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Video: Sh*t Android Fanatics Say

Hey, no one ever said being extremely passionate about something was illegal. Sure, we may be a super opinionated group, but we do it because we love technology, right? I’ll admit, I’ve never sounded as bad as this guy, but to others, maybe I do. Whatever, your point is invalid cause my phone has the WiFi’z and bigger geebeez. Suck it. 


And if you missed it, here’s the crazy shit that Apple fanatics say. I think it paints a more real picture than the Android one, but then again, I’m a biased Android/Google fanboy.


Via: Twitter

  • Ziltoid

    The guy in the first vid is such a winy dweeb. I wanna punch him in the throat.

  • Xak

    omg, i’m in tears, i just watched them a third time…sooo hysterical!

  • Xak

    holy sh*t, i laughed my balls off – they are BOTH hilarious! I had to watch it twice. Thanks for sharing this!

  • The funny thing is if you made a video called s*it iPhone users say it would consist mainly of them saying their phone is better with no explaination at all why

    • JoshGroff

      My phone’s better because it costs more. Wait, that argument is no longer valid, crap.

  • DanWazz

    A true android fanatic with a GSIII wouldn’t call it a Droid.

  • Dr Zoidberg

    Jobs does not look good in that photo. I hope he is ok.

  • jeff3yan

    Luckily I’m not a fanboy towards either platform, so it’s great to enjoy the best features from every manufacturer.

    There’s no point being a fanboy, unless you’re directly benefiting from defending the company (owning shares etc.)

  • Capt. Crunch

    Pretty much spot on except for th e camera thing

  • paul_cus

    It’s all about the widgets, haha. Pretty sure I’ve said that a few times. My favorite part was when he looked in the mirror and muttered that he hates Apple.

  • Joe Paul

    I fear I am that guy.

  • trumpet444

    iphone fanatic straight up looks like clay aiken

  • Knlegend1

    iiiiii love the girl stretching lol.

  • Lane252


  • Steven Cornea

    I gotta say, when I find out someone at work roots there android phone, I do get giddy and wanna know what rom they are running, what kernal they use…ect.

  • Siris a bitch! haha

    • Ross Newhouse

      sounds like a T-shirt idea

  • WCDave

    Both of them had me laughing hard!

  • master94

    lol, just switch to google that will fix it

  • Stephen

    Am I the only one that owns a galaxy s 3 and iPhone 5 and love both of them? s3 running cm10 nightly. iPhone 5 is stock

    • Captain_Doug

      Have you looked into jailbreaking your iphone? what benefits are there? Are there like “roms”?

      • flosserelli

        1. There is currently no jailbreak available for iphone 5.
        2. When/if the jailbreak becomes available, you can install unsigned (read: cracked) apps and custom themes on the phone, but its not quite the same as installing a custom ROM image.

        • Captain_Doug

          That’s what I was asking I guess. How it compares. Interesting. Thanks.

    • Guest

      Why do you need two phones?

      • Tyler Chappell

        Maybe he is one of those people that uses one for work and the other for personal use?

  • Adam Ismail

    Thank god I’ve gone through life without meeting either of these people in person, haha

  • joejoe5709

    I make fun of my wife’s screen all the time. Then she makes fun of my fat fingers and says that’s why I need a bigger screen. Touche’ smart lady… Touche’…

  • jewvee

    Haha I needed that laugh!! WIDGETS..

  • Ken Bosse

    ha, I’m guilty of 90% of the things in the first video.

  • Justin W

    The Apple one was ten times better because all of his arguments were… well… false…. The Android one had completely valid arguments. The Apple one had hundreds of fallacies.

    • Captain_Doug

      I love how the andoid guy just made a bunch of funny noises. Apparently all android fans have ADHD…. wait a sec. ;D

  • Aaron

    “Apple can totally survive without Steve Jobs…that would not happen if Steve was still alive”. Awesome. And everything the Android fan said sounded like truth, but just in the douchy-est way possible.

  • TheWhiteLotus

    I say almost all of this on a regular basis. My ex-boss got an iPhone, and she had so many issues, and I always said “oh there’s your problem. it’s an iphone.”

    Disclaimer: I quit. I wasn’t fired.

  • jcorf

    That’s so me!

  • SD_Scott

    I don’t think either of those are accurate…

    • Justin W

      The Android one’s arguments are more true than the Apple one’s arguments.

  • mini-me

    I was waiting for him to talk about the headphone jack being on the bottom….BOOOOOOMMM

  • Radgatt

    I’m controlling the slot car with my phone…just kiddin’

  • Fanboys are pointless! I am only pro-Google / Android because Google has provided such a good experience and the devices I have owned have made a lasting impression! If Apple would have made their iPhone 5 with a full 1080p HD Display, Quad Core processor, NFC, LTE, an a somewhat less proprietary connector I would have been waiting in line the DAY it was released to get one!

    • L. S.

      Being loyal to Android, being loyal to Apple, it is all the same thing.

