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Apple’s Comparison of the iPad Mini to the Nexus 7, What a Joke.

If you joined us during our live chat of the Apple iPad mini event, then you probably saw the point of the presentation where Phil Schiller compared the new smaller iPad to Google’s Nexus 7. He went through slide after slide, clever quote after clever quote, to trash the Nexus 7 in as many ways as possible, all while touting the new iPad as a far superior product. The thing is, at $329 and with a bigger display, the comparison doesn’t make any sense. We have seen Apple play their childish comparison game with fake stats and their own made-up buzzwords numerous times in the past, but this has got to be the worst one yet. 


The new iPad mini has a 7.9″ display and the Nexus 7 has a 7″ display. Schiller and the Apple PR team decided that the best way to say that the new iPad mini is better, is because it has a bigger display. As if the average, everyday human being, couldn’t figure out that 7.9 is a bigger number than 7. Yep, we’re getting scientific up in here. But beyond just pointing out size, in came the stats of more square inches of display, a higher percentage of viewing space and web browsing enjoyment, and on and on. Again, yeah, that makes perfect sense. IT’S A BIGGER DISPLAY. Of course all of those numbers are going to be bigger.

What Phil skipped quickly over, was the fact that the display on the iPad mini is only at a 2002-ish 1024×768 resolution, while the Nexus 7 has a 1280×800 HD resolution. In other words, the Nexus 7’s is better for viewing almost anything, especially videos. No retina here on the iPad mini. Actually, it’s about as far from being retina as you can get and is almost laughable in today’s tech industry.


He also went through a number of slides that included cherry-picked apps that have been optimized for iOS tablets, yet haven’t been for Android tablets. Look, we get the tablet app argument, but the cherry-picking is beyond over the top. Where was the YouTube slide? Better yet, how does Google Maps look on iOS? Or Gmail? Oh, wait. We can do this all day long.


The most ridiculous portion of the entire thing, that helped turn it in the most ridiculous comparison ever, came at the very end of the iPad mini segment when Schiller talked price points. At first, we were on the edge of our seats, wondering how on Earth they managed to make such a product and keep the price at the same price as the Nexus 7, which is sold with 16GB of storage for $249. Except the iPad mini isn’t priced at $249. Nope, it starts at $329 for WiFi and 16GB of internal storage. So essentially, the comparison was of two products in completely different categories, yet Apple made it sound like they were brothers.

Apple seriously just compared a product that costs almost a $100 more, essentially targeting it at another target audience and into a separate price point. Indeed they did. That’s how Apple works, folks. Apples to oranges, reinvented.

Steve Jobs

YouTube Preview Image

A great day for this video, as well. “7-inch tablets are going to be DOA, dead on arrival.” – Steve Jobs

Oh, we should also point out that a 32GB Nexus 7 is on the way and will be priced at $249.

Update:  We tossed together a spec comparison chart here.

Meh. Can’t wait until next Monday.

  • DougEFresh12345

    You cant seriously think that the apps on android are better. If you do, stop drinking the Kool-aid.

  • Rolo P

    Was I the only one waiting to see virtual Mr. Jobs announce this as the next greatest thing, only then to be smacked down by virtual 2pac yellin ride or die for my Android!?!?

  • LionStone

    Oh NO they did NOT!

  • nightscout13

    WIN Title

  • JBartcaps

    I love this side of Droid-Life! Keep the rants coming!

  • ericsf8

    Let’s talk about the other elephant in the room. The one called iPad 4. I was actually quite happy to see them release the iPad 4. It’s an incremental update at best to catch up with some of the current players in the market. But what’s best about this is, will they release the iPad 5 in 6 months? Or will this be the iPad for another whole year? They’ve pretty much reduced their iPad product cycle to 6 month because I can’t see the iPad 4 staying relevant in it’s current specs for a whole year.

  • mini-me

    Wish Jobs was alive to see the Nexus 7 bite him in the a$$

    • manny

      Really will the Nexus 7 sell 100 million…..didn’t think so

  • KRS_Won

    Maybe it should have been compared to a Fire HD?

