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LG Nexus Takes on the iPhone 5 in Latest Picture Leak

The LG Nexus went from being the best kept secret in tech to being the worst in a matter of days. At one point a few weeks ago, this phone was nothing more than a rumor that most sites were afraid to touch. Today, it has been leaked in more photoshoots than I can even keep track of. Take last night’s appearance for example, a comparison photo shoot with the new iPhone 5 in as clear a set of pictures as you will find anywhere. You don’t see photos this clean unless you have the phone in hand, something the Onlinerย has had the honor of.ย 

According to this latest report, the phone has a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 8MP camera, a 4.7″ HD display, and runs Android 4.1.2. As you can see in the pictures, it looks a lot like a mix between the Galaxy Nexus and LG’s new Optimus G. It has the same crystal back and 8MP camera as the Optimus G, but the corners have been rounded to look a lot like last year’s Nexus. It’s a beautiful phone.

And that’s pretty much that. I think at this point, we are simply waiting for Google to announce it.

Via: ย Onliner

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Kevin Mccutcheon

    Personally I’ve owned every Nexus (including the N7) and I think I like
    the Gnex the best, for me it’s the best nexus yet. This new LG looks
    pretty nice considering it looks like the Gnex but I just don’t know
    about that chrome bezel might have to ditch that…

  • SurgicalTech

    galaxy note II plz

  • I’m sure it’s going to have different versions with different kinds of storage options. This 1 probably isn’t L T E but it’s probably HSPA. I see the release an LtE version with 16 gigs and 32 gigs

  • cooksta32676

    Anybody else slowly warming up to the idea of owning a LGnex?


  • Larizard

    I really have to point out, that this is looking like a mid-range Nexus device that will compete with the GS3mini and the Motorola Razr M.

    Oh and it looks like it’s gonna be wider than the GNex?

  • My contract is up.. once I’m certain that the next Nexus phones are all released, I’m going to pick one and switch to whatever carrier I have to to use it.

  • Rohail Shah

    I was expecting some crazy rehash physical keyboard design but this, not bad. Not bad at all

  • Rohail Shah

    Am I the only one that thinks it reminds you of a sleek concept car?

  • I hate the “bedazzled” back. Hopefully there will be a Motorola Nexus with a kevlar back.

  • The FFC not being center and the large empty space under the screen is bothersome

  • Damu793

    Galaxy note2 ! On Verizon lte with power beats earbuds by Dre

  • reyalP

    Why is the iphone 5 so narrow? It looks odd!

    • It does look like a toy that two kids pulled from either side and disfigured.

  • Trevor Blain

    Holy cow, they look virtually identical! I can barely tell them apart. Surely this means Apple must file a lawsuit.

  • Rob

    Best looking LG phone to date. Not saying much, but it’s definitely something I would consider if I was in the market for a new phone. I just can’t justify it after buying a Galaxy S3 off contract (wasn’t due for an upgrade and by the time I am I would have to pay full price to retain unlimited data anyway), at least until I can get a 1080p screen with a good battery.


    What happened to the multiple manufacturers? I can’t get pass its a lg.. What phone have they released that would have me look at lg as a top tier manufacturer?

  • I_haz_root_beer

    How is it possible that no one is even mentioning that this thing doesn’t have LTE??
    If the iPhone 5 came out without LTE, you guys would be KILLING apple right now.
    Google’s newest flagship phone is 3G???

  • I want curved glass ๐Ÿ™ but if gorilla glass 2 I might just forget about it and go straight ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’m glad they’re keeping the look of the Galaxy Nexus as it’s probably the best looking phone I’ve ever seen. The back is a little odd to me, but I imagine viewed in person it could be radically different. I have to imagine Verizon isn’t seeing this, but I also hope that at least HTC or even Samsung has their own Nexus, but I’m still not sold that there will be multiple Nexus’ since this one looks so similar to the previous one.

  • John Simonelli

    I wonder if the camera has improved at all? Also looks like I’m going to have to stick with my VZW Gnex.

  • Dave

    I think it’s a beautiful looking phone. But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Colin Gray

    Only on AT&T correct?

  • Andrew Remmers

    If those bottom holes are screws can we then assume this isn’t the normal plastic construction we are used to? Also no pins, I really like the pin car dock for the Gnex, however I think it could have a better design for easier removal.

