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Monday Poll: Are You Buying the LG Nexus 4?

If the LG Nexus 4 had LTE and was going to be available on Verizon, I know that this poll would probably be completely one-sided towards “Yes.” But since it’s an unlocked GSM phone that runs HSPA+ only, many of you are going to have a difficult decision to make if you want to make the next Nexus your next phone. You would all have to give up unlimited data at Verizon (or just keep that account live too), and choose a tiered AT&T plan or the interesting coverage that T-Mobile can bring.

There is no doubt that the specs on this phone are unreal. You also know that it will receive updates before any other phone because it’s not tied to a carrier. Is that enough for you to make a monumental switch? Tell us, is the Nexus 4 your next phone?

Are You Buying the LG Nexus 4?

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  • Taylor Hunt

    I don’t like Verizon, but I travel way typo many places where they are the only provider with any coverage at all. I have a large corporate plan and I would have bought a create of these things if they could have included Verizon. It’s a bind. I’d drop then if I could, but I nee the phones to work everywhere in rural USA.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    suck it verizon.

  • titaneds73

    LTE not a big deal and as for gsm i prefer that to cdma,atleast you can use it if unlocked with

    several carriers of your choice for 50 dollars unlimited everything on most of them,but the fact that google decided that an external storage was not a necessity for all those ppl who have 16 and 32 gig sd cards or any sd card for that matter cuz lets be honest after operating

    system and apps you wont have 16 gigs of storage on the phone.and the fact that they felt that a non removable battery was not important to power users as myself who email and use the web and apps for work all day long ,such as my s3 with 3 batteries which come in handy every day all day is really upsetting ,so i have to ask myself who did they aim to sell this phone to?man i really wanted another nexus phone but this one is really disappointing.

    google if i wanted a phone with no extra storage and no removable battery i would have bought an iphone!

  • Orangchiclet

    I’m not getting this because I cannot trust any smartphone LG makes. I work at vzw and every smartphone LG has come out with has had some sort of issue. I’m sticking with big red and phones made by Samsung, Motorola, or Htc.

  • mcp770

    I can buy two N4’s at 600.00 and have unltd everything on both for 100.00 a month no contact for top of the line hardware. All that just in the initial year saves me over 500.00 less than I pay at Verizon with a 25% discount.1100.00 saved year two…1600 cheaper than a two year Verizon vortex of money? Yea I’m in. As for updates, big deal folks…root already. Always roms running newest android available. My Verizon gnex will be 4.2 months before Verizon allows it….updates are a non issue….it’s all about the $$ and data caps.

  • sport

    LG….nope. No 4gLTE….nope. Not on Verizon….nope. This thing’s dead in the water….what a waste…..

  • Guest

    Not that the specs on Google Play lists the phone as HPSA+ 42, I am interested. The price is really good, and using it on T-Mobile’s pre-paid is a great bargain.
    I am still skeptical about it being an LG phone. I have owned an LG feature phone (the Envy) and the LG Optimus V, and both of them were flaky. The Envy was on Verizon, and it had great reception, but the voice quality sucked and it broke within a year. Luckily it was still under the manufacturer’s warranty. The Optimus V was just a piece of crap on a lousy network (Virgin Mobile/Sprint). The screen resolution was lousy, the CPU was slow and the memory was too small. To top it off, Virgin never released any OS updates for it.
    Right now I have a Nokia 710 on T-Mobile. While the Windows Phone OS is very interesting and easy to use, it is still lacking features that I used all the time on Android. Plus I am kind of pissed that Microsoft will not update the WP 7 phones to WP 8. Once again I am getting shut out of an OS upgrade. I am getting tired of this, so a Nexus phone might be my only option of getting a phone that is not shut out of upgrades.
    I would wait a while for real world reviews on this phone before buying it. If it is a decent phone on T-Mobile’s network, then it might be my next phone.

  • CaesarAdonis86

    Google gave us the old middle finger this time… I’m disappointed my plan was to be a nexus user exclusively but I guess that won’t be the case since I have sprint in a 4G market so I ain’t leaving for Tmobile

  • Willie Harper, Jr.

