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Samsung Stratosphere 2 Poses in Press Images on Twitter, the Keyboard Lives on!

The Samsung Stratosphere 2 and its physical keyboard may still be on the way. A fresh press render showed up today, even though it has been 2 months since we last saw the device enter Verizon’s Equipment Guide. This could be a sign that the phone will be announced at any moment, or it could be a leftover image that has finally surfaced.

We know the Stratosphere 2 will have a 4″ Super AMOLED display, physical slideout keyboard, 4G LTE, and a much faster processor than its predecessor. We’re under the assumption that the device runs a Snapdragon S4 dual-core, just like the Galaxy S3. Other than that, this device will sport Samsung’s TouchWiz, probably over the top of Ice Cream Sandwich, and launch at a reasonable mid-range phone price.

For keyboard lovers, this may one of your last options for a phone with a physical keyboard. Well, Motorola still seems willing to make them, but that could change now with their new executive team.

Via:  @evleaks

  • Daniel

    I see no reason why you should assume this is the final qwerty phone, Motorola made the Photon Q which is a superior version of this phone from the look of it, and with the same processor. I hope manufacturers keep this up because I never want to give up my awesome qwerty keyboard, especially after getting used to the Droid 4’s amazing keyboard.

    • I agree 100%. Wish people would stop trying to kill off qwerty phones. Some of us prefer a physical keyboard. It’s not a matter of “getting used to” the on-screen KB. I’ve tried it plenty of times and I’m a thousand times faster and more efficient on the qwerty keyboard. Will definitely consider this phone, since I might die of old age waiting for the “Droid 5”.

  • LMI500

    My wife is going to be extremely ecstatic!!

  • joefresco

    This is actually a phone I’ve been waiting for. It checks every box for me…
    QWERTY — fastest, most precise keyboard experience, and 5 rows to boot
    microSD — seemingly relegated to more fringe devices lately
    removable battery — why are phones trying to be more like the iPhone? I want my battery/storage options
    Snapdragon S4 for a Galaxy S3 experience in a qwerty phone

    I loved the idea of the Droid 4 or Droid 5, but unless Motorola is putting a 3500+ mah battery in their phone, I’m not buying a phone with a non-removable battery. Phones are thin enough… it’s time to emphasize battery life.

    • If this phone is a G3 w/ a Qwerty, then it will probably have SVDO, which is another check mark for me over the OG Strat or even the Droid 4.

      • joefresco

        My OG Strat does Simultaneous voice and data just fine on LTE. It’s just that the CPU is so slow that it’s barely usable that way.

        • Yeah, all 4G does. But I live in 3G still (and work in 4G) so SVDO is worth it for me until we get 4G there.

          Edit: All 4G, except on the iPhone 5.

  • Booyah

    This looks like a phone that Verizon showed me about 3 years ago.

  • RoninX

    Looks like a decent phone, but given that the Droid 4 came out last February, you might want to wait for the Droid 5 next February, if you don’t need a new phone immediately.

    On the other hand, if this is basically a GS3 with a keyboard, that’s not a bad deal.

  • Seems like a little bit of an odd look, but this is the first keyboard smartphone I’d even begin to consider (so props on that Samsung). As others have said though, I’m waiting for the catch. History tells us there is likely at least one thing that makes this unacceptable. Hope I’m wrong.

  • slops

    i wish they would make a high-end phone with a physical keyboard.. or at least one that doesn’t look like it’s had design input from fisher price. i have the S3 and i’ve never been so upset with a touch screen keyboard. i want actual keys!

  • Cowboydroid

    This is sad. I’m still hoping the new Motorola will make a stock Android keyboard device. I’m a sucker for a good keyboard, but these mid-range devices don’t cut it.

  • I’m hoping this launches around $410 full price like the OG Strat did. If so, I may return to the dev scene for it. I have a D4, but sometimes I miss my Strat too.

  • Mark

    I love my stratosphere. Only thing it lacks is speed. Glad they fixed that with a dual core.

  • Sagar

    When is this phone going to come out?!! Its November now..

  • MikeCiggy

    lol @ the capacitive buttons…

    • Your phone doesn’t have capacitive buttons?

      • Detonation

        Just the usual Nexus snobbery

        • Aww, was waiting for him to brag about the on-screen buttons so I could point out that there are buttons, and they are on a capacitive screen, so they are in fact capacitive buttons. It’s areder to bash them when you call them what they really are: dedicated buttons.

          Coming in and spoiling my troll bait. How disappointing. 😛

          • PhoenixPath

            “dedicated buttons”

            …that you can shrink, enlarge, move, re-assign almost any task, or even get rid of entirely.

            Not that they are infinitely better than the standard fare of non-customizable “dedicated” navigation keys, or anything.

            (hint: I know it’s hard to imagine, but there is actually a rational reason people like them!)

