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Tuesday Poll: Which New Nexus Device Are You Most Excited For?

Yesterday, Google dropped a whole new line of hardware on us and we’re still going over them, figuring out which device has us more excited than the others. We have the Nexus 4, with its high-end specs, but lack of LTE. There is the new Nexus 10, a stunning device with an extremely high resolution for a price that is incredibly competitive, and last but certainly not least, we have the new Nexus 7 with 32GB of storage and HSPA+ radios built in.

We went over the pros and cons of the new devices in last night’s Droid Life Show, and I think we pretty much summed up that with the lack of LTE, the Nexus 4 is a good device, but could be a letdown to some. Sure, it has an amazing quad-core processor and a nice display, but with no LTE, it doesn’t meet a very simple standard that many buyers are looking for. As for the Nexus 10, we have yet to get our hands on one, but initially, we’re definitely excited. The display itself basically takes the cake on this one. And as for our dear friend the Nexus 7, you can do no wrong in our eyes.

Let us know which new device has you most excited from yesterday. It’s certainly not an easy choice and each has its own market to appeal to. Let’s hear your thoughts!

Which new Nexus device are you most excited for?

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  • S_T_R

    You’re never going to have a single phone model that supports Verizon AND AT&T 700MHz LTE. The two different frequencies (Lower 700 for AT&T, Upper 700 for VZW) they use are too close together for you to get both without interference, and too different in band plan to be compatible. So they’ll always need at least 2 versions.

    Having said that, the S4 supports enough frequencies that they could cover all US networks and Rest-Of-World with 2 SKUs. The problem is the CDMA portion, which is too proprietary for Google.

  • Stoker

    I have a 10″ ASUS Infinity so the N10 is not a big deal to me. I found the N4 lack of LTE and storage disappointing so my next phone will be something else. If I was going to replace my nook (which I hardly ever use thanks to the ASUS), I probably WOULD get an N7, so I guess it is my fave. But I voted not excited, since I will probably not purchase any of these within the next six months, if ever.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Nexus 4 for sure. A brand new, high spec device for 3 bills off contract? That changes the game! I can’t get it because it’s not out for Verizon, but if this becomes a trend, I’m switching to Straight Talk when my contract is up.

  • JB

    What’s the point of insane hardware if there’s no room to install apps to utilize it? Thanks Google, thanks $#%&% bunches!

    I’m sure future games will be smaller in the future, cause high res (like 2560×1600) textures are super tiny! Looking forward to having USB drives hanging from my devices like vestigial tails for the foreseeable future.

  • Nexus 4? No I’m on Verizon
    Nexus 10? No I already have a Nexus 7
    Nexus 7 3G? No I already have a Nexus 7