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Rovio’s Hypebeasting of Angry Birds: Star Wars Continues, “Aren’t You a Little Short?”


I still can’t tell whether this game really excites me or puts a bad taste in my mouth. After viewing this newly released short from Rovio, I’m leaning towards the latter. Star Wars is one of my favorite movie series and coupling it with Angry Birds is something I’m still struggling with. Maybe by the time the game comes out I’ll have a more pleasant outlook towards it. After all, it is just a silly game, right?

The game arrives for Android on November 8.

Cheers K!

  • spursrchamps2007

    I love people are getting worked up over the fact they think Star Wars is selling out. George Lucas is in the business of making money, he always was. Rovio is in the business of making money, especially now. It’s good business to combine the two. People that are Star Wars fanatics may buy Angry Birds now, and people that like Angry Birds but somehow have never seen Star Wars, well guess what now they will. Yes a fan base on both sides will rage and both companies may “lose” these fans. But in the end the net gain will far exceed the net loss. Its not selling out if it makes you more money and can increase your fan base overall.

  • Leb3r

    Alright, that ad made me chuckle though.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Give me a bird and a light saber and I’m in.
    Throwing in a Jar-Jar as a target would be quite satisfying…

  • Angry Readers

    Seriously…your readers do not care about this stupid game anymore!

  • Chris

    its just a game. Nothing top get worked up over. Don’t like it then simply don’t download it.

  • EC8CH

    Trek’s better than Wars anyways

    • Bite your tongue!

    • mustbepbs

      Thank you. At least someone has some sense around here.

      My wife just bought me Star Trek Catan. I couldn’t even express my delight. My two favorite things brought together.

      • wingedmantis93

        great game

  • EvanTheGamer

    Let’s just hope that Jar Jar Blah isn’t in this new AB game. Pretty sure Rovio is smarter than that.

    And you know what…even if that wasn’t the case, this will still be a fail just like that Bad Piggies game was. Honestly, I played it for a few minutes(it was fun), then shelved it. Guess I just don’t feel the same way about Angry Birds as I did a year and a half ago(Angry Birds/Seasons).

    • Raven

      As much as I hated the AB tie in and wished it had just been a new game, I actually loved playing Bad Piggies, but now that I have beat all of the levels I have pretty much quit playing it until they add some more.

  • Are you kidding? After all the selling out and merchandising Lucas has done over the years with Star Wars THIS bothers you?

  • Can’t be any worse than the last three SW games to come out.

    • michael arazan

      The force unleashed 1 & 2 was pretty good, extremely short like 4 hrs each game, but fun to really get to use force powers of a jedi. I never played the lego ones if that’s what you mean. I grew up on nintendo’s and all the star wars games for NES, SN, and 64, and playstation 2.

      I just wished Lucas Arts would make some games or port the old ones to Android, surprised they haven’t just for the money. Resell old games already developed and made, all you have to do is spend a little to port it.

  • Have you not seen the toys? Good god, I was in my local TRU getting something for my kids and there was a whole end cap of this stuff. I was at once repulsed and intrigued. The little Jabba “piggie” was kinda funny lookin…

  • George Lucas gets no more of my money. Not even indirectly through licenses.

    • HomeSlice

      What kind of phone do u have?

    • You know…you’re writing on a website that’s very name is brought to you by George Lucas…

      • Emilio Fahr

        HILARIOUS! I didn’t even think of that!

    • You know…you’re writing on a website that’s very name is in part brought to you by George Lucas.