  • Perfectly done. Bravo, kellex!

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    am i the only one who still thinks its ridiculous that apple failed to ever acknowledge that the new ipad ever existed!?

  • just ordered my galaxy note II last night, trading my ipad 2 for the mini… no sense in having that big screen… and i’ll be waiting til google drops n7 prices on the 29th to get my n7. i’m going for a “woz angle” as i like to call it.

  • I still want the 32gb Nexus 7.

  • hfoster52

    We need a bar chart for this post…..

  • Al

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA give me my nexus 7 32gb which is a real 7″ inch tablet. Not that poser lmao.

  • schoat333

    Apple is very good at one thing.


  • Apple: We do everything better than you.

  • oaxican509

    It doesnt matter how much you hate it or despise it!
    Delusional people/consummers will throw their money and bow down to it!
    So please android community can we just move along to some other important news!

  • Haven’t seen that video, crazy…

  • MikeSaver

    I hope Apple poops their pants and a bear comes and eats their pants. and they i hope they puke.

  • Tac

    What’s that? Apple being biased? Sure am surprised…

  • fixxmyhead

    so by apples standards the s3 is better than the ifone 5 cuz its bigger right?

    • puggsly

      No. If the S3 had a bigger screen and at the same time was physically smaller and lighter than the iPhone 5 then yes it would be better, but it is not.

      • fixxmyhead

        Is that u steve jobs

  • Evostance

    Wonder if Google will sue them, you know, for having the same form factor as the Nexus 7

    • mark

      by same form factor you mean bigger, thinner and lighter?

      • Len Derby

        Why not… worked for Apple against Samsung.

  • jeff3yan

    I’d like to see how this thing sells before dismissing the competition. If consumers don’t like what they see, they won’t buy.

  • Jordan Epps

    lol I know writing this felt good. Great job!

  • ddevito

    Today marks the beginning of the end for Apple.

  • Fireface

    That video is perfect.

  • chris125

    But it has a half eaten fruit on it so the isheep will buy it regardless. It’s the beat thing since sliced bread /s

  • Jason

    as for that screen size…so he is saying s3 is better then iphone5 cause its screen is bigger?

    • monkey082506

      The thumb only works with the iphone5 and it used physics as a “general guideline” so no, he still thinks the iphone5 is better.

      • onDroid

        Every time I see that commercial I imagine apple maps is on the screen when the voice over guy says “I guess physics is more of a general guideline”

        • justincase_2008

          I saw that on tv then picked up my Gnex and my thumb could touch the whole screen. Guess the hand model has small hands.

          • onDroid

            Yeah, that’s what I thought. And didn’t Steve Jobs say 3.5″ was perfect? Now 4″ is perfect? I guess no matter what apple does it is the perfect solution.

          • harsh

            How many hands do they have? A huge one which can hold ipad mini and a small one for iPhone?

      • LionStone

        That had to be the most ridiculous commercial about the ‘thumb’, so dumb but not surprising.

    • JoshGroff

      No, merely pointing out that they would never say their iPhone had a smaller screen than the S3, but they’ll gladly say their iPad Mini has a bigger screen than the N7. (Which doesn’t even lead to a useful comparison.)

  • Richard

    Apple almost sold me an iPad mini until I realized that it didn’t have a Retina display. $329 price point might have been fair with a superior display, but 1024 x 768? It should have been priced better around $249. What would have been a killer was if they installed a digitizer on the screen packaged with a stylus. Now, that’s something I can’t refuse to buy.

    • LionStone

      Ah but you see Robert, part of the magic sauce of apple marketing is, if I price it a little higher, people (my flock) will think it must be better because it cost more! Yes, I know, its called ‘pulling the wool over their eyes’ 🙂

      • Verizon

        Did you just say Apple has magic sauce? Wouldn’t it just be Apple Sauce?

        • LionStone

          Hah, yep…pretty much!

  • Sven Enterlein

    I was most sickened by the introductory video though, showing iSheep holding their iPhones 5 as if they won an Olympic trophy. Of course it’s special to have a device that tens of millions of other users also have. They will get confused though because Apple is releasing their devices at an unprecedented pace!

