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Video: Quick First Look at the New Google Now and Google Search

You may as well start thinking of Google Now as one of the backbones to Android going forward. It’s clear that Google and the Android team are going to make this the most robust and feature-rich service on Android going forward. Sure, they’ll turn the camera software around, make UIs smoother, and tweak little things here and there, but the future is in Google Now and its ability to make your life easier. In the latest update to Google Search, that was released today, new Google Now cards and behind-the-scenes integration are more advanced than ever. 

Thanks to an attachment to your Gmail account, Google Now can show you tracking status on packages, flight information, hotel and restaurant reservations, and events that you are planning to attend. It crawls through your inbox so that it can pull important information out and then display it in Google Now. It will also let you know of movies opening in nearby theaters, concerts at venues, a photo spot around the corner, and other attractions.

Beyond that, Google Now can do a few select actions such as launching apps, making appointments, and showing your next meeting on command.

As long as you are running Jelly Bean, you can update and start taking advantage of these things, today.


  • panicswhenubered

    Since updating, when I hold down the home button and slide up to launch Google Now, I have two Google Now shortcuts on the little circle launcher.

  • Trey Mitchell

    Dear Google

  • TheDrunkenClam

    In regards to Google having a downloadable calendar app in the market, I also had one before. I now have two. Which one will be utilized by Google Now? Hope this makes sense…

  • Kisuk3

    My absolute favorite app from Google!

  • joejoe5709

    Sweeet. Our first taste of 4.2. Thank Kellen!

    • michael arazan

      I’m just a junkie with a monkey, and Google is that monkey on my back

  • mmmpopfanatic

    Has anyone figured out how to change the end time for a calendar appointment? I can only get it to create 30 minute appointments.

  • Dask0341

    Can anyone get the schedule an appointment to work and show up in your Google calendar? I did what Kellen did and it showed up, I pushed create event, it said creating event and it is nowhere to be found. Did it save in phone storage instead? Tried to check but it was not an option. Any thoughts?

  • Does anyone else keep getting the Arsenal Soccer team added to their sports list in Google Now? I repeatedly remove it but it keeps re-adding. The only solution I’ve had so far is to turn off the Sports card :/

    • jeesung

      do you have > 1 device w/ Google Now?

      i was trying to delete teams and it kept resyncing with other devices.

      what i did was i turned off Sports Cards on all but one device and then was able to delete. i waited for a bit so the deletion would sync to the cloud before re-enabling Sports cards on the other devices.

  • Steve Edholm

    The package notification isn’t quite what I want it to be, but it is nice. I have two from amazon coming in today that are on their second try of delivery, it just says Shipped, but it gives a link to the email and to the UPS site so that is awesome. Only 1 of the packages though. No stocks or anything like that that I newly enabled.

  • schmaltzy

    I updated my Google Now about 2 hours ago and I have a flight confirmation email and tracking number email within my 25 recent emails in Gmail. It hasn’t picked anything put of it though. Is it suppose to take a while?

    • rslh

      Silly question, but did you do a manual update on Google Search?

      • schmaltzy

        Yup. It’s the only way the Play store would let me update.

  • Kurt Weber

    cats don’t get haircuts…..

    • michael arazan

      Schedule to brush your cats hair is more logical with shedding.

  • gbenj

    Today just so happens to be my Birthday, so I can show you the card…

    • PhillipCun

      Happy birthday lol

    • Christopher Theofilaktos

      How does it know…. HOW DOES IT KNOW!?!??!

      • michael arazan

        calendar sync? and Happy Birthday

  • Jared Fulgham

    You a Timbers fan, Kellex? I can respect that.

    • kselby

      Booooo. Quakes!!

      • Jared Fulgham

        I’m an RSL fan, but the growth of MLS is most important right now in my book. Wondo is a beast however.

        • kselby

          True dat. The growth of the league truly is more important than anything else right now. I respect the devotion of the Timbers fans, I went to a game there once…the one where Beckham destroyed them, haha. It is a cool experience though. RSL though…they are going in the wrong direction.

          • Jared Fulgham

            Oy, Beckham. He was a good boost for the league, but I think that time has past. Just my opinion. Ha ha, why’s RSL going in the wrong direction?

          • kselby

            Yeah, I hate Beckham…and the LA scum! haha. RSL is still a really good team, they just have lost a lot of the skill that they have had in previous seasons. Dropping out of the CCL like that was pretty bad also. And the Quakes swept them…lol.

          • Jared Fulgham

            Ha ha. Yeah, that was bad. I think that they are rebuilding a bit too. And it was bad the Quakes swept them, but oh well. As long as LA loses, I’m happy anyhow!

  • Kellex: Forward all your gmail to one account and just sort between the two with labels. Works for me.

  • John

    Sad about device features not being added yet. Hopefully, we’ll get that soon.

  • CodeToJoy

    Launching apps seems picky – I can get it to launch Gmail, Maps, and Youtube, but not anything else (Spotify or Doubletwist for example).

    • Dance

      I got more apps to work by saying “open app” before the name of the app itself. Still a bit picky though.

      • CodeToJoy

        You’re right. “Open App” seems to be the more reliable trigger. Spotify launched first try.

    • raptor2679

      is there a reason the app launch is so slow? and anyway to skip the timer after the voice says “opening app”?

    • Hunter

      Facebook worked…for me

  • Mack

    Loving Google Now even more thanks to this update. Works flawlessly on my N7 and Droid X2.

  • Josh Flowers

    Concert Integration…hmmm…youtube-music searches or Google Play Music mining? Curious.
    And I swear i said “i wish they’d incorporate package tracking” as soon as i opened Google Now for the first time. awesome feature!

  • looking forward to this!