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Chrono Trigger Lands in Google Play, Cult Classic for $9.99

There are games that have cult followings and then there is Chrono Trigger. In a class by itself, this game has sold more copies on different systems than pretty much any other game that was released during its time. Able to stand the test of time and ports to different systems, the game still lives on and can now be played right on your Android device. 

This particular port is the one from the Nintendo DS a few years ago, which means this game includes 2 additional areas: The Dimensional Vortex and The Lost Sanctum. The game has been optimized for Android so you can expect a smooth playing experience even if the game is almost 20 years old. If you’re a fan of the series you will definitely want to check this classic in the link below, if you can stomach the price.

Play Link ($9.99)


  • carluverdrm2004

    Suikoden 1 and 2 should get a port. My favorite RPGs ever from the PS1.

  • For everyone saying $10 is too much for a full game, do you buy console or PC games? Those are $60. Gameboy games used to be $30 (no idea what they are now). $10 is a reasonable amount to ask for a game if it is a full game.

    • Joe

      I’d pay $10 for new RPG game of the same quality.

  • EvanTheGamer


    *now waits patiently for a price decrease…*

    • Justin Swanson

      I don’t think Square has decreased any of the prices of their games, have they? *pout*

  • Wow I just bought this on PS3 and there is bad load time for doing everything Id have to be a real masochist to play it, I gotta get this version

  • duoexo

    No wonder we don’t get most games compared to iOS. Cheap people not willing to spend a few bucks. If you spend it, they will come.

  • napes22

    Favorite RPG ever released, but $10 seems much…

  • I’ll wait til it goes on sale.

  • quiklives

    DO WANT.

    But don’t have the $10 to throw at it right this second, sadly.

  • summit1986

    Already have on SuperGNES. Best RPG ever!

  • William_Morris

    Loved this game.

  • Good game but they are out of their minds if they think I’m going to pay $10 for a 20 year old game.

    • Kinda feel the same here. I’m not sure what to make of it, but Squenix really pushes the envelope with their mobile game pricing.

    • $10 is cheap for what you get

  • savedR


    • Will Rehse

      Secret of Mana…. epic.

  • take my money NOW!


    And Cult Classic? How about best RPG ever? You can probably prove it with science.

    • EvanTheGamer

      It’s one of the best out there, sure, but not THE best RPG ever made. There are a lot of incredibly great RPGs out there. Sure, it could be your “most favorite RPG”, but can’t be declared the greatest thing since sliced bread. I mean, come on! lol

      I hate when people play a game like BF3 and then say, “it’s the best game ever made!” – Clearly they haven’t played any other FPSs, like Half-Life or Doom.

      Just saying.

      • Shaun Hardey

        What is the best then?

        • theandyplan

          i really liked chrono trigger, but chrono cross is my favorite rpg of all time. i’ve played it through more than any other game. it never gets the recognition it should though.

      • Justin Swanson

        You clearly haven’t played enough Chrono Trigger. It’s easily one of the best. Period. Throw in the fact that most agree that it is THE best. I don’t have the science to prove yet but I am sure the internet will band together…

        • JoshGroff

          FF7 or Ocarina would probably be the official best, but Chrono Trigger is definitely up there.

    • Jeff

      It’s a nice game when I played it years ago. I really want a good new RPG game on Android.

  • Vyrlokar

    I already own the DS version, so unless they’ve added something to it, I’m not paying again for it. Please, release FFIV, FFV, or FFVI, or hell, Dimensions out of Japan, and I’ll see if I spend the remains of my Nexus 7 credit on your products, Square…

    • Justin Swanson

      I own CT for the SNES, the PS1, the DS and I’ll probably get this too… I might have a problem. I hope they bring FFT over too ^.^