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Live Chat – iPad Mini Event (Why Not?)

Apple is holding a “special event” in a few minutes (10:00AM Pacific) to announce at least one new product, which most people are expecting to be a smaller version of the iPad. Will it be called the “iPad Mini” or something else? Hopefully, something else. Aside from that, there are rumors that suggest a new full-sized iPad with Lighting connector will be unveiled, along with a retina 13″ Macbook Pro. Personally, all I care about is the 13″ retina Macbook Pro, but we know that there is probably a market for a smaller iPad, or Apple wouldn’t have created one.

Since the Android world is frozen in time because of this event, we thought we would live chat during it. Be sure to jump into the IRC below. 

If you want to watch the event, you can check it out at Apple’s site.

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  • Nobody

    So, if the new, smaller iPad is the mini, does that make the original the maxi-Pad?

  • RickJ


  • PhillipCun

    I was intrigued by the build quality, size and other things this has over my N7, then I saw the cost and remembered how crippled iOS is especially for tablets.

    I LOVE Apple quality and their pursuit for perfection in their hardware and software, but I cannot stand the simplicity and limitations of iOS. If Android worked 100% on the iPad mini I would probably love it.

    Alternatively, I would like to see a company go to great lengths to provide high quality devices for $50-100 more than all the Nexi devices. I wouldn’t mind paying more for the quality, but I definitely cannot go back to iOS anymore.

  • Seanamous

    Mini? Nah, I’m waiting for the Maxi Pad.

  • NyReynolds

    With this mini piece of s#!t apple has basically stated that either Steve jobs is a liar or he’s not the innovator they claimed he was.

  • wondering if “White Shaq” was holding that iPad mini. i have pretty large hands, and i can hold the N7 how that guy was holding the mini. the Mini seems about an inch wider…that would be a HUGE stretch of my hands.

  • So everyone can say Apple products are crap and they cant respond … GTFOH !!!!

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    Well, this is disgusting. I can’t believe the people here put up with this sellout crap! Kleenex, you are the biggest sellout whore that I’ve ever seen. And I called it, I said the very first time that they posted an Apple article, that it would signal the end of “Droid” Life. Now it’s “Whoever Pays Us The Most Money Life, Because We Are Spineless, Sellout, Whores”. And the readers here who just bend over and take it, all the while brown-nosing the very people ruining the site, well, you are just as disgusting and pathetic as Kleenex and his merry band of whores. Apple sucks, but at least their iphone enthusiasts websites, have enough integrity, to just post about the topic people came to the website for. Pathetic! Sad I’m the only one who says anything. And also like I said before, expect a name change for the site soon, something all inclusive like “Tech Life”, or something even more sellout and moronic.

    • Hunter

      Holy GTFO…..

  • BionicLoyal

    iPad Mini ($329-$699) went after Nexus7 ($199-$250) and how useless apps run better on iPad Mini… Bought my Nexus7 Integrates with all my google devices, replaced my MacbookPro completely…

    • Manny

      you get what you pay for..You cant’s buy a Mercedes with yugo money. Android is CRAP

  • ha

    apple:”we just did something that has never been done before!!!! we took the English alphabet and put it on a flat board, so when to press on any given letter it instantaneously appears on the screen. THATS a 0.00000000ms response time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we also added numbers and everyday symbols to make it even better! we are calling it iType it will retail for 299$ and wireless one will be $499. BOOM MIND BLOWN!

  • BakerDude

    329 vs 199. There are trade offs with both devices but this shows that Apple isn’t sitting still. The iPad 4 really shows this. A 6 month release cycle may be a fluke but it has shocked a lot of people. I would upgrade my iPad if it weren’t for the A15’s that are just around the corner. I only hope this announcement doesn’t shift the iPad release cycle from April to October. If it does, I may as well upgrade now. Anyway, the biggest loser today wasn’t Android, it was Windows.

    • hfoster52

      They really pushed the PC/Laptop to evolve or move out of the way. But the whole fusion drive come on.

      • BakerDude

        This is what Apple does though. They use vendor tech as their own. Before they mentioned the “fusion” drive, they explained “their” awesome LCD tech that removed the air gap. They also apparently designed and manufactured Intel i5/7 chips because “their” new designs cut down iMac power consumption by 50%.

  • Chuck Finley

    The comparison to the N7 shows that Apple really REALLY considered it a threat…

    ….that being said, Apple sounded like it couldn’t care less about the Kindle Fire.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    dear new ipad customers………….
    [email protected] you……sincerely apple

  • Kevin Matthews

    good job at starting on time…and broadcasting the whole event….