    • trumpet444

      …..and a bigger screen and a “non-sandboxed” file structure. I like being able to share something to whatever app I want. For example: if I download a song of mine through the Dropbox app or a 3rd party browser, I want to be able to play the damn song with any music player app I have on the phone and not be FORCED to only play the song through the Dropbox app or iFile or connect it to a freaking computer and sync it with itunes

      ……..if I get all of that with an iphone, then yeah, I’m right there with you. But I don’t see that happening

  • NastyEmu

    Haha, I ask my fiance how she can see anything on her tiny iphone screen all the time. Aw, look how small and cute it is!

    • kdn102

      My fiancee wants into Android so much she is using my OG droid instead of her iPhone/iPod. Yeah, there’s no chance she’s getting an iPhone 5 now!

  • DainLaguna

    Hilarious. Both of em.

  • Butters619

    I almost peed my pants for the Apple as one as well. And I own a Mac.

    • Is it true there are no viruses? Wowzers!

      • Butters619

        Lol. I hate when people say that. I used to work at Best Buy and associates would say it to customers all the time.

        • Captain_Doug

          I worked at Verizon and some other people said “the iphone is so easy, you’ll get it.” the only people that came back in for help… people who got iphones. Android is way easier to figure out.

          • Justin W

            Ironically, when I went to get my RAZR HD, the only people in the store were people either buying new Android phones or people needing help with their iPhone. Granted, there were only about 3-4 other people in the store, but still a good point.

          • Its because the internet is so full with helpful sites such as these that are open to help beginners! I remember when I had iDevices and needed help doing something….browed around and couldn’t find an answer and when I posted in a forum I got over 6 replies that were full of rude sarcasm telling me that I had to buy an app to make it work!

            My mother who is the most tech illiterate person I know can easily work her Droid 2 but she cringes when my dad asks her to read a text for him on his 4S!

          • Captain_Doug

            Such a great ecosystem. Android nerds are the best. Especially devs. Great people.


            Sent from my Droid Razr on ICS running Google Now!

          • Richard Wolff

            i don’t know some of those Linux nerds are pretty damn good (well aware of the overlap)

          • Captain_Doug

            Totally agree. Definitely an overlap too. Wish there was more of an overlap. Especially that group that’s been showing android the areas it could improve its linux code. I forgot the project/group name though.

          • Maureen Lipsett

            Or Android users are smarter. 🙂

          • Captain_Doug

            A possibility. I don’t wanna put down all iPhone users but it’s so hard when so many are just following a trend. It’s not the iPhone makes people stupid, it’s that so many stupid followers just get the iPhone. Lemmings are the worse.

          • Maureen Lipsett

            I know some otherwise very intelligent iPhone users. I actually think that most of them would love Android more, but they just can’t be bothered to change.

          • Droidzilla

            This has been my experience, too. I know some extremely intelligent people (high level defense contractors, aerospace engineers, etc.) that use iPhones simply because they can’t be bothered to waste time learning about their devices. One guy I know has admitted that he’d be better served with non-Apple devices, but all of his Apple stuff works seamlessly together right out of the box and that’s more important to him than having the best. He can afford it, so it’s hard to argue against a point like that. If you don’t mind paying top dollar for non-top-tier stuff, Apple does integrate its ecosystem across all devices rather well.

          • Guest

            wasn’t it the ceo of microsoft that said we’re all computer scientists? man if only i knew how to code!

          • JoshGroff

            How about more technically inclined? I wouldn’t necessarily say smarter.

          • Sobr0801

            My wife works at best buy and she says people who buy android are more likely to return something due to failing how to figure out how to use it.

          • Captain_Doug


          • JoshGroff

            Both have basically the same difficulty to figure out imo. A day or two with either OS and you’ll have most major functions figured out.

        • I’m pretty sure it ain’t virus-proof, but it’s probably less apparent….I hope it gets worse.

      • DainLaguna

        Lol to be fair i have a friend at work who totally sounds like the android guy…except that his arguments end after apple sucks :-/

      • Its hard to understand this to me. Granted I am a power user like the rest of us and not like the grandparents and parents that not tech savy, but I have never had any Virsus or any issues in the 3 years of owning my HP, with lots of torrenting, and some sketchy web browsing, As long as you arnt agreeing to download anything dumb, and watch your system, nothing should happen..

        • Richard Wolff

          what could happen its already a hp?

          • I agree with Richard on this! All of my HP laptops have failed miserably! The only good one I have had is the Pavilion dv5000 and its almost 6 years old and still running (rather slow I might add but enough to be a NAS). My latest HP which is 3 years old has already had to have a new hard drive, memory chip and now the optical drive is failing! Oh and I can’t forget the SIX different times the original HDD crashed losing all of my data before it finally decided just to quit working!