  • Brandal Wagener

    Thank you! All my frustration summarized in one article

  • Mike Cox

    as a Ipad owner and a Nexus 7 owner i say..no thanks Apple try me next time with an Ipad mini 2

  • Flatpick

    Still…iSheep gonna be iSheep

    • Justin W

      The iSheep will buy what the shepherd puts in front of them.

      • David M. Brown

        Fine, let Apple produce an iPad made out of cardboard and confetti, glue and Scotch tape, and sell it for $400 a unit. Since the iSheep will not assess how well this “iPad” functions or serves their needs, buying it only because it is made by Apple, such an “iPad” will still sell in the millions. Correct?

        • Justin W

          Dat is cowect, Gwasshoppa.

  • Hep

    Anyone else notice how he used a screenshot of the android web browser with the address bar still in it, instead of letting it hide and THEN cropping the shots to compare web page area displayed? Sneaky, sneaky

    • Justin W

      I thought something looked fishy with that screenshot. I didn’t notice it though until you mentioned it lol.

    • Josh Nichols

      Not only that, it’s set to “mobile view” when the iPad is set to “desktop view”.

      • puggsly

        There is no such setting in iOS.

        • Josh Nichols

          I know there isn’t, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s rendering as a desktop site and the Nexus 7 is not.

      • puggsly

        I think what you were seeing was the comparison of Applications that have not been optimized for Android, not web pages.

  • Paul

    So the main point of the mini is that it’s big?

    And then the Nexus 10 will come out at the ipad mini’s price range and make a fool of it.

    • Justin W

      I’m betting the N10 will be priced at maybe 329-399. That would be nice, but hopefully we find out Monday 🙂

  • Garrett Shields

    The iPad Mini…every bit as good as that other iPad from almost two…years…ago….

  • Apple

    Thanks for the free advertising!

    • Chuck Finley

      …isn’t that what Google said during the Apple slides of the N7 comparison?

      • mark

        yeah but how many people watch the keynote? way more people browse droidlife than watch that thing. Also there is no popular culture buzz around the nexus 7, huge buzz around anything apple. this kind of thing just adds to it.

    • r0lct

      Isn’t that what all blogs basically are?

  • monkey082506

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! Complete waste of time, on a side note how pissed would you be if you just bought the iPad 3 to find out o wait…here’s a new one!

  • prestone1

    apple kept 4″ form factor on ip5 because anything bigger than that is too big for the hand. yet today they annouce that the 7.9″ ipad mini is perfect for one handed use. heh

    • asianrage

      To be fair, one handed use = one handed operation != tablet.

    • Goalposts move with every individual device for Apple. nothing new here. RDF as we know it.

    • doug

      Ok so I complained about someone calling someone else an idiot, but you sir are an idiot! Apple saying that a 7.9 inch tablet fits beautifully in one hand is not the same as apple saying the iPhone is designed for 1 handed use.

      The iPad mini is designed for 2 hand use and can be comfortably be held in one hand. The iPhone can be easily operated by the hand that is holding it.

  • Mapekz

    Nexus 7 32GB on its way AND WILL FEATURE MULTI-USER SWITCHING (most likely) AND for $250. Seriously iPad mini was so underwhelming today. The iPad mini is to iPad 4 as SGS3 mini is to SGS3 (aka a refresh of the previous generation device).

  • Adam Ismail

    Apple wants an extra $130 for their diamond cut edge, that’s about all I took away from this announcement.

    • Justin W

      Don’t forget the bigger screen. /s

      • And the better materials.

      • Adam Ismail

        The bigger screen they are touting is lower resolution. The materials are better though, I’ll give you that. Not worth the extra cash, but better.

    • puggsly

      $80 more at the same memory size.

      • Adam Ismail

        The 16GB N7 is dropping to $199. The 16GB iPad mini is $329. It’s $130.

        • puggsly

          Ok so next monday if they announce that we can debate again about the value proposition. But today it is $80 and for me I think it is worth at least that much more because as I see it the break down looks like this.