  • mgamerz

    So is this the new new ipad?

  • JDHokie

    At the Android events – everyone in attendance gets the product! At the Apple events – everyone gets to touch it in a hands-on area!

  • Apple needs to be dick faced.

  • Zach Armstrong

    For the price the Nexus 7 is a way better deal. $329 for a 7 inch tablet come on.

    • Rawheat

      I agree 100%! And lets not forget…we’re also talking about the entry “mini” with how many GB’s of storage? Apple is taking advantage of the ignorance of the average joe to make a buck on a subpar device, and believe me…it will sell.

    • Captain_Doug

      especially with a 32gb coming out at $250.

  • jahsoul

    *sigh*Still nothing about the Mac Pro. :-/

  • mgamerz

    The mini looks as ugly as the LG Intuition. Strange thing is, the resolution is still the same!

  • yummy

    I guess I will wait until
    the Maxi-Pad comes out

  • hfoster52

    They just burned everyone that just bought an IPad 3 with the 4. seems like they just threw out the IPad 3. So Apple people expect to get a new product once a year so this just screwed them. And with the mini they still can’t match the price of the nexus with $329 vs $249.

    • JDHokie

      That’s what blew my mind. People just upgraded to the iPad 3, and now they’re rolling out another and bragging about how ‘improved’ it is?

    • Chuck Finley

      $329 vs $249, at least until Monday, then….
      $249 will get ya 32GB of N7 vs 16GB of iPad Mini for $329

      • hfoster52

        Oh yeah I agree so now that makes it looks like its priced about $100 over the nexus 7. Can’t wait to see if they put 3G in the 7 and price it $20 more or something and still be $80 below. Been reading a few sites the people are apple fans are pissed that the IPad no longer exists. Its like it just didn’t exist.

  • Ken Bosse

    only decent thing about it is the 3g/4g connectivity

  • They just went after the Nexus 7. THIS MEANS WAR

    • Trixz_D

      Superthermonuclear war ? 😀

    • I felt google took a brutal beating on stage. It was obvious to anyone watching that the iOS apps at least looked superior to the android apps. Whos to blame though?? Developers? Android limitations? Google?

      • Trixz_D

        Lets just hope Google listen and push for more android developers to develop for tablets and at least for now in some way respond to this act of self promotion. Lets face it Apple’s new strategies are sue and mention downsides to android products in keynotes as they are losing innovation.

        • moelsen8

          I think Google’s become much more serious in the tablet space since launching the N7. The ball is rolling.. at least.

          • Exactly @moelsen8:disqus The ten inch retina busting tablet is coming. The N7 is getting more storage space and 3G options. And fragmentation is what’s killing Android against Apple. But add it all up and Apple fans still have to pay $130 more for two less cores and lack of an HD display

    • kixofmyg0t

      Pfffft. Nothing like bringing a nerfbat to a gun fight.

      Even my Xoom has better specs.

  • Trixz_D

    I cant believe Apple are actually now having a dig at Android in public jeeze scared of the competition much Apple?

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    so apple is praising the extra real estate over the nexus 7 huh?…..why dont they show an iphone side by side with a galaxy s3 and compare web pages…and they failed to realize the nexus 7 has higher screen resolution and its cheaper…plus nice of them to announce the ipad 4 just 6 months later

  • Clifford Gadd

    So it’s an iPad 2 mini lol?

    • hfoster52

      Yup so you get the mini version of the Ipad2 a year and half later.

  • Tweekex

    Really Apple? Grow up.

  • Trixz_D

    like to find a location on ipad mini maps app well… errmmmm

  • GreenMeansGo

    iPad mini. Too big. Still has Apple Maps. Fail.

  • NicholasMicallef

    What about the resolution Apple ??

    • Manny

      only thing that is better is that ios just works…

      • NicholasMicallef

        I have to say iPad apps look much better especially since they want with the phone version even for apps like youtube, which have awesome tablet version.

      • Ironically, so does my Android tablet.

  • Trixz_D

    Sh** just got personal now having dig at nexus 7 😮

    • NicholasMicallef

      .. a 100$ cheaper and still has it beaten in quite a few aspects… that’s a win for the N7 if you ask me.

  • hfoster52

    I like how apple is claiming that they did all the research on the form factor on their own. Now they are ripping on the nexus 7.

