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Google Releases Stand-alone Calendar App to the Play Store


Last night as we were wrapping up the day and getting ready for the first ever Droid Life Show, Google decided that it was the best time to drop an official Google Calendar app onto Google Play. Google has done this before with apps such as Gmail and Maps, so this could be a move in the direction of having all native apps available in Google Play instead of coming baked into the OS. What that allows for is a much easier updating process for both Google, OEM’s, and carriers.

Go grab it!

Play Link

Via:  Android Blog

  • peter smith

    I agree with you .. but i think this is different to others.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Too little too late Google.. Business Calendar FTW

    • and I believe I paid for that too! Awesome though 🙂

      • FortitudineVincimus

        that app kicks the sh1t out of the Google app. It is worth the coin.

  • gpzbc

    I will stick with Business Calendar app since the new google calendar app doesn’t have text in monthly view.

  • zoobey746

    sux to be left behind…not compatible with my one year old Droid X2. Sigh.

  • Most people (from what I’m reading in comments on various sites) are misunderstanding the point of this. I’m hearing a lot of “What’s the point of this, it’s the same as the stock app” or “This isn’t any better than the stock app”.

    This IS the stock app! It’s just available through the play store now for 2 reasons.
    1. So people with bastardized/skinned versions of Android can now use the true Google Calendar app.
    2. Google can now freely update (new features and fix bugs) the calendar app independently of Gapps/OS updates.

    I got into Android very early. Most people don’t realize that most 1st party Google apps (Gmail, Maps, etc.) were not in the market/play store 3 years ago. If you wanted an update you had to wait for an OS update or flash Gapps.

    • ddevito

      To add to your point – I boldly predict incremental OS updates will be available in the play store, not just apps. BOOM.

      With the new inclusion of “smart updates” as of 4.1, only the updated portions of apps can be updated. This is ingenious and paves the way for OS updates.

      • You just blew my mind!

        Also, I’ve been saying this for years. I would love to be able to buy a version of Android from Google and install it along with the driver pack (so the hardware I/O would work) on any device. Why are we shackled by the carriers and the OEMs as far as updates go (other than the dev community). I can buy or download and install nearly any version of Windows or Linux and install that on my desktop PC or laptop as long as I have the hardware drivers, why can’t I do that on my phone/tablet?

        • KleenDroid

          Because it’s free… but yes many would buy it to get ahead of the curve or get their update faster than Verizon provides it. Of course Verizon would never want this to happen as they want control.

          • Ok, maybe buy was the wrong word and distracted from my main point.

            I would love to be able to download a version of Android…….

    • garbagedick

      worded much better than me, hehe. I think the last app that isn’t standalone is Talk, right?

      • There are a bunch of 1st party/core non-play store apps still:

        – People
        – Phone (why not? they could fix bugs and add features)
        – Talk
        – Messaging
        – Camera
        – Calculator
        – Clock
        – Settings (that’s right, no reason they can’t put this in the play store)

        • Inquizitor

          Phone, Messaging, Camera, Calculator, Clock, and Settings all need to be core apps that remain baked into the OS. They’re pretty essential stuff, and can’t risk have bugged updates or some errors occurring when trying to install an update over the original app (especially phone, messaging, camera, and settings).

          • Why would moving them to the play store make them more buggy than having them exclusively part of the OS/Gapps? Moving them to the play store simply gives Google the option to improve them.

          • Inquizitor

            Precisely because of comments like the ones on here of those on ROMs like AOKP and now have two Calendar apps. Any app Google produces through the Play Store is a proprietary Google app that isn’t included open-source as a part of AOSP. Apps like Talk and Calendar do belong in the store because they aren’t open source, but things like Phone, Camera, and Messaging are all not proprietary. They’re pretty necessary for AOSP to be a functional OS without the Play store, and therefore need to remain baked in.

          • I see what you’re saying. Is there no way to do both?

          • Inquizitor

            I don’t really see the point, and it kind of screws over people using Android but not Google Apps.

    • CARPDM

      So I downloaded Calendar app from Play store, but didn’t replace old Calendar app? I have 2 Calendar apps, why is that? I’m on AOKP build4, GNex

      • “AOKP”

        There’s your problem right there. Stock or stock based ROMs (like BB) don’t have this problem. Perhaps someone else can explain in more detail but I believe it has something to do with how those ROMs handle the core apps.

        • Inquizitor

          Meh, it’s not a big deal. Just disable the old Calendar app and then use the play store version.

  • garbagedick

    Not only does this make the stock app available to skinned users, but now we can get calendar app updates without having to wait on an OS update!

  • ddevito

    This is for folks on ICS and JB who hate the included skinned-Android calendars such as Sense, TouchWiz, etc. Good move.

