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Microsoft Releases Xbox SmartGlass Application for Android Phones, A New Favorite App for Gamers

With the launch of Microsoft’s Surface this week, the part that gamers were all waiting for was the SmartGlass integration that allowed tablets to interact with your Xbox 360. If you remember during their E3 press conference this year, Microsoft said they would be bringing this integration to Android devices, and today they’ve started with the release of their application for Android phones. 

Long story short: this application is flat-out awesome. If you have an Android phone and an Xbox 360, there is no reason you shouldn’t have this installed. As a stand-alone app it is fantastic, allowing you to sign in and see everything about your profile and your friends that you could see on your console. Check achievements, send messages and even more. That’s not even mentioning how smooth and functional the app is at it’s core.

Where the application really shines though is when you sync it to your Xbox and use them in unison. Your phone now becomes a remote and you can swipe across the screen to move pages on your TV – buttons show up on your device for easy selecting, and while you’re playing music or streaming videos, extra information about the content will show up on your phone.

Down the road, Microsoft plans on making SmartGlass a part of every game. When your device is linked, that extra content will show up on your phone instantly, no downloading necessarily. Personally I cannot wait to see where Microsoft goes with this technology, the possibilities for games are endless. It is worth noting that as far as my list of Android tablets goes, none of them can install the application. Microsoft may look to keep this a phone app only to give you a reason to buy Surface, but who knows.

Are you installing this already? What are your thoughts on this cross-device integration?

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  • Benjpanama

    Evanthegamer i install it kn my nexus 7 and works fine, no problems. Very good. Thanks a lot

  • james176

    I have a galaxy nexus and p ut in halo 4 and i am not getting the extra content from halo waypoint

  • installing cyanogen mod 9 and making system 4.0 hope this workx.

    • no go no support from microsoft. guess ill have to wait till march when i get my new phone.

  • 5h1f7

    Thanks to the people who uploaded the APK works on my OG Transformer.

  • Calvinbah

    Sorry galaxy tab 10.1 you aren’t good enough.

  • Kaleb

    is it available for the Samsung Galaxy s2?

  • Glenn James

    “… the app is at it’s core.”

  • H Sandy

    Windows 8 blows.

  • Guest

    I’m a gamer and I don’t give a damn. The title is bunk.

  • mwalker

    This apk worked perfect on my galaxy tab 10.1


  • socalrailroader

    Well, it’s compatible with my AT&T Galaxy S III, but not my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet, which makes no sense to me, as the tablet form is much better suited to this.

    • socalrailroader

      Oops, it looks like somebody has the apk out already, sideload to my Note 10.1 coming up! Thanks to whoever got it out so quick!

  • JetBlue

    I want to download it but LG didn’t want to give my Revo ICS so I can’t use it.

  • Brandt

    Like a few others have noted, this app rocks, and it works just fine on Nexus 7 after being sideloaded. Great companion for your xbox!!

  • I don’t know who’s to blame for the incompatibility across devices but it works great on my LG-C900. A two year old Windows 7.5 phone which has better software update support than my 2 year old HTC Desire. It’s sad that not all Android devices appear to be the same even though the underlying OS is supposedly the same.

  • Mike

    Tried sideloading it off my wifes S3 into a galaxy tab 2, still got the incompatible message when starting it up, sucks. I originally tried running it right out of play, maybe now it knows not to run.

  • Steven Gonz

    Runs great on my G-Nex. Only wish there was a way to add the A button to replace the tap for A. : /

  • jessiejames1209

    Loving the UI and styling of the app.

  • This app is simply amazing!

    Finally an amazing app that works seamless and is actually useful! Oh and big thanks to Microsoft for releasing this on Android BEFORE iOS! I now have about 10 different friends who wish they owned Android devices JUST because of this app!

  • not compatible with R2D2 🙁 plus PS3…..but i do have a old gamertag would have loved messaging system. Oh well.

  • really wish Sony would do something like this… :

  • This app is exactly what your looking for if you have a live account and android phone. So much potential. Great app microsoft!!!!!!

  • God damnit PS3…

  • this app is freaking awesome. too bad it won’t stream music/video from phone to xbox though.

    • Paul Meyer

      Actually I can stream pictures/music/video to the Xbox using Smartglass with my Galaxy Note II and my wife’s Galaxy S III. I go into video player and a new icon shows up at the top to stream to xbox … works well except for stuttering. Gallery allows me to stream pictures albeit a little stretched, and I can stream music with Music player flawlessly.

      My friend’s Galaxy Nexus does not have the TouchWiz apps ‘Music Player’ and ‘Video Player’ on his phone. Curiously however, he does have Gallery but the icon never shows up for sending a picture. It seems Samsung TouchWiz phones can stream but others can’t.

      Anyone else get this to work?

  • Jose Antonio Quinones Jr

    Just an FYI. If you have Astro, just install SmartGlass on your phone then use Astro to backup the app. Now you have the SmartGlass apk and you can install to your tablet! I just installed it on my Nexus 7 and it works great!