          • Touche.. The body on mine is starting to look worse for wear.. but I got this over two years ago with the first gen i7, a 500gb hdd, 1gb GPU, and 4GB of RAM for ~$750.. you couldnt beat those specs back then and hardly even now.. And since I put in the SSD and maxed out the RAM, it still runs really well.. for the ~$900 I have into this computer, It has been a great computer that I dont think I could have beat with anything else for the amount
            I have into it..

      • Sloan Marion

        There are viruses just so uncommon that you don’t need anti virus, and even Windows doesn’t need it if you know what you’re doing. The reason behind the lack of visits is that Macintosh makes up such a small part of the computer market that making viruses for it is a waste of time. It also doesn’t support many coding languages such as c script.

    • I’m glad I am not the only one who loves Android but yet owns / loves Mac computers!

      • Butters619

        When it comes to laptops, it’s hard to find something with the power/battery life/size/quality that a mac has. There are plenty of PC laptops that performance wise blow the MBP out of the water, but then they have poor battery life and/or are heavy as hell. HP and Dell have both tried to compete with size/battery life, but then they are about the same price and don’t match on quality. And I’m not talking about airs/ultrabooks.

        • Anon

          Two Words: Lenovo ThinkPad.

          • Three Words : Ugly As Hell

          • Richard Wolff

            rattlecan that [email protected] pink!

      • Butters619

        And Expose on Mac OS is probably the greatest thing since sliced bread.

      • Darian Fisher

        You won’t be alone 😀

  • Captain_Doug

    let me root your phone…. So funny. I bug my wife about that.

    • Maureen Lipsett

      I bug my husband about that. 🙂

      • Captain_Doug

        talk nerdy to me… ;D

        • New_Guy

          Ha =D!

          • I would have been waiting in line the DAY it was released to get one!..Tiny.cc/yxhnmw

      • God… I am so ashamed I find that hot.

        • Captain_Doug

          How long has it been since your last confession my son? =)

        • Captain_Doug

          PS, checked out your site. Cool stuff man. I love the quotes on top.

        • nightscout13

          What if it’s a Homosexual male marriage? Still find that hot?

      • Richard Wolff

        is there a single person on droid life who dose’nt think a woman rooting a phone is hot?

        • OhAaron

          Me. I’m gay. xD

          • Tyler Chappell

            Me too! 😀

          • OhAaron

            Bahaha. It’s so nice to see that I’m not the only tech obsessed gay guy..

          • TylerChappell

            Oh look, we got downvoted, I wonder why. You should add meh on teh fersburks

          • Send me a friend request: http://www.facebook.com/aarontrevor Also, those people are just angry, because they’re closeted, married to a woman, and bitter.

          • nightscout13

            Typical gay man mentality. Maybe they down voted you because you’re off topic, stop thinking the world revolves around you being GAY

          • How is it off topic, if the post that it was in response to said that he doubted that there was one person on Droid Life who wouldn’t think a girl rooting a phone is hot?

          • nightscout13

            Ok, i’ll give you that…. But then you 2 start hooking up on Facebook, perpetuating the legend that gay men are more promiscuous than any other form of human.

          • I fail to see how making friends with someone because you have things in common with them makes you promiscuous. If you made friends with a girl that you met on here, would that necessarily mean that you had sexual intentions? He probably doesn’t even live anywhere near here. Besides, I’m a college student. Straight guys are hardly faithful. Oo Anyways, I’m done with this argument. Have a nice night, sir.

          • nightscout13

            Well played….

          • Guest

            Sorry, but all men are promiscuous, not just gays. If there were more women on these forums there would be a lot of straight hookups too.

          • nightscout13

            You must not have been around gay men much. Gay men at parties are ruthless with the promiscuity.

          • LiterofCola

            No, not all men are promiscuous. Guess all the unfounded stereotypes are flying around today.

          • LiterofCola

            I lol’d

          • Captain_Doug

            While the downvotes are lame, lets not offend every happily married guy ok?

          • balthuszar

            i’m a happily married man…oh and i’m married to a man…

          • Captain_Doug

            That’s great… Not really what I was focusing my comment towards though.

          • Even though I up-vote your rest of posts (for say being honest and NOT offending others), I am down-voting your this comment…

          • dray

            Everyone knows that the gays like Apples and iPhones.

          • Knlegend1

            Well there you go that single person lol

        • nightscout13

          Ya these 2 fudge packin’ sausage lovers down here (read below)

      • nightscout13

        Are you a dude married to a dude?

    • Colin Zack

      this was easily the most hilarious part of the video

    • Nicholassss

      I ask my girlfriend all the time.-___-

      • abhele

        me too , til i hard bricked it 🙁 , f u mototola with your locked down bootloaders!

        • tomn1ce


        • Beezey

          let me guess, that was the last time she let you do that?

        • That’s why you get the other half a Samsung or a HTC

    • carlisimo

      Are we talking about “rooting” in the Aussie/Kiwi sense of the word?

  • Michael_NM

    For the love of all that is holy, please stop putting that ghost’s picture up.

    • nightscout13