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ESPN Scorecenter Update Allows Galaxy S3 Phones to Push On-demand Video to Smart TVs

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and use ESPN’s Scorecenter app, they be sure to grab the latest update, as it allows you to push on-demand videos from device to any DLNA Smart TV that is on your same WiFi network. Once updated and playing a video, you will see a “Share” icon in the top left of each video you play. While playing, you can tap that icon to bring up a menu of your DLNA capable devices. Tap a device and the video should instantly jump to that device. Scott Van Pelt in multi-view. 

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  • leoingle

    Really DL, you had to use that picture? I am trying to forget about that game…

  • Andy

    does the app just have video clips? or the full sportscenter?

  • TweetrGuy

    Just waiting for some enterprising “hacker” to remove the GS3 restriction.

  • Disqus Needs to Die

    I don’t give a crap about on-demand videos. I want to be able to watch live NCAA football on my phone without getting ripped off by Comcast or the like for a TV package with 600 channels of crap.

    • michael arazan

      In Japan, people mostly watch live tv on their phones, sure would be nice here in the states

      • I should have been born in Japan, I love sushi and now this! 🙂

      • Verizon had something called VCastTV a few years ago, right before the Droid hit the market. I actually used it and liked it. It only had about 13 channels, but one of them was a 24/7 adult swim channel. Super sweet when you need to kill 15 minutes. This was all pre-Android era, the service is now dead….

        • Go Hawkeyes

          I used that as well. And it wasn’t overly expensive either.

        • VCast was a nice option to have during March Madness.

    • Go Hawkeyes

      If you get BTN in your cable/satellite package then you can watch Big 10 games with the BTN app. I wish DirecTV would get on board with the WatchESPN app so I could watch other games too.

      The NFL Sunday Ticket app is good too for watching NFL games on Sunday.

  • Michael_NM

    VZW is disabling in 3, 2…

    • dude

      How could they? The allshare code is baked into the scorecenter app.