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Andy Rubin Talks About the Lack of LTE in the LG Nexus 4

Google’s new Nexus 4 is official as of this morning. While the device itself has almost every top-of-the-line spec in the business, there is one that was left out that has a few scratching their heads. Why doesn’t the Nexus 4 have LTE support? According to Andy Rubin, there are a number of reasons, most of which they learned after releasing the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon with LTE. 

“We certainly have a desire to offer devices on every carrier on the planet,” Rubin said. “The tactical issue is GSM vs. LTE. A lot of the networks that have deployed LTE haven’t scaled completely yet — they’re hybrid networks. They’ll do their old thing and they’ll do LTE, which means the devices need both radios built into them.”

“For now we’re gonna sit back and watch those networks evolve. Two radios in a device right now certainly raises the cost, and diminishes battery life.” This point seems to frustrate him. “When we did the Galaxy Nexus with LTE we had to do just that, and it just wasn’t a great user experience. It’s possible to do it right, but that’s not where we’ll put our resources initially. Tactically, we want to make sure the devices are available for every network on the planet.”

So Rubin admits that the Galaxy Nexus with LTE was a horrible experience for most users because of battery life. I think most of us would tend to agree with him on that. Unfortunately, he also mentioned that it probably would have been possible to still put LTE in the Nexus 4 and “do it right,” however, they have decided to put their resources elsewhere for now. At this time, they are letting these new “hybrid” LTE networks mature before diving in fully.

I don’t want to shatter dreams, but that sounds like we may not see a new LTE-equipped Nexus until the next one arrives next winter. Since many of you are Verizon and AT&T customers, this means your upgrade will have to wait or you’ll have to decide on a non-Nexus phone. Unless those of you on AT&T are willing to drop back to HSPA+ from LTE.


Via:  The Verge

  • Yakuzahi

    Do you know if you can talk and use data on 3G?

  • jaxxmjd

    If only Verizon had invested in GSM instead of CDMA, all of this would be moot.

  • The only issues I have with signal is when I travel. When on the highway travelling through dead zones specifically. However, just nor.all daily life I don’t experience a lot of issues.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    and the winner is . . . t-mobile prepaid after paying $299 for the phone through google play. i’ve spent all day researching this and that’s my final answer.

  • Droid Burgundy

    Wait it out then for LTE+ when CDMA is no longer used.. perhaps the future Nexii if any on Verizon will be worth upgrading. Until then, simply overclocking my Gnex and using extra batteries is a viable option. AT least I know that Google will continue to release updates to AOSP, the Nexus S still gets regular update, so I fell no pressure to get the N4.

  • Russell Phillips

    Personally, I’d rather just have them stick in a huge battery and call it a day. I’d rather have a thicker phone, than have them compromise an LTE radio so that they can get away with a thinner phone and smaller battery.

  • onDroid

    I’m hoping that initially means that there will be an LTE version in a few months.

  • Nick Bohl

    I’m also not worried about losing LTE with the new Nexus. It won’t happen very quickly, but as AT&T customers adopt or get access to LTE, the HSPA+ strain will lessen, and the speeds will get closer to what they’re rated at and it should be enough speed for any regular user.

  • 4n1m4L

    I liked android because they embrace new technology if they like it. Avoiding the new because it is not widely adopted, doesn’t help it get adopted.

  • I hope the LTE problems work out by next year, I can’t see buying a non LTE phone. I use the VZW Gnex with a Seidio extended battery and that works well enough.

  • Russell Tanner

    I do love my G-Nex, and am happy with most things about it, but battery life is unfortunately not one of those things. I rarely even turn LTE on because it drains power so quickly, and in most instances aside from full on web browsing, I find 3G to be quick enough. I won’t be upgrading til my 2 year contract turns over next year, but I’m interested to see how battery life is on the N4. When it comes down to it, I’d rather give up some browsing speed than have a phone I have to charge twice a day. My G-Nex with LTE off will generally make a whole day unless I’m using it heavily. Fast is great, but I respect Google’s decision.

  • trophynuts

    GNex=Fail…Confirmed. i hate mine.

  • akhnaten

    If this is his excuse, how does he explain the Razr Maxx? I get 1.5 days per charge with all it’s radios running. I didn’t pay any more for that phone than GNex owners paid at the time either.

  • brian

    I don’t blame them for doing this. Verizon has totally messed up the Nexus experience by blocking apps and painfully slow updates. I don’t consider my verizon nexus a true nexus because of Verizon’s treatment of the phone.

  • InvaderDJ

    For $350 I really can’t complain about LTE, and I understand why Google isn’t doing it. Verizon utterly screwed up the GNex, it’s still a great phone but compromised in so many ways compared to the GSM version. I’m stuck on Verizon until 2013 at the earliest so I’m not getting the Nexus 4 right away, but at that price point I might just get a prepaid line through T-Mobile and tether using my GNex or something.

  • Bionic

    Totally agree lame asss excuses. Simple solution would be to put a 2800mah or more battery in it. Problem solved. But whatever Andy ill just wait until the Motorola Nexus comes out next year.

    • Nathan

      Actually, not so simple. Their goal is to have a cheap, great smartphone. That would raise the cost.

  • Po0yAn

    these are just lousy excuses made by robin. Google already has a beast of a phone on verizon which is LTE capable and has a radio chip which works on any kind of network around the world and is a battery life champ among all the smart phones from any of the ecosystems… and it’s called Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD.

  • i like how people are gauging them buying the nexus 4 based on international specs….
    if the nexus 4 came to verizon with 4g lte and good battery life, people will be all over it but since google said no us carrier release, people are all butt hurt about it

    $400 for an unlocked gsm device with no contract, thats a much better deal than anything verizon or sprint can offer

  • Toto

    And the lake of Dual Carrier on Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 3G ?!! #STRANGE !

  • 4g63mark

    I hate this announcement for plenty of reasons. First of all, there was SO MUCH CRITICISM towards Apple because they did this SAME THING. Now all of a sudden Android is the one depriving it’s customers of the latest technology rather than Apple. It brings MASSIVE shame to Android and has many of us shaking our head. If we wanted a phone with glass on the front and back with no LTE we would’ve considered the iPhone. I’m no longer interested in staying with the Nexus brand. And since Samsungs Touch Wiz seems to be advancing good ideas at a much faster rate than Android, it’s safe to say that I’m looking forward to the Galaxy Note 2, keeping my GNEX, or maybe even picking up a RAZR HD.

  • Why would you need that much download speed anyway? You’re being restricted by limited data you could use unless you’re a freaking rich guy and won’t probably end up with a Nexus phone.

    • Bionic

      Argument fail. Most people want to buy this phone for the $349 price because when you do you keep your unlimited data. Why do I want that much speed? Cuz interwebs, that’s why.

  • sport

    Totally happy with my Razr Maxx. I get huge batt life AND LTE. This phone hasn’t disappointed. Why on earth would I go get a Nexus without LTE?? LTE is a huge factor for sales nowadays so leaving it out was a nail in the coffin of this phone. NOT smart….

    • Bionic

      The one obvious reason is to keep unlimited data.