          Having a larger display and smaller lighter device wins out over the resolution difference. Advantage iPad
          The faster GPU vs the faster CPU should make for a user experience that will be essentially a Draw.
          The camera, well the iPad mini has high quality back facing camera and the nexus has none. Unlike the larger iPad I can imagine someone actually using the smaller tablets to capture stills and video so big advantage iPad.
          The number of optimized apps is again a huge advantage for iPad.
          iTunes vs Google play. More content and more liberal DRM. iPad!
          Build Quality from the reports sounds like. Advantage iPad
          Customer Service – Apple is rated #1 every year. Advantage iPad

          Even if it is $130 difference the iPad mini will sell very well because it is a quality product.

          The nexus has price and resolution on it’s side so I’m sure it will sell well too, but this will take a lot of the wind out of it’s and the fires sales.

  • droiddog

    The only comparison that really matters is sales. Unfortunately the iPad mini will outsell the Nexus 7 by a ridiculous margin.

    • sc0rch3d

      too many mothers did not stress the “well if your friend jumps off a bridge…” argument 🙂

    • Cowboydroid

      That’s actually very debatable. Most people who want an ipad are going to get the bigger version. They’ll probably see it as a better value, since it’s only another 100-200 dollars. This “mini” is just too pricey for its category, and, like stated, the resolution is crap.

      • droiddog

        How much money would you like to bet that the iPad mini outsells the Nexus 7?

        • r0lct

          Much like phones it isn’t about a single Android device vs iPad or iPad mini. Android tablets will eventually outsell iOS tablets. That’s something to bet in.

        • Justin W

          The only reason it may outsell the N7 is because the iSheep didn’t see the other specs that the N7 has to offer over the mini. We have a clearly better tablet (seriously, a quad-core Tegra 3 vs. a dual core A5?) and a better display, higher PPI, higher resolution, better overall specs in general.

        • Cowboydroid

          I wouldn’t bet money on something that stupid. But I’m guessing it matches sales, even though it’s a lesser product.

      • Bauce40

        The average person won’t notice the different in resolution, they’ll just see that they can get an iPad for “cheap” (when compared to the other versions). I know a lot of people who bought the iPad2 when the 3rd one came out simply because it was cheaper and they didn’t care about the bumped up specs. When it comes to iWhatevers Apple could take a crap in a box and people would still buy it (think Tommy Boy).

        • Cowboydroid

          And the Nexus 7 is a $150 cheaper…

    • This is true. But Android devices will, in turn, continue to obliterate iOS devices.

      • deesnutzz

        How so? This isn’t the phone market in which the carrier pump,out phones and give them out for free. You don’t need a carrier purchasing a ipad and the same went for the ipod

        • r0lct

          You mean the same carriers pumping out subsidized iPhones for $0 and $100?

    • thebruce44

      The mini may outsell the Nexus7, but Apple has taken an insane hit in the tablet market just this last year. Putting the Nexus7, Amazon’s Kindle Fires, and the upcoming Nexus10 together and it may not be pretty for Apple. This also means more apps getting optimized for Android tablets, which is really the one advantage iOS tablets have over Android tablets right now.

    • Verizon

      Only if you are Apple or Google. Why would a consumer care which one sells more?

  • Captain_Doug

    32gb nexus 7. Win.

    • deesnutzz

      Right…because apple is known for selling at a loss. RACE TO THE BOTTOM. kellex you can’t say apple has no chance when google and amazon don’t announce sales numbers & the ipad is already selling 100 million at the premium $499 price. C,mon really…

      • PhillipCun

        Selling more of a product doesn’t mean its actually better. Of course “better” is a matter of opinion.

        Apple makes BILLION of dollars, Google selling a device at a loss means its a WIN for the consumers. Do you work at Google or Apple? Does their profitability on their products affect you? No you don’t and no it doesn’t because you’re only a CONSUMER. As a consumer all you care about is how much you are going to spend for a product and if it fulfills your needs and wants.