    • Because it needs to be ripped …

      • hfoster52

        Well because its a threat to them so they have to rip it. Also to justify the price point I guess. It would be different if they matched the price point of the Nexus 7 and put that product out but they can’t.

        • Why would you put a product on the market at the same price point as a product that doesn’t have the same features and doesn’t have the same build quality ??? Makes no sense if you are in the business of making money, and how much is google making on the Nexus 7 ? Not much from what Ive read… The reason for the Nexus 7 is not to make money but just to have it in peoples hands … smart but not too lucrative .

  • you can look at the crowd and tell they are apple fanboys

    • hfoster52

      They are mostly apple employees according to a few of the news sites. Most of the people clapping.

  • Kai

    Wow two years later apple finally puts an HDMI port on their laptops

  • “wi-pi” bwwahahahahahaa

  • duke69111

    How much longer this this site turns into iphone-life.com. Jeez!!! I have seen an outrageous amount of apple info on this site lately and I am not referring to the legal suits. Yea some apple products are neat, but I come to this site for Android/Droid news. If I wanted this apple crap, I would go to cnet. Pick a side a stick to it please.

    • “Since the Android world is frozen in time because of this event, we thought we would live chat during it”

      Get your facts right buddy. This is the farthest from an Apple site that you’ll ever find

    • blurg

      Because Free speach.

    • duke69111

      Maybe the Android world was frozen due to the event, but I sure didn’t see other android sites like phandroid, androidandme, android police, android central, ect. posting live video feeds of the event, chatting about it or not.

      I don’t have a problem with the comparison to nexus 7 articles that followed after the event, but why promote it.

  • frederick

    its the ipad 4

  • nightscout13

    Sellout! I kid I kid

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Apple has reinvented the word reinvent. It’s now defined as: “anything and everything Apple reveals”

  • Man articles like these just bring out the jealousy in people … I dont get it … Look at the numbers … forget the rumors and “fanboys” Just look at the facts and stop all the hate.

    • drebin

      I can come up with numbers. LOL

  • hfoster52

    Time Cook sounds like a kindergarten teacher giving a lecture.

  • NicholasMicallef

    So basically Fusion drive = hybrid drive which has been around for years

    • hfoster52

      This just in Apple sues seagate and other companies over hybrid drive patents. lol

  • KB26

    Here’s the iCrap mini.

    • Manny

      Bash it but you know you want one.Admit it, it will be better that any android tablet

      • My 7 works great. What about the iPad mini will be “better”? I’m seriously asking.

        • Manny

          IOS……Android is useless..the hardware is crap. Try selling a used android handset or tablet and it’s like going to game stop trading in your brand new game and getting 9 dollars for it. Android is useless !!!!

          • KB26

            That’s because android is advancing so fast, it’s pointless trying to sell a phone from even a year ago.

      • ShadowGTX

        Manny trust me i do not want one at all. There is a reason why i USED to own apple products. That reason was my ex girlfriend, and why? Because she was a technology retard that didnt know how to use computers. Once we were threw i got rid of all apple crap in my home. Not once have i looked back on owning apple garbage . I have an ASUS transformer tablet which i love! Ive used the ipads since i work for Best Buy and trust me it has no appeal. Also if you like apple so much… why come to an Android based website? Seems like your not that big of an apple fan after all

        • DaMan

          once you were “threw” who’s the retard here. looks like she was the smart one ditching you

          • NickTheOne

            Oh boy grammar police is here we are all saved! Do you really think people care about you correcting others on the internet? No one is going to give you a gold star for seeing a misused/mispelled word. Also since you want to correct people its “The Man” Not “DaMan” Little wanna be e-thug

          • ShadowGTX

            Sorry to break it to you buddy but i dumped her. Sorry your also too retard to understand what i meant because i used the wrong word. At least know why now you dont have a girlfriend

        • Manny

          I’m just a Techie. Regardles of name brand. But it just puzzles me how Apple’s stuff get bashed when android tablets are just horrible.

          • ShadowGTX

            It also puzzles me why apple fanboys like you come to an android site crealy bashing android. You call yourself a “techie” But clearly favor apple. So let me correct you. Your not a techie your an apple fanboy hipster end of story. If you really hate android so much then leave the site and dont come back. Simple as that if you claim all android is crap aince that is all you have done is bashed google/android in general in all your comments

          • Manny

            I am a Techie. I ‘ve had more android than most of u fanboys that visit this site. Over and Over I have been duped into thinking a new android handset was going to be better than the last. I’ve owned a og droid, droid x. droid incredible, droid bionic, droid 3, htc thunderbolt and galaxy nexus. And only the nexus can be held next to an android device. all the others were like i said CRAP

          • Abgar Musayelyan

            doubt anyone actually believed that comment, but ok.

