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Verizon Begins Selling 16GB Galaxy Nexus for $50 on 2-year Contract or $499 Full Retail

The 32GB version of the Galaxy Nexus at Verizon is no more. As of today, the carrier replaced it with a 16GB version that can be had for $50 on 2-year contract or $499 full retail.

Other than the storage change, this is the same phone. We aren’t sure what the reasoning was to change the storage amounts, but if the price sticks around the $50 mark or moves to as low as free, then who are we to complain? Just remember that this phone has no microSD slot for expandable storage, so the 16GB is all you get.

Also remember, that the GSM version that Google sells directly through the Play store, is only $350 at full retail.

Via:  Verizon


    This 16 GB Nexus is probably going to be the low-end Nexus when the new Nexus(es) are released.

  • enigmaco

    Someone please explain to me why I found a sprint nexus phone for $100 but the same phone for Verizon is $280 what a joke? it’s on cowboom.com

  • spunker88

    Or you can get the refurb off contract for $230 from VZW, seems like a much better deal. Buying a refurb from Verizon you still get the same warranty and you don’t have to can rest assured the ESN is clean. Also their refurbs are usually in pretty clean shape.

    • enigmaco

      Does this include the $30 upgrade fee though?

  • termiNader

    Or go get it for $150 on eBay.

  • Joe Marmal

    Gnex is a POS. Horrible voice and data connection (at least on Verizon). I will be dumping my Verizon Gnex in a few days, paying my ETF and getting a Note 2 on AT&T.

    • droidsung

      Well, mine is pretty solid on data connection after JB update. Battery life got better too with JB.

  • KleenDroid

    Next year they will go back to seeking phones with only 8 gig.

    • DroidFann

      Phones from 2009 had more storage.

  • NorCalDroid

    Well that brings the value of my 32GB Gnex back up.

  • avinyc

    Isn’t the LTE version available only in 32GB?

  • T4rd

    I’m baffled as to why they’re all of the sudden selling a completely different SKU for a phone that is almost EOL. It would be cool if these still had pentaband GSM radios in them too though so you could put them on any carrier you want afterwords.

    • kennyidaho

      Why does apple do it? iPhone 4 8GB?

  • GTIguy

    Assuming you had LTE coverage all the time and didn’t ever use 3G could one simply take out their SIM and put it in any LTE device, let’s say an LTE AT&T device, and use on Verizon? Like the GSM networks when you could put your SIM into any GSM phone and use on AT&T or T-Mobile depending on which service you had.

    • will bartlett


  • moelsen8

    new nexus device coming??? i’d be the first person to tell myself to shut up.. but weird moves here..

    • Larizard

      Moto’s occam will be the Verizon Nexus this year. It’s going to happen!!

      • moelsen8

        i like what you’re smoking! 😛

  • It sounds like “Pre-Owned” ones are going for $230 as well… http://slickdeals.net/f/5371564-Verizon-Selling-Off-Stock-Of-Pre-owned-Galaxy-Nexus-229-99-Off-Contract
    edit: whoops, the 32GB ones, that is ^

    • will bartlett

      yes and that is why they posted a story about it a while ago.

      • ha, got me there. carry on then 🙂

  • InvaderDJ

    This is really bizarre. Why sell a version with less storage? It would be nice if this had some different radios or something like that but with the same hardware besides storage I just don’t see the point.

    • Tim Hardeman

      I would assume because the 32GB version wasn’t selling well. Probably the same reason the 32GB international version was canceled.

    • 4n1m4L

      First price $50. Next price $free. Get more people into contracts.

  • capecodcarl

    Well this isn’t good news for people hoping for a next generation Nexus on Verizon. They wouldn’t bother releasing a new SKU, especially at such an inflated price point, if they had any plans to come out with a newer Nexus.

    • chris125

      Well they are selling the 32gb for $230 so that leaves some hope, albeit small still some hope for verizon getting the next nexus.

  • Siggy

    Amazon wireless still has the 32GB Nexus AND its down to 29.99 on contract!!! Sucks I just got it for $50 2 weeks ago. Oh well two weeks more of fun with my nexus.

    • JDHokie

      Amazon will price adjust.

  • jam12

    Where’s the white version!

  • Ridiculous that they sell the phone for full retail that high… when google has their version (identical except for LTE) for 350

    • so they’re exactly the same aside from the more expensive one has an extra, expensive piece of hardware?

  • aNYthing6

    499 retail? Google is directly selling the same thing for $349…is the LTE radio that expensive?

    • DanSan

      no but their network is… lol

      • fixxmyhead


    • hkklife

      No, but Qualcomm’s proprietary CDMA libraries are, so add that to VZW’s huge markup/monopoly and you have the big price difference over unlocked GSM.

  • 4n1m4L

    Is it finally going to show up in white? ( for vzw )

    • El Big CHRIS

      THIS. I almost jumped when I saw the 16 gigs but it’s still only black…

      • Noyfb

        I’ve searched everywhere, even samsung and some korean sites for the lte white nexus replacement case, it is not out there.

        • 4n1m4L

          Just the door I tipped

  • Butters619