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RAZR HD Update 0.7.2 Now Includes Isis Wallet Support Too

About an hour ago, Verizon updated the support doc for the DROID RAZR HD 0.7.2 update to include a mention of Isis Mobile Wallet. As was expected, the RAZR HD and MAXX HD were to be “Isis ready” shortly after launch, and this update makes that happen. Nothing else changes in the update, as it is still 6MB.

We should point out that if you are not in Salt Lake City, UT or Austin, TX, that the Isis piece to this update means very little. Those are the only two markets that currently support Isis.

  • And It doesn’t look like this update affected my root(ing)

  • Is anyone else with a RAZR HD getting a purple screen when the device wakes? (Cannot be recreated on the fly)

  • Victor

    I was installing the update and my HD Maxx is now stuck on flash boot mode saying boot failure and everytime I press power and volume up/down it turns on but it turns back off WTF!

  • Pushing an update that includes Isis support on NFC capable hardware where Wallet is still embargoed is blatant anti-trust to me.

  • Can’t you use it at the same pay pass locations like google wallet?

  • nightscout13

    For a second there, my brain thought it saw Google Wallet support….

    • snowblind64

      Me too. Screw Isis, just let us download Google Wallet from the play store. Hopefully the new Wallet app Google is working on now will be available on all carriers.

  • Justin Howard

    has anyone else noticed better battery life after the update? my phone seems to have a better battery life since I got the update. I only have the RAZR HD not the MAXX but that’s because I always have my phone plugged in most of the time.I just figured why pay extra when I plug my phone in every night anyway.

    • Chuck Loya

      yeah i actually noticed that as well. I have the maxx hd and before the update i got usually 15 hours of heavy use and now i have roughly around 18-19 hours of similar use

  • Doesn’t ISIS use a special NFC SIM card? If so couldn’t they do this to the Droid Razr (non HD) and just about every other 4G LTE device on the market?

  • Justin W

    OTA Rootkeeper did not keep root, however, I was able to root again after the update.

  • ayyy

    Please let amazon get the maxx in stock soon!! haha

  • please release a fix update on playback sound quality, hotspot issues.

    • Tom Z

      What kind of “playback sound quality” issue are you talking about. It sounds pretty darn good in my car via Bluetooth.

  • Pete

    its saying phone not supported!!!!!! Is it coz m california?

  • gripworks

    Yes it removed root access on my HD Max.

    • jjjj

      What would make you think otherwise?

  • Ant R

    Will it remove root access?

    • Joseph S.

      I just installed the update on my already rooted MAXX HD and I didn’t loose root. Root Explorer, Wireless Tether, and SuperUser app still work exactly as they did. Cool!