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Bugdroid Comes Trick or Treating in This Wallpaper, How Could You Say No?

If you are like us, you are changing your wallpaper almost every week or so. Since today is Halloween, why not celebrate with our favorite little mascot dressed up for the occasion? The guys over at Android Foundry have brought us another great wallpaper in line with their other awesome holiday wallpapers.

There are links for a phone sized wallpaper and then four different screen sizes in case you want to put this little guy on your computer screen. Links to the images can be found at the link below. Happy Halloween!

Via: Android Foundry

  • Changing wallpaper every week is fun, i used to do that.

  • big D

    Just how Steve Jobs saw android from the beginning.

  • ryan f

    speaking of changing wallpapers every week , we need another homescreen sharing post.

  • Adam Metzner

    Save image as… Open with paint… Select Black brush… Remove branding… Drop in Dropbox… Set as wallpaper

  • fixxmyhead

    on the last day. pff what were thinking

  • Droid Burgundy

    They have epic shirts and stickers too, love the stuff they come up with 😀