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The Droid Life Show: Episode 2

Welcome to episode 2 of The Droid Life Show! The show starts promptly at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern).

During tonight’s show, we are giving away three (3) Nexus 7 16GB tablets to lucky members of the DL community, all thanks to our friends at NVIDIA (follow them at @NVIDIATegra). In order to enter, all you have to do is watch the show and hang out in the chat. We’ll choose our three winners from those hanging out in the chat room towards the end.

Everyone ready?  

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  • Ok im razrboy12231 and i just want you guys to KNOW!!! now NExus 7 so i can complain about the 32GB that will be comming out.lol

  • CK

    The event video looks awesome…

  • I can’t chat and watch the broadcast from my phone at the same time

  • Yitz

    maybe if I was chatting on a Nexus 7 it would be working 🙂

  • Nish R

    The chat isn’t reliable. It keeps kicking me out and says the nickname is taken and won’t let me back in.

    Even though I enjoy the show, I’ll have to say that I am not going to win a tablet today until they come up with something better than IRC

  • I think something is coming before Christmas

  • Adam


    • so what do we do?

  • not excited

  • Yitz

    chat is broken, I keep trying, press event looks cool….

  • yes

  • Im not seein whats breaking

  • The chat broke again.

  • hfoster52

    Chat keeps breaking……

  • I would have preferred a Moto or HTC Nexus

  • is this not the chat?

  • Yitz

    I hope they give us a chance at the tablets when they see we all can’t chat….

    • Big_EZ

      I was finally able to log in and chat, then it went down again 🙁

  • Nexus 4

  • Taylor Levesque

    Chat is broken

  • EricCPC

    I just want to hear about that Moto Nexus 🙁 Dream phone

    • Can’t wait for that

  • Yitz

    I keep getting knocked off of chat and I’m desperate for a Nexus 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m suffering with a Zenithink C71 🙁

  • gkinsella2

    There we go…in like Flynn!

  • Nexus allows me to wait from the sidelines.

  • I finally seem to have things working correctly

  • JustTrollin69

    I want my Nexus 7 =[

  • Joshua Patrick

    Hit me up for the nexus, In chat but the channels cant handle the amount that have shown up!!!!

  • 299.00 is what i expect to pay for a top phone

  • JustTrollin69

    My chat feed keeps freezing, I had to refresh 5 times and choose a new nick name everytime

  • cheezer88

    What’s up

  • We need a good violent, action movie type Droid commercial.

  • gkinsella2

    how did you get the chat feed to work?

  • NexusMan

    Ok…after technical difficulties for the past 10 minutes, I can finally see the feed! Still can’t view on Google+, but its at least working on this site…what did I miss?

  • I think they’ve lost a bit edge.

  • bena

    how do you chat

    • Big_EZ

      It won’t let me do anything either

  • Andy Foard


  • DNA anybody?

  • Yay, it’s working!

  • Michael Gillenwalters

    Good evening!

  • gp126904

    Anyone else just seeing a repeat of the same video? Also how do I comment in the feed?

  • bena

    how do you connect to chat

  • donthateme13

    This feed working for anyone else?

  • Alex Instefjord

    anyone else only seeing a video of the first 56 seconds??? where’s the live feed?

  • Its not doing anything for me all of a sudden.

  • chiahead52


  • donthateme13

    Hope they discus the potential motorola nexus

  • jabomb93

    Aweeh yeahhhh love this show

  • donthateme13

    Hope they discuss that motorola nexus!

  • JustTrollin69

    That Nexus 7 is MINE

    • Diablo81588

      Just for that, you’re guarenteed to not win 😛

    • Jeffrey Garcia

      Actually, it’s mine.

    • JoshGroff

      It’s actua… Wait, I already have one.


  • cant type ……wtf

  • EvanTheGamer

    READY this time.