            It’s only snobbery if we tell you your non-movable ones suck. (hint 2: They don’t). My LG Spectrum has them just right. The ones on my Nexus always take some messing with.

          • HOX user here. Now that the option to use the app switch as an option button is there (and the annoying option button black bar is gone), I don’t see much need for on-screen buttons. I wouldn’t complain if I got a phone that had them, but they certainly aren’t much of a selling point – if anything, they are just one more thing you need to fuss with that you shouldn’t need to.

  • why do they persist with making sh*tty qwerty phones…the only decent qwertys belonged to old blakcberries (pre-mini, woman finger sized keys

    • Because some of us prefer to have sh*tty tactile feedback and more sh*tty screen real estate when typing landscape. It helps us get more done and type faster.

      • AranelAlasse

        And I love that Swiftkey works in tandem with the physical keyboard. So it can still make suggestions, but it only takes up the very bottom of the screen (because you have the keyboard open). It’s the best of both worlds.

    • I like to think he meant, why don’t they make top-tier phones with qwerty hardware keyboards? Because that is a valid point. I still believe that part of the reason qwerty phones don’t sell well is because they’re always mid- to low-range devices. Given the choice between two otherwise identical devices, I’d go with the qwerty.

    • Raven

      Because some people just prefer typing on physical keyboards. For me it is not just the keys, but the fact that I still have the full screen available to me. The Droid 4 has an excellent keyboard that is far better than any old Blackberry that I have ever seen. I just wish that they would release a Droid 5 with some updated specs. I would even be happy if was based off of a Droid RAZR M with a slide keyboard added.

      • RoninX

        Physical keyboards are like manual transmissions. They may be disappearing, but they provide much better precision and control than the automatic/virtual version.

        I’ll only buy sports cars with manual transmissions, and I’ll only buy smartphones with physical keyboards.

        I’m hoping the Droid 5 will be a RAZR HD with a physical keyboard. I’d be willing to buy that off-contract to upgrade my Droid 4. A RAZR M with a QWERTY would be okay as a Droid 5, though I might wait for the Droid 6 in that case…

  • is this a verizon site? ’cause I only see Verizon stuff on here… Galaxy NOTE II on sprint – how’s that??

    • Diablo81588

      The only difference between the Verizon Note 2 and the Sprint Note 2 is that the latter is running on a garbage network. Why would they bring that up?

      • Detonation

        And the hideous home button branding…

    • 1st mate Obvious

      Yes it is. DROID is a Verizon brand.

    • La2da

      Mostly Verizon, but not always.

    • Detonation

      Well it started as a Verizon site. Droid = Verizon Brand of Android. They had a spin off at an.droid-life.com for everything else but that was abandoned long ago for some reason.

  • Butters619

    Am I the only one that thinks rounded QWERTY phones look stupid?

    The squareness of the photon q and d4 just look right when paired with a keyboard.

    • it is a little strange. the angle of the keys always throws me off

      • michael arazan

        Yes, it doesn’t look as organized or symmetric as the D4. I used the keyboard on my D1 till the keys started popping off, but the keyboard, and on the D2, was a strip with keys and not individual. I rarely use keyboards now that voice to text is almost great, still lacking though with three or more syllable words.

    • Michael Schnider

      Literally thinking the same thing that phone is very ugly. They could have done alot better with this phone.

    • Raven

      I agree, something about this design just makes it look “cheap” compared to my Droid 4. Even though specwise the processor and screen appear to be much better, I don’t think I would trade my Droid 4 for it. So, what are they going to cripple to reach the mid-range price point. Low RAM, low internal storage, low resolution screen, or is it just the cheap plastics used to build it?

      • Paul

        For a phone coming out now an S4 and 4″ screen sounds midrange to me. There have been a lot of inexpensive devices out recently that are similar. They should be able to make everything good quality and still $100 on contract, if they want to.

        • Guest

          4″ screen is awesome, watchu talking about? If the phone’s specs are anything like SGS3, it’s a great option for those looking for a kb.

          • Paul

            I didn’t say 4″ was bad, just that mid-range phones usually have a ~4″ screen, not the high priced phones coming out.

          • Guest

            Yeah, sadly most 4″ devices have been very weak recently. I would love to have a high-end option in that size. Options are never a bad thing

  • KB26

    Samsung Stratosphere owner here…. If this has ICS, I see no reason to not upgrade most of their other phones.

    • Diablo81588

      Lack of RAM! Why is that so hard to understand? This has twice the RAM of your phone…

      • Nexus S = 1Ghz single-core w/ 512MB RAM and runs ICS and JB with no problem. It’s TW that is the issue here.

        • TylerChappell

          The original Stratosphere and the Charge were the two Samsung phones last year that got completely abandoned upon release. My aunt bought a stratosphere before I could stop her from making such a bad decision.