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Vic Gundotra Teases Us With Two Tropical Pictures, Taken With a Nexus 10

On Wednesday night, we were skeptical that we would see Samsung and Google’s collaboration on the next Nexus tablet at Google’s event next Monday. After the supposed user manual for the Nexus 10 leaked yesterday, things looked a little more likely. Now that today has arrived, things look pretty clear that we’ll be seeing a new tablet in a few days. Vic Gundotra is off in the world, on some nice beach, and posted a few pictures to his Google+. If you look at the EXIF data of the two photos though, they appear to be taken with the Nexus 10.

First off, you would have to think that this isn’t an accident. The pictures haven’t been taken down and are there for you to see, and someone as deep into Google+ as Gundotra has to know that EXIF data is so readily available on those pictures. Second, the two pictures are no slouches by any means, for a tablet camera it seems that Samsung and Google have spent a little more to make it usable.

So the mystery continues, will we see this Nexus 10 announced on Monday?

Via: Android Central

  • The second picture looks a little blurry but the first is stunning especially for a TABLET!

  • PowersUSA

    Hoping it sports an Exynos 5 Dual chip

  • trophynuts

    Wow does this guy watch your guys Droid Life The show? In this weeks episode you all specifically mentioned how the prior Nexus 10 photos that had leaked were only in a test facility. This guy must have caught wind of that and said “oh yeah” look at these pics.

  • Logan Jinks

    Will this come with an optional lap dock? Hopefully a stylus will be included. I really really want a tablet with a functional stylus and that can run better than the note 10.1.

  • *throws credit card at the screen* TAKE MY GODDAMN MONEY!

  • enob

    I wonder if they updated the camera software in 4.2? The pictures have really nice color. They look like HDR pictures.

    • BTLS

      It’s obviously hinting towards the use of 4.2, hence the 4 and the 2 found hidden in the clouds

    • HDR effect indeed. Either that or they were edited using an app like PicSay

      • Greyhame

        Let’s hope it’s not picsay, but #SNAPSEED instead!

  • Greyhame

    I love the fact that one picture is staring DIRECTLY into the sun…… and no purple haze to be found. That’s a calculated digg.. well played Mr. Gundotra!

  • ToddAwesome

    take my money, please.

  • Ummmmmmmmmmm. Taking a picture of something beautiful does not equate to a beautiful picture. Yes I can confirm the pictures are of a pretty beach, but they do not look they were taken with a top teir mobile camera. These pale in comparison to what would come from a Galaxy S III, or even an S II for that matter.
    Come on android dudes, let’s not exaggerate how awesome our features are… That would make us iPhone users.

    • Greyhame

      They’re a little soft, yes.. may even have filters added (by Snapseed?). But if my GNex could take photos like that… well, I’d be happy as hell!

    • Dominic Powell

      These pictures are most likely downsampled to 3mp for Google + purposes. A part of the reason for the softness i expect.

  • TheWenger

    Who wants to buy my like-new 16GB Nexus 7 for $200?

    • Aaron

      Probably no one since that will be the price for a new one after Monday

  • schoat333

    Why are parts of the second picture clear, but the canoes are blurry?

    Yay for 10″ Nexus. That’s what I’ve been waiting for.

    • schoat333

      LOL I got a down vote?

      • Yes, it’s typical for the droid-life community to down vote a perfectly rational non insulting comment. Let me have it guys……

      • Greyhame

        Yeah, not sure why the down votes. Maybe it’s because that sort of softness is a well known feature of photo filter-type editors? But my guess is that is why the canoes appear soft.

        • schoat333

          Well know in the photo community maybe. This is a cell phone community. I’ve never heard of either. I’m not a photographer, nor do I use photo editing software. Thanks for the explanation tho.

          • Greyhame

            This is 2012 bro! You can has photo editing on yo’ phone!

          • schoat333

            Sweet bro. That doesn’t mean everyone does.

          • Greyhame

            Hahaha… I wasn’t the one to downvote you….. so, not sure why you’re defending yourself from my comments when I’m just helping you out.

          • schoat333

            Due to your comment that it “Well Known” If it was well known, I would have expect more people to answer the question. Hense my defense.

            I am great-full for the explanation tho.

          • Greyhame

            Oh. I wasn’t saying it that way as a statement, but as a question as a possible reason for you getting down votes. I have no idea why people down vote half the time on here. Probably apple trolls, haha. Nothing to worry about.

  • If you take a picture with the camera in your tablet, I reserve the right to laugh at you and call you a tool.

    • agreed 🙂

    • monkey082506

      If the camera is there why not use it? I’m not going to buy one just because it has a camera because I agree, it looks stupid, as a user said a few days ago “it’s like using a cookie sheet” but if it’s there it’ll be utilized.

    • droidify

      Excellent Pic. I literally busted out laughing.

      • michael arazan

        I’m guessing that guy drives a windowless van with a sign on it that says “free candy”

    • Gr8Ape

      that “gentleman” must be a 12 year old girl at heart. (i, ya know, like totally love pink).

  • KleenDroid


    • Magical

      • BTLS


        • Gr8Ape