  • I have learned to live with my GNexus 16GB without memory card slot using StickMount + USB_OTG, AirDroid, Media device mode…

    But a less than 6GB (thats what will be available in any internal-8GB phone) in a 2012 SD-less phone?? Come-on, the total storage = 3 x RAM capacity????

    It is OK only when Google wants to release this like Nexus7 price — 199$ as FULL price… But still, NOT for me…

    I will wait for other Nexus devices, especially from Motorola with that JUMBO MAXX battery…

  • lrohenaz

    I like this phone… it’s much better than I expected… but no removable battery is a real issue for me. I will be holding out for the Nexus phone that gives me a removable battery and SD along with specs on par with this camera, processor and battery. Then you have a shot to tear me away from my Galaxy Nexus.

    • You can forget SD on a Nexus, just not gonna happen. And power banks are tiny and cheap these days.

      • lrohenaz

        why would you assume that?

        • Assume? Its a known fact. The last 3 Nexus devices haven’t had a SD slot and Google has made it clear that they don’t want SD cards on Android devices for keeping the Android filesystem robust and efficient.

          • lrohenaz

            I didn’t know Google took a stance against SD – *search* – now I do, thnx for that. While I think their reasoning is sound, I’m not sure why large internal storage and SD capability need to be mutually exclusive. I still want one for backup convenience (I flash roms constantly). Oh well. I’ll take a nexus sans SD over the rest if I must… but I reserve the right to occasionally bitch about it.

          • No problem. You can always use one of the cloud services for automatic scheduled backups while you’re on Wi-Fi or just use something like this:


  • Digger

    While I recognize this is an Android site and OMGNEXUSORGTFO and all that, this phone’s design is boring. Like, awful boring. And the chip & RAM are all that’s great from an internals standpoint. Color me massively unimpressed in this phone.

    • alex drum

      Read the comments… not everyone likes the phone and it’s not “OMG NEXUS OR GTFO” just read a bit and look at the rating, I know im not getting one. I’m waiting for something nice from HTC to replace my nexus.

  • Knlegend1

    If this is the Nexus and the only one well looks like I’m going o have to pass.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    That’s a lotta chin! Jay Leno would be envious!

  • hiway12

    I thought that it had squarer corners than this. it almost looks like they snapped a GNex

  • Alan Paone

    So. Much. Bezel.

    • alex drum

      The two phones look about the same to me, the bezel is not the big and even so I really dont understand this fascination with small bezel phones? yea it makes it look a bit better but the changed size in the bezel is even less noticeable than the change from the Iphone 4s to the Iphone 5… and thats hard to do.

      • Alan Paone

        The bezel is wasted space, the only thing it adds is size, and this already a good sized phone…

  • JG

    If google is rumored to release a 32gb Nexus 7, then I am not sure why they wouldn’t put that size on a phone as well. I mean maybe they think a tablet needs more memory than a phone would and we might just see a max of 16gb on the LG Nexus. But we can hope.

  • Give me a RAZR Nexus MAXX HD, 32gb with expandable storage, LTE, NFC, 2gb ram, and best possible processor and I’ll camp out for it

    • Alan Paone

      4G LTE TOUCH

  • PuzzleShot

    This is why it is good that Google works so closely with the manufacturer. Doesn’t matter who it is; as long as Google’s involved, it’ll be good.

  • Asimoalex

    i really hope there are more Nexi are coming im honestly not that impressed by this one
    it looks to “boxy ” for my taste …but I might still pick it up if its worth it when i see it in real life

  • Wow, releasing a phone that looks the same, but with an uglier back, and which is significantly slower than the current iPhone in essentially all benchmarks (based on the LG Optimus with the same processor) is a big let down. I count on Android being ahead on stats and power, but this seems like the Galaxy Nexus S, to use Apple’s terminology.

    • What benchmarks?

      • Evostance

        Must be basing it off those iPhone 5 benchmarks. You know the one where it got 1600 on Geekbench, but a dual core Galaxy Nexus clocked to 1.5Ghz gets 1850

        • The S4 Pro matched or surpassed the A6 in the few benchmarks it did appear in on AnandTech. Calling it a big letdown is somewhat dumb.

  • Neomastermind

    Aw man, they moved the headphone jack back to the top. I shall miss you bottom headphone jack, the place that makes the most sense.

  • There is no way in hell that Google will release this thing without LTE and without a 32GB version.

    I love the look of it, however. It is a more refined version of the Galaxy Nexus, and if this gets released for Verizon with at least 32GB, I might throw down the dough to get it.

