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LG and Google Announce the Nexus 4, Available November 13

LG and Google surprised us this morning by announcing the Nexus 4. After having cancelled their unveiling event for the phone due to Hurricane Sandy, we weren’t sure when this would be announced. Today, is still the day. The device will go on sale November 13 in both 8GB ($299) and 16GB ($349) models.



Sleek, New Smartphone Combines LG’s Best-in-Class Hardware with the Best of Google

SEOUL, Oct. 30, 2012 – Designed collaboratively by LG and Google, Nexus 4, the newest smartphone in the Nexus line-up from Google, was announced today for avail-ability starting next month in select markets. With a sophisticated hardware design from LG, your favorite Google Apps, and the latest version of Android™, Nexus 4 puts the best of Google in the palm of your hand.

“LG is proud and excited to play this role in helping build the latest Nexus smart-phone,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Com-munications Company. “Users will be delighted by the perfectly balanced combination of form and function with the latest generation of Android.”

“This is the first time we collaborated with LG to build a Nexus device,” said Andy Ru-bin, Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content at Google. “They brought an extraordinary amount of talent to the project, and the result is a feature-packed device that feels great in your hand, and blazingly fast under the hood.”

Capture and share your world
Nexus 4 comes with a high-performance 8MP camera and takes stunning Photo Sphere images, letting you capture every detail of the world around you. Up, down and all around you, it’s like no camera you’ve ever seen; with Nexus 4, you can snap pictures in every direction that come together into incredible, immersive Photo Spheres that put you right inside the scene. Plus, photos upload themselves with Instant Upload so you’ll never lose a shot.

All of this comes to life with stunning clarity and crisp, natural color on the vibrant 1280-by-768 4.7-inch True HD IPS Plus display supported by Zerogap Touch technol-ogy. Gently curved glass edges allow your finger to slide smoothly on and off the 320ppi screen, while cutting edge display technology means you feel like you’re touch-ing every pixel, protected by scratch resistant Corning? Gorilla? Glass 2.

Built for speed
Nexus 4 comes with a cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor, so you’ve got speed and power to spare. Zip around the web, experience rich 3D graphics and gameplay, and effortlessly switch between multiple apps without ever missing a beat. With 2GB of RAM and the fastest version of Android ever, Nexus 4 is the snappi-est Nexus smartphone yet.

Information at your fingertips
Nexus 4 comes with the latest Google apps, putting the best of Google in the palm of your hand. The latest version of Google Now is built-in, which keeps you even more organized – get reminders about upcoming flights, restaurant reservations, hotel confir-mations and even nearby photo opportunities – when and where you need them.

Get to the places you care about quickly and easily with Google Maps™ for Android. With turn-by-turn GPS navigation, live traffic info, and integrated driving, walking and public transit directions, getting from A to B has never been easier. 3D Maps and rich satellite imagery give you a more realistic sense of what’s around you while features like Street View and Indoor Maps make sure you always know what’s in front of you.

Nexus 4 is sold unlocked and is GSM/HSPA+ compatible so it will operate on more than 200 network providers worldwide. Just pop in a supported SIM card and be up and running in no time. It will be available to purchase in both an 8GB version and a 16GB version on Google Play™ starting November 13 in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Australia. Offline availability in Europe, Central/South Americas, Asia, CIS and the Middle East will begin from the end of November.

Key specifications
• Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor with 1.5GHz Quad-Core Krait CPUs
• Operating System: Android 4.2, Jelly Bean
• Network: 3G (WCDMA), HSPA+
• Display: 4.7-inch WXGA True HD IPS Plus (1280 x 768 pixels)
• Memory: 8GB / 16GB
• RAM: 2GB
• Camera: 8.0MP rear / 1.3MP HD front
• Battery: 2,100mAh Li-Polymer (embedded) / Talk time: 15.3 hours / Standby: 390 hours
• Size: 133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1mm
• Weight: 139g
• Other: Wireless charging, NFC

  • Here’s hoping Verizon gets something better early next year. I’m 99% sure I wouldn’t trade my Galaxy Nexus for this anyway. =/

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    Sweet!!! I’ll just keep the GNEX (that has LTE) and get 4.2 really soon! Not a bad say at all!

