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Tuesday Poll: Which New Nexus Device Are You Most Excited For?

Yesterday, Google dropped a whole new line of hardware on us and we’re still going over them, figuring out which device has us more excited than the others. We have the Nexus 4, with its high-end specs, but lack of LTE. There is the new Nexus 10, a stunning device with an extremely high resolution for a price that is incredibly competitive, and last but certainly not least, we have the new Nexus 7 with 32GB of storage and HSPA+ radios built in.

We went over the pros and cons of the new devices in last night’s Droid Life Show, and I think we pretty much summed up that with the lack of LTE, the Nexus 4 is a good device, but could be a letdown to some. Sure, it has an amazing quad-core processor and a nice display, but with no LTE, it doesn’t meet a very simple standard that many buyers are looking for. As for the Nexus 10, we have yet to get our hands on one, but initially, we’re definitely excited. The display itself basically takes the cake on this one. And as for our dear friend the Nexus 7, you can do no wrong in our eyes.

Let us know which new device has you most excited from yesterday. It’s certainly not an easy choice and each has its own market to appeal to. Let’s hear your thoughts!

Which new Nexus device are you most excited for?

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  • S_T_R

    You’re never going to have a single phone model that supports Verizon AND AT&T 700MHz LTE. The two different frequencies (Lower 700 for AT&T, Upper 700 for VZW) they use are too close together for you to get both without interference, and too different in band plan to be compatible. So they’ll always need at least 2 versions.

    Having said that, the S4 supports enough frequencies that they could cover all US networks and Rest-Of-World with 2 SKUs. The problem is the CDMA portion, which is too proprietary for Google.

  • Stoker

    I have a 10″ ASUS Infinity so the N10 is not a big deal to me. I found the N4 lack of LTE and storage disappointing so my next phone will be something else. If I was going to replace my nook (which I hardly ever use thanks to the ASUS), I probably WOULD get an N7, so I guess it is my fave. But I voted not excited, since I will probably not purchase any of these within the next six months, if ever.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Nexus 4 for sure. A brand new, high spec device for 3 bills off contract? That changes the game! I can’t get it because it’s not out for Verizon, but if this becomes a trend, I’m switching to Straight Talk when my contract is up.

  • JB

    What’s the point of insane hardware if there’s no room to install apps to utilize it? Thanks Google, thanks $#%&% bunches!

    I’m sure future games will be smaller in the future, cause high res (like 2560×1600) textures are super tiny! Looking forward to having USB drives hanging from my devices like vestigial tails for the foreseeable future.

  • Nexus 4? No I’m on Verizon
    Nexus 10? No I already have a Nexus 7
    Nexus 7 3G? No I already have a Nexus 7


  • Knlegend1

    Should I get a Nexus 7 or a Nexus 10?

    • ddevito


      • Knlegend1

        Definitely leaning that way!

        • ddevito

          I’m sure the N10 is great and performs exceedingly well and has a retina-busting display, but without apps to take advantage of all that it’s a waste of money in my opinion.

          My iPad 2 is more useful as a 10″ tab with great full large screen apps, like iPhoto or iMovie

          My N7 is portable, fast, flexible (I use it to make phone calls), and the apps are good enough as they have phone UIs. Good enough and a great value for the price.

          • Knlegend1

            That really sucks too. That the apps are not as good.

  • Manthas

    I’m still not 100% sold on the 10″ form factor; historically they have felt just a tad too big for me, which is why I was really interested in the 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD launch, but the specs on the Nexus 10 are too sweet to just pass by without checking it out. Just hope a local retailer will carry it so I can check it out in person before dropping the cash for it.

  • wm snyder

    Nexus 7is good if you’re going to lug it around, at home the 10 is more acceptable on couch or table in dock

  • droidbeat

    N10 for sure! I’m on vzw, so the N4 is out. Will continue to rock the GNex on JB and see what the HTC Droid DNA (5-inch, 1080P) looks like. Still loving my N7 16gb as well. I’m sure it will get the 4.2 push soon

  • brando56894

    I’m ditching my 8 GB N7 for the 32GB N7 (without the HSPA+ radio) 😀

  • nightscout13

    Nexus 15″

  • areffes

    Would love to be excited about the 10 but thats too big….had a Xoom and it was unwieldy for me. A Nexus 8.9 tab is my dream! Come on, Google!

