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Samsung 10″ Nexus Tablet Won’t Be Seen Until “First Half of Next Year”

Google is planning on making a splash in the next few months with their Nexus program. We all know about the Nexus phones that are supposed to be dropping soon, but we are pretty certain that Samsung has a tablet up their sleeve to add to the Nexus portfolio. CNET is reporting that the two companies are working towards a 10″ Nexus tablet to follow up the wildly popular Nexus 7.

We’ve heard before that the display will be pushing a 2560×1600 resolution, which equals 299 ppi and is more than any other tablet out there right now. Unfortunately, it sounds as if we can’t expect this tablet anytime before “the first half of next year,” which is a pretty big timeframe.

Are you going to start saving now? Or are you even interested in what Samsung has to offer?


  • p0k3y

    Problem with samsung tablets is that they tend to overprice it. I expect the same with this, especially with the display panel. Much rather wait 3 months and pick it up at a steep discount. N7s are going for south of 180 on Craigslist now for 16GB, and it wasn’t even overpriced to start with…

  • Larizard

    Well I hope Google makes sure that Samsung doesn’t make this tablet eerily similar to the iPad. And this time, not through email.

  • giovanny

    I’m sure it will be the best tablet around when it is released. I was planning on getting a nexus 7 for christmas but now I’m going to wait for this..

  • renGek

    I’m just glad there aren’t as many tablets announced as there used to be. There were just too many. Each one announced people say “now this is the tablet I’ve been waiting for” “no wait, THIS is the tablet I’ve been waiting for”. 2 years later they still haven’t bought one and that imo was one big reason why android tablet sales were held back. Lots of waiting on the sideline.

  • giovanny

    Im sure its going to be the best tablet around!! Cant wait to get it!

  • moorelawyer

    I wish ASUS would continue its partnership with El Goog to make the Nexus 10. Not very confident in Samsung’s competence in tablet PCs – they are okay, but just okay.

  • jay96815

    Yes – interested .. I have the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 both of which i love .. to have a Samsung “Nexus Tab 10.1” with a high end screen, yes i’m definately interested .. hoping all the other specs are good, too, including removable storage .. 🙂

  • herpy

    Samsung? well I don’t like their radi…. oh wait.

  • Jess B

    Major bummer… I wanted this for Christmas!

  • I’ll buy one to replace my galaxy tab 10.1. I almost replaced it with a nexus 7, but I really like the 10 inch screen over the 7.

    • Greg Buxton

      That’s why I haven’t replaced my Xoom yet.

  • This sounds like exactly what I’m waiting to replace my Xoom with.

  • Ricky

    The 10″ tablet is what I’m waiting for, can’t wait!

  • Bob G

    No, I blindly hate all Samsung products just like the people who blindly hate all LG products.


  • user311

    Needs a lot of storage. I am definitely interested in a nexus tablet however space is really important to me. I had a N7 with 16GB but filled it up quickly and ended up giving it away. I am currently using 150ish of 192GB on my transformer Infinity. (30GB in apps alone.) I could live with having 32+MicroSD, but anything less would be tough.

    • Daniel Rosseau

      Do you ever go outside?

      • user311

        Tablets are kinda portable…

        • NickN


      • Meme

        I’m sure he loads each app up everyday too. I don’t see how owning a lot of apps has anything to do with the time you spend on your tablet. I too have a ton of apps and maybe spend around and hour at best on my tablet.

    • renGek

      New reality tv show, digital hoarders….when you just can’t press ‘delete’

  • Matthew

    I just sold my Xoom this week so I could get the Gnex. Looking forward to what Samsung will offer next year. I have no issue waiting.

  • SecurityNick


  • ddevito

    Nexus tablets at Google I/O in the Summer

    Nexus phones in the fall/winter

    Simple as that.

  • RedPandaAlex

    First half of next year sounds about when I’ll be ready to replace my Xoom.

    • DickyDarko

      haha, same here, still pretty happy with my xoom. Will be excited to replace it with a superior screen.

