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Rumor: Google to Unveil LG Nexus 4, 3G Nexus 7, and Samsung Nexus 10 at Android Event Next Week

As you all know, Google and the Android team have set October 29 as the date to unveil all that is new in the Android world. Speculation has run high, but The Next Web claims to have confirmed all of the details, some of which is new, most of which isn’t. According to their source who was privy to a secret Google video that was being passed around, that details the event. So what are we expecting? 

Samsung Nexus 10

Are you ready for a super high-resolution tablet from Samsung and Google? We saw EXIF data from a device called “Nexus 10” last week which we are assuming will end up as the device Google shows off on stage. The resolution of the display is supposed to be 2560×1600 with close to 300ppi, putting it a slight step above the new iPad. It sounds like a high-end tablet, but we’re wondering about the cost. The Nexus 7 was so interesting because of its $199 price tag – how can Samsung and Google make this a winner?

Current rumors suggest that this tablet won’t be ready until the first quarter of next year.

Android 4.2

According to this latest rumor, Android 4.2 will be released and will also keep the name Jelly Bean, even though Google had at one time hoped to rename it to Key Lime Pie. In this new build, Google will introduce something alled “Content in the center,” which is some sort of a quick access to the Play store in the form of a widget. That doesn’t necessarily sound like anything new to us, but they will also include “Tablet Sharing,” which as you might expect, means multi-user logins. Panoramic photo taking could allow for both portrait and landscape action as well.

LG Nexus 4

You know all there is to know about the LG Nexus 4, right? The 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB RAM, 4.7″ HD IPS+ display, 16GB internal storage, 8MP camera, and 2100mAh battery have all been confirmed by this secret video. No surprises here, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t ultra-excited for a new Nexus phone.

3G and 32GB Nexus 7

A 3G (HSPA+) equipped Nexus 7 and a model that has 32GB of storage are also nothing new, as they have both been rumored for weeks. This new rumor claims that they are both on the way. As with the LG Nexus 4, that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited for both.

This is unconfirmed, but I want to predict Google allowing for some form of free or very cheap 3G data, similarly to what Amazon did with the new Kindle Fires. I could be completely wrong, but it seems odd to toss it in this late in the game, unless they have a major selling point to go with it. Then again, they certainly loved unlocked GSM phones, so why not do the same in a tablet?

And there you have it, the purported schedule of events at next week’s Android shindig. We’ll be there on the scene, so if any of it is true, we’ll have it for you. Thankfully, Google is also live streaming it on YouTube for all to see and experience.


Via:  The Next Web

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • kelli914

    i just wish they would get on with it and price it right for xmas sales. my two biggest factores it seems to me right now is will the nexus have a rear camera also on the new one and will it truly have 3G capabilities. I am sold on the nexus after reading materials. but i cant seem to get an answer anywhere as to if it truly is gooing to have 3g. and having dual camers is a huge huge plus for me. more so the just haing the front camers. if i had to pick just one camera it would be the rear. but nexus has it over the rest as best i see.. the only thing i can say they screwed up on was only having one camera and no 3g. so fingers crossed cause im ready to but this n get on with it.

  • noc007

    I hope the rumored $99 tablet is not the subsidized price of the 3G one. If it’s not, I’ll probably get two.

  • Derrick Glander

    I don’t really need a tablet, I’ll keep using my netbook until google releases a nexus with a build in microsd card slot. I will not support this new strategy of charging exorbant prices for slight increases in memory capacity. I want to swap out 64GB cards to different devices and Im voting with me wallet.

  • pissedoff

    I had a couple LG phone a while back I don’t believe even if its as good as the last nexus I would even consider it LG makes some flimsy phones!! Why can’t we get a solid phone made by a decent manufacturer!!!

  • Max Davis

    I just bought the Asus Transformer Infinity. Is it worth it to send it back for a refund and wait for the Nexus 10? I love the aluminum form factor but not so happy with the I/O bottleneck issue. Samsung will undoubtedly shape it’s next Nexus out of cheep-feeling plastic but it’ll be blow your mind fast. Thoughts?

  • I want to hear more about the nexus 10. It’s about time to retire the ol’ HP Touchpad as new development for it has pretty much come to halt. I’m locked into a 2 yr contract with my SGS 3, but I want at least one android device that will always have the latest android software.

