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DROID Bionic ICS 6.7.246 Fastboot File Released, Tinkerers Get to Downloading

DROID Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich

If you still like to hack on your DROID Bionic, you’ll be pleased to learn that the new Ice Cream Sandwich update (6.7.246) fastboot file has been released. Just like with old SBF files that were flashed in RSD Lite, this will allow you to recover your phone should you run into any issues. If anything, you should download for safe keeping.

We should point out that once you are running ICS 6.7.246, it is highly recommended that you never try to flash back to Gingerbread 5.9.905, as it may permanently brick your device.

Via:  DownloadsDroidRzr

Cheers Adan!

  • Daniel

    Downloaded this… now my phone wont text. It will just go to the lock screen repeatedly. Sometimes I can type a couple of words but it just locks up EVERY time. Help?

  • alex.barry92

    I was rooted on .905 but unrooted so I could get the update to ics, every time it tries to install it stops working and gives the message “Software update failed!” Do you guys have any advice?

    • Mr Waldo

      When in doubt, FXZ back to stock. Could be you never unfroze bloatware?

  • eddieonofre

    Any information if this build can be rooted? I am still on the leak

    • George Davis

      Yes, it can be rooted with Razr’s Edge.

  • MK

    I just got back to stock so I could get the OTA, but of course I lost root… Is this my first step back into awesome ROMs?

  • Can I use this to go to stock ICS from a gingerbread rom (Eclipse)?

    • ProfessAndObey

      Or can we use this to go to stock official ICS from leak .232?

  • Droid Burgundy

    LMAO poor motto fanbois…. the OG was the only decent android offering from motto. Granted the DX had a good run and great dev support but it still sucked compared to any Nexus offering. At this point, only a Motto Nexus would ever tempt me to give a single dollar to motto ever again.

    • Anon

      My motto is to spell Motorola with only one “t”.

    • Bionic

      2013 motorola Nexus. Bet on it

  • AranelAlasse

    where do fastboot files come from?

    • Droid Burgundy

      this.. I WANT TO KNOW!

  • SlapHappyTrigga

    Nitro makes the best ROMs hands down. Wish he would update more often tho. Nightlies are a MUST! Eclipse could be better then CM10!

  • AOKP, CNA, and CM10 is dope. Super stable just fyi. Idk why it isnt getting that much hype. Everything but the stock camera (but can be fixed with a 3rd party camera).

  • Buy This

    For anyone still using the Bionic, I recommend Nitroglycerin33’s ROM Eclipse. It was the only ROM I ever used on that device and is still the only thing I have ever flashed on my G-Nex. His work is top notch, never rushed, and 99% bug free. He even has his own forum where he supports multiple devices and provides feedback for questions/concerns/bug reports.


    • kixofmyg0t

      I couldn’t stand Eclipse personally. I ended up going back to stock until Gummy was decent. I ran gummy until the 232 leak came out. My Bionic is still on 232, only because I don’t use it anymore.

      • MK

        Why didn’t you like Eclipse? I thought it was pretty stable when I had the old GB version.

  • Very nice! Excellent to have handy. I’m thrilled because it’s a pain to flash back go GB then upgrade, upgrade and upgrade to ICS.

    • debonu

      Once you are on ICS at least anything above leak .232 you can’t go back to GB. Those that have tried have seriously bricked their phones…

      • Yep! That’s why I never flashed anything I could FXZ back to stock GB. I was running .232 for a long time and spent the evening working on my phone getting back to GB and upgrading and upgrading and upgrading. I was up too late that night, but it was worth the trouble!

  • Mark Duenas

    This is great! Need some devs to give the Bionic some love…

  • Radgatt