      • angermeans

        Second smartest thing I ever did was dump my Xoom. To bad it was for the Transformer Prime which leads me to the smartest thing I’ve ever done dumping my Prime for a retina ipad. The Xoom had the worst display I have ever used in my life. It constantly gave me head aches. The prime wasn’t much better. People touted its so called IPS display that was of low quality and was horrible to use. Not to mention very buggy and laggy. A few months after getting the ipad I couldn’t keep myself from pre ordering the Nexus 7 and it seemed that it would have great pixel density so it would have to be better, right? Nope it was horrible as well. I still really enjoy using it as it is actually a good android tablet and I didn’t expect much for a sub $200 tablet especially with the Nexus name, but there is a reason that the 10″ Nexus tablet is rumored to be created by Samsung as ASUS uses horrible products in their tablets and are very cheap. They won’t burn me again for one of their shorty devices. Yes, the nexus 7 was an improvement and they got a lot of the things right in it, but android OEMs need to start paying attention to details and make some great hardware and stop with the cheap plastic and horrible excuses for displays. My brother in law kept on touting how great his ASUS Transformer Infintiy was and how it was a better display than the retina ipad so I went to check it out. How completely wrong he was. That was the laggiest tablet I have ever used and again the display was very poor and washed out.

        I prefer android (on phones not the sorry tablets), but itis getting harder and harder and more and more I am keeping my Gàlaxy Nexus and Samsung GS3 at home due to just little annoyances that sadly will never change and instead using my iPhone 4S due to the much better radio (can’t keep 4g on either my nexus or gs3 to save my life when I never lose 4g on my ipad), much much much better display (although sadly smaller), hands down better camera, much better apps, and overall much more fluid and smooth. Come on android get it together I really love the look of the OS but the android OEMs are caring less and less for their customers and care more and more about jamming specs down users throats while making them pay with horrible user experiences and buggy devices. This should be getting better with every phone but it isn’t not by a long shot.

        • Maybe you just get headaches around plastic and the only cure is overpriced aluminum?

  • Charles Lee Gough Jr.

    Interested for now. It’s a good thing the Nexus devices run completely bone-stock which means no TouchWiz. I’m still buying a Galaxy Note II but I really do hate the look of TouchWiz still. Anyway, as long as Samsung makes the tablet look as good as the Nexus7 and the specs and price look good, I’ll likely get one. Maybe they can convince Google to let them drop in a microSD card slot.

  • danofiveo

    A lot can happen between now and then. Will just have to wait and see.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    I have a TF201. I would prefer Asus making the 10″ Nexus. But I will look to see what this one offers, but not likely to buy unless a real reason to comes along.

    • Dillon Brown

      Same here. I have have a TF201 and would prefer an Asus 10″ but I already have a reason to buy a new one so I’m sad this isn’t close. mine crapped the bed 2 days ago 🙁

  • I was more hoping it would hit soon and push the price for the N7 down some so I could get it for a steal as companies try to liquidate inventory.

    • angermeans

      $200 isn’t a steal? It sure was for me.

    • michael arazan

      I don’t think Samsung will have the same low pricing as the N7, Samsung Tabs are kind of pricey. 10″ Galaxy Note that just came out starts at $500 and goes up from there. I’d think I’d like to see Motorola make a Nexus Tablet, that maybe is powered by my Moto Nexus phone like the Asus pad Phone. I like the idea of putting my phone in the tablet, to give me a larger screen to do stuff with. Need a universal tablet that’ll allow you to put any phone inside it, all you’d need is a plug that matches the smart phone you use to plug in the tab.

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    My wifi Xoom will be 2 years old in March… seems like a good time to release N10 to me :p

    • Same here. I have the LTE Xoom, and it’s been awesome, but it’s getting to be about time for something new…

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    I just want to see what they end up doing with the Nexus Q…

    • ddevito

      walk away slowly and pretend it never happened

      (is what they’ll do)

      • Chris Malkiewicz

        That’s what it feels like right now LOL

    • Daniel Rosseau

      Couldn’t agree more. I picked one up on Craigslist for $100 to power my little outdoor speakers. I’ve watched a few movies on it through the play store which is pretty neat but it’s extremely limited. I’m really hoping the add a full google TV experience on it. Still not sure how much I could use it but I figure more than I do now haha.

  • nightscout13

    I’ll wait….

  • Daniel Clifford

    Possibly. I am really happy with the size and performance of the Nexus 7 though. I am not one of those people who frak out about the ppi. The ppi on the N7 is perfectly fine in my own opinion. To each there own though. I am sure whatever they release will be kickass!

    • JoshGroff

      I agree, the screen is fairly nice.

    • mustbepbs

      I’m really happy with the size of my N7. It’s perfect and doesn’t hurt my hands to hold it for a long time. I don’t want a 10″ because I mainly use mine for study purposes and I love being able to hold it in one hand.