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DROID Incredible 4G LTE Global Update Starting to Roll Out?

So, we’ve got a couple of readers who claim to have seen the global update for Incredible 4G LTE, tonight. In it, as you can see in the pic on the left, is a new option to switch between Global or LTE/CDMA. Other than that, the update contains a Remote Diagnostics tool, which is on the backend, and more stability in your LTE and WiFi connections.

In the original changelog for the update, it said that the device would now be ready for Isis Mobile Wallet, however, as of yesterday, that piece to the changelog was removed by Verizon. We aren’t sure why, but in case you were wondering, the Isis app is not included in the update.

Anyone else seeing the update tonight? If so, let us know if you are seeing any additional goodies.

Cheers LionStone and Matt!

  • dny

    anyone else didn’t get the update yet? have they stopped the update??

  • llwang

    I think I’m seeing noticeably better battery life so far

  • al9ayaad

    I got mine just now (a little after midnight, 18 October)

  • BigRed396

    Just got the update…what’s the purpose of the huge new icon on the top taskbar??

  • drsyn666

    got mine this morning, update ICS to 4.0.4 and added Sense 4.1 Memory usage is drastically improved.

  • ~dArK.AnGeL


  • Justin

    So as one of the few lucky ones to get their phone rooted before the verizon/htc ban on unlocking the bootloader happened…if I do this update will that remove the root? I would assume yes.

  • Ben Johnson

    Mine came in late on 10/15.

  • Mine got updated yesterday (10/15) at 4:42pm Eastern.

  • 自从工作后就没来过了,今天偶然来访,越来越好了。

  • Kutter Ross

    Got mine yesterday afternoon when I got my replacement in the mail

  • Justin Scarano

    Got the update and have the Largest Icon i have ever seen on a task bar…..
    Go to NFC and turn it on you will be amazed

    • LionStone

      Hah…no kidding, it is something!

  • llwang

    Got mine yesterday morning. Haven’t noticed much difference yet.

  • andrew piegnet

    Its been out.for at least a day. Got mine yesterday

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Global? How far up does this cover?
    Felix Baumgartner is interested