  • ddevito

    I think the non-removable battery is the true fail on this device

  • ToddAwesome

    Samsung should sue LG.

    • col3rsc

      Maybe the form-factor is now a requirement for the Nexus. Everyone knows what an iPhone looks like, maybe Google is going for one look but tiered version. This phone being on the low end.

  • Bionicman

    im hoping for a big battery and thats why it is as thick as it is. also its going to be hard for me to get this if it is not coming to verizon. getting another plan on another carrier is kind of a deal breaker. i’ll just wait to see what htc has up their sleeve (DincX?)

  • Guest

    im hoping for a big battery and thats why it is as thick as it is. also its going to be hard for me to get this if it is not coming to verizon. getting another plan on another carrier is kind of a deal break in getting this phone. i’ll just wait to see what htc has up their sleeve (DincX?)

  • Guest

    im hoping for a big battery and thats why it is as think as it is. also its going to be hard for me to get this if it is not coming to verizon. getting another plan on another carrier is kind of a deal break in getting this phone. i’ll just wait to see what htc has up their sleeve (DincX?)

  • This is a wicked beautiful phone. Finally a phone to dethrone the Gnex as the best available.

    • alex drum

      Smaller memory, non removable battery, no LTE… yes it has a kick ass processor but without LTE it will have nothing to process.

      • What are you talking about?

        Small memory? No LTE? And how do you know the battery isn’t removeable?

      • What gave you the impression the new LG Nexus has smaller memory and no LTE? And do we know it has a non-removable battery?

        • alex drum

          …seriously? ok well this recent verizon galaxy nexus has been a disaster, what i mean by that is we dont get updates onetime because of ridiculous testing periods and we were even dropped from official support for a while. The no LTE is the only point that might not be true, all the others such as smaller memory is confirmed! it only have 8gb and 16gb models and there is not removable battery, you should read all the information before you post.

          • The current Gnex is not a disaster. I love mine as does nearly everyone else I know who has one.

          • alex drum

            …you really dont read what I say, you are taking anything you can out of context. I explained what I mean by disaster after that thing called a comma. It is a disaster because the verizon/lte g-nex gets updates months after the cdma version. I have one, and i like the phone (not love by any means… it has horrible camera and its really not all that durable) but the update problem is not only recognized by me… google has even come out and spoken out it.

          • “It is a disaster because the verizon/lte g-nex gets updates months after the cdma version.”

            I don’t consider that a disaster. Just because you do doesn’t make it true. Considering the verizon Gnex still gets updates WAY before any other non-Nexus phone on any carrier, I’d hardly consider having to wait a couple months a “disaster”. Annoying? yes. A disaster? hardly.
            I also assume you mean to say “GSM version” instead of “cdma version”.

          • alex drum

            yea I did mean GSM but google has come out and said they are not happy with the schedule and many other things, people buy a nexus to have stock android and to have the newest version of android and thanks to verizon that does not happen, the updating process is a disaster! google has said it and most other people have said it. Its not just me.

          • Google has never come out officially and said it was a disaster. It was unfortunate, but it was hardly a disaster. Apple Maps in iOS 6 is a disaster. Having to wait a couple more months for an update is not a disaster.

          • alex drum
          • I agree. It was frustrating, but late updates are not the only reason Google did not go with Verizon this time. And I still think “disaster” is a bit harsh.

  • coolsilver

    I’m seriously looking at this phone but if there is a better Nexus I’ll jump. I know LG radios sometimes sucks. As long as it comes out with LTE and know more about the battery I’ll bite.

  • If there’s only 8gb and a non removable battery, I am not at all interested.

  • Jason Jackson

    No new Nexus for me until I see some reviews. Just not taking that chance. Plus I have to pay full price for the phone bc I don’t wanna lose my unlimited data from Verizon

    • Tyrian

      I doubt you get the opportunity for this on verizon

      • EDNYLaw

        Yeah, Google wouldn’t want access to VZW’s 80 million subscribers. Jumping through a few small hoops (granted VZW is a pain in the ass but…) is way worse than loosing out on the tens of millions of dollars (maybe hundreds?) of VZW buyers. I will be downright shocked if VZW doesn’t get some variation of a Nexus device. Yeah yeah, it won’t be a “true” Nexus, other than the fact that it has an unlockable bootloader which renders the whole “true” Nexus argument moot.

