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Apple Posts Backhanded Apology in UK That Samsung Did Not Infringe on Its Patents

Because a UK court ruled that Samsung did not infringe on a design patent that Apple owns, the Cupertino company was forced into posting up a public apology on both its website and in print ads, to make sure the world was aware of the situation. If such a ruling involved a normal company, the apology and brief note in ads would probably be straight forward, with a simple one or two line remark about the whole ordeal. But no, this is Apple, the company that can do no wrong. 

This morning, Apple posted its “apology” to its UK site, only it’s not an apology at all. In fact, it talks more about how “cool” their tablet is, how “not as cool” the Samsung tablets are, and that in a couple of other countries, other courts found that Samsung did infringe on Apple patents.

Samsung / Apple UK judgment

On 9th July 2012 the High Court of Justice of England and Wales ruled that Samsung Electronic(UK) Limited’s Galaxy Tablet Computer, namely the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Tab 8.9 and Tab 7.7 do notinfringe Apple’s registered design No. 0000181607-0001. A copy of the full judgment of the Highcourt is available on the following link www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Patents/2012/1882.html.

In the ruling, the judge made several important points comparing the designs of the Apple and Samsung products:

“The extreme simplicity of the Apple design is striking. Overall it has undecorated flat surfaces with a plate of glass on the front all the way out to a very thin rim and a blank back. There is a crisp edge around the rim and a combination of curves, both at the corners and the sides. The design looks like an object the informed user would want to pick up and hold. It is an understated, smooth and simple product. It is a cool design.”

“The informed user’s overall impression of each of the Samsung Galaxy Tablets is the following. From the front they belong to the family which includes the Apple design; but the Samsung products are very thin, almost insubstantial members of that family with unusual details on the back. They do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design. They are not as cool.”

That Judgment has effect throughout the European Union and was upheld by the Court of Appeal on 18 October 2012. A copy of the Court of Appeal’s judgment is available on the following link www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2012/1339.html. There is no injunction in respect of the registered design in force anywhere in Europe.

However, in a case tried in Germany regarding the same patent, the court found that Samsung engaged in unfair competition by copying the iPad design. A U.S. jury also found Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple’s design and utility patents, awarding over one billion U.S. dollars in damages to Apple Inc. So while the U.K. court did not find Samsung guilty of infringement, other courts have recognized that in the course of creating its Galaxy tablet, Samsung willfully copied Apple’s far more popular iPad.

I get that this decision by a UK judge was probably not exactly what Apple was hoping for. In fact, it’s a little embarrassing. But when ordered to do something, you essentially do the opposite, and use it as a way to trash on the company you are supposed to be apologizing to? Only Apple. The sad thing is, this isn’t surprising at all. If you follow the company’s history, you would probably think that they had never made a mistake in their history, well other than Maps, and that took days of pain and mockery before Tim Cook would publicly acknowledge it.

I ranted a bit on Twitter yesterday over a similar situation that involved Apple, so the timing of this couldn’t have been better. Without going through that whole mess again, I’ll just ask this – isn’t it time Apple grows up?

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Cheers Ryan and Ben!

  • duke69111

    I don’t see we’re sorry or we apologize anywhere.

  • Ah Apple, you never cease to act like a 2-year old.

  • chris125

    Did you really expect anything else from them? I mean this coming from the same company who said they would never make smaller tablets and would never make a 7″ tablet because theirs is 7.9 lol. It is apple it only counts if they say so

  • lunas

    Is Apple just asking to get its was kicked off some one did that the apology would btw roped in half and they would get beat down and shoved into a locker.

    All Apple had to do was say I am sorry in 14pt Arial. Hell isorry is even less memorable. They could have made it an app .

    • Sam’s Son

      I would have got a kick out of them if they put that haha.

  • joejoe5709

    Haha, One one hand I laughed because it’s the perfect response from an arrogant company that obviously still thinks they’re in the right. This was easily written by an attorney with the clear direction of never admitting anything. It quotes the judge and it states all the important information so in those respects it’s perfect. But an apology this is not. Try again harder next time, Apple.

  • Farmerson Jr.

    Now that Samsung is no longer supplying apple with their screens Apple will hopefully fail. Apple and MS are a necessary idiocy in this world and those that can live without them just stand in awe of the sheep that blindly follow.

  • “The sad thing is, this isn’t surprising at all. If you follow the company’s history, you would probably think that they had never made a mistake in their history, well other than Maps, and that took days of pain and mockery before Tim Cook would publicly acknowledge it.”

    Don’t forget antennagate 😛

  • Neomastermind

    They weren’t ordered to give an “apology.” I think it was more along the lines of acknowledging it and letting the public know.

  • pimfram

    Stay classy, Apple.

  • richard melcher

    I was looking for the words to express my frustration about this, looks like you found them Kellex 🙂

  • Stevedub40

    I am so sick of apple these days. I can’t wait till this fad passes over and they go back under their little “niche” rock that they crawled out from.

  • razr user

    the ruling didn’t call for a literal “apology” but having to say “they were right, they didn’t infringe” sort of sounds like it should be an apology. All apple did was butter it up with praises for their products and turning the notice to an ad for apple products. Distasteful but from a business point of view, they turned a negative into a positive. sneaky b@[email protected]$.

