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Video: Samsung Brings Back the “Phone? Tablet? Best of Both” Line for the Galaxy Note 2 Launch

Today is technically the launch day for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 here in the U.S. While it’s only available on one carrier for purchase, T-Mobile, it will soon be available from them all. Samsung plans to kick off the festivities at a launch party in NYC later this evening, which our boy Kover will be at. After that, we’ll start counting the minutes until Verizon announces their release date, since they are the last to mention it publicly. 

Until that happens, we thought we would share this promo video that Samsung just posted, to help you understand all that the Note 2 has to offer. They are playing the “Phone? Tablet? Best of both.” card again, just like they did with the original Note. The video highlights all of the big features, many of which I covered this morning in my device tour video.

Thankfully, there is no mention of the word “ph*blet.” Yep, asterisk in it because it should be banned.


  • I’ve already ordered accessories off Amazon 🙂

  • joejoe5709

    Definitely better than ph*blet. Lol. Marketing wise, I think they would be better off not to even mention tablets. I could be wrong but I’d rather people view this as a slightly larger phone like a big brother to the S3 rather than a small tablet.

  • M C

    Does the sPen fit in the note 2 ? or it going to be some loose thing you have to keep track of?

    • It has a holster/carrier in the bottom right of the phone.

      • M C

        Thought i saw a slot for it but i couldnt remember , thanks

  • jimmyb

    My friend just picked up his Galaxy note 2 at T-mobile TODAY I guess they are already selling them!!!!! fjasdkjfklasd;fjkaw;jfoawefj SOOO JEALOUS!!! DAMN YOU VERIZON HURRY UP!!!!!!!

  • Rickerbilly

    I. Want.

  • Tim242

    What a tortuous day. We got our Note 2’s in at my Sprint store today. Only problem is, I’m waiting on the Verizon version! Uggggh!

  • KB26

    NOW OFFICIALLY =400 DOLLARS ON CONTRACT. and worth it too 🙂

  • Sven Enterlein

    I am curious to see what else they will present tonight? Hopefully not just a blown-up version of the video! They should just release it already – They have my attention and perhaps money soon, too.

  • Verizon .. dont fail me now !!

  • MikeSaver

    why do they have the stupid menu button and not the new shortcut button, also why is the back button on the wrong side grr

    • JazzoRenee

      What? the back button is on the left side of every Samsung Galaxy product I’ve owned.
      People will always coming about something.


      • radiohead14

        you mean right side

      • Damu793

        speak english!!!

    • Tommy Thompson

      It’s been like that since the first Galaxy S

  • al

    imagine how hearing imagine over and over becomes very annoying lol

  • Jon

    I’m already scheming on how to get one of these. I already have a GS3 that I love.

    • hahahaha if you love it let it go like i just did…..note 2 ftw. also sine i am using the droid 2 currently i should be amazed by that screen size once they take my money!

  • chris125

    does it have the notification light under the speaker like the new razr devices? Looks that way from the pic

    • Notification light is to the left of the speaker grill, just like on the Galaxy S3.

      • how much internal memory is in the device that you’re reviewing ?

        • Trey Mitchell

          I believe it’s 16

    • disregard cnt upload the pic .. but yeah looks like the s3

  • My Jesus Phone … That is all ….

    • AJA0

      This phone died for your sins?

      • This phone is loved by few and hated by many…. Get it … I guess that’s what happens when it’s not a nexus : )