  • Follower

    Thank you Andy,
    if there is no 4G in my area and in most countries in the world, then why I should pay for it in my phone?
    Andy, thank you again.

  • AG
  • ZT

    3G = BIG FAIL. That’s total BS, you can still have good battery life with LTE with the newer chipsets, like the S3. Why does it look so much like the GN? Did Google come up with the design for both phones or something? I have no issues with keeping my GN for another year.

    I’m so disappointed in Andy and Google. This is a step backwards.

  • Mordecaidrake

    My Motorola Razr HD MAXX has all the networks, and it works perfectly with no bad battery life. Glad I didn’t hold out for this hunk of crap.

  • I really feel the lack of LTE was because of the whole fiasco involving Verizon and not so much on the battery drain. Verizon really screwed up the user experience after the delay in the Galaxy Nexus’ launch and the huge delays seen in actually getting updates out. Google probably just didn’t want to deal with the headaches this time around.

  • I love my GNex and I wouldn’t call my experience horrible. But I rooted the device ASAP. I figured it was a Nexus device and demanded to be rooted. Always keep the stock UI with great battery life. I have to say tho the Nexus 4 looks great. And I’m not ready to give up my unlimited 4g on Verizon so the next phone will have to be amazing for me to pay full price.

    • Justin Swanson

      If you root you aren’t a general user. I think others are right about the fiasco with VZW. I hope that they re-release this device in the next few months with LTE support. Possibly something like Apple did, different bands for different areas.

  • Ben

    This does make the assumption than AT&T’s LTE is available where I am. Which it’s not. A non-LTE phone for me is fine. I am not the only one.

  • Robin Ha

    I am on a family plan with 3 people on Verizon. 2 of us are done with out contract, but one is still on a contract, which ends september 2013. Problem is I have an OG Droid. I can’t upgrade cause we want to switch to T-mobile. Should the one still on contract break out of it and should we all buy a nexus 4 and go to T-mobile?

    • Robin Ha

      Not that I hate my OG droid. it’s just kinda slow.

  • Jim McClain

    no LTE is like buying a phone with old technology, if I wanted that I would buy an iphone

  • Am I the only person who is not making a kneejerk reaction? Everybody is reacting to this just like the reactions to the nexus 7 not having a rear camera or SD card slot. It’s being sold for $300 OFF CONTRACT. It isn’t going to have everything a $300 on contract phone has. My impression is that Google is trying to make a strategic shift with respect to the paradigm of subsidized/unsubsidized phones and the locked in nature of network providers. Everyone has gotten accustomed to selling themselves to a company for 2 years in exchange for a phone they’re convinced is so much better, when I honestly don’t believe that to be the case. If I am right about Google’s motivations, I am all for trying to help break that trend.

    • Justin Swanson

      Google is trying to saturate the market with devices that use Google Services. They are also trying to breakdown the wall of contracts, but I think they really just want people using devices that run Android. Google’s goal is more people using their stuff. They will turn the profit on the ad sales, not on device sales. Whereas, Apple makes profit on the device sales.

  • Alexander Garcia

    I retract my statement below about getting the RAZR Maxx HD since I’m a slave to Verizon. I know longer want to be Verizon’s bitch and I will follow Google’s lead and get the LG Nexus 4 for T-Mobile (T-Mo’s service is actually pretty good where I live) and leave Verizon for good… in November when my contract ends. =P Good bye Verizon! Hello Google Nexus! =D

  • xboxkid

    I love the battery life on my GNex… I don’t see the problem…

  • RoninX

    My first reaction was that this was a huge mistake on Google’s part. Personally, I would never consider buying a non-LTE phone.

    But my second reaction is that if you want to buy an LTE Android phone, and willing to put up with locked bootloaders and all of delays involved in receiving updates through the carriers, you have plenty to choose from. With the Nexus 4, Google is trying to create an unlocked phone that receives updates as soon as Google makes them available, which will always be on the most recent version of Android, and which is completely free of bloatware and other carrier modifications. Android fans have been asking for this for years.

    The only way for Google to do this was to bypass the carriers. Personally, I think it would have been better to develop a GSM+LTE version that would have worked on AT&T alone. However, it’s not clear to me whether Google would still need AT&T’s approval to push updates to an unlocked GSM+LTE phone.

    • youareme7

      Well AT&T actually said they will allow unlocked phones on their LTE network, so it would work if they built one; it’s probably they didn’t think there was enough reason to make one specifically for AT&T’s bands since they’re they only ones that use them. I’m still annoyed because I was really hoping they would do exactly that. I’d pay an extra hundy for LTE on AT&T easy. As much of a bummer it is I’m still buying one because Nexus is just too good.

      • Justin Swanson

        Also the additional costs for buyers that DON’T use AT&T. I lot of people in other countries (Europe/Asia) don’t use the same LTE bands as AT&T.

  • Chuck Finley

    The funniest thing about this is that for all the Android fans and iPhone fans that read this site (and there are many, gotta stay up on the competition) that are making a big deal out of LTE-gate, did you really think that the Nexus 4 was ever supposed to be the “Profit Beast” meant to really take on i5?
    The Nexus 4 pulled a “Nexus 7”, it gave you ALMOST everything you wanted for a great price. Other than Verizon’s LTE coverage, what incentive does Google have to make another LTE Nexus (don’t even mention AT&T/Sprint)? Verizon’s network gives it the cache to dictate to Google (and others) what a phone includes when it joins “The Network”. Google didn’t want to go through that again, so they left out LTE (and some storage) to save some cash on some tech, they weren’t really going to use that much anyway (I will admit, Rubin’s excuses sounded lame); how many locations, though, really have LTE (excluding “The Network”)?
    I mean, honestly, if Verizon and Google had agreed to call the LTE Galaxy Nexus the “Droid Prime”, “Galaxy Prime” or whatever and left out “Nexus”, no one would have cared that it didn’t get it’s updates as quick, but because it had Nexus in the name, it was supposed to held to the Nexus standards, which it failed. I think Google didn’t want another Verizon/Galaxy Nexus fiasco, so it took another route; just leave it out completely and let everyone kick rocks until the next shiny new thing is released.
    Verizon will still release it’s SuperDuperMcAwesome phones that will have LTE, they just won’t have Nexus in the name or receive updates as quickly. And I’m still buying as long as my area’s LTE coverage is strong and I can keep my unlimited data. AT&T/Sprint will still release more LTE phones than they have cities with LTE and the average consumer will still not care…

    • Justin Swanson

      Agree with your point. Also remember that the Optimus phone that this device is based on will probably come to VZW (and other carriers) with LTE.

  • omgitzjose

    so i guess im keeping my glaxy nexus for a while :/ to be honest i dont see much of an upgrade in the Nexus 4 even if it did have LTE

  • Jim McClain

    releasing a smart phone without 4g is just plain stupid, they will sell very few of them, and I bet they never tell one customer that it doesnt have 4g

  • violator702

    How about putting a larger battery in it?

  • daryle barden jr

    So no LTE Nexus until next winter. I can live with that as long as i have a device to hold me over. RAZR HD maybe? I’d actually like to know more about the RAZR X :). Sounds bad ass. Google knows what they’re doing for sure. We may not be happy about it but they know what they’re doing.