  • whats more stupid then this “apology?” The ipad 4 hahahaha. they are really selling it as the ipad with retina display lolol. i thought they used that on the ipad 3

  • Harbo99

    so I had to pull my galaxy tab out of the case to see what “unusual” details were on the back. Are they talking about the brushed aluminum look or is it the SAMSUNG logo that is “unusual”?

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    “Today, we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information
    Purification Directives. We have created, for the first time in all history, a
    garden of pure ideology. Where each worker may bloom secure from the pests of
    contradictory and confusing truths. Our Unification of Thoughts is more powerful
    a weapon than any fleet or army on earth. We are one people, with one will, one
    resolve, one cause. Our enemies shall talk themselves to death and we will bury
    them with their own confusion. We shall prevail!”

    That is the text from the 1984 Macintosh commercial. The speech is given by the enemy of Apple and it is Apple that supposedly fights to break free from those oppressions. Nowadays, this sounds like Apple’s mission statement.

    It is with great irony that Apple has become the very people they used to loathe. They have become the locked down, the void of customization, the intollerant of competition, and now they are the one’s decrying how they will prevail.

    http://youtu.be/OYecfV3ubP8 < Give it a watch and see who reminds you of who.

    • Gr8Ape

      lol. HA! i had forgotten that Apple saw itself as a blonde with a hammer.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Funny huh? Breaking the mold. Now they are trying to be the mold.

  • Ken

    This is supposedly a very big Android blog/website and yet you can seriously pout and whine about Apple all the time. Find me a major Apple blog/website that does this to Android. You can’t. iPhone users are simply beyond this childishness you display Kellex. Maybe you have internal issues you should seek help about.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I take it you haven’t been on Macrumors.com … If you feel iphone users are above and beyond, “shield thy eyes oh lord”.

    • Neomastermind

      Now, I have a one-sided opinion considering I only frequent one Android-centric blog and no Apple-centric blogs because Apple news isn’t really all that fascinating. I like Apple, but they’re not THAT fascinating. I like Android and it IS fascinating because there are so many things that change in the world of Android. However, this blog does whine and poke fun of Apple a lot. It actually irks me how much “Apple” content I get on this site. That, and Android fanboys (not regular sensible fans) are downright annoying, Kellex included at times.

  • Stevaroo01

    There is one fact that seems to be missed here though… As far as I can tell they weren’t ordered to “apologize” to Samsung. They were ordered to publish that Samsung was found to not be infringing on their patents. Here’s a quote from Bloomberg,
    “Apple Inc. (AAPL) was ordered by a judge to publish a notice on its U.K. website and in British newspapers alerting people to a ruling that Samsung Electronics Co. didn’t copy designs for the iPad.
    The notice should outline the July 9 London court decision that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets don’t infringe Apple’s registered designs, Judge Colin Birss said yesterday. It should be posted on Apple’s U.K. home page for six months and published in newspapers and magazines to correct any impression the South Korea-based company was copying Apple’s product, Birss said.”

    Furthermore, their response is largely made up of quotes directly from the court ruling, and not originating with them at all. Obviously one can make the argument that they weren’t particularly flattering to Samsung in their post, but what company is going to be flattering their competition on purpose? My point here is, think what you want about Apple or Samsung or anyone else. But their response doesn’t mean they’re in “contempt” just because they didn’t apologize.

    • dangolds

      I love how you got down-voted for literally summarizing the verdict and giving a basic tutorial on why acting immature doesn’t mean you’re being in contempt of court. Must be all those radical concepts you utilized like “truth”, “fact checking” and “common sense.” How dare you, sir!

  • Melissa

    The judge should ban the “Supposedly far more cooler” Ipad from the UK.

    That’s how I see it. I would be pissed as the judge. And I would ban Apple from selling any products in the UK.

  • HBirdman80

    I know most on this site will just uninformed bash anything Apple, but did any of you bother to read the court’s decision?
    There’s nothing wrong with this ‘apology’ (which was a brilliant strategy by Apple). It recites the exact language required and the basis of the court’s ruling as unedited quotes.
    The last paragraph is sketchy but not illegal or contemptuous.

  • master94

    Worst apology ever, a 5 year old could give a better apology.

  • Adam Medina

    LOL Apple wins in the US and gets a billion dollars. Samsung wins in the UK and apple only has to say sorry. And you guys get offended. I’m sure Samsung doesn’t even care and are just happy they don’t have to shell out another billion dollars.

  • Kalle Kantola

    Where exactly are they saying that this is an apology? They could have just summed up what happened and what the judge said.

    Apple might refuse to apologize and rather pay the fines. Probably wouldn’t be a problem for the company considering the cash reserve.

  • jwjvh

    very childish behavior. I lost all respect to them

    • JoshGroff

      Mine was lost a while ago when they decided to just sue everyone.

      • Rich Koos

        Yea, I kinda lost respect for both samsung and apple, when they used more money on legal fees than R&D, sad world we live in

    • You had respect for them?