        If you want to pay more then go back more as long as you’re happy. But profitability of a company won’t make you happy… Or do you really care about about the social acceptance of owning a more expensive product? You just been CLOSED by Apple’s marketing efforts making you believe that it’s a better product just because they’re more profitable?

        I really don’t understand people defending companies that they’re not associated with who also fall for marketing. Please think for yourself and stop being a product of marketing / society.

        • deesnutzz

          I’m talking about how a business work. I never said nexus 7 sucked, but the develope community is trash. And yes when a company does make more money they put out better products. Companies like htc, Motorola, lg, all of them except sansung are losing money because people just don’t care about there products. You better hope they make more money because that means medicore products & and you get less choices. Samsung is doing fine in phones but no one really cares about there tablets…they even admitted it. I’m not speaking fanboy I’m speaking how general consumers think and businesses think (at least done of them)

          • GotSka81

            Grammatically speaking, this discussions are badable.

          • Josh Nichols

            What? HTC may be losing money but their products this year have been top notch. Are you seriously going to try and argue that the One X and One S are “mediocre”?

          • I’m really sad that you would call the Android developer community trash. The Android developer community rocks my socks. My carrier is trash when it comes to everything BUT service and I’m a little upset with Samsung because I’m a Charge owner, but the Android developer community is full of some really amazing people.

          • Jwhap

            Not to bust your chops……but why not buy off contract and sell it on eBay? It paid for over half of my galaxy nexus! 🙂

            Edit…..and at the lower price for a refurbished model you may make money on that deal….

          • I’m struggling to squeeze in repairs for my car… which gets me to and from work. My work phone is a Galaxy Nexus so I use it for everything but personal calls and personal texts.

        • manny

          Um Selling more does mean better. Apple makes millions and puts millions back iinto it’s company. Apple releases 2 or 3 devices a year.Everybody else releases 10 to 12 Unless these companies have that many more engineers designing stuff or one engeneer makes 3 devices at a time. Hence droid razzr droid razr lite droid razr max droid razr maxx hd and so on. Think about it, the more money a company makes the more they put into hiring the more they hire the more ideas and so on. Have you ever walked into an apple store or apple on the phone.

          • Droidzilla

            I’ll wait for you to say that Windows is a superior OS to OSX, the Toyota Camry is a better car than the Nissan GTR, etc. Fallacious thinking is fallacious.

          • JJ

            Apple sells more because they make devices can appeal to a very broad group of people.. Companies like Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and LG make devices that appeal to a more specific group of people making their profit margins lower. To even compare the companies to one another is like comparing toyota to mercedes, sire they both make cars… but they definitly do not make the same cars for the same people

        • Al Chandler

          Very well spoken!

        • Jason

          This is a HORRIBLE way of thinking. Selling at a loss is a SHORT TERM win for the consumer. Long term, this practice kills creativity, innovation and jobs. Look at the car industry. The American car industry went through turmoil because the Asian brands unfairly dumped their cars on the US market at a loss, just to gain market share. Then they stifled innovation, and through the 90’s the car industry was stagnent directly because of the actions that Honda, Toyota, Nissan, etc pulled to make headway into the US market. Now it’s just starting to pick up again, which is good for the consumers. But you’ll also notice that there is no longer a race to the bottom in prices. Well except for Hyundai and Kia.

      • Justin W

        I’m just wondering if you realize that Google doesn’t sell physical products to MAKE money. They sell them to get people to use their store and view their other products, most of which don’t cost money to the direct user (purchaser of the tablet), which is why they are in my view superior to Apple.

        • Jason

          Google is in the business of collecting and selling data. The more people that are holding android products, the more data they collect, which they can then turn around and sell. Luckily they would never do anything to jeapordize your personal data. Right.

          • Kookas

            Jason! Is it really you? God! I’ve always wanted to get my hands on some of those precious details.. you know, your favourite porn sites, your maiden name, all of that juicy goodness. Grow up, no one even knows who you are.

          • David M. Brown

            Grow up, it’s not grown up to say “grow up” when you disagree with a point that a commenter makes. Please, just grow up already.

          • Kookas

            Oh dear, you’ve really made a mess of yourself.