  • Jackson

    I knew the price would be in beatable god damn it now I have to get one

    • Jackson

      Oh wait nvm I’m on verizon

  • Robert Slovak

    upsetting there is no LTE and only 8GB and 16GB models. Guess I’ll be sticking with my Galaxy Nexus till a new carrier breaks out the next nexus.

  • Justin

    So those are off-contract prices? Not bad then. I still think the 8 GB is too small. Should have 16GB and 32GB variants.

  • nightscout13

    Is that subsidized pricing, or direct from Google price? If that is direct price, then expect to buy a used one on craigslist for $150 within a month.

  • EDNYLaw

    With all brilliant people at Google, why do they suck so much? There are so many problems with this device it’s ridiculous. Yeah yeah, great processor and 2 GB of RAM, but seriously no removable battery? Want a real life example of why this sucks… Preparing for a hurricane, I have 3 batteries fully charged for my GNex, I’ve got over 4 days of juice. 16GB of storage, even the iPhone has a 64GB option, we can’t even get a 32GB? The cloud sucks… as I’ve stated many times, cloud storage + no removable battery = tethered to an outlet. Having the radios active burns through so much battery. Let’s not for get LG, they’re a nobody on the high end smartphone market. I’m not going to spend however much money unsubsidized (I have VZW unlimited and I’m planning on keeping it) on a company that is virtually untested in the high end market.

    Also, I hope that they’re just waiting to announce a CDMA/LTE version. I cannot understand Google not wanting their device in the hands of 80 million VZW subscribers. This thing has FAIL written all over it. I hope the multiple nexus rumors are true, sign me up for a GNex 2 or the end all and be all… a Motorola Nexus!

    • Jeff Craig

      Nexus devices are primarily for devs. The whole idea for the Nexus line is for people to always have the latest version of stock Android (via ASOP). LTE/CDMA requires radio signatures signed by a network provider, which is why there won’t be a Verizon model (initially). Did you miss all the news about Google dropping the Verizon GNex from their ASOP?

      I’m not keen on non-removable batteries, but after using my Nexus 7 for a while I don’t miss it at all. Why? Because the IPS display is way more efficient than the power hungry AMOLED of my GNex, and the same with wifi compared with the dual antenas that are required for cellular and data on the Verizon network… I understand your need for 4 batteries; Verizon GNex are notoriously power hungry (again, I own one, I love it, but battery life is a problem).

      And you’re complaining about a device more powerful than any others on the market with the best display out there, at a price that is a fraction of the cost of anything I have ever seen… and your GNex has the same storage capacity anyway, but 1gb less ram. Just buy one. I guarantee you’ll never touch your GNex again.

      Or stick with your GNex that is less powerfull than a 4S and has to have it’s battery replaced after a few hours of normal use… its your loss

      • George Davis

        It’s AOSP not ASOP. AOSP = Android Open Source Project. ASOP = the guy who wrote all the fables.

        • Clift


      • EDNYLaw

        Battery isn’t a problem at all, I get ridiculous battery life. My GNex came with a standard battery, I bought a battery charger and it came with a standard battery and then I bought an extended which I use exclusively. The people who complaint about battery with the GNex must suck at technology. I get as good, if not better battery than every Moto device I’ve owned (OG Droid, Droid X, Droid Bionic and Droid Razr) and way more performance. My GNex has 32 GB of storage. You know what, your fanboyism is rampant and your facts are off base. Get your facts straight and you might have a coherent argument. Your like an iSheep. Good lord…

        By the way, they don’t officially support Toro, but if you go to AOSP they have toro source. So yes, they support it… to some extent, so your wrong there too. And if you didn’t know, LTE is an evolution of GSM which does not have the licensing issues that CDMA does. So not releasing a LTE phone (CDMA, GSM… whatever) is silly considering it’s just an advanced GSM that all the world will be using in the future.