    Oh, and hell no on the 4. Absolutely would never buy anything made by LG

  • brandnew234

    Nexus 10 for me, if I don’t hold out for a next gen Tegra tablet (last 1st quarter, mid 2nd quarter 2013). I’m getting a Galaxy Note II, for all the S Pen features, I’m also on Verizon, and with a 5.55 inch phone screen, a 7″ wouldn’t matter. So a 10 inch tab (but I’ll have to save for months).

  • paul_cus

    Easily the Nexus 4.

  • Gabbyii

    What ever happened to the rumors of an HTC Nexus device? Has this been nixed or is there still hope?

  • grips32

    i’m excited about android 4.2

  • asdf

    >tfw still running gingerbread
    >tfw looking forward to the next nexus forever
    >tfw has no LTE


  • cheezer88

    i’m still really happy with my Galaxy Nexus. I think it will last me until the Next Nexus (patenet pending) comes out.

  • jrmcbills

    I dream of a Nexus 4 with LTE…but not this time Round.

  • C-Law

    The N10 is still blowing my mind! I can’t wait! Hopefully Sams club will have them for a few bucks off on the 13th

  • Bradon Says

    I’m more excited about a cheaper 16G Nexus 7. Don’t need another data plan thank you very much.

  • Pegleg

    Have a ASUS Infinity Tablet so the 10 holds no interest for me. Was looking at the 7 for my wife but with no card slot that deal is dead!

    • brandnew234

      32GB is still a lot of storage.

  • I want to buy a Nexus on Verizon :'(

    • ddevito

      buy the GNex off contract.

      • I have the GNex. I want the new Nexus, or any future Nexus on Verizon with my unlimited data

  • adam

    If I’m in it for mostly watching videos and playing games (I can do everything else on my Razr), then should I go with the Nexus 7 or 10? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    • C-Law

      N10 sounds amazing! I have an n7 and love it but I wish it was bigger so ill be selling my n7 when I get the n10. Just go pick up a 7″ and a 10″ tablet and decide which size ud rather have. You can’t go wrong with either nexus

      • adam

        what stores have the nexus on display? when i go to bestbuy they don’t have it with the other tablets.

        • C-Law

          I just meant check out any brand of tablet in 7 and 10 inch to help u decide which screen size u will want. Best buy doesn’t sell the n7 as far as I know.you might want to try sams club, office depot, or staples

    • ddevito


  • coolsilver

    No need for another tablet. No LTE version of Nexus 4. Maybe next year

  • Keith0606

    Anyone know if nexus 7 will work with a miracast dongle after the 4.2 update?

    • S_T_R

      Why? N7 works with MHL now.

      Edit: It looks like the Nexus 7 doesn’t support MHL. Wow, that sucks.

  • Nexus 4 for me. I could care less about LTE when HSPA+ 42 isn’t much slower then LTE in general use. I don’t even use LTE and I have it everywhere I go. I just use 3g because it saves battery. With HSPA+ I get LTE speeds without the battery drain. So I will be switching to T-mobile whose service is actually just as good as Verizon’s in my area. Also only $30 a month for 100min, unlimited txt, and 5gb of 4g data.

    So everyone just needs to stop complaining that it isn’t on Verizon because CDMA is a tech that needs to die. A Verizon version will probably never come because Google doesn’t want to work with Verizon since they screwed up the last Nexus.

    • J

      Verizon didn’t screw up the Galaxy Nexus as much as you’d think.

      Google couldn’t release software updates to the phone at first regardless of anything Verizon did for one reason: CDMA Radio software is intellectual property of certain companies, and is not allowed to be freely distributed. Google didn’t license the software, so they couldn’t distribute it.

      • It still came from google servers so they distributed it but Verizon had to test it for weeks first to make sure it was fine. So you can blame Verizon a little.

      • Qualcomm is the main culprit….then verizon. QC for strangleholding CDMA and verizon for their “process” delaying the update even further. Why they couldnt multi-task is beyond comprehension…as is why qualcomm cant just license their tech and call it a day.

  • Raven

    I like my my Nexus 7, but I am not buying another device that does not have an SD slot. I just find it way too limiting for my needs.

