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Verizon: LG Lucid to Receive Ice Cream Sandwich Update Today (Updated: Tomorrow Actually)

Update:  Verizon just reached out to us to mention that the update will actually start tomorrow.

The LG Lucid has been pegged as the next Verizon device to receive Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). Announced moments ago, the update should start rolling out in phases today tomorrow. If you don’t feel like waiting, Verizon mentioned that you can use the Software Upgrade Assistant Tool to download it from your computer to your phone.

The update will include:

The upgrade features an enhanced notification bar that includes access to the settings menu and the ability to swipe individual notifications to remove them. Ice Cream Sandwich also comes with a customizable lock screen to access email, text messages or apps that are added to the home screen. The Multimedia Pop Up allows for easy sharing of multimedia content, directly linking to the Messaging app when viewing content.

Sorry DROID Bionic, Thunderbolt, and LG Spectrum owners.

Update 2:  Here are the support docs for the Lucid update. The update is 384MB in size. 

Via:  Verizon | Update Details

  • tootie

    I dont know how they say the battery life is better for me since the update it dies quicker. an i cant stop apps from running even when i kill them they start right back up ! Hate it!!

  • lol

    Ice Cream sandwich sucks it’s like a totally different phone

  • Doug

    Lucid user here. Luv the update! Improved the battery life also!

  • lg lucid

    Man i have the lg lucid the download changed ever thing like the s3 and even the way the phone starts up changed its amazing its a huge change and its way faster and everything change

  • MrsSmith

    My update happened yesterday, Oct 22, 2012. It’s like have a new phone altogether, going to take some playing with to figure it all out, LOL!!

  • milkman

    my wife recieved a updates 1 hr ago but it was not ice cream sandwitch i downloaded it and the setting menu still says the same no 4.0 i will check her settings when she shows back home later this afternoon.

  • ddh819

    what would you say is a better phone, the Lucid or Bionic, if one were to get one used now.

  • jlschulz098

    You would think that verizon would be embarassed to announce to the world that they are tzking everyones money and not doing anything for customer service by making broad announcements that they arent even caught up with ics updates months atter the rest of the world is already on jelly bean. Something tells me they dont understand the market. Once the rest of tye companies have caught up with lte, which wont be long, they are in for a rude awakening. I and many others are going to bail quickly and where we end up will depend on the best record of carrier updates. People are tired of having to buy a new phone every year just to get the product that they deserve to begin with. Two year contract ???? Not any more, nkt if we have to buy a new phone every year. Customer service is going to change from market to upgrade and service.

    • New phone every year? Verizon doesn’t understand the market? Please. Something tells me they do… the fact that they are bigger and better than everyone else… that they are growing faster and have more customer retention by a HUGE margin, than anyone else.. that they treat their customers better.. and that they almost always have the best phones.. They see that the “market” consists of alot more people than the ones who “must” have the newest and fastest and coolest trendy phones IMMEDIATELY lol… Some of us are fine with the baddest phone from last year for more than just a year… in fact, many of us rate this carrier based on more than updates and newest phones. That is why I’ve been with them for 10 years. They treat me well. Greedy? sure… Manipulative? they ALL are… but I know what I’m getting and I like it. MOST people I talk to hate their carrier due to poor treatment by the getto trash CSR’s that they hire. In 10 years I have had 2 bad experiences with Verizon. I don’t really understand why you would be so dissatisfied? just wondering 🙂

  • Matthew Merrick

    my uncle has one of these. of course, he doesn’t know an ICS from a UPS, but hopefully he’ll like it 😛

    • Tyler Chappell

      Hah, almost the same here. I have been teaching my mom about Android for the past 10 months and this is her first smartphone. It was really her only option because she wanted nothing bigger than a 4″ screen and the DInc4G was not out for a couple more months. It is a surprisingly great little phone and even better with the 3000mAh extended battery. The ~700nit screen brightness is superb for outdoor viewing.
      When the LG Lucid came out, LG promised it would receive ICS so that’s the other reason why I told her she should get it.

  • JeffColorado

    I cannot believe this crappy phone is getting the update before the spectrum.

