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LG Nexus 4 System Dump Available for Download

It was only a matter of time, right? With the new 4.2 Camera app and keyboard leaking, we figured it wouldn’t be long before the entire system dump from the LG Nexus 4 dropped. So, here you go. Feel free to download it all or in pieces. There are links to the full system, just the system apps, wallpapers, and sounds for your tinkering pleasure. 

Download Links:  Full System | System Apps | Wallpapers | Sounds

Via:  Android Task Force

Cheers CG!

  • Hiya_tiger

    The sound folder is MISSING or gone! 🙁

  • Since upgrading to 4.1.1 on my Samsung gs3 i can’t install GoogleEars.apk or GenieWidget.apk, just says X Application not installed

    Can anyone help?

  • Barlog

    Does anyone know what happened to the Extract option on Astro File Manager, or know of a good app to extract Zip files?

  • Stephen D

    I like the new Artia ringtone.

  • I always think of Beavis and Butthead when I see, hear or say the word dump. *Butthead laugh*

  • parkler

    Do I need to be rooted to install the .apks from these zips? Or can I unzip the .apks and install them over my GNex existing apps?

  • 3M4NU31

    Can I use the new Gmail.apk from the zip on my Gnex? (After renaming the old one)

    • bump

    • yes, I currently have the Gmail, Messaging, Keyboard, and Camera/Gallery apks running on CM10 on VZW Gnex

      • 3M4NU31

        I’ve been unsuccessful…mind sharing the step-by-step? I have a VZW Gnex also

  • johnc7995

    I’m just waiting for 4.2 ROM’s on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Updated the wallpapers .zip. The original file wasn’t the new stuff, but I pulled them from the Launcher2 app and bundled them for you.

  • Philip Van Luke

    I cannot believe all the negativity around the nexus 4. everyone wants a $1000 phone for $300. People this is a brand new nexus, that can be bought on launch day off contract for $300. if you ask me this changes the cell phone game more drastically than any other subsidized “super phone”. and thats what nexus is about, change, showing the industry that there are different ways to do things.

    • PhillipCun

      This phone WOULD be the highest spec phone IF they addressed storage and LTE. But they didn’t, so there is negativity…. Until they announced the price.

      The thing is, we’re all hoping for the highest spec Nexus that will blow us away. We are phone nerds… that’s why we are on this site. As a phone nerd you want the best, this is definitely not the best phone Google and LG could make. They could have put all they had and made it spectacular, but they cut a few things to make the cost low.

      We want the best from Google, they gave us the “almost” best phone they can make, but they priced it at an extremely great price that will make many overlook the small shortcomings of the phone.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I have no use for LTE while its paired with another standard. Personally, HSPA or HSPA+ is MORE than fast enough and with one radio comes less battery usage. Verizon is getting dumped in the next 3 months and were going prepaid ($30 tmobile plan for me) .. I am done with Verizon and their death grip.

        • PhillipCun

          You have no use for LTE, but making a flagship phone available for EVERYONE is crucial in today’s industry and often the success of the product. Why wouldn’t you want to make a phone that anyone and everyone can purchase?

          This has proven to be a successful tactic. Look at the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s crucial now and it doesn’t affect YOU if they offered an HSPA and LTE verision just like they did with the Gnex. You won’t need it, you can move all you want. So offering it won’t hurt anyone and greatly benefit EVERYONE.

          Now compare it to HTC who have been declining quickly. Their flagship phone the HTC One X didn’t do well because it was offered on AT&T. Does anyone recognize their brand, the “One” line? Now ask if anyone recognizes “Galaxy” the line that is available on all carriers. Yep. HTC didn’t adopt this model and look where they are now. People don’t want to jump carriers just for a phone especially when Android has so many phones released on all carriers. People have family plans and are tied in and cannot leave so they must choose a phone. What are they going to do? Pay for 2 plans so they can have a specific phone? No that’s just financially STUPID.

          So offering LTE would be NECESSARY for the phone to succeed. You cannot argue that it will do better if it were available on all carriers instead of just HSPA/HSPA+ carriers. It won’t even affect you. People will choose carriers that they think fits their needs. Consumers have the power and if you don’t offer a phone on their carrier of choice, not many will leave just for a phone.

          • Ian Thomas

            You do know most of the worlds phone sales are to GSM networks. You are only arguing success in America.

          • Justin Swanson

            I agree with you 100%. I don’t need LTE but all of the networks in Korea are going that way. That is going to be a roadblock for Google with this device. Edit: Korean providers only want devices with LTE.

            But that shouldn’t hurt sales in most other countries.

    • Daniel Aceves

      Google said that they didn’t want to put an SD card in it because it confuses people whether it is really on your phone or the SD card. Come on that is a lame excuse, People that typically buy nexus phones know the difference.

