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Best Buy Holding Galaxy S3 Sale Again Tomorrow – $100 Off on Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T Models

Best Buy announced this morning that they will hold another 1-day deal for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Tomorrow only, October 26, you can stop by any Best Buy store across this great country, and grab the GS3 from Verizon, AT&T or Sprint for $100 less than normal. In the press note, it mentions the 16GB model as being a part of the deal.

  • pug

    What is the process keeping unlimited going 3rd party?

  • Marcjac

    Thanks, Droidlife!! You saved me $100 yesterday on my new S3!! If I hadn’t seen the article on your website, I may have delayed buying the phone AND paid full price for it! FYI, coincidence or not, the entire Best Buy computer network was DOWN most of the day yesterday; they had to process everything on paper and call Verizon for my upgrade. Got it done, but it took quite a while due to a 20-minute hold waiting for Verizon due to “unexpected heavy call volume” (from all the Best Buy stores nationwide selling S3’s!!

  • Steve Rosas

    It’s not showing up for Verizon, just tmobile, sprint, and at&t

  • I don’t think my 2 years is up until May 2013 but AT&T online is already saying I can upgrade, I wonder if BB will let me.

  • melvin

    does best buy charge any extra fees when upgrading/buying there?

  • Sethsully

    Pick one up and then unlock it http://gsmunlocklabs.com/samsung-unlock-code/

  • Steven Bozzo

    Are you able to just renew your contract for 2 years??? Cause if so I will be going to best buy before work tomorrow!

  • Mike

    My upgrade is up next Friday not tomorrow think they will let be do,it a week early?

  • Dean Dillman

    Does anyone have the link to the press release?

  • Yanelis

    Made some phone calls both to the store and to the call center. Here’s what i got “we won’t know until the day of”, “you can call and order it and pick up at store for the sales price”, and my favorite one “adding a line would qualify”…I am pretty stoked!

  • Has anyone gotten a phone from Best Buy and kept their unlimited data? I’m hoping I have a better chance of keeping it without paying full price by going through a 3rd party than Verizon directly.

    • NoSoupForU

      It will never happen…

      • TheRealBeesley

        Actually it does happen… if you do an alternate upgrade. Worked for me.

        • michael arazan

          Does the $100 off include full price?

    • Mike

      Yea they let me keep my AT&T unlimited data last time.

  • edgar cancela

    Walmart sells it for 148 would they price macht so i can get it for 48 dollars

    • best buy will price match … They did it for my evo … Radio shack had it way cheaper

      • edgar cancela

        ill have to check it out i guess

    • SkirtingTheSystem

      Only at $99

  • Mike

    Damn. My upgrade for att is a week after this Friday. You think best buy will let me upgrade a week early?

    • call att bro… Sometimes you can get them to push it up..

  • steve0617

    Anybody had a corporate discount already on their account and then purchased a phone from a third party (BB/Amazon/Wirefly etc)? Does the corporate discount stay on through the renewal or do you have to start over again directly with Verizon to get the discount restored once the paperwork is done? What about changing from a single line plan to the shared plan and adding a 2nd line?

    • BStu185

      My gf has an individual plan with a corp discount. She is going to convert it to a shared plan so I can join as 2nd line. Verizon rep told me that this will re-start her 2 year commitment since it’s a new type of plan (as opposed to just being a different type of individual plan). As long as the name on the account is still hers, corp discount should not be affected.

      • steve0617

        Thanks for response. But is she going to convert it with an upgrade purchased through a third party? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I know I can walk into the Verizon store, upgrade her (me actually as she’s the corporate discount) then add her coming from Sprint thus creating a Shared Plan with two phones while keeping the existing discount.

        But since we’ll be dealing with two new phone purchases, I’m trying to save some $ by using Wirefly (or in this case, Best Buy) for all this instead of the local Verizon store.

        • BStu185

          No totally sure. The rep told me I could bring my own phone after the plan was changed, I wouldn’t have to buy one on the spot. I was planning on buying from a third party (amazon or wirefly) because it’s cheaper than direct from VZW, but I haven’t made the transaction yet. Waiting for the new phones to come out and/or a GS3 price drop before I make the switch.
          Pretty sure her name has to be on the account to keep her discount, though, so you may have to change your account to her name. I’d recommend going into a VZW store or calling a rep to figure it out.

    • Brian

      I’ve done this the past two times and kept my corporate discount. Two years ago through Amazon and then again a few weeks ago when Best Buy had their first sale. However, with the new “share everything” plans, the discount only applies to the data package you have. Not to the cost of each line you have on the plan.

  • Blah- My upgrade is up November 1st, I wonder if there’s anything they can do for me.