  • Nexus 4!

  • LTE is overrated and verizon is becomming a cash cow, I’m hapily gonna get the nexus 4 and leave verizon.

    • ddevito

      right behind you

  • termiNader

    This poll is skewed because the majority of Droid-Life readers are Verizon users. Other Android sites are drooling over the Nexus 4. I don’t get why LTE is such a big deal if you can get HSPA+ speeds for cheaper. Also easier to swap phones when the new nexus comes, no bloatware, no contracts.

    • HSPA+ speeds are a joke in most places…barely (if any) faster than CDMA 3G. Im not sure where this HSPA+ fantasy land is, but nowhere in the SE does it even approach LTE speeds.

      • Mike

        That’s not true at all. HSPA+ is a lot faster than Sprint and Verizon’s EVDO. I get between 10-15 mbps everywhere I go on T-Mobile and my sister used to average between 500 kbps and 1 mbps on her Droid X until she got her S3 which gets here about 10 mbps

    • droidbeat

      Signal coverage is paramount. And for most of us, that means Verizon. The best phone in the world is junk without a signal. So, no LTE means no Verizon means DOA for us.

    • TheRobotCow

      Agreed. Many people here are mad that Verizon isn’t getting the new nexus. Here where I live my download speed is never constant, yea I have 4g 90% of the time but people I know get faster speeds on hspa+. So long Verizon and unlimited data and hello gsm!

  • I am most excited with the ones I have, Gnex and Nex7. 10 is okay but not enough improvement over my prime to make the purchase. LTE on the handsets or bust.

  • Ryuuie

    Well, I’m willing to leave Sprint to go to a GSM MNVO just to get the Nexus 4 so…I’d say that.

  • Jeheshua

    meh.. im more excited for 4.2 aosp release than any of the nexus devices.
    -curious why the 32gb nexus 7 wasnt listed, if anything i *might* be interested in THAT

  • Leonard Gurrola

    I already have the nexus 7 unfortunately I bought it a mere three weeks before this announcement so that’s a share,e but I still love it. Now I’m just gonna hold it either for a price drop on the nexus 4 or until it comes in a 32 GB flavor…. which ever comes first .

  • sperho

    The one with a 4.3″ screen. And that doesn’t have a glass back. Oh, wait.

    • C-Law

      If u take out the onscreen keys, it’s close to 4.3 just like the gnex is. It’s only bigger on full screen stuff.

      • sperho

        I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I want a phone with onscreen keys, just like the Samsung does, but instead of a 4.65″ screen, I want a 4.3″ screen with soft keys, just the the SGN. No bigger.

  • None of them. I wanted a Droid Nexus with a keyboard and an sd slot.

    • C-Law

      Ur in the minority. It sucks but ull never see a high end phone with a keyboard bc of it

      • Your reply is exactly why keyboarded phones are dying.

  • Palmer Nyako

    cdma nexus 4 for sprint.

  • 4.2 on AOKP

  • Nexus 10.. woo, that screen.. has to be sexy in person.

    I was going to get the Surface, but I’ll wait for the Pro, whenever that comes out. I want full windows 8, not RT. Microsoft doesn’t have enough going for them in the store yet to make me buy a Windows tablet.

  • Michael_NM

    Nexus 5

  • I’d get a Nexus 4 16GB in a flash but our HSPA+ carriers are limited here in the US. TMobile doesn’t allow CCF for Google Voice and every other either caps 2gb+ or spotty service. I’ll stick with my Razr Maxx HD on unlimited plan until I am forced off.

  • Mike

    Android 4.2. Miracast on my N7 and SGS3 is going to be legend…wait for it….dary. Been waiting for this. Wouldn’t be waiting in the first place had the N7 had MHL…

  • Mikeg1969

    Just picked up a 32GB Nexus 7 wifi last night and my wife inherited my 16GB, selling my tf101 today so really interested in the Nexus 10.

  • Justin Everett

    Just got my Nexus 7 2 months ago, so not too happy about the memory jumps and 10″ reveal, but oh well. And on Verizon, so not sure why i’d give a crap about HSPA+ devices.

  • The next one….

    I already have a Transformer Prime, and I’m on Verizon. There wasn’t really anything in this announcement for me.