  • Mike Snyder

    Nexus is supposed to mean “Best of Google”. If this is the best Google can do (seeing as how the GS3 has amazing battery life with dual radios), then perhaps they should simply drop the Nexus line of smartphones and focus on tablets going forward. Boo on you, Goog. I’m almost ashamed to see you take the Apple road…

  • As long as its in the next one, its no big deal. GNex is a great phone on Verizon and LTE. I don’t have real battery concerns or issues and get a full day every day; as does my wife.

    But if there is no LTE/Verizon Nexus in 2013 when I go to upgrade, I will be leaving Verizon. Nexus is simply the best option for Android. I wish OEMs would scrap their skins and just have pure Android with specialized apps unique to them for differentiation along with obvious hardware differences.

  • Christopher Riner

    Man, judging by these comments, the nexus 4 is nowhere near as sought after as the gnex was last year. For one, it was called the frickin unicorn. Secondly, you.would not find this many people leaving comments saying, “the g nex looks nice but I’m gonna keep my nexus s”

    • Justin Swanson

      I think part of that is the tech has kinda peaked. 1/2/3 years ago people would get sick of their devices because they got slow, crashed, etc. (I know mine did). Now with the Galaxy S2/Gnex/other similar hardware it is lasting MUCH longer than previous hardware so no one has a hardware reason to move, just software but because the Gnex will get all of the same updates you don’t need to upgrade? 😉

      • Christopher Riner


  • Ibrick

    As much as I hate that we won’t see an LTE capable device until probably next year at the earliest, it makes sense. Even then, VZW will probably be the only network capable of supporting an LTE only device.
    When we have VOLTE, we’ll have an LTE Nexus. Until then, CDMA is a dying technology, and LTE isn’t widespread enough to eliminate it yet.

  • Kevin

    They’re going to have to suck it up and support mixed networks at some point. The learning curve should be over by now for making two-radio phones. What are they going to do next fall when Verizon is on the verge of moving to VoLTE and ATT and Sprint are frantically bringing new markets online? It will be too soon to release a LTE-only phone but crazy to not support it.

  • cgalyon

    I’m still tempted to do this new Nexus because I’ve been looking at leaving Verizon anyway, but for those that want to stay with LTE devices there are (thanks to the dev community) quite a few options for unlocking other nice devices.

  • mr android

    Hey dudes, it wasn’t me! My
    lady friend vzw doesn’t like me
    to put my ‘nexus’ in her ‘network’
    anymore. Something about not
    feeling bloated enough, or the crazy
    kids running across the lawn, but, either way,
    partys over.

  • Cipher Zero

    I’ll just sit back and wait until Google decides to put LTE back in the Nexus phones. “Hey, look, here is a 16-core, 6GHz monster of a computer, and it comes with this great 9600 baud modem, because it doesn’t have broadband functionality, and there is no way of upgrading it, and here is a lame excuse because we were high as hell when we made this decision. Enjoy!”

  • Chuck Finley

    “So Rubin admits that the Galaxy Nexus with LTE was a horrible experience for most users because of battery life.”

    – I respectfully disagree…. It was a horrible experience of Verizon.

  • Bravo to $GOOG for putting user experience above the carriers’ horseshit. LTE isn’t cost-effective by any stretch of the imagination and won’t be for years.

  • I Can Haz Droid RAZR en HD?

    I like the Galaxy Nexus. It offers a great user experience and the battery life is not as atrocious as Rubin would make it seem. However, the radio performance was terrible. To be honest, it was worse than the HTC ThunderBolt and Samsung Droid Charge. I ultimately switched to the Galaxy S III, then to the RAZR MAXX HD. So far, I love the RAZR, which has the best radios ever put into a LTE smartphone, and I am hoping that the next Nexus device is manufactured by Motorola with support for Verizon’s LTE network.

  • Knlegend1

    Fine with me !!!!

  • Thats the nail in the coffin for me.. I guess the Note 2 will be my next phone..

  • Trillville

    Come one people use your head and stop believing the hype around LTE. These speeds on a phone mean nothing after 9mbps anyway as if your allowed to use LTE speeds at the fullest because there is traffic on websites and everything has a limit so if you want horrible battery life, slow updates, and videos to load 1.4sec sooner than go for it and waste your money

  • Liderc

    This is such a deal breaker, I mean – no LTE means no Nexus for me. I’m going to go buy another Galaxy nexus soon so that whenever mine dies, I’ll have the back up because I literally do not want another device. Man, what a total let down. Also, I’d call my Galaxy Nexus experience anything BUT “horrible.” It’s been the best device I’ve ever used.

  • DanWazz

    “We didn’t want to deal with Verizon, so no LTE for now.” I just hope that the next Nexus has LTE radios and can be bought off contract for $350. Hopefully T-mobile will step up their game by then.

  • MKader17

    I hate comparing Apples to Androids but if the iPhone can do it and people not claim it is LTEgate then why can’t Android?

    • S Bosworth

      Because iOS isn’t open source. AOSP requires releasing binaries that are not avalable to the open public typically. This is the whole reason we had the GNexus removed for a time from AOSP.

  • When the iPhone 4s didn’t have LTE Oh the uproar on all these sites … NOW the Nexus 4 comes out no LTE and it gets a pass, a quite pass.. Now all of a sudden HSPA+ is acceptable??? WOOOOOWW !!!! Why does google do this. Why cant they just make it work. True the Nexus brand was never a big seller but all that can change …. I like the Nexus 4… No LTE is a deal breaker…

  • Butters619

    You know, I’m not too mad. My next upgrade is December 2013. Moto LTE/GSM Nexus please please please.

  • chris125

    Andy Rubin, SVP, Google “Tactically, we want to make sure the devices are available for every network on the planet.” yet they alienate their largest carrier in the US. Ok Andy

    • Robin Ha


    • Nathan

      Stupid Verizon!!!!

  • satsmine2k4

    Am OK!!! with no LTE but 16gb max capacity for a phone is atrocious…to say the least look at the competition, apple’s been offering 64gb iphone’s since ages now…Google i really like you and i will buy this nexus 4 but are you really building ur Nexus phones for the masses or are they just for techy guys?

  • itznfb

    Hopefully the thin rumors of a Moto Nexus device in the near future are true.

  • CharlesJorgenson

    put a bigger battery in to compensate for the additional battery drain? Nah, lets just take away 4G. Way to pull an Apple Google… you make me sad

    • pseudonym_b

      look at the off contract price. that is what they were targeting. $300 off contract? thats amazing, $350 for 16 gb off contract? again, amazing. i dont know why tmobile is selling it so high though…

  • Alexander Garcia

    My mind’s made up. I’m gettin’ the RAZR Maxx HD. =)

  • So when NY current nexus on vzw is up contract officially done. If they don’t have on in the works its a no vrainer for me. Adios. I’ve been closing lines this year with them anyway.

  • JordanMcRae

    I’m on an AT&T GS3 and I am ok with stepping down to HSPA+ for this.