      • JoshGroff

        It depends on what you look for in a tablet. I’ll take the customization of android over dumbed down iOS any day.

  • JDHokie

    New iMac looks pretty sweet. Hopefully I can convince my company I need an upgrade. Maybe if I knock my current iMac off my desk on accident …

  • drebin


  • Manny

    Fact is that if goggle was a company so focused on innovation they would not have been so late to the tablet party. But then again they did take from apple’s playbook when they ditched honeycomb and made ics… kind of what apple was already doing…what a coincidence.

  • Manny

    Compare this to Goggle releasing jelly sandwich or what ever the new os is going to be called. Bionic and Thunderbolt users can’t wait

  • Christian Chew

    Jesus, those retina display computers are expensive…

  • Ziltoid

    To all the people complaining. Why dont you just not watch it? lol. I mean wth

  • ArrowCool

    I know Kellex is looking forward to the Macbook Pro, but I wonder how difficult it was for him to put a link to the Apple site on his site?

  • cooksta32676

    Just wake me up when we find out which side the headphone jack is on.

    • It won’t have a headphone jack.. Apple knows what their customers want!

  • Idontcareiloveitanyways

    Revolutionary! There is simply noting else like it. Completely redesigned… We made it smaller.. no one has ever thought about this before… there is nothing like this out there. It is the greatest thing since… nothing before it. it fits in your hand… but doesn’t take up space! Extraordinary!!

    • cooksta32676

      Sounds like your mind has been blown already.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Yup, just what the iBrainwashed media does whenever Apple farts.

      • L. S.

        Then stop going to CNN.

    • michael arazan

      They made it 7.9 inches to make it the largest 7 inch tablet, mind blowing. Apple, last to the 7 inch tablet game, but will sue everyone for copying them.

  • Josh White

    O yes, Apple taking a page out of Googles book and broadcasting the event live….Wow…

    • Neomastermind

      They’ve done it in the past. 2010, I believe.

      • Josh White

        My bad, I was not aware of that….Still this is absolutely hilarious! The guy is talking about how great the new macbook is. They made it smaller and gave it a higher resolution screen. This is not innovation, this is progress….

        • manny

          So if they were to add widgets that will make it all that much better right?
          When goggle does something original be sure and let us all know.

          • mgamerz

            Glass. Check and mate.

          • NyReynolds

            Pull down notifications. Your welcome. How’s that working on your I crap?

          • MannyIsAMoron

            First mobile OS to support dual core
            First to also support quad core
            First websearch company to branch out into providing high speed internet
            First to have interactive widgets
            Shall i go on Manny? Or are you planning to spew more of your apple brainwashed garbage?

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    iPad Mini… The smallest thing to happen to iPad… ever

    • Sam


  • BadBoi

    “Lighting” connector? The new i-Pad going to hook into and run my homes power grid remotely? That might make it worth buying for sure!

  • BakerDude

    Watching the event. Intro video was the gayest thing I’ve ever seen. Apple employees giving high-fives to iPhone 5 customers 😐

    • LiterofCola

      I know, I laugh everytime I see that.

  • OhAaron


  • 200 million devices upgraded to iOS 6. 200 million people now missing!

  • I’m totally getting this. 7 inch screen with retina display ids awesome!

  • For the love of god just get to the hardware. Stop wasting time giving yourself self gratification with commercials

  • Neomastermind

    Tut tut tut… why? Why is DROID-life covering APPLE products? I expect broad spectrum coverage from other websites such as The Verge, Engadget, etc. but not here.

    • manny

      This is because there is nothing else going on or in the near future regarding android.
      Ooh yeah the bionic got ics today..

      • Neomastermind

        So they post about Apple then? Since when did “Apple” stand under the “Android” category? Might as well call this website Tech-Life if they want to cover more than just Verizon Android devices.

    • Ex-Galaxy-S3-now-4S

      Because they’re, like, better than Android?

  • EvanTheGamer

    You guys are awesome, but really? You are now advertising an Apple event? Come on now! There are far better news stories than this. Hell, even a game article of some sort, review, preview, etc. Anything would be better than an Apple event news story. Hell, even a picture of Tim’s dog digging up a bone would be better than anything Apple related.

    • Wait wait wait, Tim has a dog? Details, please!

