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Live Chat – iPad Mini Event (Why Not?)

Apple is holding a “special event” in a few minutes (10:00AM Pacific) to announce at least one new product, which most people are expecting to be a smaller version of the iPad. Will it be called the “iPad Mini” or something else? Hopefully, something else. Aside from that, there are rumors that suggest a new full-sized iPad with Lighting connector will be unveiled, along with a retina 13″ Macbook Pro. Personally, all I care about is the 13″ retina Macbook Pro, but we know that there is probably a market for a smaller iPad, or Apple wouldn’t have created one.

Since the Android world is frozen in time because of this event, we thought we would live chat during it. Be sure to jump into the IRC below. 

If you want to watch the event, you can check it out at Apple’s site.

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  • Nobody

    So, if the new, smaller iPad is the mini, does that make the original the maxi-Pad?

  • RickJ


  • PhillipCun

    I was intrigued by the build quality, size and other things this has over my N7, then I saw the cost and remembered how crippled iOS is especially for tablets.

    I LOVE Apple quality and their pursuit for perfection in their hardware and software, but I cannot stand the simplicity and limitations of iOS. If Android worked 100% on the iPad mini I would probably love it.

    Alternatively, I would like to see a company go to great lengths to provide high quality devices for $50-100 more than all the Nexi devices. I wouldn’t mind paying more for the quality, but I definitely cannot go back to iOS anymore.

  • Seanamous

    Mini? Nah, I’m waiting for the Maxi Pad.

  • NyReynolds

    With this mini piece of s#!t apple has basically stated that either Steve jobs is a liar or he’s not the innovator they claimed he was.

  • wondering if “White Shaq” was holding that iPad mini. i have pretty large hands, and i can hold the N7 how that guy was holding the mini. the Mini seems about an inch wider…that would be a HUGE stretch of my hands.

  • So everyone can say Apple products are crap and they cant respond … GTFOH !!!!

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    Well, this is disgusting. I can’t believe the people here put up with this sellout crap! Kleenex, you are the biggest sellout whore that I’ve ever seen. And I called it, I said the very first time that they posted an Apple article, that it would signal the end of “Droid” Life. Now it’s “Whoever Pays Us The Most Money Life, Because We Are Spineless, Sellout, Whores”. And the readers here who just bend over and take it, all the while brown-nosing the very people ruining the site, well, you are just as disgusting and pathetic as Kleenex and his merry band of whores. Apple sucks, but at least their iphone enthusiasts websites, have enough integrity, to just post about the topic people came to the website for. Pathetic! Sad I’m the only one who says anything. And also like I said before, expect a name change for the site soon, something all inclusive like “Tech Life”, or something even more sellout and moronic.

    • Hunter

      Holy GTFO…..

  • BionicLoyal

    iPad Mini ($329-$699) went after Nexus7 ($199-$250) and how useless apps run better on iPad Mini… Bought my Nexus7 Integrates with all my google devices, replaced my MacbookPro completely…

    • Manny

      you get what you pay for..You cant’s buy a Mercedes with yugo money. Android is CRAP

  • ha

    apple:”we just did something that has never been done before!!!! we took the English alphabet and put it on a flat board, so when to press on any given letter it instantaneously appears on the screen. THATS a 0.00000000ms response time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we also added numbers and everyday symbols to make it even better! we are calling it iType it will retail for 299$ and wireless one will be $499. BOOM MIND BLOWN!

  • BakerDude

    329 vs 199. There are trade offs with both devices but this shows that Apple isn’t sitting still. The iPad 4 really shows this. A 6 month release cycle may be a fluke but it has shocked a lot of people. I would upgrade my iPad if it weren’t for the A15’s that are just around the corner. I only hope this announcement doesn’t shift the iPad release cycle from April to October. If it does, I may as well upgrade now. Anyway, the biggest loser today wasn’t Android, it was Windows.

    • hfoster52

      They really pushed the PC/Laptop to evolve or move out of the way. But the whole fusion drive come on.

      • BakerDude

        This is what Apple does though. They use vendor tech as their own. Before they mentioned the “fusion” drive, they explained “their” awesome LCD tech that removed the air gap. They also apparently designed and manufactured Intel i5/7 chips because “their” new designs cut down iMac power consumption by 50%.

  • Chuck Finley

    The comparison to the N7 shows that Apple really REALLY considered it a threat…

    ….that being said, Apple sounded like it couldn’t care less about the Kindle Fire.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    dear new ipad customers………….
    [email protected] you……sincerely apple

  • Kevin Matthews

    good job at starting on time…and broadcasting the whole event….