    No LTE, NO Verizon = No Brainer

  • No, the lack of expandable storage is bad enough to be a deal killer for me but the non-replaceable battery is even worse.

  • HotRodJohnson

    If Verizon pries unlimited internet from my cold dead fingers, I’d switch. One of the things that I did not like about the Galaxy Nexus is that LTE doesn’t allow me to use it worldwide.

  • roastb33f

    This phone is kind of following along the lines of the iPhone 5. Not a major leap forward in the hardware realm. The OS is the wow factor here and with most other major smart phones getting the newest Android OS what’s the rationale behind getting it?

  • Rafy286

    I really wish a LTE compatible device is available soon after. I recently upgraded to the GS3 to ink my unlimited for another 2 years with Verizon, but man do I want this phone. I don’t really care about paying full price as I do it frequently, but I surely don’t want to cancel a new 2 year contract.

  • Jeff_McDonald

    T-Mo not an option where I live. ATT not an option either. And Sprint just sucks. So I’m stuck with VZW. Fortunately I have two lines both with unlimited data. I’ll stick with VZW and my GNex until VZW kills my unlimited data or my GNex dies. By the time that happens hopefully T-Mo will be a viable option for me network coverage wise and I can dump VZW and go with an unlocked Nexus. But until then I love me my LTE!

  • Derrick Anene

    Need some input. I have the Verizon galaxy nexus. The Nexus 4 is everything i want with the exception of 3g(pretty upset about that). Can someone pleeeease tell me why getting this 3G phone is a good idea? I know its a nexus and its unlocked and it gets the updates first blah blah. But i’m afraid of slowass 3g speeds. I havent had 3g in awhile, so i’m not sure just how bad it is? Won’t i get to keep my unlimited data with verizon if i buy this phone AND I won’t lose my updgrade?

    • GoHeat

      I had Verizon and now I am on the Prepaid plan with T-Mobile. I’ll say this once…..I DONT FOR A SECOND REGRET LEAVING VERIZON! The speeds on T-mobile are absolutely fine. I get 10mbps in Orlando where I live and its absolutely fine for me. Not only that,…the new Nexus 4 will have HSPA+42 radios in them which will allow the phone to get even better speeds than the GSM nexus (which was only +21 radios). Actually there was a study done by I believe PC Mag which showed T-Mobile’s +42 network getting better speeds than LTE. Overall, I’m completely satisfied with the switch from Verizon to T-Mobile.

  • Mr ilheis

    I’m trying to decide if I want to get a Nexus 4 and one of those $30 T-Mo plans.

  • Ben

    Damn! I was kinda waiting for this phone. I got the Bionic now. Do you guys think i should just get the current Nexus on VZW or wait for something newer.

  • bananatroll

    this device cant even be used on verizon, so the announcement basically means nothing to 75% of the folks at DL. Just a rebranded Optimus 2 basically

  • GrkG8tr

    This is one of the many reasons I’ve stayed with T-Mobile all these years. Contract free plans at around $30 for 5GB of data is hard to beat. And with Google bringing these unlocked phone prices down, this is the best!

  • Currently rocking a Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile pre-paid. I’m a prime candidate for this phone. It’ll be nice to go from 21mbps to 42mbps. I just want to see if the camera is crap before spending $350 on basically what I currently have, but just faster and LCD instead of AMOLED. I do love the design though – and if the battery life and camera are good, I’m sold.

  • From a business perspective it makes sense, but as a VZW customer I am bitter as hell. Was one of the first to hop on LTE with a Thunderbolt, and enjoy the service thoroughly with my Galaxy Nexus now. Not sure what to do now, but none too excited that there aren’t any options out there with OS updates I crave as only a Nexus can provide.

  • Verizon only up in the northwoods… no Nexus 4 for me.

  • fauxshizzl

    I gotta wait for my VZ contract to end in a few months and then I am all over this. Does anyone know if the ETF goes down the closer you are to the end of your contract?

    • interstellarmind

      rep told me it went down $10 every month you’re into your contract. you can call and ask.

  • Mallahet

    Since it’s unlocked, I may buy it to use when I spend next year overseas. Won’t be a bad price for an awesome phone that I’d get to use on WHICHEVER CARRIER I CHOOSE.