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Gameloft’s Zombiewood Launches on Google Play, It Must Be Halloween Time

If I didn’t know better I would say we’re nearing my favorite holiday, Halloween. With zombies coming out of the woodwork on Google Play, it’s a good time to be a mobile gamer. This morning, Gameloft has unleashed Zombiewood, a game which they teased last week, to Google Play for the price of free. The objective for your character is just like any other zombie game, kill the hordes. With some great graphics and plenty of fun and upgradable weapons, this may make some other games I’ve been playing take a backseat. 

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  • Finire

    Thank you Gameloft for leaving the Transformer Infinity out like you do with all of your games…

  • dancedroid

    haha, zombieWOOD

  • sdny8

    Isn’t anyone else sick of zombie games?? I laughed reading the tweet. Zombie an android go together all yr long, not just Halloween.

  • Mason Lammers


  • EvanTheGamer

    ANOTHER Zombie game?! Oh HELL yeah! Count me in!

    Downloading now to my N7! Kick-ass!

  • I was really hoping for a movie director sim where your cast and crew were brainless zombies.