      • Amazon’s kindle fire, although sales figures may not have been released (to be honest I didn’t look to see if they were), they seemed to be selling well enough to merit a new version. Apple can sell at any price point because of the “prestige” of owning an Apple product. Sort of why someone will pay a lot of money for a pair of jeans merely for the name brand when other brands are cheaper and just as good quality wise. Although I don’t agree with their way of doing things, they already have a bunch of people willing to pay no matter the price for their products and they’re milking it for all they’re worth. Business wise, it makes sense. The big difference here is that just because it costs more it doesn’t mean it’s better than Android tablets, certainly not better than the nexus 7. Sure there are some cheaply made android tablets but the only reason you don’t see that from Apple is because their OS isn’t open like Android. Anyhow, those are my 2 cents… more like $1.50 I guess.

      • Robert Jakiel

        100 million iPads sold does not mean at a $499 price. Many of the iPads sold have been resold to existing Apple customers with an iPad or iPad 2. Not to mention that the iPad 2 is the biggest seller due to same form factor and $100 cheaper than the new, now EOL’ed, iPad. The new new iPad that came out today after only a 6 month cycle is what the old new iPad should have been. Now the iPad 2 will still be the hottest seller due to price and the mini will be, meh. Those with an iPad 2 that didn’t get the old new iPad, which has been EOL’ed, can now be confident in getting the new new iPad but only maybe for 6 months until the new new new iPad comes out and the new new iPad becomes the old new iPad. Maybe…

    • RadicalPie

      Google should now announce the nexus 10 for 329 would make my day. I 🙂

      • Captain_Doug

        I’m not super interested in a 10″ tablet. I could go as large as a 8.2 16×10 screen.

        • JustTrollin69

          Rather specific

          • Captain_Doug

            I know what I want. =)

        • TheUI

          That’s what she said. We just had to get it a little wetter though and then 10″ made her day too.

          • Captain_Doug


      • ckeegan

        It would replace my LTE XOOM in a heartbeat. A $499 Nexus 10 with LTE on Verizon would replace my XOOM in half a heartbeat.

    • cheezer88

      i’m wondering if i send my 16gb in for warranty work, will Google send me a 32gb back instead?

      • Captain_Doug

        Probably not. Be a nice dream though.

      • I’m hoping they will give everyone who got a 16GB version that 100GB of Drive space they are giving to people who buy Chromebooks.

      • Adam Emshwiller

        No. I just exchanged my 16gb this week and didn’t get the 32gb back. I ,an can dream right?

    • The writer of this article is wrong on the Display.
      It is possible for a 7″ display to have more square inches than a 7.9″ display.
      Diagonal display size does not tell you anything about square inches as the writer has implied. Anyone that has studied calculus knows this.

      • Eric

        Actually that would be algebra (pythagorean theorem), and it’s still impossible for a 7″ display to have a larger area than the iPad Mini’s 7.9″ display. Nice try, math wiz.

        • Greg Smith

          Sorry, but the shape of the display matters as much as the diagonal measurement. As one side of the display gets shorter and approaches zero, the long side of the display will approach the same length as the diagonal. This means that the area of the display will also approach zero. A pencil thin and long display can have far fewer square inches than a more square display that has a shorter diagonal.

          If a 7″ diagonal display is square, each side would be 4.95 inches long and the area would be 24.5 sq in. If instead one side is only 1 inch long, the other would be about 6.9 inches and the area of the display would be only about 6.9 sq in. The more obliong the display, the less viewing area.

          “a squared + b squared = c squared”

          • Eric

            Yeah, all you did was write the equation that I mentioned. Don’t get your point…

      • Calculus? You mean algebra? 8th grade Math fail? Also, reading fail? The writer of this article never said what you’re saying. Try reading it again.

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        I think you’re thinking of a 7″ 3 denominational object’s square inch capacity vs a 7.9″.
        A 7″ shoe box could be deeper and have more capacity than a 7.9″ shoe box. On the other hand the surface area could not be greater on a 1 denominational object.