        Man, I just can’t stop with the edits. My GNex is way more powerful than the 4S. I have a 1.2 GHz dual core with 1 GB of RAM. The 4S had less all around than that. My GNex smokes any 4S, I know this because my co-workers have 4S’s and my device performances much faster and actually multitasks in the process.

        And of course I know what the Nexus is, that’s why I love it, it gets the best development because it’s a developer’s phone. I wouldn’t touch this LG because it’s got immense shortcomings and talking with some devs, they all feel the same way. Of course it’ll get developers because it’s a Nexus, but the GNex will get the most love, because this Nexus is a slight bump in specs and that’s it. It’s worth upgrading. It’s certainly not worth shelling out hundreds of dollars and getting rid of unlimited data. Enjoy data limits with VoLTE.

    • NS

      LG isn’t a “nobody”. Yeah, they’re off to a horrible start making smart phones, but don’t forget they used to supply all the high end Verizon phones when having the coolest “texting” phone was the rage and touch screen phones first appeared. Before there was Droid, Verizon was heavily pushing LG Chocolates. So maybe they’ve finally found their groove with smartphone design.

      80 million is a small number compared to the rest of the world.

      Good luck using your 3 fully-charged batteries when the hurricane knocks out cell towers and cell phone service altogether. Also, while not as quick as simply swapping batteries, my external battery pack has just as much storage as your 3 batteries and you can use the phone while charging. Additionally, most of them have LED flashlights built-in. So in a hurricane when cell phone service dies, my battery will let me find my way around in the dark while yours will be paper weights. I suppose you could use them for self-defense and throw them at looters.

      • EDNYLaw

        Um… knocking out cell towers doesn’t render my phone inactive, only cellular service. Do I really have to explain why your comment doesn’t make a lick of sense? My GNex has a flashlight that is not dependent on cell service. God damn we need to stop making education cuts. How do you get out of bed in the morning without hurting yourself?

        Oh and your power brick? Easy to carry around in your pocket? Cause my batteries are about as thick as 3 credit cards, maybe 4. One easily fits into my pocket, but I’d like to see you and your fanny pack to haul around a brick.

  • Stephen Ingram

    I guess all hope is gone for a Verizon release… 🙁 oh well. Maybe 4.2 on my gnex will hold me over for a while. Don’t wanna use my upgrade yet….

    • Nathan

      Be happy you have the Galaxy Nexus.. I have a Droid 2 Global. Slower than molasses. But I refuse to get a phone that will be supported for less than 6 months and then get thrown under the bus that is newer phones. I really hope they release a CDMA/LTE model.. Who knows. It could happen.

  • Joshua Dudash

    Well.. Thats disapointing… Never any CDMA/LTE love

  • bmos

    Here I come t mobile. Unless an LTE version gets announced by the 13th. I love my data speeds but I more so love my software updates. I live in Los Angeles and there network and also t mobiles data speeds aren’t that bad here.

    • HTC1

      leaving VZ because of a phone that is sub-par. Are you nuts dude!!!!! No storage, No LTE and you are going to the worse netwrok in the world. Have fun with that toy you can’t make a call from. And save up to come back to Vz (after all your ETF’s). I’m sick of defending VZ. Go, you’ll see it was the wworse decision you ever made.

      • fauxshizzl

        Dude Verizon is a joke. Their LTE network IS NOT that great. It drops signal all the time, and even though my speedtest results show amazing numbers, the performace has never really been that much better than the 3G before it. They may have a lot of coverage and “the best network” but you will pay top dollar for it. I would rather use a pre paid company any day for a fraction of the cost and no contracts.