  • Cory

    Seriously? “Content in the Center” is a new API feature set that will allow developers to not only have their app remember for later re-install by Google but the app’s data too. It’s not a requirement but it’s being made super easy. So game save files will be sync’ed to the cloud and accessible on restore or other android devices. This is hugely awesome.

  • Ty

    16G phone? Heck that’s before the OS. So it’s more like 12/13G?

  • I want an opener Nexus playground lol.

  • Turb0wned

    God Google that is an ugly ass phone! WHY WHY WHY!

  • Prox

    Nexus 10 screen size sounds nice but would like to see how it performs compared to the Tegra 3 device for web browsing, every day use (Not gaming). I think the companion core in the Tegra 3 isn’t fast enough to keep up for normal use.

  • Homer Simpson

    I’m waiting on the Nexus 14 to land. Can’t wait.

  • KleenDroid

    I am hoping that Google announces a Nexus phone that is for everyone. A Nexus that does not include Verizon is useless for many people. I would be fine with buying it direct if it would run on Verizons network.

    But 8 or 16 Gig is honestly hard to believe on a Nexus. I think it’s some sick joke behind the scenes. They all laugh as they make a phone with otherwise great specs and then toss in a max of 16 Gig… lol Just like last year they came out with the Nexus with a 5 megapixel camera.

    Next year they will make the Nexus with an Octogon Core processor, 20 megapixel camera, 6 inch screen, and “250 Meg” of ram.

    • Also, a phone without LTE just seems wrong in 2012, going onto 2013. Even the damn iPhone 5 has LTE.

    • Honestly, if there’s no Verizon version, I can assure you that it’ll be because Verizon has no interest, not because Google has no interest. In reality, Verizon seems to have interest in Google Experience devices considering they’ve had launch exclusivity on the last two Nexus devices (the Motorola Xoom and the Galaxy Nexus). There’s, at this point, no reason to assume that there won’t be a Verizon version available at some point.

      Now, the question of whether or not updates will come from Google or from LG would be a different question entirely. With the Galaxy Nexus, the only variants that get updates from Google are the Verizon LTE version and the GSM models purchased throughout parts of western Europe or through the Play Store. The Sprint variant and the vast majority of GSM models sold throughout the world get updates from Samsung. I don’t know if Google will use this model on the LG Nexus, but if it does, we could end up with a Verizon Nexus 4 that gets updates from LG, not from Google directly. That would be a bummer as well, but it would still get updates infinitely faster than any other phone on Verizon.

      • jdtommy

        I don’t want verizon to have interest. I want an unlocked LTE/CDMA version of the phone that I can buy direct from google and hook up to verizon’s network.

        The only time google is not involved with the updates is if the phone is subsidized through the carrier and they put their own crap on it.

        • First off you will never see an unlocked LTE/CDMA phone until there is an actual accepted worldwide standard for LTE, which currently there is not.

          Secondly, which device variants get updates from Google has nothing whatsoever to do with if it’s carrier locked. The carrier lock only means that Google can’t update the device without passing carrier approval.

          The US WiFi-only and Verizon Xoom variants both get updates from Google, but all international variants get updates from Motorola whether they’re carrier locked or not.

          Google updates the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and GSM models purchased from the Play Store and in parts of Western Europe. The Sprint Galaxy Nexus, as well as GSM models sold throughout the majority of the world get updates from Samsung.

          Google updates all variants of the Nexus S, including the Sprint model which is clearly carrier locked.

          • trophynuts

            The Verizon Iphone5 comes unlocked out of the box. It has LTE, CDMA, and GSM tech in it. You can buy it and put an AT&T sim in it and it will work fine on their 3G network. It also uses other LTE in other countries as well.

          • If you look carefully at the iPhone 5 specs, you’ll see that the CDMA model only gives you LTE in the US and Japan. If you want LTE in Canada, or anywhere in Europe, you have to buy one of the GSM models (and which GSM model depends on which country you want LTE in).

            My original point still stands. Including CDMA and LTE in one worldwide unlocked handset is technologically unfeasible right now. In the end, all you’d be doing is supporting LTE frequencies for certain carriers over others. For instance, you could make an unlocked CDMA/LTE device that works on both Verizon and Sprint and maybe one or two overseas that use similar frequency bands…but as of October 2012 an unlocked CDMA/LTE device that works on almost any CDMA or LTE network anywhere in the world is not happening.