  • Tom

    This phone plus MVNO carriers FTW! I’ll take a $350 powerhouse phone on my $45 Straight Talk unlimited plan over any other phone/plan combo out there. Plus this thing will sing on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ band. (You have the choice of either SIM with ST). I currently have an AT&T compatible SIM and it’s about 4-6mbps down in NYC, which is plenty serviceable during the 20% of the time I’m not in WiFi. Might just switch for the faster TMo service tho. But SHEESH… GET OUT OF THOSE DAMN CARRIER CONTRACTS PPL!!

  • interstellarmind

    Maybe this is google’s way of punishing vzw. HSPA+ on tmobile is just as fast as my vzw lte was here in nyc. Is google trying to persuade people to ditch vzw for tmobile (as I have)?

  • brad

    this must be what apple kids felt like after the 4s dropped without 4g. hope VoLTE comes soon

  • KreeTerry

    While disappointing i can see where he’s coming from. I might pick up the nexus 4 16gb and just tether my vzw gnex to it lol. That phone is looking pretty sweet

  • Eh not a big deal for me as I have grown tired of Verizon and have been thinking of going back to gsm and pick up a tmobile prepaid sim, On my Gnex I rarely turn LTE maybe for a few minutes here or there, but from what I read 3g on gsm with HSPA+ is very capable of of speeds close to LTE

  • MichaelFranz

    as much as i love the nexus program and i think the GNEX paved the way for future android being the first ICS enabled phone. I have to say i do agree with Google and the choice to go non LTE for now…

    However the balance between nexus and other phones is about on par. the GS3 is just as capable as the gnex, while still having a dual core chipset. Now granted the gs3 s4 chip out shines the dual core omap, but i really think software is the key here.

    As much as i love stock android i do think there needs to be some more software features and stuff non bloat. What some of the manufactures are doing with their OEM skins and software are great. Its just the skins themselves are ugly. I love the touchwiz launcher feel, but the graphics and images are what sucks. and on a flip side samsungs original software isnt half bad

    I loved my gnex but dumped it for an S3.for now and i love it. Waiting to see what the future holds with 4.2 on horizon.

  • The Dude Abides

    No LTE. No dice.

  • Bill Mitchell

    I love The Verge <333333

  • Franz

    What good is LTE when you only have 2GB to use?… maybe 4GB for some. Even if you are grandfathered in, unlimited data is over. Be it 2013 or 2014. It has come to an end.

    • Unlimited data is over? Tell that to my unlimited plan. Apparently it didn’t get the memo.

  • ksat

    Maybe I’ll ask Andy Rubin for a new LTE Phone when it becomes available in the Nexus 5 running Android 5.0. By that time, most of the networks will have “evolved” much to his liking and they’ll be able to do more! For now, my GNex will continue to suffer of poor radio quality and failed battery life – thanks, Google! ;(

  • G3spike

    No 4G LTE, 8mp camera vs the Opgimus G (Sprint) 13mp camera, 16gb storage vs 32vb Optimus G with expandable storage, and it will cost at or other $300. Surely Google cannot expect the hardcore android community to buy this downgraded device. Kinda sad… I will sticking with my GNex.

  • lunas

    Sounds to me like someones bitching about how much they suck and how they are unloved, There is something they need to learn LTE is not going away verizon has been busting its ass to get it out to all of its markets at&t has as well but not quite as fast as big red. Now i might be wrong but is not x1 mode still capable on current phones that is 2g STILL ON OUR PHONES. So much for a nexus i would want to buy the issues of the first generation of lte + 3g radios mostly stemmed from it being a new standard the new chips are going to going to get more and more efficient and batteries are only going to get better. Overall i would say step in the wrong direction….

  • ddevito

    For a minute there I thought that was Steve Jobs.

    Hey Andy – WE’LL be the judge. Thanks.

  • schoat333

    I’d probably take back all of my complaints about battery life if I could see a new Nexus on VZW with LTE.

  • NorCalGuy

    As “bad” as it is which I don’t agree with at all…my gnex seems to do just as good as my moms RAZR and much better than a few phones co workers have, thunderbolt and bionic. And if you throw the 2100 batt in its much better and lasts another couple hours. Also if people dive into the rooting/roming you can tweak all kinds of battery life out of your phone.

  • Uhhh, False. MDM9*15 radios are capable of CDMA, WCDMA, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE. LTE is a GSM technology. Try again Google.

  • With the major carriers (yes I”m excluding Sprint and TMo here) moving everyone off of unlimited data, and Google moving everyone to cloud storage with Nexus, unless they change this and start offering either SD support or WAY more storage, I will not buy a Nexus.

  • I could care less about LTE… my Tmobile HSPA+ is fast as HELL!! Faster than a lot of real world LTE use i have seen so i think it was actually a pretty smart decision. That and the crap hole town i live in wont be getting LTE for a super long time.. lol so yay better battery

    • Wes

      That’s HSPA+42, this phone only supports HSPA+21.

  • David

    Wow. Google admits its expensive and hard to do LTE right.

    Yet Apple manged to do it in a much smaller device still with excellent battery life.

    iPhone 5 looking even more impressive.

    • summit1986

      The battery life on the 5 is far from impressive.

  • ezpotato

    welp, razr maxx hd or HTC DNA….. hmmmm………

  • chris125

    Damn that phone looks tiny in his hand. And pretty much it is because google does not have any balls to lay down the law on the carriers to push for updates and that.

  • Br_d

    I’m not interested in excuses. LTE is a required feature in any phone in order for me to consider purchasing it.

    • dangolds

      I agree. I switched to Android earlier this year over Apple because I got tired of waiting for Apple to release an LTE device. So now that Google is pulling this nonsense with their Nexus device, I’m certainly not going to cut them any slack either.

  • My Maxx with CM10 will do just fine until I get my upgrade next September. Hopefully VZW will have fully integrated their LTE network by then.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I rarely use LTE anyhow. I sit on WIFI if I need speed. Plus I use WIFI on my Gnex because it has such terrible signals

  • Jeff Messer

    I’m sure they’re frustrated that Verizon is essentially blocking them from updating the GNex the way they’ve wanted…but the phone is still awesome.

  • JDizzle


  • Epic failure Google. No 4G is the downfall of this phone with the whole United States being covered in 4G by the end of next year. That’s right, where there is 3G it will be 4G then. Looks like I’ll be buying the HTC DLX bring it on!!!!

    • If it is being covered in 4G by the end of next year, do you not think Google is planning on releasing a new Nexus with 4G next year that can utilize the network efficiently and not have to include “extra” radios?

      This is not a “fail.” This is a fail on the parts of the networks that have been pushing out “4G” and not fine-tuning the networks to utilize the powerful bandwidth it can handle.

      I’m good with my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon right now, and will be until a new 4G Nexus comes out. If Moto and Google are working on a Nexus, it was always going to be for next year. It will blow our minds too. Think of the power next year’s Nexus lineup will have. 32GB or 64GB out of the box, 4G, 3000 mAh+ battery, 1080p screen…it will be epic.

      • Liderc

        So now we’re like Apple fanbois and saying “oh we’ll get it next year!”

        Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

        • Not really seeing as though that we have already had it (See 4G Galaxy Nexus). It is a feature that just is not necessary yet.