  • DanWazz

    What fun. I guess two weeks isn’t that long to wait if you’re interested in buying this phone.

  • No 4G LTE…NEXT!

  • Ben

    Too much $$. 300 for 8gb? Really???

    • alex

      off contract…

      • Sean Livingston

        Thank you alex, lol.

    • chris125

      That is without contract. Go try and find a home with these specs for same price..

    • This is the retail/no contract price. Plus Google is pushing for Cloud computing. For those of us that have bought into the cloud, 8 GB is more than enough. I’m currently using 5 gigs of space on my Gnex. Most of that is pics that I have no problem deleting considering they’re backed up to the cloud.

  • “The device will go on sale November 13 in both 8GB ($299) and 16GB ($349) models.” That looks like with-contract pricing. How about off contract?

    • No, that’s pricing through Google Play.

  • Brian

    Embedded battery, WYSIWYG and I say no thanks.

  • GNEX

    Damn shame with the network cards available. The GNEX truely is the best Nexus ever!

  • Liquidretro

    Nice, low cost phone for the international market. Not really a top tier phone here in the US. Lack of LTE (Verizon) really blows this one for me and a lot of the country. Looks like I am holding out a bit longer for my upgrade. Lets hope some new stuff comes out soon.

  • BTLS

    Enjoy non-verizon customers…

  • deejay

    Will there be a Verizon version?

  • Visual360

    Very nice!

  • MrBlonde04

    I do really like the look of the phone, but what I’m mainly interested in, is that Sexy Nexus 10, and 4.2. I have my GNexus and I’m content with that. I still love the style of it. I just want to expand the family and update!

  • eddieonofre

    I am waiting for motorola to announce the Droid Razr Maxx HD Developer Edition (who that is a long name) so I can throw my money at it.

  • Adam

    Of all the times in the day, they put 4:20 on the phone. ok.

    I think I’m sticking with my GNex… not that I have a choice. Ya Verizon, I’m talking about you.

    • Nathan

      That’s for the Android version if you didn’t know. They have always had the press release pictures show what Android version they were showcasing. Very subtle but oh so cool 🙂

  • Surprised they went on and released it without LTE. With EverythingEverywhere launching and it being so big in the US…

    • Michael Forte

      Yeah this is a huge deal. The iPhone got made fun of for so long for its lack of LTE, and now Google releases a phone at the end of 2012 without it. Hopefully we’ll see some LTE versions pop up at some point, but for some reason, I highly doubt it.

      • No LTE is why Intel/Motorola didn’t put the RAZR i out in the US markets, they figured it’d be DOA with no LTE.

        • Sean Livingston

          There will probably be LTE variants I’m sure, later on. I’m glad its not LTE, I do not want to be locked to carriers anymore. I’m sure they will announce and LTE version at a later date, who knows.

          • Ted_T

            “I’m glad its not LTE, I do not want to be locked to carriers anymore”
            Sorry, what? You can buy a fully unlocked LTE iPhone 5 — how does a phone having LTE prevent it from being unlocked?

          • Sean Livingston

            I didn’t say it prevented it from being unlocked; I said I didn’t want to be locked to carriers any more, as in me, myself. Having the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, even if I cancel the service, I am forced to buy another smart phone if I want to leave. With this phone I don’t have that issue and will still have decent speeds with HSPA+

  • That’s a really sweet deal. I really like where Google is going with the off-contract phones. Makes me want to get one just to support their agenda.

  • AJ

    …on verizon!?

  • CaptainHowdy13

    It’s going to be an off-contract phone. LTE would cost more $$$$

  • Brien Gerber
  • Verizon pls.

  • Ben Merrel

    just give me the wall paper right now

  • moto needs to make the maxx hd with these specs and open sourced. be a huge hit. Love my battery life on MAxx HD

  • I hope the HTC DIX gets unlocked and RIL work is quick and we get
    AOSP on it. Looks like for AOSP lovers on Verizon, our only hope is in
    devices getting lots of dev support. 🙁

  • enob

    No price and no Verizon.