  • jstew182

    It looks as though they are done with pogo pins since all accessories to take advantage of them seem to be botched from the get go…disappointing…hopefully this means it does have the early rumored wireless charging

  • ceejw

    I’ll withhold my full judgement until I can hold the phone in my hands but I’m not loving hardware design so far. The all black face looks nice (just like it does on the Gnexus) but everything else looks like a step behind what Nokia, HTC and Apple are putting out right now.

  • MichaelFranz

    i do not think this Nexus will have as much love in the US as its older brother. The GNEX and ICS opened up Android even further. And a huge push was the fact that it was on Verizon’s LTE network. With this now going back to a GSM model and probably not sold at carrier’s and only through the play store i do nto think it will have as much of a reception as the GNEX. That and the space is very low at only 8GB, The GNEX was 32 for VZW, why would you steer away from that. Maybe to get more people to use cloud storage, but even with that if your on a 2GB/MO data plan you can blwo through that on the cloud. Being on Wifi 24/7 is hard to do.

  • Art Holguin

    the back doesn’t really go well with the gray sides IMO we will see when its released. It looks like the nexus without its battery cover

  • Wheres the purple lens flare in the iphone 5 photo??!

  • Bedazzlin.

  • moelsen8

    the storage thing, if true, is going to be the deal-breaker here. shame.

  • DanSan

    my gnex, smaller memory, not on verizon, no LTE, made by LG, looks almost identical…. nah ill pass.

    • PhoenixPath

      I can forgo everything but the memory. If they release a 32GB version compatible with T-Mob, I’ll jump from VZW faster than I can jump from VZW.

      (Paradox FTW!)

    • abqnm

      Yeah but it is much faster, has a better camera and twice the RAM. Plus, it could be the first LG Android to ever receive a software update!

  • I don’t see it, an LG phone as the Nexus, not as sexy as the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Adam Miller

    Any chance this will be on Verizon?

  • Could do without the “chrome” ring and beadazzled back. Also, is it not curved like the last two?

  • Booyah

    And I would buy this to use over my GNex because………….?

    • EvanJ2462

      Better processor. Better camera. Probably better screen assuming it doesn’t burn and band as bad as my nexus. More ram. More solid feel if that matters to you.

      • Stephen

        8gb and no LTE. GNex> LG Nexus

        • EvanJ2462

          So you know for fact that there won’t be a carrier variant that offers LTE like the GNex?

          • Stephen

            nope. if there is I will buy it. but I will not buy this

        • Booyah


      • ceejw

        It’s LCD so you want have to worry about burn-in, gradient banding or distorted color accuracy. The only downside is the blacks won’t be as dark.

    • capecodcarl

      Until we actually see any benchmarks and image samples it is all just speculation at this point anyway.

  • Andrew Remmers

    Headphone on the top! ๐Ÿ™ Also what are those holes on the bottom?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • Michael Forte

    I’m liking the new Nexus. If Verizon doesn’t get this or a Motorola version of a Nexus, I may leave Verizon for T-Mobile prepaid.

    • MIght be the best decision you ever made. Prepaid FTW. Contracts are worse than being imprisoned.

  • Adam Emshwiller

    I actually reallly like this phone.. I just hope it’s not the ONLY nexus because it’s certainly not ground breaking technology.

  • ReverendYo

    What is the slot under the volume rocker?

    • EvanJ2462

      Sim card

      • ReverendYo

        Any chance it could house both sim and sd?

        • EvanJ2462

          Slim. I mean Google has come out and said they are avoiding SD storage.

  • Mike

    Not a fan at all. Bedazzled back. Boring slab. Huge bezel. No curve like Gnex. Thankfully, I wont have to worry about it- we aren’t getting it on verizon. This will sell worse than all other Nexii devices, and its not like any of them sold all that great anyway.

  • palomosan


  • fish1552

    That fruity phone looks so…..2010.

  • Kumarownzu

    what’s the point of having a phone with a similar design to a phone that’s almost one year old and potentially 1/4 of the space (considering the verizon gnex)? i like the optimus g, but this is straying too far from it

    • Brand identity

  • Billzilla2005

    to be honest im not sure how i feel about a LG nexus, i mean (correct me if i wrong) but i don’t think LG has ever made a good android phone

    • But Google controls this. LG Hardware has never really been the issue.

      • Tyler

        Depends on the carrier for who controls it.

      • Alan Paone

        The build quality has…

      • Exactly.

  • Adam Medina

    Pentile? I am sick of pentile displays. They are terrible.

