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Software Image for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Available for Download

A system image (Odin .tar file) I605VRLI3 for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been posted and is available for download. For those of you planning on picking up this home-button-branded phone, you may want to download this. It could come in handy down the road, plus it may have goodies tucked inside that are worth a peak.

It should be noted that those who have already unpacked it, found “multiwindow” files inside, which could mean that VZW’s version will have that ridiculously cool multi-window feature at launch, something the T-Mobile version still lacks.

If you want to know what this means for the device’s bootloader, I’d say, probably very little. Unless Verizon flips a 180 on the security front, this sucker will likely be as locked down as any of their other phones. If you were hoping for a miracle, aka something similar to what happened with unsecured firmware for the Galaxy S3 that helped unlock bootloaders, I’d also put that as unlikely. Well, unless we get another miracle present, however, I’m sure Big Red wasn’t happy to see that leak the first time and will do whatever they can to keep any slip-ups from happening.

Get to downloading!

Via:  XDA [Download]

Cheers Corey and oka1!

  • NB2A

    This file comes up as invalid. is there a working one somewhere else please?

  • XxStUnTiN2422xX

    Ewww don’t like the logo on vzw galaxy note 2

  • rocketpod23

    First World Problems

  • richiemoe

    this might sound dumb, but what do i do with the file? is it used to re-image the phone once it has been rooted? or an addon? how do i load it onto the phone? and lastly, was this file released by samsung, or is it something someone created?
    i’ve never rooted my phones as i didn’t want to mess them up, but i just saw a sweet video of the things you can do with the note 2 and think i want to now! lol

  • My dad is getting one of these as his first smartphone, he’s been holding off for one with a bigger screen and the stylus is a bonus since touch screens don’t respond well to his fingers.

    Hopefully it will be unlockable at some point, not that my dad is going to care one bit about running custom ROMs but I’d like to be able to keep him up to date after VZW has decided it’s no longer worth updating (it’s unlikely it will be updated past 4.2)

    I really wish I could get my parents off of VZW but they are really well entrenched. The bill they pay every month is redonkulous.

  • Michael Singer

    I thought the first letter of the build was its build type… I.e. i= ics and j=jelly. And isn’t the note 2 launching with jelly?

  • StoneColdCarl

    I want to puke every time I see that branding on the home button.

  • schoat333

    I may get this phone, depending on battery life and radio quality. If I do, I will find a way to get rid of that ridiculous home button logo.

  • Destroythanet

    Not a fan of Lebron James, but Samsung did a very good job with his commercial featuring the Galaxy Note 2. Haha, it did look like a normal sized phone in his hands, though.

  • UnexplainedBacon

    As a former iPhone and now Galaxy Nexus owner, I have to say I prefer a super clean front face to my devices. Its really jarring to have the logos all over the front, aesthetically speaking. And really, what is even the point of carrier branding? I mean, do they think I will wake up one morning and suddenly go, “HOLY HELL I CANT REMEMBER WHO IS SUCKING THE LIFE FROM MY WALLET ON A MONTHLY BAS- oh wait, there’s the logo! Whew…”

    That being said, if I am still with Verizon this winter, the Note 2 will be mine. Especially now that the Nexus 4 is confirmed as HSPA+ only (at least for the foreseeable future). =(

  • Joshhud

    I have heard nothing about the sprint version. Does it have multi screens.

    • billy routh


  • yarrellray

    Barf on Verizon and it’s version of the Galaxy Note 2.. Goofy branding on button anyone..

    • billy routh

      My TV has a Sony logo on front, so your point is?

      • But does it have a Comcast logo on the front as well? :p

        • billy routh

          My cable box does.

      • Munoz Dias

        I think his point is that the Verizon logo on the home button looks like sh!t.

        • yarrellray

          My point EXACTLY. Verizon has gotten to big for their britches and they think they can do as they please. Enough is enough with it’s inferiority complex they always feel the need to be different. Thanks to that Google told them to ” F” off they will never see another Nexus again…. That’s wonderful for use Tmobile loving folks…

          • Immolate

            Or maybe they just made a stupid marketing decision. Anyway, I heard it’ll come right off with a sugar cube. I’d like confirmation of that, but I figure someone will come up with a cure one way or the other.

          • bleeew

            Yarrel you troll on many different tech sites, and bash Verizon, and praise T-Mobile(You praise what ever carrier you are on).

  • Futbolrunner

    I’m a newb when it comes to technical jargon like this. That being said I’ve been able to unlock, root and custom rom my GNex and GS3.

    What does having the software image mean? What is it good for? Can the whole os be ported to my gs3? Thanks.

    • System .tar is for if u fark up your phone and want to get back to stock.. you odin this file and it will be back to stock 🙂


    I plan on getting one Dec.1. What exactly is this file and why do I need it?? Thanks

  • SpikedRed

    *NEWS FLASH* If you go to the Samsung website and compare the carriers of the Note 2, the specs for the Verizon Wireless version lists the phone as having multi windows. Other carriers do NOT list the feature with the N2.

    • Squinto Daggot

      I am dumping verizon (gnex) for ATT (note2), but the multiwindows feature would be cool to have. Not enough to offset the reception issues I had on verizon. Hopefully either the ATT version will have it at launch or at least though a software update down the road.