  • milkman

    im a little upset my wife has a lucid she has no idea about software updates except uses it for calling and her facebook friends i on the other hand have a htc incredible 2 and i am waiting for my ice cream sandwitch update im on my phone all the time and my patience is running out if i dont get my ice cream im ditchin htc when my contract is up 6months to go

    • Zach Armstrong

      Yeah I’m getting really fed up. I have 6 months as well left on my contract. The update was promised at the end of August and its been almost two months and not a word from HTC and Verizon about why its been delayed.

  • TGN59

    So, the Thunderbolt and Incredible 2, which were suppose to have an ICS update by the end of August, get passed over for the Lucid. Wow, way to keep your customers happy verizon…..

    • Zach Armstrong

      That’s pretty sad on HTC and Verizons part.

      • Chris

        Just Verizon’s part. HTC has had the update done since like April.

        • michael arazan

          Verizon has to buy the update from the oem and pay for the testing, if the phone falls into one of their catagories for “don’t update’ they won’t, i know it includes on how many units sold and the popularity of the device, If it is worth it, in their eye and wallet, the’ll update it, but they won’t waste the money if it didn’t sell enough or whatever. Cheap bastards.

          • Ennius

            Sounds like a good business model that leaves them the money to invest in making other things better.

  • Chris

    Dont forget about the Incredible 2 as well.

  • ToddAwesome

    Somebody actually owns this phone?

    • CodeToJoy

      My girlfriend does… She likes the smaller form factor.

  • duoexo

    Wait does the update download update via Wifi or 4G? My brother has 150mb data plan (won’t upgrade till he gets a job). This is going to be a problem if so lol

    • Tyler Chappell

      I assume that you should be able to download this over wifi, I don’t see why not.

  • summit1986

    ICS… That’s so 11 months ago…

    Happy for Lucid user though, enjoy.

  • oaxican509

    For Verizon “Tommorow” means “Next Year”

  • That’s fine with me. I am a bionic owner, and I have no plans of going back to ICS once they do update. I have Jelly Bean on my phone.

  • What ever happened to the Thunderbolt?

  • Hmm….

    So… the Spectrum is LG’s red-headed step child then? I have a friend
    with one whose patience has long since ended. Any possibility ICS is
    around the corner for the Spectrum as well? Rumors? Crickets?

    • JeffColorado

      Yes, the Spectrum has officially replaced the Bionic as the red headed stepchild.

    • JetBlue

      The Revolution is LG’s red-headed step child not the Spectrum. We were released with Froyo got updated to GB after ICS and we’re told we’d be receiving the update but were lied too.

      • Tyler Chappell

        who says LG can’t have 2 red-headed step children?

  • lucid owner

    Yay! Finally!

  • Fine! Don’t apologize to the Charge owners! You probably forgot about us… just like everyone else. 😛

    • Zach Armstrong

      What about the Droid Incredible 2 owners as well.

    • Matthew Merrick

      glad to see some of us are still around 😛

  • mustbepbs

    So ugly. Two rounded corners and two sharp. What were they thinki..oh it’s LG.

    • duoexo

      They weren’t

  • chris125

    Good to see they are updating this phone even though not sure how many people have this phone. It’s not jb but still better than gb

    • duoexo

      My brother has this phone. He doesn’t like it but this should make things a bit better. Hopefully they tone down the UI.

  • Radgatt

    Why not the spectrum instead? Is it because it’s an older phone?

    • JetBlue

      What about the Revolution? (phone before the Spectrum that ended the Revo’s life after 7 months of selling)

      • Tyler Chappell

        Sadly, the Revolution was one of the worst LG phones ever released on Verizon.

  • RoadsterHD1

    This sucks….
    Motorola DROID BIONIC

    ICS 4.0.4

    1.2GHz OMAP-4430 Dual Core

    1gig-DDR2 RAM Stock Kernel

    OEM Launcher

    Quadrant Standard Score 3100

    AnTuTu Benchmark 6322

    Vellamo 1054/347

    • JoeInMO

      Bionic will get the update tomorrow as well.

    • Motorola sucks lol.. LG has always been better.. and my Lucid is great. Not sure if I should ignore the update or do it. Opinions??

  • *Crickets*