  • John
  • Mark F

    I really thought that they would not skip Verizon wireless, this is so disappointing!!

    • John



      • Mark F

        hu ??

    • Nathan

      I was hoping… But we don’t know FOR SURE that they are skipping it.. I plan to wait it out anyway because I have an upgrade, but don’t want a two year commitment to a phone that will never see updates. I’m sure Motorola will upgrade their phones for a while seeing as how Google is pulling the strings, but they don’t have a phone out with the right specs for me. The Nexus has the prefect specs except for the non-removable battery, sd card (both not deal breakers) and LTE.

  • No pre-order yet?

  • Does this work on tmobile’s hspa+? Any other US carriers other than AT&T? (sorry I’m a verizon only customer but would branch out to also add this to my arsenal, and am curious about my options). The more info you can give me (us?), the better. THANKS!

    • steve0617

      I would assume that it’s a pentaband since TMobile is going to sell a subsidized $199 one. I doubt there will be a Google Play version and a totally separate TMob one.

  • boner

    I’m interested in 4.2. Come on Google!

  • l3lu3

    plz take my money

  • 4n1m4L

    No vzw. Out in the cold again

  • Korey Page

    What are some good prepaid options so I could pick this one up?

    • chris125

      Straight talk

  • Josh Ingram

    I guess that confirms no LTE version. Time to switch off of Verizon.

    • Spoken Word™


    • Chris Malkiewicz

      IDK man…. Keep the Gnex… 4.2 is on its way! (if rooted). Although that quad core is pretty nice!

      • EDNYLaw

        But my question is, does quad core really do anything for the phone? My GNex with Franco’s latest nightly destroys the S3 (Franco himself said this). Besides the Nexus 10 is launching with the new Exynos dual core and a better GPU. I think the updated GPU is the game changer, quad core is still in its infancy in terms of mobile tech.

        • Chris Malkiewicz

          EHH… For gaming and multitasking it COULD help. But I doubt we would notice a huge difference with day to day usage. I love my Galaxy Nexus and see no reason to jump.

          • EDNYLaw

            I second that big time. I’m not jumping from the GNex unless there’s a GNex 2 or Moto Nexus.

          • Chris Malkiewicz

            @EDNYLaw:disqus Seriously tho… with all the different options out there for this phone it still keeps up no problem with newer phones. One more year wont hurt anything!

        • PhillipCun

          This is probably not a good comparison. But when I make backups or install roms on my N7 vs my Gnex. The n7, being a quad-core, performs so much faster and smoother. Given its a tablet, but I definitely see the potential. Do you need it? No. Does it make the phone run better and smoother? of course.

        • manda

          no, it doesn’t really do a whole lot unless you’re trying to win the boring old “my specs are better” game, like people commonly do now to try to convince that their phone is better/faster/more whizbang than an iPhone 5.

    • Crazydog

      Too bad the odds are if you live where there is an LTE network, it’s a Verizon network. I know *I* won’t have a choice of LTE providers for at least another year.

      • That sucks because Sprint has already went live in Gainesville, FL.

    • I am switching to Straight Talk from Verizon. I will just pick an AT&T Sim.

      • Sean Livingston

        lol, yep. I’ll probably do Solavei. Waiting on the guy from Androidandme to finish reviewing it.

      • MrSteve920

        Doing the exact same thing at the first chance I get.

    • uuhhh what?

    • Dillon Brown

      Its no LTE for now but, the mobile panda who is extremely credible, hinted yesterday that the nexus will come to verizon in january. Patience may be the key virtue here.

      • Nathan

        You have a link?

        • Dillon Brown

          you should follow black_man_x on twitter. its a tweet of his on 28 oct.