  • Stewie

    I was under the imperssion that it hd to be on their UK site main page, not buried somewhere for those to have to find, and if I were the Judge, I’d be setting a 46pt “We’re sorry Samsung” as the lead in link.

  • Respen

    I’m going to try this next time I need to apologize to my wife.

    • If you do just watch out for flying dishes….

  • Aardvark99

    Why not, the ruling was a pretty direct insult to Samsung. The judge basically handed Apple the ammunition to do this. Why he decided to add the “coolness” lines are beyond me – is there a legal definition of “cool”? The gushing over the iPad in a legal statement… just state the god damn facts.

  • I’ll be very surprised if the judge does not find them in contempt over this ad. Their only real defense could be that this wasn’t the ‘apology’ ad that they were instructed to place but rather one they placed on their own initiative. The problem with that is the statements about other rulings in different jurisdictions are essentially a slap in the face of the court; they might as well have taken out a full page ad saying “You don’t know how to do your job”, which is also likely to be considered contempt.

    • dangolds

      I won’t be surprised because the judge did not explicitly require an “apology.” If nothing else, Apple’s legal team is pretty meticulous on these matters – I’m pretty sure they took the time to figure out what they could legally get away with and went for it. I do think it’s funny how riled up everyone is over it. You’d think that 150 posters had been simultaneously kicked in the nuts or something. I have a Samsung phone and Apple’s comments made me laugh – I would have done the same thing if I had been in their position and so would Samsung.

  • Manny

    Why Would apple be upset. They have the number one selling handset on every major carrier in the us!!! Take That Samsung

  • David

    When will samsung stop copying. Seen the new chrome book MacBook Air lookalike? Seen their Mac mini look alike? Their apple iPhone power adapter look alike? Their apple retail store look alike down to the tshirts?

    Another shrill anti apple droid life post. What did apple personally do to get you guys so emotional against apple? Sounds personal.

    • dobvlr

      Macbook air – Sony Vaio copy

      iPhone – LG Prada copy

      Apple retail store – Sony style store copy

      iPhone power adapter – standard PDMI adapter copy

      Sorry, Apple is not original

      • David

        Do you really believe what you wrote? Do you really believe that Samsung is not trying to copy every design apple comes up with?

        • dobvlr

          If samsung should pay to original inventor, that is not apple.
          because apple is also copier

      • David

        Pdmi looks like the apple iPod connector. That’s not what I was talking about. Samsung copied the power adapter of the iPhone. Changed the color to black and wrote Samsung on it. 120v to 5v.

        • jwjvh

          Well, every tablet have same kind connector
          Asus TF, Sony tablet S

      • Manny

        Dude are u Nuts. Are the Widgets not letting you form a thought. Is the Sony Vaio plastic of Aluminum. As far as I know the sony vaio out at the time of the macbook air release all had dvd drives making them nothing like the macbook. Sony Style store. Really? So Sony stores have all their products out so you can play with them. They have a Genius bar too? Dude your an Idiot

        • You, sir are quite the troll.

          • Manny

            So stating facts and not just blowin hot air is considered a troll?

          • Paradisimo

            No, coming on to an Android site to do nothing other than praise Apple and start fights is what makes you a troll.

          • manny

            Like I said i state the facts regardless of what rom your running and how many flashes or “activations” a week u run. That’s not fignt starting.

          • Yes

        • FAL_Fan

          If you’re going to resort to name calling, you should probably use the correct form of “your”…and just to help you understand this better, I’m going to tell you that you’re an idiot. (See what I did there?)

      • DroidDoesnt_2

        “MacBook Air – Sony Vaio copy”

        “iPhone – LG Prada copy”
        iPhone timeline began as early as 2002: http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/timeline-apple-iphone-rumors-1999-present
        LG Prada timeline: ????

        “Apple retail store – Sony style store copy”

        “iPhone power adapter – standard PDMI copy”
        PDMI designed in 2010

        The ignorance on this site is simply ASTONISHING….

      • dangolds

        Yes, clearly the LG Prada would have been a huge commercial success if not for those dastardly iPhone copy cats! I will readily admit that Apple is just as guilty as the next company of poaching ideas to incorporate into its products, but Samsung’s business model is far more “copy cat” in nature than Apple’s.
        You might not like how it happened, but Apple was the first company to successfully commercialize and create a market segment for the modern day touch screen smart phone and tablet. Just so we’re clear, this doesn’t mean they were the very first to think of such a device, make a prototype or launch a product that generated minimal interest. But they were the first to be able to build products strong enough in both categories that would actually be appealing to every day consumers. Without Apple, the smart phone and tablet markets would not exist as they do today.
        Just like with flat screen TVs, Samsung became a big dog in mobile not through being the first to market but by copying, refining, improving, etc. Mind you, I have a Samsung TV and phone, so clearly I am not turned off by these business practices. Just pointing out that when it comes to copying products/ideas to make money, Samsung does it better than anybody including Apple.

        • DroidDoesnt_2

          Someone who REALLY gets it. *applauds*

    • I personally don’t like Apple because of people like you mostly. Also its the general douchebaggy-ness. I love how the founder is quoted as saying “Good artists don’t copy, they steal”, which he stole from Pablo Picasso, who probably stole that from someone else. Then he gets all mad when someone does the thing he was talking about being all proud of. Any company that says they “innovated” something when all they did was take someone elses’ idea and polish it, is a liar. You can say you made it more “user-friendly” or whatever, but I digress. You, I guess is the answer you are looking for.