    • hkklife

      Brilliant move. It’s still not as good as the classic Palm OS PIM apps (parituclarly calendar and contacts) I adored for so many years but it’s cleanly designed and is guaranteed to work. I am now toggling between this, busines calendar and the stock Touchwiz calendar.

  • Drummer62

    Too bad the icon cant show todays date instead of the 31st all the time 🙂

    • I’m guessing dynamic app icons are simply not possible.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        I think they call those, “widgets.” lol

        • ddevito

          No. They’re talking about icons. Not widgets.

          • wheineman

            Yes…But what he is saying is to just use the Widget! It achieves the same exact thing and is a native feature. No need to hack dynamic app icons into Android when it has a Widget system. iOS has dynamic icons BECAUSE they do not have widgets.

          • Unless Drammer62 wants the icon for the actual app to change, like in the app drawer, not just a widget.

    • ddevito

      Although I agree that would be cool – you do realize the icon is a static file, right?

      • Drummer62

        I do believe that the calendar icon on iOS does what I was referring to. That is an icon is it not?

        • ddevito

          perhaps – but it’s also always sunny and 73 degrees according to iOS’s weather icon.

          • And that’s iOS, not Android. Just because something is possible in one OS, doesn’t mean it’s possible in another. Remember, iOS doesn’t have widgets so maybe they have dynamic app icons, though I’ve never heard about this.

    • r0lct

      Isn’t that just an widget the size of an icon?

  • John

    Was already in ICS and JB. But I guess it’s a plus for those stuck on 2.3.x!

    I sync multiple calendars to my google calendar.. outlook, facebook, jambase, etc.

    • ddevito

      No it’s for 4.0+ and up only.

    • ocdtrekkie

      This version is only for 4.0.3 and up, lol!

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  • Brian Meredith

    Of course it’s not compatible with Gingerbread

    • KleenDroid

      It is unacceptable that updates to ICS have not gone out to the phones that should get it. It has been a year for cryin out loud.

      • Brian Meredith

        Exactly, this is why my next phone is going to be a Google Phone.

        • wheineman

          And these type of announcements (core apps becoming apps) should be major signs that Google feels your pain! If they pull core apps out of the OS updates, you get these things without waiting for your carrier to push an OTA! This is good for everyone (unless you are on pre 4.0)!

    • JetBlue

      Just when I was about to download this. *sigh* for me buying the LG Revolution one of the worst Android phones.

  • Did they upgrade it in any way? Until they start adding some advanced features I’ve gotta stick with one of the big names like Calengoo.

    Edit: someone just said it’s not compatible with Gingerbread, so never mind. SMH

  • triumphtriple

    So I should uninstall the built in version on my nexus, and install this instead. Correct??

    • Timothy McGovern

      No. Just update in the playstore.

      • triumphtriple

        Right now it just shows the “Install” button. No update button.
        Last time this happened with the gmail app I just waited to update to a new rom before I installed the one from the market.

        • wheineman

          You can safely install it. The reason it doesn’t show update is because you do not have the calendar app (from the play store) installed yet.

          Totally safe for phones on different roms!

          • jazzruby

            Some ROMs will have Calendar with a pkg name com.android.calendar and some with com.google.android.calendar.

            Although they are essentially the same base app; having different pkg names will create 2 separate apps.

            So, if you currently have a Calendar with a pkg name of com.android.calendar then you will see an install button and com.google.android.calendar will show an update button.

            The one in the play store is com.google.android.calendar.

    • ddevito

      No – it’ll update automatically.

    • John

      I think they are the same.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I hate that Calendar… sheesh. Really miss my HTC calendar.

  • Capt. Crunch

    So pretty much the same as the MOTOBLUR calendar

  • Nick

    Is there a way to get the widget to show more events, like the next 3 instead of just near future? I have Cal widget, but the stock widget just looks nicer.

    That or any suggestions for a good replacement 2×2 widget?

  • Releasing apps this way is definitely a great move going forward. “Power to the player.”

  • Mike

    Kindle fire? No problem. Gapps to the rescue.

    • wheineman

      I am not sure what you mean? Unless you have rooted your Fire and installed a rom like CM, you could never load these because you do not have access to the Play Store. Even side loading gapps fails for me.

    • Sorry, Kindle is not an Android tablet. It is Android based, but it’s not an Android tablet.

  • r0lct

    Skinned calendar users rejoice?

    • Heh, we’ll see.

    • paul_cus

      I kinda like the one that Sony put on the ion. Options are always nice.

  • Jason Vorhees

    Doesn’t work on the Evo 4G, which sucks because I hate the HTC calendar.