      • EvanTheGamer

        I thought he had two dogs? Maybe one, but yeah, he definitely has a dog.

      • Diablo81588

        You obviously didn’t watch the DL Show 😛

        • EvanTheGamer

          I actually did. But must have missed the part where they mentioned they’ll now be sporadically covering Apple events and new stories.

          • justincase_2008

            he was talking about the dogs.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Oh right…MY mistake! Excuse me while I go throw myself in front of a herd of wild cats.

          • justincase_2008

            Are they from Dethkloks Home for wayward kitties?

          • Abgar Musayelyan


          • It’s Android news in that it’s not Android. Mind. Blown. 😉

            In all seriousness, it is interesting to see what they’re doing on the other side. Besides, every hero needs a villain.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Indeed, and Apple will be defeated(’cause you know, villains are defeated in the comic books…most of the time, anyways…).

          • Lol. Actually, I guess they always seem to come back for more.

          • David Cosme Jr.

            This is important because innovations at Apple can have an impact on what happens with Android products, and vice versa – ergo, new, larger iPhone, and smaller iPad. These are things that Android products were already doing and Apple sees that there is a market for it. It’s what we always say, competition is good for the consumer.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Yes, for Apple customers, not Android customers. No one cares what Apple is doing with any of their products or what new products they release. Only Apple sheep care.

        • You caught me 🙂

      • NorCalGuy

        A brindle boxer if I am not mistaken

        • Nice – pics, Tim? This warrants an article if today’s a slow news day.

    • Shoot, I was hoping we could make the thread about Tim’s dog the top post in the Apple thread. It was close for a while 🙁

    • Captain_Doug

      Tims dog is cool no matter what.

  • It’s the “We can make a small tablet too” event. Of course theirs will be over priced and still crippled by the useless iOS.

    • Diablo81588

      Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

    • Manny

      There is a saying you get what you pay for. 99 cheap android tablets running gingerbread or an Ipad..google the numbers and then you tell me which is useless. Immigration and customs just stopped using Blackberry in favor of…..exactly.

      • Droidzilla

        Yes, ICE is the gold standard for tech adoption. Totally forgot that. You’re also ignoring the Nexus 7, which is ironic since Apple couldn’t ignore it.

        • Manny

          Dude Ice was released a year ago and of the android phones and tablets released a year ago how many run it? The Nexus 7 isn’t 6 months old. Google is going to have to try a little harder if and you think a device with 6 months of exposure is going to beat one with 3 years. Good Luck with that one. Immigration and Customs just ditched Blackberry. The fact that android is cheaper is the exact reason the chose ios. Because android is cheap

          • Droidzilla

            ICE = Immigration and Customs Enforcement

            Also, vapid troll is vapid.

        • angermeans

          I’m sorry but after owning my nexus 7 since launch the only real thing attractive about this device is the price. It is poorly made (like all ASUS products) has an awful display, runs blown up phone apps (still. I just can’t do it anymore after owning the Xoom, prime and now nexus 7), and is made of cheap plastic. Mine has been collecting dust since about a week after getting it on launch.

          • Abgar Musayelyan

            Every Asus product i’ve ever owned has been quality built.
            Motherboards, monitors, laptops and even my TF101 has been nothing but great. The only problem i’ve ever had with Asus has been when my TF101 was updated to ICS it caused reboot issues which was cleared with a factory wipe.

      • David Cosme Jr.

        Sorry, but I don’t get it. What are you saying?

        • he was replying to the “you get what you pay for” comment and comparing $99 gingerbread tablets from 2 years ago to a new iPad mini. obviously you get a better device in the iPad comparing those…but compared to the nexus 7, i find the $80 difference hard to chew on….and in 5 days, the 32GB N7 will be out for $80 cheaper than the 16gb MiNi. people will still buy the mini…but anyone that knows anything would choose the N7.

          • manny

            I meant the 99 dollar gingerbread tablets of today. Have you been on Tiger direct lately or your local electronic store? So I guess that you know more than the millions and millions of people, buisness and government agency’s that adopted ios. Apple will sell 1 million ipad minis in a few hours something that will take the Nexus 2 weeks..Go ahead and believe what you want but the numbers say something completly diffrent

    • palomosan

      Tim said that this year they promised innovation, I guess He meant scaling back on resolution 1024×768 and overcharging for another of their products, $329 fail.

      • angermeans

        Sadly, I’m sure it’s of better quality than my Nexus 7. I would have easily paid more money for this tablet if they had actually put a half decent display in it and it wasn’t all plastic.