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Amazon Launches Cloud Drive Photos App for Android Devices

Amazon just launched their newest creation, Cloud Drive Photos, to Google Play. Upon download, users are given 5GB of storage to use for safekeeping their photos instead of worrying about having them on their phone’s storage. From the app, you can share your photos to social networks, view photos in “stunning layouts” (that’s a bit much), and more. 

No word on if there’s an auto-upload feature, but if there isn’t that would be a good feature to include in a future update.

Can’t argue with free online storage, right?

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  • socalrailroader

    Your link is broken-

    We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.

  • Artune

    I use Waula for my backing up on pictures files and vids and I don’t believe it is compressed either.

  • Nigel Boor

    Another app from Amazon that won’t install on Nexus 7.

  • Why do I need this when I have instant upload via Google +

    • Chris

      Wish G+ didn’t compress. Use dropbox automatic upload and Dropbox and check out of the difference.

      • Chris

        …compare DB & G+…there is a diff..

      • Droidzilla

        Most of us simply use photos from our phones for viewing and sharing, not printing. Compression is a non-issue for this usage, though I agree that it’s lame if you make a lot of prints.

  • gimlet72

    How is this different then what can be done with picasa and google plus already? My pictures are already automatically uploaded.

    • Why are there already three posts asking the same question, none of which was posted at the same time?

  • Joe

    Are there any good Android clients for Amazon S3?

    • Glenn

      S3Anywhere or S3AnywherePro, which I bought, is probably the best you’re going to find right now. The interface isn’t all pretty like how most users would want but it works well enough. Besides people who are using S3 are probably those who don’t really care about eye candy anyway.

      Hopefully, once timed automatic transfer to Amazon Glacier is supported in S3, the app will also support it. It’d be great to backup my phone’s pics, videos, etc. to S3 and then have them automatically transferred to the cheaper Glacier storage after a certain time.

      • curaga

        I bought S3AnywherePro as well. It’s a nice app. The sync feature could be improved though. For example, it could additionally use hashes to sync. Resumable uploads would be great too.

  • cdurex

    Neat going to check it out!

  • And the app design is so Froyo.

  • The perfect app for my storage challenged future Nexus 4 lol

    • you know who this is

      Google+ plus dude

  • Droidzilla

    Why would I get this over Google+, which is free, unlimited, and seamlessly integrated into my Android device? Even for people who don’t want to use Google+ for social networking, it’s photo suite is pretty outstanding.

    • photo compression…

      • Droidzilla

        If you’re making prints from your phone photos, then that’s a legitimate qualm. If you’re basically using them just for viewing/sharing (as most of us are), that’s a non-issue.

    • inzandity

      I hate having all of the G+ photo albums in my gallery. Especially because it creates a new one after 200 pictures. That’s why I am using dropbox still to backup my pictures.

      • Gizmo

        You should stay with Dropbox for backing up your pictures. G+ is meant for sharing copies and not for storing the original. I use Amazon S3 myself since I don’t really like using a middle man (ie. Droprox) to access the same S3 services.

    • Mark

      This is more a photo backup service where compression isn’t acceptable with social networking integration. G+ isn’t for that.

      • Droidzilla

        As I’ve said a few times, if you’re making prints with your photos G+ isn’t for you. For everyone who uses their phone photos for simply viewing and sharing, the compression is a non-issue.

        • Gizmo

          Everyone’s answering your original question as to why use this instead of G+ and they did. G+ is for sharing only and the Amazon service is for backing up original copies. They are essentially different services. Do you not like the same answer that everyone is giving you?

          • Droidzilla

            You can store unlimited photos on G+ and download them to your device. You don’t have to share any of them if you don’t want to; they can be only accessible and viewable to you. Google+ is an awesome photo backup service with a great UI and sharing features (should you choose to use them) that integrates seamlessly with any Android device. I don’t get why more people don’t use it just for this, unless, of course, they need uncompressed images for making prints; but I think very few people still do that.

          • Gizmo

            I always like storing the original since I never know what I would want to do with them in the future and it may not just be for prints. I understand your point that if you’re 100% sure that you don’t need original copies then G+ is okay for backing up.

          • Droidzilla

            If you’re going to be possibly making prints or doing some photo editing where you’ll need to crop in the future, then having a compressed backup is a no-go for sure. I have some images like that, but for 90+% of what I use my phone camera for (and I’m betting most others), compressed images are fine. G+ is something like 5MP images, so that’s more than plenty for me (in truth, 3MP would still probably be overkill).

            But yeah, different strokes for different folks. I just think that 5GB for photo storage is pretty poor, and since most people just want to be able to look at their photos something like G+, which is already baked in, is a fantastic solution.

  • First.

  • JoshGroff

    Dropbox has auto upload. 🙂

    • True but Dropbox only gives you 2 free GB right?

      • I have a free account but I’ve done so many storage incentives that I’m up to 15 GB…

        • JoshGroff

          I’m somewhere around 10 not counting the 50GB one year promotion i got from something. Totally forget, but it was awesome.

        • El Big CHRIS

          I walked in to a Sprint store, signed in to the app, got the 50 gb free, and signed right out.

        • TheCheapGamer

          15GB permanent? I have a ton of space right now, but it all expires at some varying points.

          • michael arazan

            plus they want $20 a month for 100gb, compared to google drive which is 10 for 200 or 5 for 100gb