    • Kotlet

      Why would you need more than 640Kb?

  • sgtguthrie

    I’m pissed that the 32gb n7 will cost the same as I paid for my 16GB version. I thought I could make do with 16 but I was wrong! I thought Motorola was going to learn from Google, not the other way around! You’d think Google would have seen how mad Razr owners were when the Maxx came out 2 months later! CAN WE PLEASE GO BACK TO EXPANDABLE STORAGE? I DON’T WANT CLOUD STORAGE OR THE NEXUS Q! I WANT REAL PHYSICAL STORAGE AND ITS DIRT CHEAP! THERE’S NO REASON TO PUT AS LITTLE AS 8 OR 16GB IN A MODERN DEVICE!

  • Michael G

    Jesus. Galaxy Nexus. Nexus 7. Nexus 10. Nexus 4. I can see the Nexus-verse getting very confusing.

    • No more confusing than something like the i-verse. Actually, probably less confusing.

    • KleenDroid

      And Nexus was supposed to mean something great. They new Nexus phone only has a max of 16 gig storage which is not a Nexus…. it is a fail. Unless it was only $199 full retail.

      • DainLaguna

        I didnt realize nexus devices were measured by their internal storage? Thought it had something to do with running stock android or something nuts along those lines.

        • KleenDroid

          While They May Not Be Measured By Internal Storage Alone They Should At Least Have Enough Which This Doesn’t.

          Sorry Swype Is Capitalizing Every Word.

          • DainLaguna

            i would have loved a bigger option but with 16 gig iphones selling like hotcakes i dont blame them. i think we’ll be fine.

            and man disqus is effing awful on the n7. or anything really.

  • Ivan92116

    whatever they announce I hope they give firm release dates…no of this “coming soon” crap.

    • Woz

      Goog doesn’t know how to give firm release dates like Apple

      • summit1986

        Google refuses to wrap their hands around the carriers’ throats and squeeze.

        • TheWenger

          I’ll get a nerd-boner when that happens.

        • krispy kreme

          nooooooooooooo Balls!!!

        • It’s more just that they sit quietly while the carriers circle round and gang-rape Android. They don’t even complain about it.


    will be waiting DL’s official review (specifically the battery life) before purchasing this nexus!

    • If it doesn’t have LTE, it should last a long, long time. At 2100mAh, and with an efficient Snapdragon processor, it should be awesome.

  • Justin W

    If these are all true, this would make it 5 nexus devices this year… N7 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 3g, Nexus 4. Turns out that rumor was accurate after all, just not in the way we expected.

    • JoshGroff

      Curse you technicalities!!!

  • ChrisI

    I’d like that new Nexus phone to have the Maxx’s 3300mah battery, an HDMI-out, a MicroSD slot, and a great high quality camera (13mp maybe)?. Am I the only one asking for some simple tech basics like this from a phone?

  • Anybody know when the new chromebook is available to buy in stores? Went to Worst Buy today and the computer people had no idea what I was talking about, all they said was “we don’t carry chromebooks.”

  • “…secret video. No surprises here, but that doesn’t mean we AREN’T* ultra-excited for a new Nexus phone…”

  • joshyroe

    Nexus 10! I can’t wait!

  • palomosan

    I was really hoping for multiple Nexus phones, I’m pretty sure they’ll be an LTE version of the Nexus 4 since Verizon, [email protected] and Sprint have it now.

    Make the Nexus 10 $450 and I’m in, just make sure I have at lease 32gb and an Sd card slot with Wifi, LTE versions available, HDMI out, plenty of accesories from the start, surface like cover and the back please don’t allow Samsung to make plastic.

    • know it all

      doubt it on the VZW version

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        Right. If the past is any indication, VZW will pass on this because they are going with something similar (HTC DLX, perhaps?) They did the same thing when they passed on the Nexus One for HTC Droid Incredible.

    • Trey Mitchell

      Samsung isn’t using plastic it’s polycarbonate which is WAY more durable than plastic the problem is it gives the device that cheap feel, cause your hands cant tell the difference between plastic and polycarbonate, especially if they give it that damn glossy finish.

      • stwb

        Polycarbonate IS plastic….

