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Another Day, Another Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Trailer Featuring Han Solo and Chewbacca


Today, Rovio has released yet another Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay trailer. This time we have the great Han Solo and Chewbacca kicking some Empire butt, and again, it makes us just ever so slightly less patient for November 8.

Although, if I had one request, it would be to cool it on the Cantina Band. Thanks.

  • CaptM

    So is Angry Birds now owned by Disney??????/

  • Droid Burgundy

    ok this is gettng scary.. Can’t they use a different song .. PLEASE?

  • duke69111

    Now this preview gets me interested.

    • michael arazan

      And it shows that Han shot first : )

  • EvanTheGamer

    Looks OK, but they BETTER not pull a bloody Bad Piggies and release this damn blasted game for FREE! It better cost the green. And the reason I say that is…I don’t want to see any bloody annoying ads!

    Rovio, release the game for $2.99…Darth Vader demands it!

  • Han shot first.

    This looks like a cool twist, but I can’t say that I’m anxious for it. The only thing I’m anxious for right now is to send 0 packing on November 6th

  • Billzilla2005

    let the wookie win

  • SD_Scott

    Not going to lie… I want this bad.

  • lol, Tim, the cantina song is going to haunt your dreams

  • help

    another lame posting…Does anyone know how to get cuss words into the new google swype text (gesture text)? I dont know how to add words into it like you can using the actual swype app?

  • Teng Taing

    Angry Birds will soon be milked as much as Mario…

    • EvanTheGamer

      How dare you, sir.

      And no…until we see a Angry Birds: The Movie…that probably will never be the case. lol

      • Teng Taing

        im sure theres one in the making….at least i wouldnt be suprised

  • I am over Angry Birds. But I love Star Wars!