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Droid Life Q&A Sessions: Volume 6

We have been super busy around here with Nexus rumors, Jelly Bean updates, and traveling to San Diego for CTIA, but we are now home settled and ready for another DL Q&A session. For those new to this feature, it’s a way we let you, the readers, ask the DL staff anything that might be on your mind. It could be about Android, sports, gardening, dog training, yummy food, or anything in between. It’s uncensored goodness.

At the end of the week, we’ll grab a handful of questions and let the team take to answering them. Ready? Drop in the comments and let us know what’s on your mind.

  • br_hermon

    You guys have always covered a terrific variety of ROMs but I’d really like to see some coverage on Kernels. I’ve seen so many (Franco, Lean Kernel, Faux Kernel, Tinykernel, Trinity, GLaDOS) I’d love to get your feedback on each one’s strength’s and weaknesses. What’s more stable vs bleeding edge. Etc. FWIW, I have a rooted GNex running BB.

  • Jason M

    With the recent rumors of a Nexus 10, I’ve read some reports suggesting that Android does not have enough tablet-specific content to justify such a high-end device. I’ve also read that many of the apps in Google Play will not scale well on a 10-inch screen. What do you guys think?

  • EnterTheNexus

    Best phone ever? Doesn’t have to be based on speed, battery, or display.

  • Todd Van Laningham

    What are your thoughts on the Windows 8 tablets and will you be getting one?

  • dsass600

    I have a Galaxy Nexus, and think the size is perfect. Do you think that 5 inch phones are too big for the average user?

  • jdiamjr

    Do you think there will ever be an Android equivalent to the iTouch?

  • Are you a little worried with what we’ve seen so far with the Nexus line? Our hopes were of course that we’d see multiple manufacturers making them and so far we only have LG and it most likely won’t be seen on Verizon. Should we expect to see anything else or is LG (possibly Sony) it?

  • mike

    My wife is soon due for an upgrade. What would you say would be the best choice for what we have heard is on the horizon- Droid Hd, Galaxy Note 2, HTC DLX or Nexus 4? we are not into the root experience just want something that will be reliable and that hopefully will see Key Lime Pie. My wife has the Thunderbolt and we are still waiting on the promised Ice Cream Sandwich !!

    • Jeetu K

      i believe all those 4 will see key lime pie .. the nexus 4/G will see it first … so you have to base it on other features .. like camera or screen size .. whats imp ?

      • mike

        Screen size and ease of use. she isn’t real savy on use and all the features. I end up showing her a lot and I learn a lot from droid life and other sites. We are pretty casual users

  • meh

    How much bank are you making with this site?

  • wm snyder

    Back in the days of Og what agreement or alliance or who said carrier’s would continue to update phones during the 2yr. Period of contract? And what can be done to speed carriers on the update?

  • Jorge

    What, in your opinion is better: HTC One X+ or Moto RAZR HD Maxx and why?

  • Conartist

    Are you guys cool with the other Android bloggers? Do you have beef with the iOS bloggers? Just curious how the interactions go when you meet up at conferences and what not…

  • Rich

    In your opinion what is the best 10.1 tablet on the market to day? Richard

  • Why do people hate on WP8 so much? (Lol)

  • yummypocalypse

    Do you believe GooGle has gone
    too far in the direction of serving their
    own needs with Android, over the needs
    of the end user?

  • SeanBello

    what is your stance on gingers being “in” right now?

  • JMonkeYJ

    What do you guys think of the $30/month, unlimited data, no contract T-Mobile plan? I’ve been seriously thinking about switching to it with Google’s move towards cheap but high-spec off contract devices, but wondered if you guys had any thoughts. I guess a larger question might be: What do you think about staying with Verizon these days? It seems more and more like the cutting-edge Android world (namely Nexus devices) is leaving Verizon behind.

  • jonathonflores6958

    Google rolled out Fiber in KS and dominated with a price structure that allows everyone on board. Do you think they’ll try to do the same with a wireless network with the same model to dominate even further?

  • Art

    I’m a (very) heavy Galaxy Nexus LTE user and as my device is ten months old I’ve got a lot of burn in on my screen, ie., whites have yellowed noticeably. Is this common to IPS Retina displays as well? And will you be choosing an IPS LCD touchscreen or Super AMOLED HD? Is one better than the other? Thanks.

    • michael arazan

      With a lot of new screens coming in the market on devices, a screen comparison chart from manufacturers would be nice to know what people should be looking for in quality

  • Knlegend1

    What’s wrong with Verizon, why do they not want the LG Opt G?

  • With all the phones recently released (S3,RAZR M,etc) and the phones to be released before the end of the year(HTC DLX, Note 2,LG Nexus, etc) will you be sticking with a tried and true classic like the Gnex, or upgrading to something new? And why?