  • Zach Grabill

    It’s hard to tell from the pictures what the material for the back is. Is this an effect placed on plastic, or is it some other material?

  • theentropic

    It looks just like the GNex, but I’m not sure if I really dig the weird bezels on the sides of the device.

  • ddevito

    Looks like a Disco GNex

    • moelsen8

      i like that haha

    • Larizard

      LOL we should all call this the DNex.

  • richard melcher

    Sorry LG but a non removable battery is a deal killer for me.

    • Adam Miller

      How can anyone think that’s a great idea in today’s age with large screens and LTE

      • r0lct

        Well that depends on the battery and power usage. With a Maxx like battery I could live without removable.

        • picaso86

          Ahh-men brother… I can pull 2 days without charging running 4G all day ๐Ÿ™‚

        • TheDrunkenClam

          When the battery starts to not hold a charge as long I’ll bet you’ll change your story. People just think batteries can be recharged forever and ever and always hold the same charge. They do get old eventually

          • Larizard

            I’ve never replaced my OG Droid’s battery in the whole 2.5 years I’ve had it. It could still last me a day, but barely.

      • Lachlan De Hayr

        no LTE to worry about

    • I agree.

  • If this as at least 32 gb and come back on Verizon, I will be buying it

  • Vic

    Where is that trademark curved glass?

    • Hopefully gone forever.

      • Tyler

        Whats wrong with curved glass? if your screen slides flat across cement only the top and bottom of the screen(above and below where the display is) will get scratched. I also feels great inside of a pocket as well.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          Now I know this is my fault, but I dropped my nexus on to a table from a not so high height. It produced a hairline crack from side to side right at the bend of the curve in the glass. Could it have shattered without the curve, possible but unlikely. The phone essentially flexed because of the curve and cracked like a candy bar. other than aesthetics, I never saw an advantage tothe curve but iI have proof of at least one disadvantage..

          • zionlion

            Aren’t arches the strongest structures there are?

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Yep, on the top. Buckle from the bottom. Nice though..

        • abqnm

          The problem with the curved glass:

          The Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S were both made with the curved glass for aesthetics, but this also meant the sacrifice of Gorilla Glass. Curved glass = Gorilla-Free.

      • …said the first person to ever say this. =P

  • Realistic87

    headphone jack at the top?! Nooooooo!

    • violator702


    • carluverdrm2004

      Agreed. I love the jack placement on my GNex.

    • Southrncomfortjm

      It looks like there are jacks at the top and bottom – and multiple ones on the bottom at that. Look at the bottom left picture. Maybe because its a prototype/not final?

      Anyways, I agree, headphone jack on top is pretty terrible. I rarely go as far as to say deal breaker, but it would make me more inclined to see what other Nexuses have to offer if the rumors about multiple Nexuses is true.

      • moelsen8

        those are screwholes i believe (pre-production unit).. i remember other sites discussing previous leaks

        • chudilo

          I think screw holes would be great if it means that the unit has a replaceable battery (bu the battery capacity is big enough that you only have to replace it when it stops holding the charge)

      • Greyhame

        No way they’d have the room for three headphone jacks inside that thing.

      • I heard the 2 holes on the bottom were screw holes.

        • picaso86

          ^ Thats what she said!!

    • Look how small the camera lens is too on the LG. It looks like a front 1.3 mp camera but stuck on the back. I know they’re small, but that one looks really small

      • abqnm

        I agree. Looks funny that the flash is set out from the back and trimmed with a ring when the camera is flush and barely noticeable.

    • HotRodJohnson


    • Russell Sprague

      Apple probably has a patent pending on the bottom headphone jack….

  • woot

    The no-logo front looks so clean. I wish everyone would do this.

    • moelsen8

      i still look at my gnex like it’s a piece of art. it really is rare.

      • Stephen D

        Especially since the OLED looks black and blends in with the bezel. It is so beautiful. Sadly, the LCD in this won’t do that, but I still love the lack of logos.

  • wakefinance

    so is the back not removable?

    • No. Non-removable battery. The SIM slot is in the side.

    • Larizard

      The FCC logos and stuff are an indication that you can’t open the back. Thus, the battery is non-removable.

  • TWRP needs to incorporate Cloud-based nandroids.

    nuff said.

    • scott62185


    • PhoenixPath

      No radio active in Recovery as far as I know. They’d probably have to make “an app for that”…

      • I know. I’m sure they could figure it out somehow.

        If not, ADB is fantastic. Just keep backups on your computer if you keep more than 1 on your device at a time.