          I love my 4G on my Galaxy Nexus. It is almost faster than my home connection, but if I had to choose between excellent battery life and a lower cost or crappy battery life and higher cost, guess which one I’m choosing.

          This is not the standard Apple fan response saying that “we’ll get it next year” or “I wonder what it’s like to have 4G?”

          I want 4G, and yes I am disappointed that it is not in the Nexus 4. It is a step backwards, yes. The thing is that it should have never been included in the Galaxy Nexus to begin with. It wasn’t ready. Rubin will get this right the second time around, and to be honest with you, the Nexus 4 is almost like an entry level device at this point. Low internal storage, good specs and no 4G. I will not be getting one, but I’m sure many people will.

          This is why we all love Android. Where one manufacturer fails, others succeed and we are all happy. I am honestly going after a 4G Note 2. That device is beast. I am waiting for the DLX to come out first, which may (or may not) reduce the price of the Note 2 on Verizon.

  • Damian

    Well I know what my next phone isn’t going to be.
    Droid DNA here I come!

  • EC8CH


    Screw LTE, when are you going to address the bigger issue of them moving the headphone jack back to the top. We know it’s buggin’ you 😛

  • manny

    They made fun of the iphone 4s for not having lte now they do the same thing. Follow the leader !!!

  • andrew galvin

    I am so disappointed in google right now.

  • bogy25

    I would expect this from apple not us….3G is like dial up was like on the PC – 4G LTE is so fast you can’t deny this. I am so shocked at this news. When I buy a NEW device I want the latest and greatest technology.

    • EC8CH

      This has everything to do with the power struggle between the carriers and the device manufactures over who has control of the software on the devices.

  • hfoster52

    Sounds like a cop out to me….

  • sylent101

    So why not go with Motorola then? and have them build a HD Max like device, just replace the display with an lg display..Battery life and 4g and a thin device..This didn’t make sense lol.

    • hfoster52

      Moto Nexus right there.

  • I have no problem sticking with my 32GB Verizon Galaxy Nexus for another year. This news saddens me.

  • I won’t EVER buy a phone without LTE. It seems like Google has taken a step backwards with this one. It wasn’t too long ago that everyone was making fun of Apple and the 4S for not having LTE because everyone agreed that LTE should be the new standard for mobile phones. Disappointing to say the least.

  • I am ok with this. The LG version isn’t really that big of an upgrade and I am happy with my Galaxy Nexus. I will get all of the software updates and since the LG Nexus looks just like my phone, not really missing out on a lot. I don’t care who makes the next Nexus, just make it unique! The biggest problem i have with my phone is the battery. I ended up finally getting the extended battery for my phone and i couldn’t be happier (the 3800 version). Now my phone lasts a day no matter what i do. This is the way the phone should have been released. Evolve Verizon, evolve!!!

    Verizon is evolving!
    Congratulations! Your Verizon evolved into A Phone Carrier that gets good phones again!

  • Erik Cho

    Mixed feelings about this one, but I am leaning towards the idea that I have had a rather tough experience with my GNexus due to battery life.

    I think it ultimately comes down to the lesser of two evils. Are you more concentrated on being mobile for longer? Or would you rather have the higher data rates at the cost of having to find a charger every so often? Both has its ups and downs, but for someone like me longevity is more important. I need my phone to last for as long as possible, even if it means that, that attachment in an email is going to download a bit slower.

  • Bob G

    I would like to thank Verizon for ruining Nexus devices for everyone in the future.


    • Nathan

      I second that. I am due for an upgrade and this ruins everything. This phone had the exact specs I have been waiting for (that is, minus the no LTE thing….). I don’t really know what to do now. Wait (and wait and wait) and see what happens I guess…
      Thanks so much, Verizon.


  • markgbe

    I’m ok with it. My VZW gnex is fine right now. I have had zero issues with it, and i have no trouble with battery life.

    I’ll most likely switch to ATT or tmobile next year though when my contract is up.

  • Once you go LTE, you never go back.

    • vitriolix

      I’ve got LTE and its overhyped, HSPDA+ is pretty competitive and offers me contract-less freedom.

  • Galaxy-S3

    Somewhere, Steve Jobs is laughing at you.

  • Marc Fletcher

    Wow…..I don’t know what to say…..I am a little shocked.

  • I think this is largely why were able to see this phone at such a steal off contract. It’s very unfortunate as someone on contract with Big Red, but I think we need to remember that this phone isn’t designed just for the USA, where LTE networks are most prevalent. I’m not sure I’m really even ready to dump my gnex as it stands, anyways. It’s been such a stellar phone for me running AOKP and using Leankernel.

  • Cody Stamps

    “Tactically, we want to make sure the devices are available for every network on the planet.” Except for Verizon, the one with the biggest outreach. I am debating on switching. Anyone have any views to switch from Verizon to AT&T (the only two that have decent voice coverage at my house, work location has no issues.)

  • LTE doesn’t kill my battery that bad… I get 20+ hours when I just use it moderately… of course if you play games on it all day it will die fast, but thats why I bought my nexus 7… if he just came out and said they left out lte to keep the cost off contract under 400 I would’ve been fine with that

  • Rob

    Wow. That’s a horrible business move… LTE is a necessity for ( I would think) anyone…

  • I feel bad for LG, didn’t have an opportunity to at least try putting LTE on. There’s plenty of new phones since the Galaxy Nexus that have better battery life with the “hybrid” networks. LG should of had the chance to show that.

    • Travis Shepherd

      I don’t think it was LG, I think it was Google’s call here. They don’t care about VZW because of the way they handle their update protocols. So it’s easier to slap a simple single GSM radio in the thing & be done with it. Poor move though

      • Wes

        They better. Eliminating the two CDMA networks effectively cuts their potential US customers by 55%.

        • Travis Shepherd

          Agreed. but I will still have to wait for next december to upgrade (stupid contract) so it’s not a big deal right now. I just want an unlockable device when the time comes, I don’t know what I would do without my AOKP or CM.

  • This phone is a fail in my book, with limited storage, and no LTE, how are you supposed to stream Google music on 3g, on high quality? I’ll stick with my rooted 32gb SGS3 running AOKP.

  • jeff

    Sounds like they don’t want to deal with Verizon and AT&T. Can’t blame them for that.

    • Travis Shepherd

      AT&T is a GSM carrier, I think you mean Sprint.

    • Wes

      That’s not a good idea, considering 70% of US smartphone customers use either AT&T or Verizon.

    • Nathan

      I understand why they don’t want to deal with Verizon.. They shot themselves in the foot with the Galaxy Nexus. They deserve to be punished. Unfortunately me, the innocent customer, got hit with the ricochet as well. 🙁

  • Jeff Tycz

    remember when we were making fun of the iPhone not having LTE….yup the nexus 4 just became that

    • eagletrippin

      Exactly. Can’t hold a double-standard just because this is an Android device.

      Lack of LTE was unacceptable then; it’s unacceptable now …

      • New_Guy

        Agreed…Note 2, here I come.

        • Droidzilla

          I’ll get a Note II on T-Mobile with HSPA+. People need to stop pretending that LTE is superior to HSPA+ all the time; it really depends on the market area and device radios.

    • Liderc

      Yep, total fail here. Not having LTE is laughable.

