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RAZR HD has a Massive Multi-color Notification Light Under the Front Speaker

I’m a sucker for a good notification light. When the Galaxy Nexus first launched with its multi-color notification light that sat in the chin of the device, I was super excited because this allowed for another level of customization. Thanks to apps like Light Flow, you can set up a different color for almost any application on your phone that has notifications. While playing with my DROID RAZR HD this morning, I realized that this is a phone that can take full advantage of multi-coloring, as well. 

Embedded under a see-through plastic grill at the top of the front of the device, you’ll find the notification light. When lit, it fills up the entire plastic piece, giving off more colorful light than any phone that I can recall. Rather than being the simple dot of color that you see on most phones, it expands light throughout the see-through rectangular cover, making this one of the better notification lights I have seen.

I immediately installed Light Flow and started tweaking specific colors for specific apps. In the video below, you can see it in action.

YouTube Preview Image

  • It would be awesome if my notification light worked, I’m on my second DRM-HD and same problem with both.

  • Little g

    Max hd has major bugs i have two of them both have no call logs you cant see missed calls or incoming calls at all which is huge if you need your calls for business

  • Robert M

    i purchased the maxx hd at 10AM and cannot get the notification light to work at all.downloaded the light flow app to test it and nothing..took back to store and while waiting i text the razr hd and maxx hd demo units and the hd lit up but the demo maxx hd did nothing..the rep nor i could find any settings for it or get it to work at all..also i lost my data connection and had to turn data off then on to regain it..

  • JStamp627

    Does anyone know if the HD and HD Maxx has an FM tuner in it?

  • Alex

    So, it the light bulb itself bigger and brighter? If it is on my nightstand at night, is it going to fill up the entire bedroom in blue light?

    • mototrolla

      Quiet Hours with CM! oh, right…no CM for you! (unless you use some lame 2nd init hack, or the developer edition that no one will buy)

    • traumadog

      Light Flow has a “sleep mode” too.

  • DanWazz

    Coolest thing about that phone.

  • itznfb

    Apple user today: Who the F needs a notification light? Just turn on the screen every time you want to see if you have messages.
    Apple user 5 years from now: We have a notification light! Apple is so innovative! Notification lights are the best!

  • Core

    Can you adjust the blink rate with lightflow on the HD ? On the regular maxx it is non customizable, there’s some limitation with motos hardware.

  • how do i change notification light color on iphone?

  • Mataman

    I had the moto Droid X, I liked the multi color notification ed. Upgraded to the GS3 and no multi color LED. Don’t get wrong, great phone. Just miss the multi color led when using handcent.

  • Brett Besa

    This feature is big for me. I love the notification light on my Galaxy Nexus; I think it’s the best notification light on a smartphone yet. That being said, this is pretty cool.

  • prestone1

    Love that led. Want that led

  • kervation

    When it comes to build quality, battery life and cellular radios, nothing on the market now or incoming is touching this device. Specs aside, it may not have the best of the best, but you can actually USE your phone all day without worrying about switching batteries, or charging constantly. The MAXX variant is where this is especially true. Really leaning towards Motorola. What good is a device if you can’t utilize it.

  • geocab

    I haven’t upgraded from my DX yet because I haven’t found a phone good enough to satisfy me. I was interested in the Gnex last year until it came out with a weak speaker and vibrate, plus Pentile really bothers me. Nothing seemed to have the notification light like my old Blackberry Tour.

    Now here comes the Razr HD with an HD screen, hopefully I’ll like it, awesome speaker (if the Razr M is any indication), kick ass notification light, long battery life (Maxx) and Motorola radios – this phone just took the lead for the moment over the Note 2 and DLX for me.

    This is a good year for phones.

    • cleetose

      The Razr HD screen is still pentile. It isn’t noticeable at HD resolutions, but it won’t look as good as a non pentile screen.

    • Mario Mendez

      The speaker on my Galaxy Nexus is loud. What you talking about?

      • geocab

        Really? How about compared to the Bionic or Rezound? Maybe I’m just misremembering the speaker, but I thought I compared it to those two phones.

        • Mario Mendez

          you downing the speaker on the Galaxy Nexus when its good.

          • geocab

            Now I’m going to have to listen to one again.

  • Aaron

    I want to want this phone. But I am a non-Verizon Motorola owner, and they have burned me. Unless Motorola quickly miracles some source code and bootloader unlocking tools to the development community, or the even more unlikely Jelly Bean update for my one year old phone, I will discourage everyone I see and know from ever buying anything made by Motorola ever again. #Motofail

  • ManBearPig618

    That is BALLER

  • Dave

    Whenever I see these notifications, I think people are using them in a ridiculous way. Why would you have it flashing so slowly? Put it on persistent, and it will stay on so that you’ll see it instantly whenever you look at your phone.

  • lilmoe2002

    Damn I wish this phone came with a quad core S4 Pro with Adreno 320. It would’ve made it much more future proof and MUCH MUCH more powerful without a noticeable toll on battery life. I’d get the MAXX version in a heart beat over my SGS3 and even the coming nexus. I seriously don’t mind the current MotoBlur skin.

    I also wish it came with stereo speakers on the bottom side, not on the back, so that the speakers won’t be covered when it’s laying on the table or any other surface (no pun intended). It’s not a deal breaker, but it would’ve made the phone sound a LOT better. But the processor is the deal breaker for me.
    Why can’t we have a PERFECT PHONE? WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYYY?????

    • gokusimpson

      Absolutely. I’m still on my Droid X because of it. This phone is just too little too late. Samsung already beat it months ago.

  • paul_cus

    This is how it’s done.

  • VicMatson

    My bad, just installed LightFlow on my Moto XOOM!
    This program will allow you to control the notification color for the over 250 applications and system events such as:
    * Missed calls
    * Voice mail
    * Calendar reminders
    * gmail
    * email
    * SMS messages
    * MMS messages
    * Low battery
    * No signal
    * Google talk
    * Facebook
    * Twitter

  • getsnickered

    My Sky Wizard he DIDN’T say DROID LIFE for once!