      • abqnm

        I know about a half dozen friends with a Galaxy Nexus. I am the only one of them that knows the difference. They barely even know more than it is Android.

      • Jimneezy

        it almost sounds like an “Apple excuse” if you know what I mean, but honestly for $300-350 im not complaining one bit. I plan on getting it as a backup to my Sgs3…..yes thats right, a S4 pro quad phone with 2gb ram as a “backup” lol

      • asdf

        Honestly on my OG Droid an SD card was just a pain in the ass. It was hard to know where my apps were saving and I always ran out of space on my actual internal storage.

        • Buckoman

          That’s an OG Droid.

          We have smart file management ever since ICS. It asks you where you want to save stuff now.

      • Tony Allen

        They’re not targeting people that typically buy Nexus phones, they want everyone to buy nexus devices. It’s no longer a dev-only style device, they want the masses to have Nexus phones. They want things, clean, simple, and uniform. I would almost drop Verizon to pick it up on an MVNO of some sort.

    • Buckoman

      The lack of Verizon kills me on it.

  • kfath1978

    Could someone please post detailed instructions on how to install new camera and keyboard. I am rooted 4.1.1 JRO03H. I have been trying to install new camera since yesterday and I have read something about renaming the gallery apk? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • That yellow wallpaper is missing!!

  • Where is that sweet yellow wallpaper we keep seeing?

  • Andy

    so many system apks… what are some good ones to get?

  • r0lct

    I’m about to take a system dump. However it won’t result in any new features.

    • derek connolly

      New feature include coming out Thinner and Lighter…i’d say thats good enough.

      • Knlegend1

        Either I didn’t understand your response or you didn’t get the joke.

        • derek connolly

          I was saying after he takes a system dump he will come out lighter and thinner…nvm…

  • Guest

    As a new Galaxy Nexus owner I have a stupid… stupid question. I can NOT simply download and flash the FullSystem.zip through CW and magically be on 4.2… right? /ducks

    • Luxferro

      no, unless you want a non-bootable phone.

      • Guesty

        Dont lie to him it will work just fine flash away

        • gorkon

          That’s not a lie…..it will boot….but it probably won’t work to well!

          • It is a lie, the kernel is not written for the Galaxy Nexus hardware. Completely different CPU, would not boot, wouldn’t even reach bootloader. He would have the new Galaxy Nexus Brick.

          • gorkon

            Ok Ok….your right. Either way: Don’t do it. 🙂

            I guess I was holding on to a false hope that there may be enough similarities but… 😛

  • I am unimpressed with the Wallpapers.
    I was hoping for something newer, something better.


    Speaking of LG Nexus dump….

  • Derrr..do i have to reboot my phone after i sideload this? Der

  • jaybar

    wallpapers suck!

  • Guest

    So is this a ROM? How do we install it? Just install zip and flash?

    • KreeTerry

      not a rom, just a copy of the files from a nexus 4. dont try to flash this lol

  • Luis Castillo


  • Leonardo Benveniste

    does any of this apps work on the GNex?

    • dp917

      +1, I’d like to get the deskclock

    • yes, all of them as long as you are on 4.0+

  • zoo16

    Wallpapers all seem to be the same as the Galaxy Nexus.

  • mrlamotte87

    So Photosphere on my Razr MAXX now?!

    • Knlegend1

      Good question. I think most Motorola users are always searching for a new camera.

  • Need to factory reset or clear cache before flashing?

    • KreeTerry

      its not a flashable zip, at least not yet

      • Ahh, so what is a system dump? Just allow people to make ROMs of it?

        • KreeTerry

          its basically just a copy of the files from the nexus 4, or at least some build of it. i dont think its recent though based on the fact that the walls included are ICS walls. Some roms may be released based off this however they will be very rough.

  • Can we get the camera to work with AOSP GB?

    • PSU_DI


  • yesssssssss

  • Brace yourselves……4.2 ROMs are coming!!

    • Waiting impatiently.

    • justincase_2008

      ^ +1
      Brace yourselfs…. tweets asking for ETAs coming

      • Addison Todd

        This. So much this. Have some dam patience! All dev’s are pretty much normal people that have lives.

    • Dale Kimball

      Can 4.2 ROMS be built off of a system dump?

      • gardobus

        Pieces of the dump can be used/ported but nothing can be BUILT as 4.2 until the source drops. Which will probably happen the same day that the N4 is available.

        • Dale Kimball

          That’s what I figured which is why I had to question it.

        • AranelAlasse

          When will the Nexus 4/7+/10 be actually released? (or are they already out?) Will all three of them have v4.2?

          • “Available for purchase on Tuesday, Nov. 13th”
            Not sure if thats when it comes out or just when you can buy it. But Nov 13 at the soonest, possibly later.