    • Droidzilla

      iPhone was released as a flagship device on a 4G carrier with no 4G radio. This is being released on a 4G carrier with a 4G radio; it’s not coming to Verizon in 3G only livery.

      For those dissing HSPA+, I just tested out a Galaxy Note II on T-Mo HSPA+ in my area and was getting 20+Mbps.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Not a big deal in my opinion. HSPA+ works well enough for me on AT&T.

  • Can I still get the phone and run it on Verizon with 3g?

    • Mack

      Unfortunately, no.

    • hfoster52

      No. VZ is CDMA/LTE not GSM or WCDMA.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    I’m totally OK with that, I’m not up for upgrade till next year anyway seeing as i was late in getting the gnex, however I certainly do hope that they offer lte with the next device, and possible multiple oems. Moto nexus with lte sounds nice….really any nexus with lte sounds better than one without it. they can solve the battery life issues simply by putting a bigger battery in it.

  • The Truth

    Wish we could have gotten a more truthful answer instead of something so political. Verizon is a huge network and reaches most people, if you hate the way they do business just say so!

    • where’s Verizon

      plus kellex is so right! We will not see a Verizon nexus 4!

  • TheWenger

    When did Verizon say they wanted to move everything off CDMA to LTE? That’s when we’ll see what Rubin’s talking about. There is no standard system used in the US, so I bet it’ll be many years (like a decade or more) until this ideal scenario works out.

    • Mack

      Verizon seems to be aiming for the end of 2013. VoLTE (voice over LTE) would me CDMA/3G is no longer necessary, in theory.

  • ralphwiggum1

    I’m happy to have a pentaband HSPA+ phone since I’m using prepaid anyway (Straight Talk or Simple Mobile). Best phone to go with those budget-friendly phone plans.

  • Mark F

    Whatever, If Apple could do it why not us??

    • Prox

      Qualcomm says the S4 Pro has LTE/CDMA built into the SoC. If the Nexus 4 has this SoC, why no LTE? Or is the question, why didn’t they write the software to enable to the radio?


      • beng8686

        …but they still get the option on Verizon. Most would pay the extra $$

        • Prox

          After further reading it appears LTE is an optional module. Perhaps the Verizon LTE module is being released in 2013.

          The quad-core APQ8064 will be designed to meet the performance requirements of the next generation of computing and entertainment devices while minimizing power consumption. As with the Snapdragon dual-core, the APQ8064 will include four asynchronous CPU cores which can be independently controlled for maximum efficiency. The Adreno 320 quad-core GPU debuts in the APQ8064 processor where it enables console-quality gaming and renders rich user interfaces.

          The APQ8064 will also include a variety of features that make it a compelling processing solution for use in mobile entertainment and computing devices, including support for both PC and LP DDR memory, serial and PCIe interfaces, and multiple USB ports. The APQ8064 will also seamlessly integrate with Qualcomm 3G and LTE MDM™ modems and modules, giving OEMs a flexible and cost-efficient platform that can meet all of their design configuration needs and help reduce time to market.

      • hfoster52

        There are plenty of SoC with LTE just they cost a ton. This is how they keep the phone so cheap.

    • Tom Ball

      That’s my question too. Apple has a single chip for GSM/LTE and CDMA/LTE. Why couldn’t Google acquire something similar? Yes I realize that would probably increase costs but still… I’d be willing to pay for it…

      • Andrew

        Apple makes 3 IPhone 5 and the retail cost is well north of $500 and sells a ton of them with the carriers help

        Google is doing this by themselves (no extra money) and the Nexus phones is $299 and they never sell very well any ways

        these are huge HUGE differences

        • Derek Duncan

          This is the reason. Google wants to do it without carriers help for the most part. The Nexus line doesn’t sell well, so why not just make it cheaper?

          I remember buying the unlocked Euro GSM last Winter for about $650. $349 is much better 🙂

      • beng8686

        I agree 100 percent.

      • Travis Shepherd

        Maybe all this will change with VoLTE

    • EC8CH

      VZW bends over for Apple, they won’t for Google.

      • Droidzilla

        They won’t for the Nexus line. It doesn’t have the pull that the iPhone does. If this were the GSIV it might be a different story, but Nexus =! Galaxy, sales wise. Even the Galaxy line doesn’t pull in customers quite like the iPhone, but that’s changing fast.

        • EC8CH

          I think Google is waiting for Verizon to finish building out their LTE network and once CDMA radios are no longer needed will force Verizon to honor the terms of their block C lease.

          Verizon is using CDMA to keep control of the software updates. That’s at least what I read between the lines of Rubin’s statements. Sure the cost and battery life excuses are true, but this is really a battle about who is in control of the software.

    • Apple can do it for $650 for a 16GB phone. Nexus has everything BUT LTE for $299 – less than half the cost. That’s why not us (I am on Verizon). I think the point is to cut the carriers out – and the only way to do that is by selling cheap phones.

    • LeDerp

      you already have the GS3?

  • As sucky as it is, it makes sense. Here’s to hoping they announce an additional Nexus released in the next 6 months.

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Im fine with hspa+ for now but I know some people arent.

  • That’s fine with me. I came to terms with my Verizon GNex’s battery life a long time ago. Now its always near a charger in every room/vehicle. The fact that the Nexus has no LTE and only and incremental upgrade (IMO) is a no brainer for me. Gnex for 1 more year.


    I dont think i could go back to 3g from LTE…waaay to fast! I honestly think that even if the nexus came to vzw as a 3g only phone, i would not get it due to lack of LTE. The speeds/tethering speeds/ and download capabilities out-weigh new nexus. Dont get me wrong, I love my Gnexus, but cannot go back to 3g…my 2cents

    • r0lct

      Well on Verizon it’s tough as their 3G is slow. On a HSPA+ carrier living under that coverage I would imagine it’s no big loss. Having said that, this won’t get me to upgrade from my GNex as they biggest improvements I want are in the software which I’ll be running soon enough.

    • John

      I feel the same. At first, I was like “Nah…I don’t care about faster internet speeds”, but once you finally have it (kinda like a larger screen), you don’t want to go back.

      • TheWenger

        That’s how I felt leaving Sprint for the G-Nex.

    • Prox

      HSPA+ is a lot faster than 3G speeds. Unless T-Mobile or ATT does not offer HSPA+ in your area.

    • Travis Shepherd

      honestly if I’m not on wifi i’m on 3g, the faster speeds really don’t matter to me, I’ve tried it.

      • Travis Shepherd

        LOL why am I getting downvoted? I mean I am personally doing an experiment so I can see if I can afford to go to the tiered data plan, that’s what I meant.

        • SA

          I agree, I keep my GNex on 3G, to save battery life. LTE only once in a blue moon. Other than downloading large files, there’s basically no difference in the user experience.

    • Droidzilla

      Going to HSPA+ from LTE is not going back to 3G; it’s usually the same speed as LTE, so it wouldn’t be any different. The key is whether or not T-Mo has the same HSPA+ coverage in your area as Verizon LTE. Some places do, some don’t.