  • M

    The verdict never says that they had to apologize. Just that they had to state the outcome of the case on their website. You all need to learn how to read.

    • Neomastermind

      Of course you get down ranked because you state the fact of the matter.

      • dangolds

        I’ll give both of you guys an up vote on general principle – this whole apology debate is pretty comical.

  • Galaxy-S3

    Stop whining, Kellex. If you were forced to apologize to another website in similar circumstances, I’m sure you would do the same.

    • Guest

      You’re an idiot. This wasn’t even written by Kellex….. and the authors were completely right.

      • Galaxy-S3

        Sorry, since the byline was “by: Kellex | posted 10.26.12 | News” I figured it was Kellex. I guess you know more than I do.

  • umgoblue80

    It’s not really an apology, it’s Apple stroking itself. Funny how often they feel the need to remind people that their products are “cool” and have an “exteremely simplistic” design.

    • dangolds

      It’s not an apology because it wasn’t required to be one and just like Samsung, they have no interest in capitulating in any way to their top rival. Come on Bo – you know how that feels every time “Ohio” starts trying to make noise about “that school from the north.” THE TEAM , THE TEAM, THE TEAM!!!!
      For those who are completely lost right now, I just transitioned from an Apple-Android argument to a Michigan-Ohio State battle by channeling my inner Bo Schembecler. For the record, I’m pretty sure Bo was not interested in rooting his phone.
      Go Blue, Buck the Fuckeyes and always remember that yes, LeBron hates Ohio!

  • mustbepbs

    Saw that from a mile away.

  • Just me

    No I think it’s time YOU grow up and Samsung stop copying Apple.

    • summit1986

      lol wut?

  • Dear apple I was a fan,
    But as of Yesterday I turned in my 4S for a Samsung …
    Yours Truly … Galaxy Note 2 user ….
    P.S. I will never Buy another Apple Product.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Apple probably doesn’t read these boards .. you could send an email to Tim Cook.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        But the little trolls rolling around in here this morning, do. 😉

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Who cares what trolls think? They are the minority, generally … hopefully.

          • Nick S


    • summit1986

      Welcome aboard!

      • Thanks I feel special already….

        • dangolds

          Seems like a pretty extreme position for something that’s nothing more than a silly insult match between two giant companies. I have a Samsung at the moment but wouldn’t be opposed to buying Apple again strictly because of this issue.

          • C-Law

            I’m sure it wasn’t the only reason. The note 2 is insane. I got to mess with one today.definitely might get it on verizon

          • dangolds

            Hey, I totally get the Note 2 part – no quarrel there. A little big for my taste but I have the GS3 and overall like what Samsung’s doing with their phones. I just think it’s a bit extreme to completely swear off Apple in the context of this litigation or a new product release.

          • In all Honesty @dangolds I wanted the Iphone5. I read the specs re: the Note 2 and I honestly went with what would fit my life.. The iphone5 is a longer 4s with a lighter feel. I went went with the better option.

    • randy

      Dear Cindy

      Nobody believes your story

      • dear faggot. no one cares what u say

      • Nug

        Dear Randy,
        You mad?

        • Randys just jealous Cindy that your phone is better than his…I know I am.

      • Dear Randy ,
        I won’t stoop to ur level but don’t start something u can’t finish my friend….

      • captdragonman

        Dear randy,

        Nobody cares what you believe.

    • enigmaco

      Glad you stepped away from the darkside welcome.

  • frankandsimple

    ITC.. court in SFO, Germany and other places have already ruled against Samsung.. Apple should have shown UK the middle finger and walked out of their market..The world would have seen then who needs who more than the other.
    UK is a totalitarian government that clamps down on the rich like no other nation. So I am not surprised.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    I actually find it pretty funny. What else did you all expect? Business is business, and businesses are generally scumbags when going after profit. Big whoop.

  • I guess I’m “uninformed” cause I don’t think they’re cool

  • Razr user

    The fact is Apple needs android because without android they wouldn’t be doing half the stuff they’re already trying to implement in their system. Granted, stuff that’s old for android but they’re doing it. Now if we can just get them to grow up and stop using litigation to stop competition….

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Not sure how Apple “needs” Android. Apple did have the iPhone out before Android. Not that I am defending them, I’m not, but if there was no other choice people wouldn’t know better in the first place.

      So no, they don’t need Android. They need people to buy their product.

      • DainLaguna

        I wouldnt say they ‘need’ android, but they certainly have ‘borrowed’ ideas from the platform, and vice versa. In that vein, they ‘need’ eachother i gurss.

      • Nathan Buth

        What he is saying is they need Android because pretty much every feature they have added within the last couple years was done on Android wel before hand. Essentially they are running low on ideas and look to the competition so they can survive.

      • I would say that consumers need Android, whether they use it or not. Google seems to be the only one really “innovating” and Apple is making things pretty. Android steals pretty, IOS steals usefulness, everyone wins!