    • NexusPhan69

      4.2 sure was

  • TheRobotCow

    I know this is mostly a Verizon android site but blame Verizon not google. I rather have a stable hspa+ connection than a spotty Lte one.

  • Most of the excitement surrounding a new Nexus stems from a new version of Android, not the hardware. At least for me anyway

  • Nexus 10 by a mile for me. Now, who wins Nexus 10 vs Galaxy Note 10.1 vs Touchpad (with a big handicap, that is ;))

    • Droidzilla

      SAMOLED ftw.

  • Not like I need another tablet, have Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Nexus 7 but dang the Nexus 10 is calling my name, grrrrrr, I’m so weak.

    • ha, yeah, 10 for me as well. not sure i need it since i have a nexus 7, gnex, ip*d2, and a surface

      • Jjjjjj

        How is the surface?

        • Surface is actually pretty amazing for a first device. The apps are about as beautiful as I have seen on any platform. I really think MS has finally gotten their act together. Should be great to push all the platforms forward. The multitasking and gestures are pretty easy to pick up, and makes task really easy. The device is really sold, and it’s only the RT model.

    • fauxshizzl

      Sigh, I have a Gnex, Xoom, and two N7’s…yet I am 99% certain I will own the N4 and N10 within days of release. *Stands up* Hi, my name is Fauxshizzl and I have a problem. There now that I got that out of the way and admit it, I can order them guilt free.

      • First Prime

        it’s ok, it’s a worthy addiction

      • Mike Doyle

        I feel you man. I want a 7, 10, and a Surface but it’s so hard to justify when I already have a Tab 7.7, iPad and a laptop. I only have so many hands, but I still seem to want to go out and buy all 3 right now.

      • michael arazan

        I’m just a junkie with a monkey, and that monkey on my back is Google.

  • Which ever one I can afford.

  • Will Rehse

    Most excited for the price decrease on the 32gb and 16gb Nexus 7 without cdma/gsm. Tether FTW

  • Jeff Messer

    Option #5 – Future Nexus 4 with LTE on Verizon

    • Option #6 – Future Nexus from Motorola with LTE on Verizon with options of 16 and 32gb and not 8 and 16

      • kixofmyg0t

        ^This. But 16/32/64GB.

        • tomn1ce

          ^This. but 32/64GB with the latest 12/13MP sony camera with a true edge to edge 1080p display not to mention at least a 3500mAh battery with a thicknes of 9mm the most….

          • kixofmyg0t

            Wanna know a secret? Even if Moto sourced a camera module directly from Sony, the pictures wouldn’t be any better. The problem isn’t the hardware. Shhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone though. I want to keep that under wraps.

          • Stoker

            These, but with an SD slot.

  • I love the new Nexus 4, so I answered as such, but I am very disappointed (but not surprised) that it isn’t coming to VZW.

  • Surface or Nexus 10…..Tough Choice

    • Not really, if you’re already invested into the Android ecosystem, the choice should be easy. 😛

      • Flyinion

        Unfortunately it’s not. I’d really like a full blown MS experience in tablet form (I.e. the Win8 Pro surface), but not sure it’ll be worth the $$$ to performance. Might just end up going Nexus 7 32GB and call it a day lol.

        • Another option would be a Win8 convertible — if you’re in the market for a new pc/laptop too, that is

        • Droidzilla

          Surface Pro will be a laptop replacement; it’s a completely different class of device from the Nexus/RT tablets. In that space, I think that the Nexus 7/10 are clear winners over the RT. In the Pro space, you have to look more at things like the MacBook Air, Chromebook, or nicer netbooks to see what would be more worth it.

          • Flyinion

            Yep but that was my point Pro is a laptop replacement in tablet form. I’m just all kinds of interested in that lol. Anyway, it’s all daydreaming at this point, I don’t have the $$$ on hand for one unless I burn some numbers off a credit card.

      • I see your point but that is what my GNex is for, i want a laptop replacement…if i was gonna get a Nexus Tablet i would get the N7

    • Nexus 10 all day for me, but I have to admit the Surface is interesting. Maybe you should try out Win8 and see how it goes. Or maybe Rent-a-center will stock Surfaces so people can get an extended test drive 🙂