  • mplacido9

    New York thin crust or Chicago deep dish?

  • Ben Modica

    If Verizon isn’t getting any future Nexus phones, would you recommend just waiting for your current contract to end and then switching to another carrier?

    • bill

      i think the carrier is more important than the phone. If you can’t find a great phone with your current carrier in the next two months, get a new carrier anyway.

  • br_hermon

    With all the device and software leaks, do you guys think Google intentionally throws out (both true and fabricated) leaks then heads to forums, news outlets and android blogs, like DL, to see what’s being said, what the reactions are and take them into account when planning or developing the next android device?

    Example: Google noticed on DL and other blogs that users HATED the LG Optimus G Nexus name and decided to change it to Nexus 4 before the official announcment.

  • Nick S

    What is your favorite 90’s movie?

    Mine is probably the Fifth Element, for various reasons. I’ll probably catch grief for that choice, and I know a lot “better” movies came out then (e.g. Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump… the list goes on) but I can watch the Fifth Element over & over without losing interest. Once I have watched, say Braveheart or T2 or True Romance, then I feel like I don’t need to watch it again for a while.

  • Keith G

    What can we as consumers do to affect price drop on monthly fees to get USA prices in line with the rest of the world? Corollary to that … when will the pre-paid vendors like Virgin Wireless have LTE data speeds?

  • Do you think there is a chance opening up the Nexus program so broadly runs the risk of damaging the Nexus program’s branding? Clearly there are advantages to this move, but you won’t really have a “flagship” Google device anymore.

  • bill

    The Verizon Store in Frisco, TX on Preston Rd. has taken the Nexus off the shelf. I’m of the opinion the only Nexus device this year will be LG. Why have multiple devices from MOT or Samy- too confusing. On the 18th i’m getting the MAXX HD and wifey is getting the Razr HD (white) No reason to root or rom. We share 4 gig now and we both have the kids use our phones for hotspots with their tablets. Love Verizon – so happy to leave Sprint.

    • J. Gilbertson

      What I want to know is when they’re going to expand coverage in Frisco, TX. If you look at Verizon’s dB specifications for 4GLTE coverage most of North Dallas misses the mark. I believe it’s just the towers are overcrowded over here. When I had my D2G before I upgraded to my RAZR MAXX my 3G was dropping out at work all the time. Same with my LTE. Work in Plano just south of the SRT but man coverage sucks. I go in the Verizon store and of course signal is golden. But if I go to chilis? Drops out all the time.

      Edit: of course I never have an issue with making phone calls. just problems with data. glad I never had sprint!

      • bill

        Wow J. Gilbertson. i work at the Tollway and Tennyson and don’t have a problem. I’m all over the N. Dallas area and never have data or voice issues. Are other people experiencing data problems in N Dallas? If so, please chime in. I travel the Country and find Verizon to be the most reliable carrier. The past two weeks ive been in Charlotte, Cincy, Indy and NYC. All excellent voice and 4G. Maybe something is up with your radio?

        • J. Gilbertson

          Both Verizon phones I’ve ever owned were Motorola’s which are supposed to have the best radios ever or something along the moto-praise people give. My apartment in Frisco gets great service. I even used to be able to go to sporting events and get a signal when my dad never could on AT&T. Dallas Stars games were great for coverage with Verizon. I work on the corner of Legacy and Hedgecoxe and I have issues occasionally both inside and out so I’m just wondering if I’m between a few towers and my phone doesn’t know where it wants to connect to. But what I had meant by my original post was that right now i’m getting about -96 dBm which gives me 3 to 4 bars but no where close to the approx -70 I get in the Verizon store. Signal hasn’t done well for me either in shopping areas. Anytime I go shopping with my wife and we go into a store my signal just drops unless I’m at the mall which is usually pretty reasonable. Lord knows I need my phone when she takes me inside Sam Moons (no signal) and that is directly across the street from Verizon.

        • J. Gilbertson

          Also, no problems whatsoever in Western/Northwestern Arkansas. Except if it’s gameday at the U of A. Then football games can be spotty. But typically I get the absolute best service in Arkansas. Which leads me once again to believe it’s tower crowding over here.

          • bill

            You’re on to something. VZN LTE goes over 700MHz. Which is great for penetrating distances and buildings and such. While a higher frequencies say 1900MHZ are much better for shorter distances but higher concurrent users. Higher frequency means more towers for rural areas. make sense?

          • J. Gilbertson

            not necessarily makes senses. i was saying that i believe it’s tower crowding here in Frisco. I should have specified. I suppose you can call game day at the U of A tower crowding too but Fayetteville, AR is far from rural. It’s a nice college town with a pretty good business district north of it stretching into Lowell, Rogers and Bentonville (J.B. Hunt, Tyson, Wal-Mart, ect…). That said if the signal was good at penetrating buildings I don’t think I’d have the same issues that I have now when I go into stores as mentioned in my other post. In addition to Sam Moon, good luck getting a signal when your wife is looking at purses in Dillards at the mall. Nada

  • Alex Mosqueda

    What do you think Google should do to better attract people to Google play and use their services? Should Google and amazon team up somehow since amazon is very good at recruiting new new customers or what should happen?