        • droid user

          right on.

        • dangolds

          I agree. I do think part of the innovation thing is because Apple “finished” their OS before Android did. iOS was never intended to be as multi-faceted as Android, so it took Apple less time than Google to get its OS to a mature state with the necessary polish to work well on a hardware platform that has improved significantly over the last 5 years. With ICS and now Jelly Bean, Google is getting closer to that maturation point as well. The whole point of Project Butter is to essentially bridge the gap in OS smoothness with iOS. At that point, not sure how many major improvements there are left to do with the Android OS. Android and iOS will always have their differences, but as stand-alone OS’s they’ll both be pretty functional without much low hanging fruit left to fix in future updates. Maybe Google will prove me wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if future versions of Android OS struggle to identify major changes in the same vein as iOS 6 vs. iOS 5.

      • razr user

        They didn’t need them in the beginning but you have to admit a lot of the stuff they’re putting in their os is stuff that’s been out on android. I’m not saying they wouldn’t sell millions of iphones without android, but if they’re liking what android is doing to the point of adding it to their system then they do need it… at least it’s cheaper to copy than to pay their people to come up with new stuff but that’s part of the technology business. Someone does something right, they all want to do it that way.

      • QQpayne

        Its not so much that Apple needs Android, its the consumer that needs both. Competition breeds innovation, the more they fight to bring about better devices to try and draw our attention to their products, the better the technology grows. We as consumers gain the benefits of the war.

      • enigmaco

        from a competition aspect android is helping apple, and apple is helping android. Just like in the beginning of apple when apple took ideas from microsoft. It’s the nature of the business.

      • Wrongo, there spark! Android has been out since roughly 2003. The iPhone came out in 2007. Check your facts troll.

      • Nug

        Blackberry was around then too, and I have to say.. I kinda liked my old blackberry more than I liked my old iphone..

  • dave

    Keep sippin the koolaid apple fans.

  • Sean Livingston

    Unrelated: Has anyone heard anything about this tablet? http://zareason.com/shop/zatab.html

    • I would stay away, it doesn’t even show the processor and the name even sounds shady.

    • Mark

      Just another Allwinner A10 tablet. They are a dime a dozen. Not a bad chip just most tablets made around it are bottom of the barrel quality.

      • Sean Livingston

        Ok, thanks.

  • dobvlr

    Apple think they are untouchable god-like status. very arrogant. this is not even apology

    • Neomastermind

      They weren’t told to give an apology.

  • bakdroid

    Samsung needs to take this back to the courts in the UK and state that this is not an apology nor does it show that Samsung didn’t copy Apple. Then let the court tear apart Apple for failing to comply.

    • summit1986

      The judge may very well hold Apple in contempt.

      • and he well should, that’s about as blatant contempt as I’ve ever seen.

      • Raven

        I was just going to post the same thing. This appears to me to be blatant Contempt of Court and Apple should be slapped with a huge fine. Of course with as much money as they have, they won’t care, but it is the principle of the matter.

        • sk3litor

          I think the judge should write the apology that apple must print

      • Apple

        Contempt for what? Read the ruiling. Until then please stop making yourself look silly.

        • summit1986

          Don’t you have anything better to do today, Mr. Cook?

        • FAL_Fan

          You have misspelled “ruling” twice already, that being the case, I do believe it is you that looks silly.

        • Android

          dude, you can make your point without being a douche and putting others down. (ps: I’m not calling you a douche. You being a douche and acting like a douche are 2 totally different things. I’ve never met you, I don’t know if you really are a feminine hygiene product. I don’t want to make that assumption.)

  • Hatyrei

    U.K. judge should appeal to this…it’s not even sincere. It’s not even an apology! Apple violates the judges ruling.

    • Apple

      Read the ruiling. It never was an apology, just an admission that Samsung didn’t infringe on this particular case. Reading comprehension is very important.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I’ll vote you up just because some idiots on here vote people down because they get butt hurt over it, regardless of the facts.

      • Hatyrei

        I’m basing my comments on Tech news. So 100% of them says that Apple needs to write a public apology to Samsung. Reading comprehension is very important indeed. Acting like a sore loser is not so cool after all Apple! hahahaha

        • Jarred Sutherland

          One thing you should learn, tech news sites just copy and paste. So I wouldn’t take things such as legal rulings as gospel when read on tech news sites.

          • Hatyrei

            100% of them says it…it will be so odd if they lied. One thing you should learn. “Pointing fingers and acting like a sore loser is not cool”. It’s childish(Apple). 🙂

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Probably means that 100% of them are incorrect too. Legal rulings are different than finding out the CPU/RAM/etc combo in an upcoming device, or talking about the latest rumors. Understanding law is why lawyers get paid the big bucks. Learning how to copy and paste .. well .. again that’s easy.

          • Hatyrei

            It’s called Interpretation my child. Well your accusation has no basis for those editors . Well I won’t argue further…bcuz it’s ok for you to point fingers and acting like a sore loser after unexpected defeat. lol

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Can you point out where I said it was OK for them to do this? I think you’ll have difficulty doing that. What I said further down is it is expected. If you think Samsung is above something like this, just look at their TV commercials mocking the users who wait in lines for the iPhone.

