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Video: Gameloft Releases Modern Combat 4 Developer Diaries

Modern Combat is probably the most well known war-based game on mobile. Many would refer to the series as the Call of Duty of Android and I would tend to agree. This morning, Gameloft has published a video that is part of a series that gives us a behind-the-scenes look as to how the developers are making this the most insane Modern Combat offering yet. 

While adding more complex controls and movements, a comprehensive story line where players play as both U.S. soldiers and the villains, and enhanced vehicle physics, this game is looking very nice. Graphics look smooth and I’m excited to see how the multiplayer gameplay comes along.

  • George264

    My face: O. O
    Lol wow that looks amazing, So happy I got the latest and greatest stuff to get this on 😀
    Nexus 7, need your Tegra 3. HTC future phone, S4 Pro <3

  • fauxshizzl

    It’s games like this that made me root and unlock my tablet so I could install the sixaxxis app. Being able to wirelessly use a PS3 controller and map my own buttons on any game was worth it alone.

  • Stoker

    Support gamepads natively or GTFO.

  • DainLaguna

    good. i wanna see some nexus 7 optimization. otherwise its meh

  • Three words… Controller Support Please!!!

    • Four Words… Wireless Controller Support Please!