    • bill

      What’s the benefit to Amazon? They compete directly for books, devices, apps, etc… and i didn’t realize GooglePlay needed help. Every validated Android device provides GooglePlay. Why would i buy a Nexus 7 on the Amazon store when they are trying to sell the Kindle??

  • Why is the droid-life app such a piece of junk? This is the best droid news site on the internet surely it should at least have a nice app to go with it.

    • CapnShiner

      What DL app? Last time I looked for one it did not exist.

    • We need someone to make us one 🙁

      We’re currently looking.

      • You should find whoever wrote the app for The Verge. The holo theme is amazing.

        • tomn1ce

          I think that they would keep the pink 🙂

  • KreeTerry

    What do you thiniik will be the stand out feature of the next nexus phone and/or the next android release?

    • bill

      Everything has already been thought of and the Mayans knew it. They knew the exact date Key Lime Pie would be bug free. Dec 21st 2012. If we make it into 2013 i’d say the theme would be mental osmosis and telepathy. Just think it and it appears in your minds eye. No need for a screen or complicated radios to transmit frequencies. We use how much of our brain? On Dec 21st we will have these abilities. I’m working on the Google Human Neural API now. The problem is turning off thoughts. Multi-threading doesn’t work as expected in humans. Could you imagine if you thought of someone and then your thoughts were automatically transmitted without the ability to filter? You can’t take it back. No political correctness firewall. No ability to use our moral conscious compass? What we think would be out there for everyone to see and ALL who had this ability knew the real “you”. true transparency. Are you ready to meet your maker?

  • Captain_Doug

    Would you leave a carrier for a specific phone? Is the phone more important than the carrier?

  • Not A Name

    Do you think we will ever see the end of OEM skins?

  • Is there anything else in the smart phone realm enticing you, in regards to the OS? Is it android or nothing? Is something like open webos, windows phone 8, iOS6, or Firefox OS making you want to switch over or at least try it out?

  • SH

    who wins on VZW lte for battery life. iPhone 5, SGSIII, or RAZR HD?

    And I don’t mean if you turn on wifi, or turn off data. I’m talking straight 4glte, all day with moderate use.

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Do you think If Google gave OEMs and developers the newest version of Android 6 months before the official release, it would help with the problem of phones being updated so slowly and devices being released with an old version of the OS.

    • Douglas Hill

      My personal opinion is no it would not help in any measurable way. OEM’s make money by selling devices, supporting devices cost them money.

  • WAldenIV

    How do you select contest winners?


    Galaxy Note II or HTC ‘dlx’ ? And why?

  • r0lct

    Do you think this “multi-boot” for Nexus phone is Google’s trojan horse to get Nexus devices into consumers hands at a subsidized price if it works on phone carriers will carry?

    That seems like the only viable option for such a bad idea as casual consumers are likely just going to choose the default which if it isn’t stock, isn’t going to work.

  • Silver Veloz

    A lot of talk of the soak test for the Droid Bionic ICS this past week. Once the OTA goes for ICS, which phone(s) will the Bionic be comparable to?? Same question, if (big if), Bionic get JB. I think the Droid Bionic still has a lot of life left.

    • hkklife

      I’m not part of the DL crew but I just addressed this question the other day to a buddy of mine who is going nuts over no ICS OTA on his Bionic so here’s my take:

      Basically, users (myself included) testing the earlier Bionic leaks were widely (though not consistently) reporting getting a CPU bump to 1.2Ghz. So that puts the Bionic neck and neck with the RAZR and RAZR Maxx but definitely a few steps behind the latest Qualcomm-based Moto devices. Camera modules on the RAZR/Maxx and HD/HD Maxx are all reportedly identical to Bionic, other than updated camera software and less shutter leg, so the DB won’t be too far behind when it comes to camera performance, for better or for worse. I noticed a moderate improvement across the board in the camera app under ICS on my Bionic.

      Other than that, Bionic will have the sweet ICS Webtop mode, which is something NOT found on the latest Moto hardware (Photon Q, Atrix HD, RAZR HD, RAZR M). RAM is 1Gb across the board with Moto as well, and they still really love qHD resolutions so unless you are despreate for a 720p screen, you’ll manage. Since it doesn’t use onscreen vitual buttons, Bionic will have more usable screen space than the 4.3″ RAZR M. So yeah, the Bionic running ICS (and maybe even JB) is still a VERY capable device if you can live with its girth, smaller qHD pentile screen, and less internal storage. It’ll be the only Moto device that has LTE, dual-core, ICS AND a removable battery. I’d recommend buying an extended battery for the Bionic and maybe a nice big microSDHC card and try to squeeze another 6 months out of it (maybe more if the Bionic JB in January rumors are corrrect).