            You can believe what you want, but I don’t take my legal advice or “interpretation” from tech blogs and rumor mills.

          • Hatyrei

            I don’t need to point out what you said….because i didn’t said you said it. It’s interpretation my child. Reading comprehension is very important ,according to Apple. LOL, good for you. You should go to the iSheep department.It’s called legal advice for some reason… because you need an attorney for that not blogs and rumor mills. You say.

            If you think Apple is your almighty God… praise them. rofl.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Well your interpretation needs some work. I do not own a single Apple product (Galaxy Nexus being replaced by GS3 tonight, and my great Nexus 7), though I have in the past.

            Your problem is you’re just blinded by your bias so you think anyone with an opinion contrary to Google is good and Apple is bad is the enemy.

          • Hatyrei

            LOL, Your reading comprehension and brain needs an overhaul. Look …who’s bias here. It is you Mr. Jarred. Not me..Your problem is your a troll, commenting like a bigoted fool.You should read your first comment. FYI . You’re? You mean Your?. hahahha. You sounded more like Apple now. Pointing fingers and like a sore loser.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Ah the defense of the fanboi, when you can’t find anything else just attack whatever grammar you can. By the way, I thought you were done “arguing” with me?

          • Hatyrei

            LOL, the defense of an iSheep. I’m not even arguing. with you. Such a pitiful existence. hahaha. Just to come here in the Android forum to start a fight. Such a troll.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Keep on rockin man, keep on keepin on…

          • dtusk

            Wow Jarred you got trollololololed hard

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Oh well.

      • lsutiger

        Yes, it had to be an admission but this didnt admit to anything. Apple wrote a news article of what happened in the case. If they had admitted to anyting it would have sounded like this – ” Samsung did not copy our product.” No where in the letter did it say anything close to that. It stated that the court ruled in favor of Samsung

        • michael arazan

          The one time I’d like to see a website get hacked and changed. Maybe the group anonymous or some antiapple group could hack it and replace it with iSorry Samsung.

  • Brian Meredith

    I wouldn’t say they talk about Apple all the time. The last 12-14 post have nothing to do with Apple.

    • xploren

      Yeah but that’s just the past day or two. Stick around for a week and you’ll see several posts about how ridiculous an Apple announcement was and a post about a Galaxy S3 commercial saying how hard it burns Apple

      It just feels like an incredibly unnatural hate for a company that really isn’t doing much other than being a company. Samsung, HTC, and Motorola all take opportunities to put down the competition, including the iPhone. Apple isn’t alone in this game

      • dangolds

        Absolutely. It’s a sickness in some ways. I don’t understand how any right-minded person would blindly swear allegiance to Apple or Google and despise the other one. Don’t people realize the big picture here? Each of these companies is trying to out maneuver the other to make as much money as possible off of all of us. How are they doing this? By making a ton of cool products that none of us really need and enticing us to buy them to enter their respective ecosystems. Once there, they can sell us tons of apps we don’t really need and get all kinds of wonderful access to our personal information, location and spending habits. I’m sure they have nothing but the purest of intentions with this personal information……..aside from the part where they use it to make more money off all of us, even if it compromises our personal privacy rights.
        Now mind you, I’m fully aware they’re doing this and am comfortable with the trade-off because I like the products both companies are making. But if someone really think that Apple is “evil” and Google is not, then that person is every bit the sheep that the Apple fanboys are, and deserves whatever personal privacy consequences will likely ensue 2-3 years down the road from using programs like “Google Now” every day.

  • Greyhame

    How childish. Are apple twelve years old?

  • MrBlonde04

    I swear Apple thinks their some sort of Roman rulers , that their untouchable. Well everybody get your pitchforks out, time to bring back the fine art of Tar and Feathering!!

  • rumthin

    maybe i’m just bad at reading comprehension, but i don’t see an apology anywhere.

    • Apple

      You are terrible at reading comprehension. Either that or you didn’t read the ruiling. This is what happens when you get your legal recaps from droid life

      • fauxshizzl

        Please kill yourself.

      • Androidhasautocorrect

        Maybe I’m just bad at reading comprehension, but I’ve never heard of a “ruiling”. Thought Apple had autocorrect.

        • ArrowCool

          ^^ Post & username of the week right here.

        • android

          They will in IOS 8

      • FAL_Fan

        Correction! You have misspelled “ruling” three (3) times! Quite silly you are


    The Judge will no doubt find them in contempt. Big fine. Maybe some jail for the lawyers.

  • SteveG12543

    Scumbag Apple.

  • to apple: “you mad bro?”

  • JoshGroff

    Just saying “Sorry for being a patent troll” wasn’t enough?

  • Maybe they had Michael Jordan type it?

    • Destroythanet

      Haha, good one. MJ is the king of backhanded compliments.

  • John


  • woooooowww

  • William Peterson

    Its time, but they never will.

  • slider112

    Yeah, I’m done with Apple.

  • enigmaco

    I almost feel bad for Apple, the behavior they exhibit is embarrassing. They are showing they are not the powerhouse they once were. They refuse to recognize that Android is outdoing them. They are like the horses in a race that have the blinders on and refuse to remove them.