  • Chris Badalucco

    is that headphone jack on the top of the phone??

  • I had the Chocolate II, which had the cute platinum on it as well. Even when taking extreme care of it, about 6 months into ownership, the silver chipped off to reveal ugly, yellow plastic. Obviously, that wasn’t a smartphone. I’m hoping LG turns their build quality in the right direction with this, as I have yet to be impressed by their build quality.

  • I told myself that I’ll wait until next year’s Nexus since I paid full retail for my GNex last December. But I am getting super tempted to buy this thing.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Sell your nexus. Swappa is your friend. Got $300 for mine couple months ago.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    HOnestlyt the fact that it’s almost Identical to the current Gnex is a plus for me… And the back looks nice, if it is “Glass” like they say, this is a pretty solid looking phone. I’m actually a bit impressed by LG….

    Anyway, All I need now is an LTE version and 32GB… I don’t care what carrier.

    • Stephen

      “Anyway, All I need now is an LTE version and 32GB… I don’t care what carrier.”

      ^^YES. I will not buy a non-LTE 8GB nexus. Pointless

      • jesus

        That’s why SD card slots are useful…

        • Stephen

          if it had one, sure

        • not when you cant move apps or games to the SD card, then thats pointless. 3 games like asphalt, 9mm, etc. And your new 8gb nexus is full and bogged down…

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            But a huge bonus to store music and media on compared to anything else. Streaming is cool with unlimited data but is pretty worthless when you are sitting on a plane.

        • PhillipCun

          People, stop saying that SD cards are useful and read about why Google chose not to use SD cards. I agree they are useful, but the positives outweigh the negatives. Manufacturers need to start putting in 32/64gb memory in the phones…. its not that expensive anymore

          • Raven

            They do need to start putting in that much, but not charging ridiculous amounts for it. The jump between 16 and 32 should not be $50 or more. When you can get Class 10 MicroSD cards for less than $1 per MB it is no wonder that people still complain about not having MicroSD card slots.

            I can understand Google’s reasoning for going away from App2SD for running programs, but SD cards are still great for storing music, videos, and pictures on. It is also very nice to shoot pictures on SD adapted Class 10 MicroSD cards and then simply pop the MicroSD into my 10″ tablet for viewing with no transferring needed. Unfortunately, I cannot do this with my Nexus 7 which I really miss.

          • Raven

            That obviously should have been $1 per GB. Oops.

          • Josh Fischer

            It is possible just inconvenient, requiring a microUSB to USB and a USB MicroSD card reader

          • PhillipCun

            Man I friggen hate 16gb on my N7 especially now that the 32gb variant is coming out. I’m very disappointed and angry about that purchase. I use my N7 a lot for reading and media stuff like music. I have way too much music to fit on cloud and its always nice to have it readily available. Also i’m an audiophile so streaming just deteriorate the sound quality.

            This is why I hate the concept of cloud… it just doesn’t work if we don’t have unlimited internet or wifi everywhere. What’s the point of cloud then? Google should know better, look at all the carriers’ “shared” data plans. That’s just another tactic to charge the consumer more and give them less. This isn’t going to work, we need more storage so we stop using so much data streaming our content.

            Google please listen, 32gb isn’t even enough now a days. I have a feeling they’re trying to push their play store content and cloud services by offering 8gb/16gb variants…

        • TheDrunkenClam

          A removable battery, and Verizon lte are both musts for me

    • Greyhame

      I’m really digging the way they were able to keep the same size, and especially the way they implemented the ear speaker into the frame, instead of it tarnishing all that lovely glass.

    • albertadds

      is it too much to ask for a 32GB w/ microSD or a 64GB variant?

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        64 might be a stretch since Samsung is the only one attempting to do it so far and that phone still isn’t even out yet. . . . 32GB with SD? I don’t think we’ll ever see that to be honest.

        • Arlind Emini

          Isn’t there an SGS3 option for 32GB + SD?

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            You’re right definitely. But I was really just talking Nexus phones.

        • dangolds

          Apple already does 64, they just charge a crapload of money for it (I think the 64GB iPhone 5 is $399 on contract). 16-32 GB internal storage is ideal for a phone these days.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        I would be happy for a 16gig with a card slot. 16 seems minimum these days.

    • Larizard

      Sorry to point out, but didn’t we all Android fans mock at iSheeps for wanting a phone that looked like last years? I’m not being mean, just pointing it out. ๐Ÿ™‚