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Costco Opens Up Pre-orders for the DROID RAZR HD, $189 on 2-year Contract Plus Free Bonus Accessories

The DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD are going to arrive this Thursday, October 18. Verizon confirmed it last week, however, they didn’t mention a pre-order period or a way for customers to reserve one early. Costco on the other hand, is down to let you pre-order today. If you want the RAZR HD, instead of the super battery charged MAXX HD, Costco will hook you up for $189 on 2-year contract, but will also toss in a navigation dock and battery charger for free.

Verizon is selling the phone for $199 without bonus accessories.

Via:  Costco

Cheers Nick!

  • foxyoung

    Stores in Florida are saying phones won’t be in till a week after the 18th.

  • NWolvie

    If you can in any way afford the price difference, why would anyone settle for the smaller battery instead of the Maxx?
    For that matter, why are any flagship phones coming out without batteries under 2500 mAh?

  • Tom

    Too bad Costco doesn’t sell off contract phones. They could be a good deal… I want to keep my unlimited data.

    • hkklife

      Yes, this x100. I wish Costco would try and turn the ridiculous CDMA/LTE phone market on its ear. At least partner with Moto and VZ and sell a few hot handsets at a reasonable retail price with no strings, contracts or subaidies just like they sell PCs, TVs, cameras, tablets, etc.

      Costco , along with Apple, are some of the handful of companies with the buying power and the clout to pull this off.

    • I’m pretty sure they do sell off contract phones, or at least they did last time i bough my phone, when they droid razr came out

    • michael arazan

      Need to add the Full Price too, to these articles for those of us with unlimited and planning to keep it, probably around $700 at vzw.

  • Tyler

    They should do this with the MAXX dont know if the battery is necessary but the dock would be a great addition for my mom who is looking to potentially get this phone.

  • hkklife

    This is the last (likely) of the legacy Jha-designed devices in the pipeline. I still say that there is NO reason they couldn’t have launched back in the June-September timeframe. But right now, they are too little, too late, compared to the GS3, Note 2, 1080p HTC et al. The loss of Webtop mode is especially annoying, considering how Moto FINALLY got it right under ICS.

    That said, I’d still consider a MAXX to get away from the atrocious battery life and RF
    performance on my S3 IF the price is right or if I could do a straight-up swap with someone.

    The $100 offer is essentially worthless and worth more to Moto as a cheap PR stunt and/or them acting in cahoots with the carriers to get legacy users off of their grandfathered unlimited plans. As stated before, even an old D3 or Bionic will garner more than $100 on E-Bay or Swappa.

    • nhizzat

      Atrocious battery life on the S3? What?

      • hkklife

        I may just have a dud but my battery life is atrocious on my S3 since day 1. Well, it’s better than the people I know with TBs and Charges. Its about on par with the regular (non-Maxx) RAZR. Definitely worse than my old Bionic with the extended battery.

        I am stock, unrooted, everything disabled, in a strong LTE area. I have done every battery maximization trick possible.
        My S3 usually drops 1% every few minutes when unplugged, no excessive wakelocks. I do get periodic “media” and “mediaserver” alerts of power usage. At first I thought it might have been a bad photo or video file on my SD card but a reformat (then removal) of my microSD card and a hard reset of my S3 did not help matters.

        My last hope is that the upcoming jelly bean update fixes the problem

    • joey

      Why would you buy a droid maxx hd, when clearly, galaxy beats the s**t out of it. It’s a really nice phone kind off like an iPhone, but 1 GB of ram, pen tile screen? Horrible, just checked it out today. Battery not removable… don’t get me wrong, the phone is really nice. Like I said an iPhone with inferior specs. Lol

  • Aaron Fredricks

    the lack of promo for this phone is oddly similar to the release of their little blacksheep release last september (bionic). im starting to get worried and questioning whether or not the razr hd is a good decision.

  • Sporttster

    Not interested. Still happy with my Maxx and will be for some time. No need to upgrade…..

  • They really need to release specifics on the 100$ off thing for people who aren’t getting Jellybean. I’m on contract, so does that mean 100$ towards the $199 Verizon is asking? Or do I have to pay the full price ($499, or whatever it actually is). I’ve got the Razr Maxx and would much rather get the Razr HD than get Jellybean on my Maxx and be stuck with a mid-tier phone for the next year and a half. Its partially my fault though.

    • Greg

      The details are kind of vague about which phones qualify but the bad part is you have to send your old phone in to get the $100. I’d rather keep my old phone, it is worth more than $100 to me.

      • I’ve only had the phone for 2 months, and I can redownload anything that I feel that’s really important. The price has to be right though. I have a feeling the 100$ would go to an off-contract $499 phone from Motorola, and I don’t even know if I’d be able to on-contract.

        • cleetose

          You could probably get more than $100 for it one EBay.

          • Can you do that? Like sell it on eBay then buy a new phone on Verizon? I don’t think I can because I’m on contract 🙁

          • Yeah, you can, but you have to pay “full retail” for the new phone.

          • Oh boy. Should’ve known. Thanks for your answer though.

  • Greg

    I love Costco! 90 day return policy for all phones cant be beat.You don’t have to worry if something better will come out in the next 3 months because if it does you can just take it back and get what you really want. I will be trading in my Razr Maxx for the Razr HD Maxx that I bought 2 1/2 months ago. Free docks, accessories and better prices are just icing on the cake.

    • rals

      Hate to burst your bubble, that’s not true at all. They go through a company called Wireless Advocates, they are just same as any 3rd party retailer. You only have 2 weeks like everyone else. You just get the benefits of pricing and bonus items.

      • droidsung

        Actually Greg is right. Their two weeks is for returning the phone, cancelling the contract altogether. After that they still take return/exchange until 90 days but under the same contract. I have done this with Costco before.

        • rals

          That seems like awfully big loop home for them, since you can always upgrade every 90 days. I was told you couldn’t do this at all. All the Costco stores give me the same speel that they are not allowed to exchange for a different phone unless it’s the same one.

          • Greg

            Costco is awesome like that. Yes, I could see someone abusing it and getting a new phone every 90 days. I had a rep the other day suggest i trade my Maxx in for the M and get $100 back.
            From costco.com: We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell with a full refund. The following must be returned within 90 days of purchase for a refund: televisions, projectors, computers, cameras, camcorders, touch screen tablets, MP3 players and cellular phones.

      • I do not do anything else at Best Buy, but their mobile store allows 30 day returns.

  • KB26

    How will they manage to pull off the act of selling the HD MAXX for 300?
    And then probably charge another hundred for double the GB?

    That’s almost like apple pricing right there.