    • Jeff Craig

      If you like Nexus devices, then yeah, you gotta ditch Verizon. Or sit around for a couple months; they’ll release a LTE model eventually.

      LTE phones aren’t ASOP supported anyway, so it totally defeats the purpose of owning a Nexus device in the first place…

      • Adam Estep

        They still got updates ahead of all other android phones… So yes, there is a purpose.

        • G8KeaPoR

          WRONG the NON LTE version of the Galaxy nexus was THE FIRST to get the 4.0.4 and the 4.1.1 and the 4.1.2 updates. And those were OFFICIAL updates strait from Google OTA (over the air) Who cares about gingerbread updates. It is all about JB now. LTE phones thanks to VZ getting in the way of updates are behind the times.

          • Adam Estep

            On Verizon they did. My apologies for not being more specific. To this day the GNex is the only phone on Verizon that has jelly bean.

          • G8KeaPoR

            They were a month or more behind the non LTE unlocked version getting the update.

          • Adam Estep

            But still ahead of every other android phone. Just because some don’t have patience to wait in exchange for great coverage, doesn’t mean we all don’t.

          • Adam Estep

            Android phone on Verizon that is.

          • G8KeaPoR

            Great coverage??! I will leave that to being relative to the area you are in. Also my choice of going to T-Mobile almost 4 years ago had nothing to do with being impatient because I brought over my BB storm onto the t-mobile network I just swapped the SIM after conning VZ into giving me the unlock code because I was “traveling overseas”. For me it was all about price, service (not customer service), device freedom, and data speed. Sure Verizon has made considerable improvements but quite frankly I refuse to have a carrier locked phone. At the end of the day its my phone and I should be able to do what I want with it without having to root it. Now look at sales figures the Gnex sold more HSPA+ so it makes sense to release it where the money is first. That said the new unit is made by LG so it will probably be garbage anyway. Every LG I ever had if you breathed on it wrong it stopped working. 9 Env’s before i got one that worked although that was in part because VZ had a garbage standard of remanufactured phones and the 9th one I made a scene in store till they gave me a new one out of the box. but hey who’s counting 😛

          • Adam Estep

            That’s great for you. I wish I could do that, but in my area Verizon has the best coverage hands down. Don’t get me wrong here, I understand releasing an unlocked phone via the play store. What I have a problem w are people saying there’s no point to Verizon version. Many woud be thrilled w a stock android experience on Verizon. To exclude us is a serious issue considering Verizon has 1/3 of the US under its flag.

          • G8KeaPoR

            True there are a lot of people on VZ and I get where you are coming from but maybe the anger should be redirected at VZ for using CDMA vs GSM to begin with. I mean LTE aside the phone would have been usable if they had a HSPA+ based network with LTE on top of it.

  • Michael Forte

    The Nexus announcement just seems so lackluster this year. Android 4.2 isn’t really that big of an upgrade from what we know so far, and neither is the new Nexus. The lack of LTE and at least 32GB of storage really sucks. Sticking with my Galaxy Nexus for now.

  • No CDMA or LTE? Not a great move…

    • CDMA will go the way of the dinosaur. Vodaphone, the largest GSM provider is one of the two stakeholders in Verizon. They’re pushing everything to LTE which is a GSM derivative.

    • Jeff Craig

      No Nexus devices will be LTE on initial release from now on. If you didn’t already know this, and you don’t know why, then you don’t understand the whole reason Google has Nexus devices in the first place.

    • G8KeaPoR

      CDMA should have been DOA sadly it lasted this long.

  • fartbubbler

    on Verizon Nov 13th????

    • fartbubbler

      haha of course not.

  • Without 4G, DOA.

  • No Nexus 10 announcement yet?

  • kidd_dae

    wait, no LTE?

  • no lte. sad to finally see the official.

  • No LTE?

    • Correct, they’ve been saying this for weeks. NO VZW NEXUS. Until January that is 🙂