  • catfishinguru

    is there a way to update your phone so you have android 4.0 so this will work?

  • Bob G

    Here’s one reason to not have this installed: Not having your phone updated to Android 4.0 or higher since it’s the requirement for this awesome app 🙁

  • geocab

    Is this microsoft’s way of competing with the Wii U and their tabletesque controllers?

    • EvanTheGamer

      No, not in the slightest.

  • Brett R

    Thank you Microsoft!(I don’t say those words often!)

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.”

    HTC Thunderbolt…… I hate you so much.

    • PhillipNorris

      It works on my Tbolt…

    • Jem

      Just download the APK and sideload it.

      • Andrew

        what do you mean by sideload it? sorry i’m not very phone savvy

  • Justin Everett

    Heres a Dropbox link to the APK
    Confirmed working on my Nex7


    • EvanTheGamer

      REALLY!? Excellent, will give this a go in a few minutes.

    • Awesome! Thank you for this.

      • RC

        You are sooooo Awesome dude ^_^

  • cool now that i have this though why do i need “my xbox live” app? also, cross integration is crucial. can’t wait for my tablet version

  • Won’t download to droid 3

  • ShaneBoddie

    Got it for my S3. You can also control Netflix and Hulu Plus with it.

  • Think its safe to assume no tablet support in general atm. Probably want to showcase it on tablet that is running W8

  • droyd4life

    Doesn’t work on Transformer TF101..

  • JS629

    No xoom support either.

  • digitalicecream

    Microsoft leveraging all of the abilities of the Play market by luring you first with their apps, then you’ll just mozy on over to your xbox and tablet and eventually you’ll end up using Bing for something or other and you’ll stop caring about it all. Personally, much better approach than Apple. Pretty sneaky sis.

    • EvanTheGamer

      I’ll never use Bing, ever, not even on my Xbox 360 do I ever use Bing for anything.

      I’m a Google Guy, a Google Guy 4 Life!

      • digitalicecream

        +1 to your comment because I feel the same way. I’m really hoping that Google gets on the developers to improve the quality of some of the apps that I use a lot which just frustrate me to no end. For example, Spotify on my tablet is a big version of spotify for my phone, but have you seen that app on the iPad? Amazing, and frustrating. So if MS vets out the apps like Apple does, I don’t know.

      • digitalicecream

        Right now, I have a WHS2011, a used xboxslim ordered off ebay, and all these MS apps integrating into my Galaxy Note. I gotta give credit to MS for their approach.

  • Chris

    Doesnt work with Incredible 2

    • Chris

      It’s for most android 4.0+ devices. Awesome Screw you HTC and microsoft

  • shecalledmejay


  • James Hill

    Cool, can’t wait till the browser app works better

  • This is what I was hopping Microsoft would do. At least they continue to prove they can co-exist with Google (at least for now)

    • and I also searched for this app yesterday with the eve of W8

  • Anders

    No nexus 7 support is annoying

    • EvanTheGamer

      Well…sure Xbox SmartGlass will be compatible with the N7 soon enough.

    • easy fix – From GNEX – titanium backup > send backup to dropbox, import tibu file to your n7.. works great!

      • If you have a Gnex or another NFC phone, you can use File Expert to send it between the two. Just bump them like a sending a picture and it initiates a bluetooth transfer.

    • Side-loading works. Just transfered it from my Gnex to my nexus 7 and it opens fine. Not vouching for it being completely stable, but it seems to being working.

  • mdeblaz

    Not compatible with thunderbolt or prime

    • Chris

      The thunderbolt needs Android 4.0+ and it might work…..

      • Wasn’t the Thunderbolt supposed to get 4.0 like a month ago?

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Doesnt work with nexus 7 apparently. Gnex works fine!

    • PhillipNorris

      I’m running 4.0.4 on my Tbolt and it runs smartglass

  • Brandt

    Love it, but lets get it on Nexus 7!

    • digitalicecream

      You couldnt back up the apk and move it over?

      • Brandt

        I’m going to go ahead and do that, but I meant legit comparability.

  • EvanTheGamer

    FINALLY the wait is over. Now I can finally control my Xbox 360 with my G-Nex. Hell yeah, have been waiting for this one to arrive!

    As soon as I get off work I’m gonna give Xbox SmartGlass a whirl! Kick-ass!

    • NorCalGuy

      Can you think when there is full integration ie progress on achievements, and even linking to games like if the borderlands map app fully integrated with the game that would be awesome hopefully smart glass will be able to help with that

      • michael arazan

        Glad MS didn’t make this only available to MS approved phones or windows only devices, like Sony did with playstation. Nice to see a company not blocking people that use their products

        • It isn’t available on iOS yet! Hopefully that is the one platform MS blocks for GOOD!

    • Play store says its not available for Nexus 7…. did you side load?