    • manny

      How is android out doing them? Becuase a bunch of nerds Like to root and rom a bunch of phones. Iphone is number one seller in every major us carrier. Please answer this? And don’t tell me how your Galaxy 3 has widgets.

      • QQpayne

        #1 selling phone, but android wins as the #1 OS by leaps and bounds.

        If it is a debate of Android vs. Apple then you cant compare the sales of any single android device, it is android as a whole.

        • Adam Medina

          Android is on 300 phones. iOS is on 6 phones, only 3 currently being sold. Of course they’re winning.

          • enigmaco

            As the saying goes “there is strength in numbers” and android has the numbers.

        • Manny

          Very well then Android as A whole with your 350 devices vs iOS as a whole. this means phones and tablets. That’s 100 million ipads plus what ever the number is in phones.

        • dangolds

          Different business models. If Apple was really concerned with having iOS be the #1 OS in terms of market share, don’t you think they’d make a point to release more devices? I haven’t been in their Board or management review meetings but I have to think that they’re not stupid enough to think that releasing 2 new devices/year (iPad and iPhone) will allow them to have the most frequently used OS vs. the Android multi-OEM model. They are simultaneously trying to be a HW and SW company in mobile, so they’re balancing the needs of both components. They rely on the HW margins as a huge chunk of their profitability – flooding the market with more devices at lower price points would erode those margins.
          Their challenge is to maintain a meaningful presence on the SW side so that millions of people will still have reason to invest in the HW. If they continue to come out with less than inspiring versions of the iPhone, this will cause a problem for them over time, but to say that they are “losing” the battle to Android at this point in time from a business perspective is not accurate. More pointedly, they’re clearly not even trying to fight the battle that you’re accusing them of losing.

        • summit1986


      • Paradisimo

        So 68% of worldwide smartphone users are just nerds that like to root and rom?

        • Manny

          Out of this 68% Please subtract the cheap tablets,the chinese plastic phones that run android and every device with froyo and then we could go from there.

          • Paradisimo

            Oh you mean frame the numbers so that they they fit your argument? You sound like you’re fit for Apple management my boy!!

          • Why would you want to discount froyo? It’s the only “current” version of Android that iOS can compare to. That’s how far behind Apple really is

          • dangolds

            Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. I’d love to have an OG Droid running Froyo right now over an iPhone 5 with iOS 6. I’m a big fan of force closes, lags and battery pulls so Froyo……..totally!
            ICS and Jelly Bean make a compelling argument for Android being better all around mobile software than iOS, but you just sound like a complete fanboy with a comment like the one above.

      • Bruce Purvis

        Guess you haven’t checked T-Mobile lately…

      • enigmaco

        I guess the numerous reports I have read about android phones outselling apple are wrong. And if company is doing well with their phones, why do they keep insisting tying up courts across the world for lawsuits over a competitor. If you are doing so well you wouldn’t have to worry about competition. As you said Apple is big with “every us major carrier” That is just a small chunk of the world, on a larger scale Android is outdoing Apple.


        • dangolds

          On the Legal stuff, that’s the nature of Tech. If you were a Big Boy player in mobile and had invested significantly in patent protection, why wouldn’t you try to block others from competing? Of course Apple recognizes that the top tier Android devices are serious competitors, so they simultaneously attempt to compete with new products and litigation. I know that many in here don’t like the litigation piece because it has the potential to limit consumer choice, but it’s a smart business strategy. I mean, if you were the CEO of Apple, Google, or Samsung, why wouldn’t you do this to gain a competitive advantage?

          • enigmaco

            Bu Apple has an history of taking ideas from its competitors. I am a lover of technology and I can admit there are some pros to apple products compared to others however you are not doing anybody any good by trying to limit advancements in technology in the end there are no winners. I couldn’t speak on what Apple would do because honestly I do not like their products enough to really gear it towards a good direction.

            Google’s philosophy has been working for them, by just flooding the gate ways with products some good some not so good but like I have said before “there is strength in numbers” and the fact consumers can customize the products they paid for with money that could have been spent with different phones is a good selling point for me. But makers now are starting to realize less is more, by releasing less products you can increase the quality of the products that you do release. I think these lawsuits are taking a toll on the companies though. They are getting as sick of it as the consumers in the know are. You have users like ourselves who have picked sides. Just like cars you have your ford guys, chevy guys, dodge guys, etc. There is nothing wrong with that if that is what you like that is what you like.

          • Nug

            >>that’s the nature of Tech.
            No. That’s the nature of apple. When have you ever seen big TV companies sue each other? Never. How about companies that make monitors or desktop case companies sue others for simular case form factors? They don’t exist. Why is it only Apple? Apple suing Microsoft, Apple suing samsung, apple suing fuji, apple suing a polish deli. It’s the nature of Apple not tech.

      • Stevedub40

        Typical apple response. Go back to iBGR manny, your buddies The Gnome and Zac are waiting for you there.

      • Nug

        iPhones aren’t the number one seller in every major US carrier? [in regards to OS]
        And so what if people want to root and rom their phone? What is so wrong with people who want to be able to CONTROL what’s on the device that they PAID MONEY FOR? And you don’t need to be a “nerd” you just need to be able to read at an 8th grade reading level, be able to follow basic instructions. Rooting and Roming a phone is easy. Please answer me, what is so wrong with people wanting to control what is on the device they paid good money for?