      • BGRUGGER

        @Droidzilla:disqus you could be right, however, on vzw going from LTE to 3g is nasty slow. Also, i did look into Tmo but they do not cover my area well…im not sure how accurate their maps are, but the one on their site shows no 4g in my are. Either way, my family tethers off 4g and we definitely would feel the drag going back…

  • j__h

    Well at least for me (and I would guess most Verizon user with the GNex), The upgrade cycle will be coming next year. So for me, this is disappointing but not a direct affect.

  • FilletMinion

    I’m so dissapointed right now. I could never give up my Verizon service but I want all the Google goodness.

  • So this means Verizon is stuck with the Galaxy Nexus until next year… Awesome! And yes the battery life is about half of friends of GS3’s …

  • James

    Lame! Lame! Lame!

  • Southrncomfortjm

    I’d go with HSPA+ to have my Nexus. I rarely use LTE anyway.

    • Prox

      If you used HSPA+ you wouldn’t notice a difference between the two.

      • Droidzilla

        This. I don’t get why people are all gaga over LTE. It’s just faster data; HSPA+ does the same exact thing in practise.

      • Southrncomfortjm

        That’s what I figure. I use 3G most of the time and feel that it is plenty fast enough. Plus, if its the difference between a small data cap (VZW) for a large price and unlimited data (T-Mobile or Straight Talk) at half the price, I’ll go with the latter.

  • delta504

    Glad the rumor is now official and thankful for DL for tipping me on the recent Galaxy Nexus sale Verizon had. Now I’m 100% sure I made the right move by jumping on the GNex off contract, I like LTE and simply switch it off if I dont need it.

  • What about the lack of 32GB internal storage on the Nexus 4?

  • blarblar

    So disappointing. LTE + Nexus is the future, man. I hope Black Man X is right about a Verizon Nexus device in January.

  • James

    F’ing LAME!

    • youngzayiles

      I’m with you. sorry Google but this phone will not sale. It may be a good phone but with no lte and sucky t mobile being the only major carrier to support it… smh fail all over

  • MikeSaver

    It doesn’t matter to me because i have the Gnex so i wont be upgrading until next winter anyway. I wouldn’t describe my experience as “horrible” though

    • John

      Agreed. It’s an OK upgrade but I’m still content with my Gnex + 3800mAh battery 🙂

      • MikeSaver

        Where did you get that big of a battery?

        Sent from my Google Nexus device

        • John


          (it has NFC, too) I get ~3.5-4hr screen on time and close to that w/ Good 4G signal. I’m a power user with my phone, so I needed the extra juice. Ya it is ugly w/ the bulkiness, but honestly…you start to forget about it after a week. It’ll probably only last about a year, but for $19, that’s cool with me!

          As long as you follow directions on the first few charges, you’ll get max performance out of it. I love it. I no longer have to charge my phone 3-4time s a day. I no longer have to check to see if an app is pulling GPS all the time etc etc..

          • igotgame

            I use a 3800mah battery as well in my GNex. The QCELL sold on Amazon. I get amazing battery life on this thing. At my house on Wifi, I could easily go 3 days before needing to charge. On 4G, I can get about 4-5 hours of screen on time depending on what I am doing.

          • John

            Yep. It really is nice not to give a damn about battery life. I have no issue waiting another year for a different phone.

          • I have the same battery, I’m still in the process of calibrating the battery, but this last weekend I went from Friday morning-Sunday evening on 1 charge 😀 Definitely happy with that

          • John

            Hell ya man. That’s a good charge!

        • Travis Shepherd

          probably seidio

      • beng8686

        Me too!

    • lostsync

      Yeah, all in all, I really think I can honestly say that I’ve been happier with this phone than any other piece of consumer electronics I’ve ever bought – zero regret since day one. It works great and I’ve got it tweaked to the point that battery life is a total non issue for me. I love this thing and honestly I’m kind of glad the n4 didn’t give me phone envy…I can go on loving my gnex for another year w/o the nagging thought that there’s something else I’d rather have in the back of my mind.

    • theentropic

      This is the exact same thought I have. I won’t be buying anything non-nexus in the future anyway.

    • Chris Malkiewicz

      Agreed! I love my phone. Not ready to let it go… Has plenty of life left to give!

      • duke69111

        I agree. I just wish I could get more than 1.5 hours of screen on time with LTE. Thats the only downside.

        • Have you tried franco.kernal or leankernal? i get an average battery life of around 12-13 hrs of moderate to heavy use. I highly recommend it.

          • wh1te_mag1c

            What settings do you use use? Which governor? Did you undervolt or underclock?

          • Franco r295 + my magic little undervolt at boot script for the 192 slot.
            http://rootzwiki.com/topic/35649-horrible-battery-life-vzw-galaxy-nexus/#entry1002137. Experience amazing JB battery life at last.

          • MikeSaver

            I don’t know what you mean there when you say replace the script. Where do you replace the script?

          • Adam Brandt

            I always see claims like this and I have NO IDEA how you get anywhere even close to 12-13 hrs with moderate to heavy use. Unless that’s with the brightness all the way off, no cell signal, no wifi, bluetooth, or basically any radio, which just seams like a ridiculous way to get battery life

          • Russell Phillips

            Auto brightness and turning off LTE usually do the trick for me. I can get 12 hours with about 2.5-3 of those with the screen on without much issue. Even more if I underclock it.

        • rohicks

          Turn your brightness down when not needed, GPS off, and use WIFI when you’re around a network that allows you to (ie. at work). I average 8+ easilly, but I’m also using the extended battery+AOKP+franco kernel.

          A completely bone stock device probably would make it 6 hours.

          • Liderc

            Exactly, brightness kills the battery, drop it down and the battery is completely fine.

          • AdamSchuster

            Mine is stock JB, and on WIFI for 8 hours at work, I get 12+ hours out my GNex. When I finally plug it in at home, I usually still have 40+% left. I am in a pretty saturated LTE area, though.

          • SA

            Interesting comments. I’m on the awful-battery-life side of the fence, mine is truly terrible. And I keep it on 3G almost exclusively (plus no GPS, careful with apps, etc.) 4-5 hours is what I can get, less with heavy usage. Hence a removable battery is a must.

        • kixofmyg0t

          1.5 hours of screen on time?!! Holy crap man. I’m really glad I have a RAZR MAXX HD now.

          • Yakuzahi

            Can you SVDO on 3G?

    • Travis Shepherd

      like Tim said one the last DL show it’s the exact look as the gnex anyway. and as far as I’m concerned, I’ve had a great “user experience” so Andy and VZW can suck it for not wanting to get along. (Because you know that’s why there will be no lte phone)

    • EC8CH

      Agree completely… here’s hoping the next Nexus is on VZW, and made by Moto with plenty of Nexus design influences by Google.

      BRING ON THE SUPER MOTO NEXUS LTE! ($299 off contract)

      • I hope for a Verizon version too, because that means it will likely make its way to Sprint!

