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CyanogenMod Integrates CM File Manager Into Build, Will Appear In Newest Round of Nightlies

Late last evening, the CyanogenMod team announced that there would be a new application baked into CM10, called CM File Manager from developer Jorge Ruesga. The app balances the perfect mix of looks and functionality, so I’m sure many here can’t wait to get their hands on it. 

The guiding philosophy behind CyanogenMod 10 is that any feature we add in should be seamless in it’s implementation, intuitive in its usage and functional to a large group of users. With that in mind, we have just merged in the CM File Manager, coded by Jorge Ruesga!

To find the newest builds of CM10, check their download page here.

Via: Google+

  • gpzbc

    This is cool, but I prefer Solid Explorer. It is pretty awesome.

  • James Jackson

    does it offer access to other devices on wifi network (ie. computers) for file browsing? like estrongs??

  • Christopher Theofilaktos

    This is awesome, CM is becoming it’s own distro of Android.

  • sylent101

    Anyone figure out how to extract Zip’s?

  • NicholasMicallef

    Works very well almost as good as solid explorer although It’s missing some features such as multiple panels. I prefer it over ES explorer though, especially because of the better interface. I can’t however understand why it can only be used in landscape mode on my N7 while only in portrait mode on my phone. While it needs to be refined I think it may be on its way to removing any need for different file managing apps, as for now I prefer solid explorer.

  • Finally.

  • Here’s the APK if anyone needs it: http://cl.ly/Kc4W

    Copy to /system/app and fix permissions to rw-r–r–

  • useless without a dark theme.

    • Really? Because I don’t think a dark theme would add any functionality.

  • kselby

    Just installed it and it is really smooth and looks so clean. Definitely a worthy replacement for any other file manager.

  • John

    Not bad but can’t beat Solid Explorer

    • Have you used the CM10 app yet? I didn’t realize they had built any nighties with it baked in.

      • John

        Yeah. I just flashed it a little earlier today. It’s OK but I think Solid Explorer has more to offer + a nice dark theme alternative, which is always a plus.

        • Oh, I love Solid Explorer immensely. Not hard to convince me that it’s a tough act to beat.

  • Kane

    Curious to see what this will look like. Does it mean all the other file managers will be unneccessary? I know I personally have more than a few.

  • Justin

    CM10 RC1? What has been taking them so long? By the time they release their RC’s I am usually already committed to another dev team. I know they try to make it perfect, but just seems Verizon slow to me. Maybe we will get RC1 right before 4.2 drops :-/

    • DroidJ

      Came here to say this. I know I don’t know the inner workings of their development process, but I’d much rather see an RC instead of new features. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate cool new features, but I think there’s a balance, and right now they’re not on the right side of it. I fear they’re making themselves irrelevant when they were once one of the top ROM teams. Downvote if you must.

      • Guest

        On the contrary, I think they are making themselves a flagship consumer ROM, while many others are experimental

        • DroidJ

          You’re right…they’ll have a flagship version of CM10 when we’re all onto the next major version of Android on the GNex.

          • NicholasMicallef

            Honestly it doesn’t make much sense to wait for RC on the GN, I can understand your fears or damaging you phone but generally nightlies on devices which have already received the updates officially are rock stable especially nexus devices, in some cases even more so than the official version.

          • Guest

            … and that version of CM10 will be the most stable and the least buggy of all common ROMs. I love nightlies and experimental release as much as anyone, but as late as previous release of AOKP (b5) I had usability issues with calling, and a few random reboots here and there, which I haven’t yet been able to test on the new release. While we are all on the next experimental version of AOSP, less savvy users looking for a more solid experience will have an amazing alternative to the stock manufacturer version of their OS.
            It’s not always about biggest and baddest, or the latest. One of the reasons Apple products get praise from users is the polish of their functionality. Yeah, the iPhone may be behind on many features, but the ones they do have are constantly rehashed and are made more usable.

        • Justin

          True statement. When CM10 RC1 drops, I will be one of the first to flash it, no doubt. I will just probably roll back to my backup very shortly after because I will be missing a feature that I have had for months now.

      • The M series are pretty much the same quality as most other ROM release candidates. Who cares what it’s called? The stability of the ROM is what matters. The initial release is quite stable and ready to be a daily driver. I believe they are on M2 now, with M3 due in a week or so. Who else has a release candidate or stable that is better that CM10? I love AOKP too btw, they are also on Milestones.

  • Andrey Feldman

    I’ll use it if it’s superior to solid explorer, but solid explorer is pretty damn awesome.

  • Built-in root file manager? Legit!