        • FAL_Fan

          Very well stated!

      • Sam’s Son

        Apple is number one because they told you they were. Sheep.

      • summit1986

        Please tell me more on Apples sales figures through T-Mobile…

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      “Apple Dominates Q3 U.S. Smartphone Sales Through Big Three Carriers”

      Nope….not a powerhouse at al 🙂

      • razr user

        as a single company over any inidvidual company, sure, not arguing that. But the issues is over android, an operating system that’s used by more people than ios because several different companies are using it. In that case, they aren’t top dog. It’s not a fair comparison in that it’s a software manufacturer using several different hardware manufacturers vs a hardware/software manufacturer but that’s the issue at hand.

        • DroidDoesnt_2

          So if by your words it’s not a fair comparison then why is it relevant?

      • enigmaco

        But the article states Android is winning the global battle lol.

        • DroidDoesnt_2

          Apple retains 70% of the profits in the smartphone industry….believe me there IS no global battle

  • triangle8

    Mutha ‘uckers! They are just the worst A-holes that don’t want anyone to compete with them. Why do they have to trash everyone else? Inferiority complex much?

  • Droidzilla

    Hi, I’m Apple. Welcome to this week’s episode of How to be a Raging Douchebag!

  • Perfect final thought on this, Kellex. As I was reading it I was thinking “This comes off as incredibly childish.” and then I reached your conclusion and felt relief wash over me.

  • Destroythanet

    Apple’s worried about the latest financial reports. Samsung’s coming up on them fast as far as profits are concerned.

    • Destroythanet

      Oh, and I used my gf’s iPhone 5 for over three weeks almost exclusively to evaluate how it stacks up against my GS3. It’s a nice little phone, but I’ll take my GS3 any day.

    • korearules

      Oh yes! There goes another American company down the drain. Samsung FTW!!!

      • Paradisimo

        Right because Apple does so much to help America. They hoard cash, give minuscule margins to their dealers, abuse our patent system (which ultimately costs the taxpayers money) and use Chinese slave labor to produce their ridiculously over-priced products. Sounds like a great company to support!

  • Not surprising, ’cause it’s not a company but a cult. Have you seen a cult apologize?

    • bakdroid

      Where is the Steve Jobs comet when you need it?!?

      • KleenDroid

        Probably listing all the reasons it is better than Hale Bop

    • Greg

      Steve must’ve been the only one to drink the punch lol.

    • dangolds

      Nope, and that goes for the Android cult as well. If I’m not mistaken, many people on this site freaked out when the U.S. court ruled against Samsung in the August patent trial. I’m pretty sure that if Samsung had been required to issue a similar disclaimer on its website as what happened to Apple in the UK, many folks on the Android cult side would have cheered an unapologetic response that ridiculed Apple.
      Not saying that any of this behavior is right, mind you. Just pointing out the obvious fact that the anti-Apple obsession on sites such as Droid-Life is equally retarded and cult-like as what goes on at Apple.
      And before anyone accuses me of “trolling” and wondering what I’m doing on this site, I happen to subscribe to the crazy belief that it’s ok to use and own both Apple and Google/Android products. I like to keep up to date on what’s happening next with both platforms and Droid-Life is a good source of information for the Google/Android side of the equation. I just have a low tolerance for idiotic comments and whiny fanboys on either side, so when I see the pot calling the kettle black I cannot help myself but to respond.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Having a moderate view like that is just crazy sir, just crazy around these parts. You have to be flaming crazy either or, you cannot stand in the middle and have reason at your side here.

        It’s really sad you were down voted so much. If people only knew how stupid it made them look to be as rabid as they are.

        • dangolds

          I can’t help but laugh. I mean seriously, is what I wrote really that offensive to a normal person? Here’s the best part – when all these guys get in a pissing match about Apple vs. Android blah blah blah, who are the ones making the difference in the sales battle? It’s all the every day non-techie types who just want a nice phone and could give a rat’s ass about patent litigation, notification shades and rooting phones. If one of these people buys an Android phone because Sales Person X tells them it’s a great device, then our friends on this site attribute this to the almighty power of Android. And if one of these people instead buys an iPhone because Sales Person Y recommends it as a great phone, then all of a sudden our friends at this site cry “iSheep!” and lament the fall of society.
          Never does it dawn on some of our friends in the Droid-Life forums that many people find both Android and Apple to be excellent options and can go back and forth between them without being sheep, stupid or the like.
          Let’s see if this most recent post can earn me double digit down votes. After all, I did throw in a hint of sarcasm and embellishment to my “radical” moderate viewpoint.

      • sk3litor

        I agree completely but then again this site is “droid” life. Ever wear a Yankee Jersey to a red sox game?

  • xploren

    Jesus Christ as an Android blog you guys sure talk about Apple a lot

    • summit1986

      At least it’s relevant to the Android platform this time

  • MikeSaver

    Apple has poo in their mouths

  • Michael_NM

    F apple

    • lostsync