  • Steve Rosas

    Does anyone know if you can do this online as well?

    • yeah 99% sure… You can create a .com pickup and come in another day and still get it for 100

  • jr

    Does the $100 off include phones being purchased out right? Thx

    • Chris Malkiewicz

      looks like you have to sign a new contract!

  • NexusMan

    Is this sale for existing customers too? Like the last one?

    • JoshGroff

      Most likely.

  • cgalyon

    Is that $100 off the full retail as well, or just off the contract price?

    • The previous sale like this was only off the contract version. I would imagine this one is also.

    • I just checked online, the phone is not $100. It’s $100 off making it $199.99! False advertisement above

      • KleenDroid

        Not sure why you didn’t understand this.

  • My friend went to Best Buy the first time they did this. They stated they were NOT doing it for Verizon SIII phones, only Sprint and AT&T

    • Brian

      @twitter-386037041:disqus – That’s interesting… we don’t live near a Best Buy but were able to call their customer service during the sale and order that way. Didn’t have any trouble getting two of the Verizon models.

      • Johno

        Its for the Verizon S3 too

    • Should have asked them to pricematch their website, the price was $99.99 for the 16GB Verizon version online.

    • iamevie

      That’s odd because I went to Best Buy the last time they had this deal and got one for my Verizon plan, no problems.

    • JoshGroff

      My friend got the price adjusted for the one he purchased before the sale. Go on bestbuy.com and the store will match the price even if they say they aren’t doing the sale on the Verizon model in store.

    • r0lct

      I know someone who bought a Verizon one for $200 during the sale. You unfortunately talked to a uninformed sales rep.

    • Asimoalex

      Thats BS I work for BBYM and its all S3

      • Yup, I told him, he is going to go back. Sucks they did that to him.

  • bonzix

    How is everyone liking their GS3? How’s the battery life on Verizon with LTE? Trying to recommend a phone for a friend. Looking like it’s between the GS3 or the Razr HD MAXX.

    • LOVE IT!…for me the battery lasts all day. I use it pretty hard all day with emailing and going on the internet. Its an awesome phone!

      • NexusMan

        What carrier are you on? All my friends who have the Galaxy S III love the battery too, and I’ve noticed they all are on T Mobile.

      • steve0617

        To clarify – you’re using an S3 on Verizon with the 4G LTE turned on and the battery lasts all day?

        • KleenDroid

          of course…. thus is not surprising…

          • steve0617

            What is not surprising? That I don’t know? I’m not bashing. I’m actually asking. Can one use an S3 with LTE all day and not kill the battery? I’m still on a TBolt and if I use 4G hardly at all, the battery is dead within half a day. I leave in on 3G just to get through a light day. But it’ll last all day when it’s on WiFi. That’s why I’m legitimately asking if a stock S3 will last all day when connected to LTE.

          • KleenDroid

            No I meant that it’s not surprising that it lasts all day. I understand what you mean though. But yes things have improved.

          • steve0617

            Got it. Thanks for the info.

    • Mikeg1969

      If battery life is a big concern, you can’t miss with the MAXX line but coming from a Razr Maxx to a SIII I would recommend the SIII. Razr MAXX has better battery life and in my experience better signal, both are good phones but I prefer the SIII for features and functionality.

      • KleenDroid

        Not only that but Samsung is developer friendly while Motorola has deserted us.

    • sov

      I have had the Verizon GS3 for a couple of months and battery is great on it, even on stock. i LTE is always on, but i connect with wifi at home and work, but i can get about 20 hours with above average usage.

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      I absolutely love my SGSIII…battery life is solid

    • kidheated

      Switch off the LTE for use when actually needed and battery life will almost, if not, double. LTE is good for use in places where there is no wifi, otherwise just use wifi when accessible. Just know that when you flip that LTE switch, your battery will drain at an alarming speed. Your friend can also wait for the new batch of phones that will be out now through Jan (Nex 4, HTC DNA/DLX, Razor X,etc).

    • I had the AT&T GS3 since it was available and it’s great. I used my iPhone 5 for a couple weeks and already put my iPhone 5 aside and went back to using my GS3 as my primary. I been had the latest Android version on it with AOKP and its smooth as butter. I was testing both devices and seeing which loads web pages faster and was surprised how the GS3 scrolled so much smoother and faster than my iPhone 5. My iPhone didn’t lag it just didn’t scroll as fast and smooth as my GS3. Jelly Bean and the hardware of the GS3 equals great performance. I did the comparison with my GS3 with AOKP on it because that’s how my device is kept everyday.
      Keep in mnd that the new Nexus is supposed to be announced soon. And more high-end Android devices are coming soon.