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Granny Smith Update Introduces 12 New Space Levels

Granny Smith, a game I just dubbed “game of the year,” received its first major update today that included 12 new space themed levels. As you would expect in space, the gravity is light, the levels are tougher than ever, and that pesky boy seems to have gotten faster. You have to think much differently to successfully motor through these than you did with normal gravity, that’s for sure. Go get it!

Play Link ($0.99)

Cheers Walt!

  • e-Rock

    The levels are way too hard. At least give people the ability to get through the first few without wanting to throw your phone out the window!

  • sam_evans7

    I bought it back when it was $0.25, but it won’t install on my vzw gnex, running Bugless Beast. I keep getting an unknown install error code “-24” 🙁

  • Jason Rock

    I love that they actually updated the game and made the levels harder than life and i agree with kellex that they dominated my weekend when i had a free second. I love games that challenge you cause the first 3 worlds were way too easy and i do play it on my transformer infinity run great.

  • jet

    I don’t seem to have recieved the update? (nexus 7 in australia)

  • Pegleg

    Anyone playing it in an ASUS Infinity?

  • KLy

    The levels are harder but not impossible, don’t know why everyone is complaining. The first 3 chapters were so easy, you could beat it in 20 minutes.

  • Never known a game to be so original and full of content before. Best thing to happen since Angry Birds!

    Love the play on words also :p

    • They should really make a free version! I really want to play it but my account isn’t set up all the way!

  • Too bad they’re the hardest levels known to man 🙁

    • They are dominating my life this morning. I feel so newbish. 🙁

      • Kellex, you haven’t seen daylight in over a week. Put the Granny Smith down and go outside.

    • T4rd

      They added some much needed difficulty. I breezed through the first 3 worlds without much issue. This new space world is taking me longer to get through than the whole game did before, hah. The game being too short/easy was my only (minor) gripe and now they’ve fixed that with this update =D.

  • David Rosen

    hell yea

  • IAmVideogames

    Granny Smith is one of the most original Android games I’ve ever played.