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Chaos Rings Hits Android, Hope You Have $13 and 1GB of Free Space

Oh yea, an official port of Chaos Rings has landed on Android. The game, which is extremely popular among classic RPG players, is going to push your device to the limits. With full 3D graphics and epic dialogue, this game is no joke. And for the price of $13, I would hope not. 

The game is centered around a battle arena, where warriors that you choose, fight for their lives. Each character has their own story and the truth behind the game’s main setting won’t be revealed until completion of all of the stories. It’s no doubt one of the most epic stories/games on Android. The question is, is a mobile game worth $13? The thousands of people who purchased Final Fantasy would say so.

Play Link ($12.99)

  • Stoker

    If a game is TRULY quality I will gladly pay 13 bucks today to avoid paying $90 for in 99 cent increments via IAPs.

  • Kai

    is there English subtitles?

    • Mei

      Yes. There is english version with subtitles. Video was just showing the Japanese version.

  • Chronon7364

    I wonder if this game supports bluetooth gampads. It would be nice if more did.

  • Paul

    I thought the graphics would be better considering the size of it…

  • EvanTheGamer

    What is up with all the blasted $10-15 games all of a sudden? I hope this doesn’t become a thing. These games might bury the cheaper/better games. lol

    • LM

      What better games? Anyway, $13 for a 5 hour game is pretty expensive.

      • jonny6pak

        Wait, this game takes about five hours to beat? That sucks.

      • JoshGroff

        Considering it’s made by Square Enix, I highly doubt it takes 5 hours to beat. I’ve played way too many FF games to even consider that a possibility.

        • LM

          Review of iOS version: http://www.gamespot.com/chaos-rings/reviews/chaos-rings-review-6310905/

          “A single play-through of the game takes about five hours”

          I guess for those who like playing games over and over. You can play the same exact story from the perspectives of different characters. I’m not a fan of those kinds of games and story based games are usually a 1 play through thing for me anyway.

          • JoshGroff

            So like Kindom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. :/ Great game btw.

    • BubbleSort

      Why are people willing to pay 20-40 USD for a Gameboy game, but not for a mobile game? If they offer the same value, then they should be priced accordingly. Now I’m definitely not saying every mobile game can justify a high price tag, but some can.

      • Tom

        For a game that takes a few hours to beat, $13 is pretty high.

  • iceman23

    Just like to point out that they are using the voices from Naruto in the youtube video… idk if they still use the same voices in the game though

  • Mitch

    Pass. Never liked the idea of choosing to play different characters to see the same from different perspectives. Glad that games with more focus on story are coming out.

    It’d be nice if the good Android games aren’t just ports of year old iOS games though.

  • Knlegend1

    I bet this is a huge game with a fantastic story. Something you can really sink your teeth into. However, this video shouldn’t show lag, its kind of discouraging.

  • Finire

    I purchased Final Fantasy, but won’t be picking this one up. I purchased FF because I’m a HUGE FF fan… This, I could do without.

  • Blake

    Aliasing… aliasing everywhere…

    • Joe

      Don’t be a hater. Anti-aliasing was just a fad. Now aliasing is back and bigger than EVER!!!

  • Bryan

    if im not mistaken doesnt this game not allow you to play it on a rooted device?

    • Jan

      Not anymore, check the changelog.

    • jonny6pak

      They fixed that issue. Works fine on rooted devices.