, I was kidding. Way to make a big deal about it.

  • T4rd

    They gotta keep up with the good PR that AT&T and T-Mobile are getting for letting each other roam on each others network!

    • bitpimpin

      Except that AT&T and T-Mobile’s goodwill actually benefits ANYONE across the 2 cell phone networks who gets a signal… Verizon’s goodwill looks like a stunt to just get their mobile Verizon logo billboard trucks in a few select areas

      • michael arazan

        Only free local calls, is that only in the area code they sit in, notice it didn’t say free phone charging though. I’d bet they are charging somehow to any people using this service, you have to prove you have an account and then they pad the bill.

  • panicswhenubered

    Hey I ‘tipped’ this an hour ago.

  • tyler cole

    They just wanna make sure people are still getting those overages.

  • yarrellray

    As much as I can say that YES I hate Verizon with a passion this is a great idea for all my east coast friends who have been affected by Sandy.

  • mustbepbs

    What DL failed to mention is the bottom line:

    *For a fee of $1.99/minute for device charging. $2.99/minute after the first 2 minutes for phone calls.

  • This changes nothing Verizon, I still hate you.

    • Prox


    • lrohenaz

      I clicked this article to post ‘I still think they’re bastards’…

      was glad to see you beat me to it and everyone agrees (except of course the 5 verizon employees who downvoted you)

      • Michael Schnider

        “(except of course the 5 verizon employees who downvoted you)” Bahahahahah

        • michael arazan

          Verizon, like other corporations, probably pay people to go to sites, like yelp and such, to give them great ratings and customer satisfaction. This is happening more and more I’ve been reading. There are groups online who’ll +1 or like or tweet you up if you pay them a certain amount of money, and leave feedbacks.