  • John

    Me & my gnexus will be perfectly happy for another year now that I have a 3800mAh+nfc battery 🙂

  • Man, I REALLY wish I had a use for and could justify the purchase of a tablet. I really want a high res 10″ Nexus tablet. But the truth is that I have zero need for one.

    • moelsen8

      i’ve kind of reached a similar conclusion.. mine just collect dust these days. i always have my phone and end up using that, even if it’s sitting next to my N7 (and xoom..). if i have to do anything more involved than light browsing, i’m doing it on my laptop anyway.

    • Liza_Minnelli

      Same here, I really want a high end 10″ nexus tablet but I wouldn’t do anything on it that I couldn’t do on my Nexus 7. Unless there is a productivity slant to this new tablet I can’t justify the cost.

      I think android needs to become more productivity friendly to compete with W8 in the future anyways.

      • I’m same the same way, except there isn’t anything I can do on a tablet that I can’t do on my Gnex.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      My wifi Xoom is a daily driver — use it for excel sheets, powerpoints and copious amounts of Netflix Streaming! No way could I be as productive with a 7inch screen.

  • Really hoping for a better nexus phone.. Moto Nexus X? Something on VZW and 4G would be nice… going 3G is a step back for sure.

  • trophynuts

    fail and
    fail if you ask me. Stop flooding the market Goog

    • trophynuts

      oh and more fragmentation. Yay

      • GotSka81

        I would agree that Android has fragmentation issues, however I think you’re mistaken about the Nexus series being a part that issue. In fact, the Nexus series of devices are part of the solution to fragmentation by having a uniform software set on all Nexus branded devices.

        • trophynuts

          how are they part of the solution when every time a new one is released a new version of Android is released with it?

          • trophynuts

            at this rate manufacturers should skip a version to play catch up.

          • GotSka81

            I don’t think fragmentation means what you think it means. Nevertheless, the fragmentation does not occur when Google releases a new version of Android, it occurs when phone manufacturers and wireless carriers insist on applying skins to Android.

          • trophynuts

            then we’ll have to agree to disagree. My idea of Fragmentation is when a New version of Android comes out and so now you will have Several versions of the OS spread out across all devices. It’s a logistical nightmare. For a DEV when does he drop support of say GB and carry forward? GB is still on a LOT of phones.

          • GotSka81

            Once again, I think you’re placing blame for the fragmentation of Android in the wrong place. If all device manufacturers would apply vanilla android to their devices, and if carriers (*cough*VZW*cough*) could get their update approval process in gear, we wouldn’t have all this fragmentation. Unfortunately, this is a side-effect of distributing an open-source software…anyone can change it however they choose. If you believe releasing a new version of Android once or twice a year is a problem, what is your alternative?

            As far as developers and OS support is concerned, this is a problem no matter what OS software you’re talking about…be it Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. Any given developer must choose for him/herself how far back they want to support. This is the nature of software.


      Said no one ever….

  • fanboy1974

    The one time people will wish for a Verizon logo on back of that phone.

  • schoat333

    No LTE = Yawn….

  • Butters619

    I just really want there to be an LTE/GSM Nexus. Please oh please oh please oh please Google.

    • trophynuts

      don’t see that happening this time around.

      • Butters619

        I don’t either 🙁

    • michael arazan

      I’ve been reading articles about the Moto Nexus and it is saying that it won’t happen until next year or so, minimum of 6, 8, 12 months, and not till after they get through the phones moto already had in development already when Google acquired them.

  • pimfram

    Dang, not KLP.

  • Murphy

    I’m hoping for some news on dix…. ^.0

  • I kept holding out hope for the multiple Nexus phones from multiple vendors thing, but it’s apparent that the rumor stemmed from there being multiple vendors for the phone and two tablets. =(

  • Sqube

    I’m still hoping against hope for the release of a Nexus certification process. The LG Nexus will be a very good phone and a lot of people will be happy with it, but I’m already well past 16GB worth of stuff on my device.

    I’m not here for increased mental transaction costs.

  • Jose Lopez

    Thats cool, but wheres the Article on the HTC DLX? I need more info NOW!!!!!!

    • 2001400ex

      This. I am debating between the maxx hd and dlx.

    • Where’s the Article re: the NOTE 2 … I would like that info …

    • trophynuts

      hey the article on that DIX you want is up now on DroidLife