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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock Goes Up Through UK Retailer Clove, Features 3 USB Ports and Full HDMI

Owners or future owners of the Galaxy Note 2, take note. See what I did there? Samsung’s Smart Dock for the Note 2 is now up on UK retailer Clove’s website, but is still unavailable as of this moment. No pricing either. But, what we do know is this dock looks like a beast. Once your device is attached, you have access to three full USB ports, a full-size HDMI out, a 3.5mm jack for a speaker setup, as well as a micro-USB outlet. Dang, that’s a lot of ports. 

Once pricing gets announced and it becomes available, we’ll update you.


Via: Clove

  • STj

    Check out this video showing the potential for the note 2 to replace the desktop. The guy is using the mhl adapter, but without the doc he can’t hook up usb external storage. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=8&ved=0CFYQtwIwBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D9nh2NSLgaII&ei=Xra4UIGnEIa_0AGKp4DoDQ&usg=AFQjCNGt3TXi8PUZ8BGjr_kLlXWgZLxqjw&sig2=BoEHVB7XnhsITo8-7HLg8w

  • Kyle Wickstrom

    Has anyone confirmed if this will work with the S3 running 4.0.4?

  • panicswhenubered

    Let me guess, it will be available for only $199+ in April of 2013. Just like my POS Samsung 3-pin dock I got for $100 from the Samsung site, 6-months after my phone came out.

    • panicswhenubered

      One thing I do envy about iPhones are all the accessories they have for them. (Even if Apple screws you with a port change lol)

  • 1phoneman

    Will it charge a spare battery?

    • Olivier Boss

      It would be great if it did, indeed. But it does not look so. The space where you would think a spare battery may hide is taken by the mechanism/electronics of the dock.

  • Tough_Support_Chick

    Any type of “drop it into a dock” is INFINITELY more useful than any “drop it onto a wireless pad” gadget.

    I bought a dock for my S3 on ebay: $5.

  • cmonnats23

    this is turning into one beast of a phone.

  • Scott

    What the Galaxy Nexus should have had. I still don’t know what the heck those three pins are for.

  • Droid Burgundy

    such a useless accessory!

    • How so?

      • Droid Burgundy

        you really think people will be using this to host 3 usb devices from a cell phone? THis will surely go the way of moto laptop dock accessories and the Gnex dock. Docks are usually always a waste of money, and have little to no practical use IMHO, especially given how many other ways there are to access content without having to connect your phone via HDMI.

        • I know I would if Ubuntu for Android came about.. I would have this dock plugged into my Tv with a mouse, keyboard, and Hdd and use it all the time.. 90% of my home computer use is web browsing and the hardware in any modern phone is powerful enough to be used as a low powered computer..

          • Droid Burgundy

            that is a HUGE “if”. Considering how much fragmentation exists just on android, I don’t think it is feasible a legit method of using this for Ubuntu on Android will be available. Even if a method becomes usable for unlocked/root users, that is such a small % of Samsung’s customer base, I don’t see how it will yield great sales for docks like this, and encourage more accessories like it.

          • I totally agree that it is a huge IF.. But the way I see it, the dev/power user community is what leads the way, look at the quick settings that custom roms started way back when. Now its getting to be the norm that every UI has some kind of quick settings.

            If a method is found and it turns out to work as smooth as us power users would hope, and we end up using Ubuntu on our phones, then it shows that the desire is there, and us power users are the ones that lead the less informed towards products.. Just think if some of your non-tech friends saw you walk into your house and dock your phone and pull up a full browser on your TV and browse the web with a full desktop UI, then pull your phone off and go about your day. Anyone would want to know how they could do that. And those non techies would definatly speak with their walets if you could do that out of the box..

            And it is a very atractive proposition to be able to use 1 device durring the day for everything, It negates the need to move files around and having to have multiple devices for multiple functions.

          • Droid Burgundy

            hrmmm good point with quick settings.. same with toggles, making their way into touchwiz etc.

          • Yea.. I am really hoping that in the near future that we can have one device for our daily lives.. I honestly think that the padphone is the right direction.. A phone for out and about, a tablet for entertainment and then that device to be able to turn into a full desktop UI when docked.. Its exciting to think about what we have to look forward to..

          • Tony Allen

            Exactly, I’m thinking Ubuntu for Android.

        • auglove3rd

          I actually love the Moto Webtop stuff. Use it all the time. Does anyone know what UI Samsung has running once you plug in the Note II? Is it tablet 4.0? Ubuntu? A giant mirror of your phone?

    • Bewara2009

      What are you smoking? This is one of the best accessory that I have seen. I will be picking this up once it hits the states to order.

      • Droid Burgundy

        I Just don’t see how this is worth $100 at all. Unless you have no TV, computer, laptop.. and only have a Galaxy Note 2, which you will be using for EVERYTHING how does this justify you spending $100 ? Most android devices can support USB hosting anyways, and I have yet to meet anyone who actually uses HDMI output form their phone for daily content consumption

        • Conceptually, this is awesome. It’s a great idea to have a single device driving your different uses. The problem however is both the price and the practical usage. I’m really interested in picking this up, but I already have an MHL cable and a bluetooth keyboard — all in about $40, plus another $1 for an OTG cable. It is a neat idea though to have this sitting on a desk, waiting for you at home.

          • Droid Burgundy

            conceptually sure, but reality check: most people will spend the money , use it a few times for show, then go back to using other devices like a tablet or a laptop etc, perhaps a setop media streaming device or google tv.. this is def the future but not now. Not with a Note2 running touchwiz.

  • Asuriyan


    Listed at $99. You would think they would have learned from Webtop and the adapter kits… people didn’t buy those even at $50.

    • Droid Burgundy

      my thoughts as well! I will be severely surprised if this doesn’t fail.

  • Sean Wood

    This is listed on the Samsung Accessories page for $99.99…. but BACKORDERED like damn near everthing else except TecTiles.. ha ha ha

  • Basically makes it easy to use your note as a computer.. 1 USB mouse, a USB keyboard and a HDD then HDMI to a Tv.. Pretty awesome actually. Ubuntu for Android anyone?

  • Sven Enterlein

    First thought: Looks like a Stormtrooper toilet. Second thought: AWESOME!

    • You can have all my internetz for the day!

    • 3rd thought – this is going to retail 99.95

    • jmsbwmn


    • Sven Enterlein

      OK I HAD to do that:

      • whoknowswhereor


  • Teng Taing

    wonder if the usb ports can be used for flash drives, etc like the OTG cables

    • BSweetness

      Yes they can.

      • Just be careful because for some reason every time I plug in a flash drive to the WebDock for my Motorola Razr it crashes the drive! I have to reinsert the drive into my Mac and run Disk Utility to fix it!

  • sixohtew

    i wonder if these will be compatible with the s3. i know soon it wont be necessary to dock to mirror with android 4.2 having the wireless display built in, maybe ill just wait for that :]

    • That was my first thought too — that would be awesome! Although if it uses MHL, the screen will always be vertical. Other than that though, sweet!

    • michael arazan

      God forbid they just make a universal dock, all the male female connectors for charging are the same, a universal dock would sell a lot more for higher sales figures, instead of custom ones for each phone.

  • Tony Allen

    Will this work with my Gnex?

    • Tony Allen

      I mean I would think so, except I remember they changed the MHL stuff post GS3. Does anyone know if the USB and HDMI will function on this like they’re supposed to with my Galaxy Nexus?