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LG Announces Jelly Bean Update Schedule for a Few Devices

Over the weekend, LG announced their Jelly Bean update schedule for a select few devices. As you can imagine, they are only willing to share update details for their flagship phones, a group that includes the Optimus G, Optimus LTE2, Optimus Vu, and Optimus Vu 2 (yes, they made a new one). 

The Optimus LTE2 is expected to receive Android 4.1 in November, while the Optimus G will have to wait until December. The Optimus Vu and Vu 2 should be updated at some point in Q1 of 2013.

This time frame is probably geared towards the international variants of these devices, rather than those that have launched here in the U.S. So that means it could be past December before AT&T and Sprint’s Optimus G models receive Jelly Bean. As far as the Vu is concerned, it’s anyone’s guess as to when Verizon will approve its update. They still have yet to sign off on the Spectrum which was due to receive Ice Cream Sandwich 4 or 5 months ago. And I’m sure we don’t need to point out that it takes months for minimal Galaxy Nexus updates to get the green light. Ugh.

Via:  LG

  • bk

    I just bought a Spectrum it was updated to ICS the moment I turned it on.

  • CodeToJoy

    No mention of the LG Lucid either, for which my significant other has been waiting on the ICS update. No custom ROMs for it either (at least that i have found), so all I can do is tell her to wait. Not a popular option in my house. *sigh*

    • Tyler Chappell

      Same, I had my mom get the Lucid because she didn’t want larger than a 4″ screen and the DInc4G wasn’t available yet and she wanted a phone before Verizon’s new bs $30 upgrade fee. The Lucid is a surprisingly great phone though, the screen is really bright and I haven’t experienced any performance issues or any major bugs. Just the “Verizon Wireless” every time you get a phone call is a total nuisance. And It is way better with the 3000mAh battery.

      • Sean

        There’s a way to turn that “Verizon Wireless” thing off in phone settings.

        • Tyler Chappell

          Really? Please tell me where because I looked everywhere and somehow could not find it.

  • Robert Jakiel

    And the G2X and O2X in most markets get shafted. Some of them didn’t even get Gingerbread let alone ICS. Hell never mind Jellybean. LG has some serious balls posting an update schedule for JB on devices that are on par with the O2X/G2X and left us in the dust. Thankfully we have a wonderful dev community that picked up where LG dropped the ball and gave us some wonderful working ROMs.

    • guess they want to improve on this issue now since their update policy is the only real problem with LG phones. i can only hope for the best. and for ics on my 2X >.<

      • michael arazan

        And people wonder why LG gets a bad rep all the time.