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Thursday Poll: Are You Buying the Galaxy Note 2?

It wouldn’t be a proper device launch unless we asked the fabulous DL community if this was the phone of their dreams and whether not they would be buying one. So now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is available (at least in pre-order form) from all carriers, we would love to know if you plan to make this your next phone. But feel free to take it further in the comments, by convincing the world that a phone with a 5.5″ screen is the way to go.

Are You Buying the Galaxy Note 2?

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  • willie

    I have been with tmoble since 2006. I love their coverage and buying my gn 2 on the first day is the best decision I have since I have with tmoble , im loving the phone the best phone I have ever used.

  • Been rocking this for 2 days now and vanilla would have made this flawless

  • kane

    I kinds of wants me the giant phone but my SG3 makes me happy with unlimited data on the evil big red. In any case suck it VZW!!!

  • I really wanted to but after seeing that logo placed on the home button, I’ll pass on it. How many freaking logos do we need on a phone? 3 on the back, and now on the home button? Give me an F’ing break!

  • I’ve been wanting a Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon for a long time and voted that I’d buy it on Verizon, but because they’re trying to force me to get rid of unlimited, I’m torn between having to buy it full retail at $700! Or go to TMobile or Sprint. Decisions decisions. Verizon is such a douchy company with the way they’re going about thing.. not only do they ignore their customers demands for the Note 1, just to see how it sells, but they finally are getting the Note 2, are trying to force you to get a measly 2gb share everything data plan, then by ignoring our anger over shared plans they announce it to be a success when no one had much of a choice otherwise. On top of that they put their ugly logo on the freaking button to remind you they pownd you.

    Anyone have any input on going to either TMobile or AT&T over Verizon? I may just suck it up and go with Verizon but what’s sad is in order to keep Unlimited data I can’t use a $50 Best Buy gift card, nor use the $30 NE2 credit, which when after the sale of my current phone would basically make the Note 2 free via using the discounted rate:/ Then on top of that the monthly rates are expensive as beans.. covered in gold.

  • Tmobile Note II day 2 loving every min of this sexy phablet.

  • Hahaha from Verizon. Suckers.

  • corymcnutt

    We are buying TWO – preordered one already and the next one in February when my wife’s phone is eligible for an upgrade.

  • Mark

    Doesn’t T-Mobile throttle their data? I average 70 GB of data per month and would get hit with early termination fees if I tried to switch. If I had to switch it would be to either T-Mobile or Sprint. MUST BE UNLIMITED….. However I’ll be passing on the Note 2. If it had a 1080 screen I’d buy it. But since it doesn’t I’ll wait

  • Bill

    I’m holding out for the HTC DLX. I have the original, international Note now and am tired of Samsung’s skin/bugs. I like what HTC has done with the One X series and am hoping the DLX is just as good.

  • dsass600

    Was planning on buying it till they shoehorned their logo on the fuckn home button.

  • Doan

    I’m on Verizon, so no, I’m not going to buy a phone covered in obnoxious Verizon logos.

  • Justin Swanson

    You don’t have an option for all ready bought it…


    Not getting it. Waiting for the HTC DLX, aka Droid DNA.

  • Too close to the S3 launch to consider it, but if it wasn’t for that I would have to try it in my hand to see what it would be like.

  • Hec

    Already bought it 🙂

  • JulianZHuang

    putting an ipad mini on your face….. looks funny.

  • nightscout13

    I’ve set my sights on RAZR MAXX HD unless the new RAZR X is even better…..

    • Zach

      You know that was pretty much debunked right? So I’m not worried a bit. I also went with the Maxx HD and love it.

  • jtavera

    If it comes to mexico soon. yes!

  • You know, when I see a poll like this, it appears like 59% of people are no because the phone isn’t good. You should clarify your questions so that it reads: “of those of you in the market for a new phone, will you be buying the Note 2”. For some of us, we’re just not in the market for a new phone and it skews the polls. Just my $.02