  • Zeri Von

    I love that logo on the home key!

    • EC8CH

      Best sarcasm ever.

    • Ryan H

      You too? No Way?!?!

    • Aardvark99

      I want to re-map mine to launch VZNavigator.

  • fartbubbler

    could this mean that Verizon will release the N2 sooner than a month from now?

    • Nope.. they need all the time possible to stuff as much of their craptastic software on this phone as possible

      • Tim242

        Stop whining. Apps can easily be disabled.

        • hkklife

          Yes, no sense in worrying about apps. What is more distressing to me is the utter lack of availability in the US of any 32Gb (not to mention 64Gb) Note 2 variants. 16Gb if NOT enough for a power user/gamer and this beast of a phablet!

          • Tim242

            At least they have SD slots.

        • They SHOULD be able to be uninstalled, not just disabled. If I recall correctly, Microsoft got hit with an anti-trust suit for doing exactly what they are doing…

          • Tim242

            When you disable them, they are frozen and hidden. A few megs that do nothing is nothing to complain about. But, I realize that people on blogs love to complain about something, even if it’s nothing.

          • It doesn’t matter. They should not be able to put applications on your device that you can’t uninstall. If you bought a computer with pre-installed apps that you can’t remove, would you not complain? What about if they also locked it down so you couldn’t load a new Operating System? Or if you didn’t have admin privileges on your Windows computer?

            These devices aren’t just phones anymore. They’re literally miniature computers. They shouldn’t be able to tell me what I MUST have installed on it. Especially after things like CarrierIQ.

          • Tim242

            I’m with you on spying services. But, harmless disabled apps are harmless. If you aren’t OK with that, don’t buy phones that have them. What is much worse, is Google cramming bloat in the Maps app. They force 4 apps in 1 on me. Google has its own bloat that nobody ever seems to worry about. It is simple. Disable and forget, or don’t buy.

          • jd whitey150

            yes BUT u see when u sign there contract u agree to there subsidized pricing because they technically own the phone until the 2 yr mark n that is why they can do what microsoft couldn’t!

          • Even if you pay full price for the phone (what is it on this one? $750?) you still have the same restrictions.

      • Woo Chang

        And it takes those asian kids a long time to paint that verizon logo on the home button.

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      Nope, if you click on the source link, you’ll see the software image was actually released on September 18, which is over a month ago. If it affected the release date, we would’ve seen the results by now (although it could mean that the phone got delayed further, but I doubt it).

      • TheFirstUniverseKing

        Why in the world was my comment downvoted? I was just stating facts. The software image WAS leaked on September 18, and if this affected the release date positively we would’ve definitely seen the results by now, but no, the ship date is still 11/27, with the launch date expected to be 11/29.

  • Sweet, downloading now. Thanks.

  • Brian Walker

    I just wish they didn’t have such a huge problem with unlockable bootloaders. I would probably stay with Verizon if it weren’t for that, but as it stands I’m out at the end of my contract.

    • bigillz

      Not a ton of need for an unlocked bootloader on the note 2. You want the s-pen and multiwindow stuff from touchwiz, not a stripped down / aokp rom.

      • Nicholassss

        I’m on the ropes, because I know what you’re saying, but in like a year and a half when this things starts to seem slow compared to the new hotness, you’ might want to breathe some new life in to it with a lean mean stripped down rom.

        Not to mention somepeople might not want th s pen to begin with. just and rlyly big screen.

        • bigillz

          I would think that anyone that didn’t want the s-pen would likely be getting the HTC DLX 1080p phone.

          • Tim242

            *DROID DNA

          • drparty

            There are those that want to use their phone for more than a half hour (snarky battery life reference).

          • michael arazan

            wow, you get a half an hour, beats me : P

          • Nicholassss

            I get 2.5 hours heavy use out of a Droid razr. 😉

            P.S. Just sold my s3 last night and preordered my note 2 today :))

      • Brian Walker

        It’s not even about whether or not this phone needs a ROM, for me it’s about them doing this to all of their phones. Also, even if this phone is way better with the S-Pen (which I fully believe), people who are so inclined should be able to strip it down and throw a ROM on there if they want.

      • Even without a rom its ncie to have access to root for apps tha run better with root access and file management apps. Its not always about a rom. Pulse you can get a touchwiz rom that strips down all the bloat ware and choose which “S” apps you want.

        • schoat333

          There will be a way to root it, even with a locked bootloader.

    • C-Law

      I agree. What is the percentage of their customers that want to unlock anyway? It can’t be that high. Why not be a nice company that makes our group happy with unlockable phones and timely updates? What do they have to lose? We would all be trying to convert our friends to Verizon instead of telling them to stay the heck away and wanting to switch carriers ourselves. We all mostly stay bc of the coverage, NOT bc of brand loyalty. Shouldn’t that be what a company strives for is people wanting their product and being excited about it?

      • chris125

        They will claim more bricks if they let users tinker with the software. Although unlocked bootloaders make that less likely

        • Brian Walker

          That’s what the warranty terms are for. If you’ve unlocked your bootloader, there goes your warranty. It’s not a difficult concept, every carrier does it. It’s not like we’re saying they need to full on allow it, just stop blocking it.