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Version 3.9.16 of Google Play Allows for Removal of Apps From “All Apps” List

Today, there is a new version of the Google Play APK out for Android users. Version 3.9.16 brings the ability to remove a single or a list of applications from the “All Apps” list inside the application. Doing so will help you clean up the space and has been a highly requested feature from users. 

We have a download available below and you simply install it over the existing version of Google Play. Here’s hoping the next version will include a “Purchased” apps list.


Via: Android Police

  • Frank

    Let’s say you remove a paid app this way. If I want to hypothetically download the paid app in the future, will I have to pay for the app again?

  • t3chn0s1s

    And it also fixes the ‘anchor’ issue when scrolling thru long lists of apps…. when you click on an app to read about it and then click back you don’t go all the way to the TOP of the list. It holds your place. FINALLY!!!!!!!!

  • Because I’m a chronic tweaker and hacker on my SGS3 and N7, it won’t allow me to unpin movies so I can save them to the devices hard drive. I really wish there was a way to do that. I’ve even checked under the google play website and devices……..all you can do is hide them and that doesn’t do anything to unpin the movies from that device. I’m just tired of having to watch all my movies on wifi, my 4G is faster than it hahahaha. If there is any way to do this please let me know because I don’t want to have to wait for Google to get back with me.

  • That, and a way to select multipla apps for deletion, not just one at a time. Their online apps register should include this as well. Dang popups also.

    • jeesung

      you can do multiples. long press on the first app, then you can scroll and select others before hitting the delete key (circle w/ slash in upper right)

  • TingVoo

    I am seriously starting to consider leaving ios for android!

  • OCD Boy

    My OCD has been spared

  • JB

    When can we make lists on the web version of the Play Store? I want to be able to push my app list to a new device when I flash a rom/buy a new device.

  • Sting

    Im rooted and running a custom ROM… when I go to install the new market APK I get the following error…

    “Application not installed

    An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed”

    Any idea guys?

    • Simon Belmont

      Do you have a themed set of GApps? If the Google Play Store is themed it might have needed to be resigned.

      Obviously, whoever resigned it wouldn’t have the original Google Play Store certificiate to sign it with. Just an idea.

  • JWellington

    Yes! This is great news. Is this version out yet?

  • Now if only I could also remove old devices, I no longer have… Google?