  • JDHokie

    You get 4 hours of non-sports DVR time a week. How are you filling it?

    • WAldenIV

      Archer, Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, the Office, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, and Around the Horn and PTI, assuming you mean non-live sports, not sport related content.

      Oh, you mean Kellex, Tim-a-to, and the crew?

      • JDHokie

        Right – sports content is fine. Live sports throws a wrench in things.
        Mine: Sons of Anarchy, Parks & Rec, Happy Endings, Homeland … and probably Walking Dead.

        • WAldenIV

          Interesting question, btw.

    • bill

      Start with Alias Pilot episode and work my way through each season. 4 hours a day via Netflix.

  • What are you thoughts on the current Android Development community? I feel like it is not as busy as it used to be. Do the followings and domination of CM and AOKP play a part in that?

    • Schoat333

      I think you hit the nail on the head there.

    • michael arazan

      And why are there still a lack of Tablet apps?

  • What’s going to be the best Nexus device out of the ones that are rumored so far?

  • David Imel

    What’s the easiest way to start developing Android apps?

  • r0lct

    Is the current Nexus phone(s) coupled with 4.2 just a bridge to Android 5 and Nexus then becoming consumer focused? Seems like the next batch, like the Gnex is just a halo device and they aren’t worried about actual device sales. Is Nexus really going to be a big consumer brand for Google?

  • Anthony

    Would you recommend a RAZR HD over waiting to see if a new Nexus ever comes out on Verizon?

    • Randy

      And how close to stock is the experience of this new watered down MOTOblur? Could be a large part of if this device can be recommended…

      • michael arazan

        And have you heard anything about a Moto Nexus, I’d figure it would have to have some of the specs of the HD. I’ve seen no real rumors.

  • AlexKCMO

    One more. What does the rumored expansion of the Nexus program mean for OEMs who continue to skin Android? Is it the beginning of the end of skinned Android?

  • Connor

    Do you think the Google Glass project will be replacing phones completely?

  • AlexKCMO

    1) Is Google at a point where they can slowly develop the next features for iOS or should the next numerical jump (Android 5.0) be a huge leap beyond 4.x?

    2) What’s the best direction to take, from all sides, to ensure future updates are timely and beyond the life of the device?

  • Why does it seem there will not be an CDMA/LTE Nexus for Verizon customers? Will VZW not allow you to hook up phones bought through other sources? Is it a rule of theirs? I have heard the arguement that CDMA is outdated, but since VZW still runs it there is still a huge market for it.

    • Aaron

      I thought by law carriers could no longer refuse to activate phones that are compatible with their network? If that’s the case why can’t google offer a CDMA nexus on the play store for people to use on verizon or sprint?

  • who are you?

  • Jon Wolff

    Think there is any chance the 32GB nexus 7 will include any other enhancements or maybe a fix to the quirky screen calibration?

    • hkklife

      Also, can you guys chime in with any thoughts on future Nexus 7 variants (N 10 by Sammy etc) and do you think N7 has been a big mainstream success for Google or only something the devoted Android gearheads really snapped up? I mean, a few local stores near me are STILL sold out of the N7 (especially the 16Gb one).

  • Austin

    How do you guys feel about color boost hd display compared to slcd display?

  • Josh Persaud

    What’s your opinion of the whole multiple company nexus line shebang?

  • Verbal_Judo aka story_ninja22

    Why have device manufactures largely given up on the keyboarded phone. In a way even Google has made the UI less keyboard friendly. Getting rid of user customized keyboard shortcuts. Am I crazy for wanting a beast phone with a keyboard?

    • CapnShiner

      In a word, yes. lol

  • Mike Hawk

    Is this the krusty krab?

    • Awesome Sauce

      No, this is Patrick.

      • Timothy McGovern

        I’m not a krusty krab -_-

  • RedPandaAlex

    Can the Droid brand be restored? What would it take? Is it worth saving at this point?

    • Douglas Hill

      The Droid brand is licensed by Verizon for there phones. I personally do not care what they do with it. The brand was good when people needed to be educated that there was an alternative to the Iphone, now it is just a moniker that is pointless IMHO.

  • T4rd

    How would multiple Nexus Devices by different OEMs affect the Nexus brand? Do you think it would benefit Google to have multiple devices to support or hurt them because they can’t support multiple devices at once (diluting the Nexus brand).

  • ddevito

    Do you guys think we’ll ever see [email protected] progress??

  • DRAF_Werd

    Do you think an .APK will be released for the dew drop unlock screen found on the Optimus G for other devices?