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Android 4.2 “A New Flavor of Jelly Bean” – Gesture Typing, Photo Sphere, and More

The information keeps pouring in this morning as Google has made Android 4.2 “a new flavor of Jelly Bean,” official. Below we have listed out the new features that are highlighted in 4.2 and thrown in Google’s explanations on each one. So far, the big ones, which are Photo Sphere, multiple user account support for tablets, gesture typing, and wireless display support all seem to be fantastic additions to the Android OS we know and love. 

Once the morning slows down, we’ll come back to these and go over which ones we love and which ones we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Photo Sphere:

Up, down and all around you, it’s like no camera you’ve ever seen. With Android 4.2, snap pictures in every direction that come together into incredible, immersive photo spheres that put you right inside the scene. View your photo spheres right on your phone, share them on Google+ with your friends and family, or even add them to Google Maps for the world to see.

Multiple User Support on Tablets:

It’s your fully customized tablet. And theirs, too. With support for multiple users, you can give each person their own space. Everyone can have their own homescreen, background, widgets, apps and games – even individual high scores and levels! And since Android is built with multitasking at its core, it’s a snap to switch between users – no need to log in and out. Available only on tablets.

Gesture Typing:

Writing messages on the go is easier than ever with Gesture Typing – just glide your finger over the letters you want to type, and lift after each word. You don’t have to worry about spaces because they’re added automatically for you.

The keyboard can anticipate and predict the next word, so you can finish entire sentences just by selecting suggested words. Power through your messages like never before.

Android’s dictionaries are now more accurate and relevant. With improved text-to-speech capabilities, voice typing on Android is even better. It works even when you don’t have a data connection, so you can type with your voice everywhere you go.


Daydream lets your Android device display useful and delightful information when idle or docked. Show off your photo albums, get the latest news from Google Currents, and more.

Wireless Display:

Android 4.2 allows devices to enable wireless display. You can share movies, YouTube videos, and anything that’s on your screen on an HDTV. Just connect a wireless display adapter to any HDMI-enabled TV to mirror what’s on your screen quickly and easily.

More Expandable Notifications:

Android has always put you in control when it comes to staying notified and connected. Just swipe down from the top of the screen to see all your notifications in one place. Late for a meeting or missed a call? Take action in an instant directly from the notifications shade.

So, what do you think? Have a favorite new feature that you can’t wait to try out?

Via: Android

  • djbkbb4

    Will the Droid Razr ever get Jelly Bean?

  • This is great news! Looking forward to running 4.2 on my G-Nex. Can’t wait to send Photo Sphere pics to all of my iFriends.

  • Kevin Olson

    I noticed that the Nexus 7 info page says the Nexus 7 comes with Android 4.2. Since we can buy the Nexus 7 now, I bet we’ll see 4.2 any time now!

  • CapnShiner

    I wonder how the developers of Swype, Swiftkey Flow, and other such keyboards feel about the new gesture typing in Android 4.2. I know it’s an open platform and there is no rule against competition (unlike Apple’s app store) but it just seems like Google is screwing over those developers and I assume that there may be legal action if anyone had patented the idea.

  • Raven

    Multiple User Support on Tablets is the thing that I have been waiting for since I first got my Asus Transformer. That should have been standard since Day 1 of Tablets.

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      couldnt agree more. sadly our beloved TF101 will probably never see any version of JB.

  • Jose Lopez

    Features are cool but when will we start to see them on our GNEXs?

  • Sam’s Son

    hopefully when the gs 3 does get Jelly Bean it gets 4.2 instead of 4.1

  • socalrailroader

    I wish these programs would put two spaces after periods instead of one, I’m 41 and that’s what I was taught in school.

    • Yes, 2 spaces after a period were the rule during the days of typewriters and their monospaced fonts however, with the advent of proportional computer fonts, 1 space after a period is now the correct rule.

      In fact some professors these days mark off points for 2 spaces after a period.

      • Morghan

        Try using a monospace font, I do fairly regularly, the programs still try to correct double spaces.

  • Chuck Finley

    Now, I can’t wait for the Bugless Beast 4.2 release…