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Nexus 7 vs. iPad mini [Chart]

I think you all know my opinion on the Nexus 7 vs. iPad mini comparison that Apple walked through today during their press event. Aside from that, here is the spec breakdown between the two. Since both are in different price ranges, it seems like a silly comparison, but hey, Apple felt it was necessary, so let’s do it. It’s tough to claim that we have a winner here, however, the Nexus 7 is no slouch, even at such a ridiculously low price. The iPad mini looks nice for something not in the budget category. 

*Note – Google has a 32GB Nexus 7 on the way for $249, but since it hasn’t been officially announced, we left it off for now. We also don’t know the fate of the 16GB and 8GB models.

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  • counsel dew

    I like that my Nexus 7 has GPS…



  • evltwn
  • Abgar Musayelyan

    so is the ipad mini rendered useless because your thumb doesn’t reach from one edge of the screen to the other?

  • Pete

    they introduced the ipad MINI but they only talked abt how big it is compared to N7……….

  • Chimps

    Can someone explain which of the processors is more powerful, the A5 chip in the iPad mini or the quad-core Tegra 3 in the Nexus 7?

    • The Tegra 3 has a more powerful CPU, but the A5 has better graphic processing.

  • Lane252

    lmbo the price for the new ipad is perfect bro. man im buying like 30 tomorrow on preorder. lmbo DEAD

  • Dayveetoe

    For the price of one 64 GB iPad mini, I can buy two 32gb Nexus 7s with a little left for a case for both.

  • faragbre343

    According to Ars Technica, the iPad Mini has 512 MB of RAM. Might want to update your chart (it makes the Nexus look even better).

  • Robin

    The N7 shits on Apple’s new toy.

  • George264

    Only thing Apple has actually gotten right is that landscape web browsing is SO HORRIBLE, for Nexus 7. I honestly can’t see anything. Google has gotten the 7 inch market right, but Apple hasn’t done it wrong either. Thing is, Google needs to catch up with the 10 inch market, iPad is still kind of 10 in.

  • norgeloki

    My daughter’s track coach used his tablet to video her triple jumping and high jumping and then tweaked her form on the spot. I thought that was a pretty good use for a rear camera on a tablet.

  • First Prime
  • One more feature

    What about a “sensors” column? For example, the iPad Mini WIFI version (the one most comparable to the Nexus 7) does not offer a GPS. You’d be surprised how many people want this feature (especially with cached maps).

  • Addison Todd

    Doesn’t the new iPad have LTE?

  • CIFchamp24

    The big thing with android tablets really is the apps compared to the iPad apps

  • NexusMan

    The whole comparison that Apple made was a complete joke. The majority of the comparrison spoke of how the ipad mini was bigger than the Nexus 7….DUH! That’s the whole point of the Nexus 7…a SMALLER tablet option. As for the other comparison of cheap plastic vs beautiful ah-lew-min-ah-mum, again, the comparrison is laughable. At Google’s upcomming event, they could easily do their own comparison of the two in the same vain, highlighting everything Apple left out of their comparison….”On Nexus 7 you have a beautifully integrated, powerful maps experience…on that other one, not at all…the Statue of Liberty doesn’t even exist….On Nexus 7, you have a world class Gmail experience…on that other one not so much…On Nexus 7, you have a powerful,Gorgeous, and accurate voice search engine…on that other one not so much….On Nexus 7 you have this high resloution HD screen with this high ppi….that our competitor just doesn’t match up to….On Nexus 7 you have 32 GBs of storage for LESS than that competitor is charging for 16gb….We guess all that ah-lew-min-eee-mum sure is expensive!” Screw Apple and their ridiculous claims.

  • Minideezel

    According to Ars, they say the iPad Mini has a measly 512mb of ram (i’d assume that was just pulled from what the iPad 2 had?) But another huge negative for that pathetic product.

  • gooner13

    8gb Nook Color running CM10 > 🙂