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Android Sales: Unlocked 16GB Galaxy Note 2 For $579 and ASUS Eee Pad Slider For $319

If you’re an Android fanboy and can’t resist a good Internet daily deal, then you better listen up. Our first deal is on one of the hottest handsets out right now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This is the unlocked variant for $579.99, but keep in mind, it won’t work on Verizon. There is 16GB of internal storage, but if you’re looking to pick up this phone/tablet hybrid this is a pretty good price. You even get to pick between white or grey.

Our second deal is on the ASUS Eee Pad Slider. The cousin of the Transformer that never got much love, this is a tablet with a keyboard that instead of detaching, slides to make the back of the device. It’s on sale right now for $319.99 and it’s new, which is rare, because usually deals like this are on refurbished devices. 

Anyone going to check out these sales?

BuyGalaxy Note 2 | ASUS Eee Pad Slider

Cheers everyone who sent these in!

  • PalmerAdam

    Wouldn’t even pay $219 for the Eee pad slide; let alone $319!

    • michael arazan

      i’ll go with a 10 inch nexus, saving up for right now

  • TylerChappell

    I totally forgot about the EEE Pad Slider, and I think the rest of the world did too. At $319, it really still just isn’t a good deal, especially when you have the 32GB Nexus 7 priced just below it and the Nexus 10 for a worthy amount above.
    I remember playing with the Slider in person, it’s ugly, thick, and the sliding mechanism isn’t super great either. $319 for a Tegra 2 16GB device that will never see Jelly Bean, let alone 4.2? No thanks.

    • Buckoman

      I thought it got Jelly Bean back in July?

      • TylerChappell

        My mistake if it did, I was just going by the description on the website selling it.

        • Buckoman

          Oh, I don’t blame you. Asus still says it has 3.2 (4.0 upgradable).