    • Captain_Doug

      113 upvotes? I’m honored.

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        Modesty FTW!

  • r0lct

    If Google makes the 16 GB $200 then at a $130 premium I think the Nexus 7 has a good chance.

    • Justin W

      Even at an $80 premium for the 32GB N7 vs. the iPad Mini at 16GB, there’s a better chance for the N7.

      • r0lct

        I’m just thinking most “mass market casual customers” are going to look at the cheapest unit from both (or compare 16 GB to 16 GB) and Apple has people willing to pay a premium. However at $130 I think it’s too much, at $80 I think it’s more debatable since they market so well.

  • triangle8

    Amen, brother!

  • Mustang5Oh

    Well said and I can’t believe the foolishness of Apple for comparing the two.

    Like we get a 7.9″ device is larger than a 7″ device. They think people are morons! Damn I hate Apple!

    • But most of the people that buy into apple are morons.. so for them its like oooh wow 7.9

    • brando56894

      When it comes to Apple products, most people are morons! lol

    • puggsly

      Why so much hate? I am not a moron if I decide that the compromises and choices Apple made are more in line with what I want that the compromises Google made. We are talking about a $80 price difference and what that buys is:

      1) Physically larger display
      2) Physically smaller and lighter device
      3) A usable still/video camera (not just conferencing camera)
      4) Dramatically more tablet optimized Application

      What you loose is resolution. We can argue about the A5’s graphics vs the Tegra’s CPU performance but lets wait till people do real world tests.

      Combine this with Apples customer service and build quality as well as its larger ecosystem backing it’s devices and you have to realize that you don’t have to be a moron to pay $80 more for the iPad mini.

      NOTE!! people who chose the nexus are not morons ether. But I’m not so sure about some of the people who posted things here.

      • jeff

        You forgot to mention that $80 surplus also buys you half the storage.

        • puggsly

          No, $250 for a 16GB nexus 7, $329 for a 16GB iPad mini. Same storage. $80 price difference.

      • jeff

        Or alternativel, you only “loose” (otherwise known as lose) half the storage space by paying the ‘premium’ to Apple.

        • puggsly

          How do you lose half your storage space? I compared 16GB vs 16GB, there is no 32GB nexus yet and no 8GB iPad mini. The items I pointed out are not opinion or things that might be a benefit to some and not others. Physically larger display/touch area in a physically smaller packages is not a compromise it is an advantage, just like the lower price and higher res is an advantage. Things like OS preference, build quality, customer service and over all ecosystem, can be debated and people start calling each other names to make their point. I just wanted to point out that there are real advantages to the mini, that make it such that you don’t have to be a moron to purchase it. I thank I made that point even with a typing mistake.

      • David M. Brown

        Well, it’s moronic to use arguments and facts and things. It’s smarter to just call people morons.

  • randy

    Did you just ask how the Google Apps look on iOS? hahaha, google hasn’t even updated their apps for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. Google is known to make some of the worst iOS apps of any major company. Nice try though.

    • thebruce44

      You know who isn’t laughing about that? iOS users.

    • The lack of updates has more to with Apple burning bridges with Google.

    • cancerous_it

      and apple makes amazing apps for android…oh wait. i mean apple makes amazing apps for everyone to freely use on any webbrowser like search, gmail, documents, maps…oh wait.

    • Justin W

      I do want to point out that the previous apps that were included on iOS were Apple using Google’s APIs, not Google’s created apps.

  • I hope google makes them wish they never did that at the upcoming event.

    • Justin W

      I’m hoping for another side-by-side comparison of the iPad Mini and the Nexus 7.

      • DrewNusser

        From what I’ve seen, Google is above those tactics. It’s unfortunate, really, because they could have a lot of fun with it.

        • This is so overlooked among all the bitch-slapping and mud-slinging. Google actually has shown a lot more class than Apple in recent years.

  • “Meh. Can’t wait until next Monday.” – sums it up for me 😉

  • Because you tout yourself as “Android news,” that’s why.

    • r0lct

      I would call the police on the guy who had a gun to your head to click on the article.

    • brando56894