    • Completely agree, I won’t be getting this device, well for starters, it’s not on VZW haha. It’s LG, no LTE, and it just seems like SOMETHING TO TIDE USERS OVER with… Not impressed. I <3 my Gnex 🙂

    • mtbhk44

      I have to agree with this. I have the GN on VZ and I find the experience to be quite the opposite of horrible. Battery life certainly has tons of room for improvement but it’s probably the best phone I’ve owned and I don’t regret the move at all. I’m very happy with the GN, regardless of battery life

      • wh1te_mag1c

        I’m not sure how one can be *very* happy with a phone that has as bad battery life as the gnex. While I still love my gnex, I would never say I’m completely happy with it, as I sometimes find myself carrying TWO spare batteries, if, for example, I need it to last 18 hours without being able to charge it. I should not have to do this. I don’t use my phone in an intense way and I think it should last me 18 hours (of fairly light use) on a single battery charge.

        • SA

          I’m there with you. For a night out when I’ll have to be in regular contact with people I make sure my battery is fully charged and take a spare. By the end of the night (7-9 hours), both are done. And that’s on 3G, I always have LTE turned off to save juice. Atrocious. Other than that and the mediocre camera, I feel that the GNex is just about the perfect phone.

          • wh1te_mag1c

            Heh, sounds like you need to buy just one more spare battery and you should be good. Provided you have the willingness to carry around 2 spares.

          • C-Law

            I have the 2100mah battery in mine and I’ve found it can go all day if I use WiFi whenever possible, keep 4g off except when I really need it, and keep data off too and toggle it on when I unlock my phone for something Internet related

      • i completely disagree, the gnex isnt a good phone, not because its lacking in hardware, but because its lacking in battery, the way i look at it is id rather have a lower spec phone that lasts longer than a high spec phone that only lasts 6 hours(gnex)

        heck the sgs3 is much better than the gnex simply because of the battery life(there is more to it but it isnt much more)

    • Mark Leung

      I’m glad you like your gnex because mine is a POS. Jelly Bean is great but the hardware blows. Medocre cpu, and 3 yr old gpu. But the worst are the radios. Voice and data performance were horrible. LTE was speedy when it had a good connection, but that was rare. I am on my second one and it is just as bad.

      The good news is I preordered my Note 2 on ATT. So goodbye Gnex and Verizon ( with my unlimited data). Now i just need to decide if i will sell my gnex on ebay or blend it.

      • If you want to blend one.. I will ship you my Gnex with a broken screen and $50 as a swap for your Gnex.. haha

      • markopolo

        Can u pass me ur account i lost mt unlimited data likr 2 years ago

      • Abhijeet Mishra

        Sorry to say, but right now the GPU in the GNex is actually 5 years old, haha.

        • wh1te_mag1c

          As someone who doesn’t care for mobile games more intense than Sudoku, I don’t see that as a problem.

          • Abhijeet Mishra

            Yeah, not a problem as it handles even most HD games quite well, but was just correcting @7bbd7fc56df15f5f6f41f6e99b361381:disqus about the GPU’s age, that’s all 🙂

      • wh1te_mag1c

        You forgot to mention the 2 worst things about the gnex: 1) Abysmal battery life 2) very lackluster 5mp camera

    • azndan4

      Came back to GNEX from GS3. GNEX is superior except for camera.

      • Went from Gnex to Razr Maxx to SGS3, rooted running stock jelly bean. I would rather suck Jeff Ross’s [email protected] than go back to the Gnex.

    • Bugless Beast fixed my problems with it. I used to turn off LTE all the time, and it was a huge pain, just to make it through the day. Now I finish the day around 30% with normal use, and only max out if I have long phone calls or browsing sessions.

      • Does bugless beast actually improve battery life?! I might have to do this…

    • I watched the entire game four of the world series on my S3 on Verizon 4G LTE, and still had 39% battery by the time the game was over.

      on ya, GIANTS!!!!!!!!!

      • SA

        That’s pretty impressive. I hadn’t heard such great things about the S3 battery life. Interesting

    • vitriolix

      I have the GN on Verizon… I’m just going to pay my ETA and get on a prepaid plan… I will save money over the next year doing that and get a N4 out of it

      • Sathariel

        Same. The amount you pay for ETF, which should be about ~$200 if you signed up for Verizon with the GNex like me, will be recovered pretty quickly with a pre-paid plan from AT&T or T-Mobile.

        • vitriolix

          That Tmo $30 plan… it’s only 100 minutes, but I almost never use my phone as a… phone. I could probably just use Skype half the time anyhow.

      • EC8CH

        and the satisfaction of giving VZW the finger.

        • michael arazan

          Compromise and Cooperation have become Four letter words now when it comes to corporations. I’m in my 30’s and remember times when corporations used to work with each other for the greater good of customers. Now customers are just replaced with dollar signs. America used to be by the people for the people, now its by the money for the money.

      • blackmagick20

        Good luck on paying your Estimated Time of Arrival!

        • vitriolix

          ETF you 🙂

      • DonSerrot

        I’m gonna be doing the same. I’ve been looking at StraightTalk, $45/mo for unlimited talk, text, and they say unlimited data too. It seems like it’s unlimited unless you over indulge ALL THE TIME. The area I live in doesn’t even get LTE anyway so it’s not like I’ll be downgrading at all. And they work through T-Mobile and AT&T’s towers so it’s like I’ll be with them, but not having to deal WITH them! LOL!

    • Mark

      It’s unfortunate that the current Nexus sucks though. Shouldn’t things improve? It’s just reallocating things. Some things improve while others go backwards.

      • MikeSaver

        not sure i agree with you there
        -Mike Saver

    • palomosan

      This blows, now Google is going an step back, no LTE in this times is really a huge step back, it doesn’t matter the cost. No Verizon, [email protected] and Sprint, makes no sense.

      • MikeSaver

        Whatever, just buy a Gnex for 1 cent and you still get 4.2.2 goodies.

        -Mike Saver

    • Raven

      As much as I hate to say it, I think that this phone should have been called the Nexus 4S. It is just an incremental upgrade of the Galaxy Nexus, it looks very similar, and it doesn’t even have LTE. Wake me up when the Nexus 5 comes out on Verizon.

      • LiterofCola

        I lol’d

      • 4g63mark

        The only upgrade is that you get the same IPS display that’s in the SUPER CHEAP LG Spectrum. Also you get the better quad core processor. Android 4.2 will come to the rest of us GNEX owners. The biggest issues is the massive downgrade in internal storage and data speeds. So I see it as a far lesser phone than the Verizon GNEX. and I’m sure many of you will agree. Especially the Nexus 4 owners when their glass phones start shattering easily like I phones.

      • Kurt Weber

        I thought it was called the nexus 4 because the screen size was 4.7″….

      • Russell Phillips

        Wouldn’t that be the Galaxy Nexus S?

    • Yea i wouldnt say its been horrible either. It was frustrating tho with verizon lagging with updates but since i rooted ive been happy as can be. This phone has its areas that need improvement but ive been buying phones that are ghe first of their kind ( OG Droid, Xperia play, and now Galaxy Nexus). I like this phone n will definitely have it another year!

    • EatUrCrap

      Yea, I love my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. It’s the best Android phone I’ve had, with the fewest complaints. A few months ago I got 4G in my area and that made the phone way better, then I got Jellybean, and that made it feel new again. I still love it, and I know the battery is crap, but I rarely have a problem as long as I charge it in my car.